[Status window]


Name: Ajin Genku

Level: 29

Class: None

Title: Wolfslayer.

CV: 2,600

MP: 391

Fatigue: 0


Strength: 83

Stamina: 64

Agility: 71

Intellect: 42

Insight: 51

(Points available to distribute: 0)


Passive Skills:

Bleeding Lv.1

Paralysis Lv3

– (Unknown) Lv. Max

– Tenacity Lv. 1

Active Skills:

– Bloodlust Lv. 1

From level 23, he had jumped to reach 29 all at once. And that wasn't even the end. Besides the higher level messages, something else also appeared.



[The "Store: Buy" function is now available with your level having reached 29.]

"Oh, so I can finally spend those things on gold now, huh?" »

It was a beautiful message, for sure. However, it was not the right time to quietly browse the store.


The cave started to shake a little.

[With the death of the dungeon Boss, the entrance to the dungeon will be destroyed within an hour.]


[Time remaining: 59 minutes 58 seconds.]

Indeed, he had to get out of this place before the Gate closed on him, after all. Browsing the store could be done once it was in a safe place.

Just as Ajin was about to descend, he spotted something glowing in the middle of the beast's head.

“Is this an article? »

However, unlike the instant dungeon mobs, there was no message about the looted items, nor could he auto-claim them.

What could it be, then?

Ajin thought briefly before realizing what it was.

"Ah, those things have magic crystals, don't they?" »

No matter how busy he was, how could he forget something so precious like this?

Ajin extracted the magic crystal hidden deep within the dead beast's head. It was a rank C magic crystal extracted from the boss monster, so it should be worth at least around ten million dollars, that's easy.

As a trophy for his glamorous victory, that would do just fine.

Ajin jumped lightly from the head of the dead beast.


He landed lightly on the ground and turned around, and well, he discovered more twinkling lights, this time coming from the belly of the beast.

Not only that, but several of them, even!

Ajin now felt rather surprised.

He had heard stories of monsters possessing two, three magic crystals, but there were just too many lights to say that these could all be magic crystals.

"What could they be, then?" »

He used the dagger to open his stomach and continued to his stomach, resulting in half-digested remains of the bug-like monsters spilling onto the floor. And the lights came from those.

"Certainly not….?!"

Ajin searched one by one among the dead insects in the room.

And as he suspected, they all had their magic crystals. Sure, a few of them melted and became smaller than before, but many of them survived and remained as good as new.

When he retrieved the intact ones, he counted more than ten.

“I really did hit the jackpot this time! »

He came to earn this much money, but at this rate he would earn much more than that.

"Big brother."

When Ajin looked back, he saw Takuya there.

“Please put them here. »

Takuya then carefully stored the magic crystals belonging to Ajin in his equipment bag. Then he reached inside the corner of the same bag and pulled out a thermos, before pouring the contents of the flask onto its lid.

“Big brother you must be thirsty. Please drink this. It's water."

Indeed, it was a cup of cold, refreshing water, filled to the brim.

"Why is this kid doing something no one asked him to do?"


As Ajin was thirsty anyway, he took the lid of the thermos to drink the water. But, his head never stopped tilting in the meantime.

Swallow, swallow.

The water slid down his throat and cooled him down quite nicely.

“big brother, did you like it? »

Before he knew it, the honorary title had also become big brother.

“Mm…. Yes, it's refreshing.

Ajin expressed his sincere opinion and put the lid back on.

“And the things you saw here…”

Before Ajin could even finish his sentence, Takuya quickly intervened, as if to say that there was nothing to worry about.

"Of course! I won't tell anyone and take this secret with me to my grave.

" No wait. No need to take it to your grave..."

“But, of course, I will. It will be a promise between big brother and me, after all.

"Well, in that case….. Alright." If you say so."

"You don't have to worry about anything, big brother."

It wasn't like anyone would believe the claim that an F-rank would have soloed the boss of a C-rank door anyway. , and it would certainly make his life easier.

"I thought he didn't know how to figure it out, but he's pretty quick at figuring this stuff out, huh?"

"Is there anything else you would like to tell me, big brother?" »

"….No, not particularly."

Well, that sounded a little suspicious there. Ajin studied Takuya's overly polite mannerism and inwardly questioned his motives, before coming to his own conclusion.

'Well yeah. From Takuya's perspective, I saved his life and everything.

Wasn't it the most obvious thing in the world for you to become truly courteous and humble to a person who saved your life?

Seen from this angle, his attitude made more sense. The reality of the situation, however, was slightly different from that.

To scold….

The dungeon shook a little more before its tremors stopped. This tremor was a reminder that the Gate would close shortly.

The shaking would gradually get worse over time, and just before the gate closed, it would turn into a real earthquake.

"Let's get out of here."

“Yes, big brother. »

Ajin started walking towards the entrance.

Before they reached it, however, there was a sudden flash of light and the rocks blocking the entrance crumbled.


And the members of the Scorpion make their appearance.

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