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Koner and his lackeys quickly escaped from the boss's room. And their footsteps moved away quickly.


“Koner, since we are on this topic…. Wouldn't this thing wake up while we're trying to mine the mana stones? If so, we could end up losing big, you know.


This creature was strong enough to take on those already scary insect-type monsters. If the team were sneakily attacked in the middle of the mining operation, the losses they would suffer would be huge.


"That is why…."


Koner smirked deeply.


"We try to offer those two as food, don't we?" »



Stuart nodded as if he had finally figured out the plan.


As of now, no one knows when the beast will wake up. It could be in 10 hours, maybe in an hour, or in a minute later. That was why they had to wake up now and feed her.


No matter how annoying this monster was, it would still wake up from the impact strong enough to cause the entrance to collapse.


Koner continued.


“We extract the manastones when the beast goes back to sleep with a full stomach. »


The permit they got from the Association would last for five days. They still had more than four and a half days of headroom, in other words.


They would wait and if the beast didn't go back to sleep, they would just get rid of it and extract as much as they could before the door closed.


They couldn't extract everything within the hour, but with Ajin and Takuya no longer in the picture, they should be able to avoid losing too much.


Wouldn't that be far more preferable than working under constant fear? Their safety was the number one priority, after all.


"Of course, this is the worst possible scenario..."


If they were lucky, the profit would be divided into eight ways, they mine all the mana stones and even monopolize the beast. As a bonus, those expensive pieces of equipment on Takuya's body would also become theirs!


"That sword and the shield, they must be worth at least a few hundred million dollars."


They had nothing to lose at all from this transaction.



Ajin turned around before Takuya even had a chance to respond. There was no need to listen to his answer anyway.


Even now, Takuya could barely stand up straight as his legs continued to shake.


From the start, he expected nothing from Takuya. On the contrary, he was relieved that the child did not follow him saying that he would lend him his help or something like that.


"He's just going to get in the way, anyway."

At the same time, his body began to glow, as he began to move towards the beast.




Taken by surprise, Ajin could only swing the sword and knock the serpent's head away from him.




Ajin's eyes widened.


"What the hell?!"


He managed to deflect the direction of the snake which suddenly rushed towards him, but his trusty steel dagger ended up separating from the impact.


Ajin turned around in surprise.


The snake must also have been surprised by his counterattack as he didn't try to follow right away, but instead chose to just watch him while coiling up from some distance.

Ajin could clearly see the monster's name in the system warnings that had appeared in front of him.


It was a creature incomparably faster and more resistant than those whose name was written in white.


'Even then, for a sword enhanced with magical energy to break like this...'


Ajin gulped nervously and carefully studied the Boss monster called Hydra.


White scales covering its entire body gleamed oilily. As if draped in thick armour, those scales had no holes to speak of.


Sword strikes wouldn't have worked in the first place. It would also be the same story for the punches.


When Ajin's thoughts got there, the Hydra had to complete its own analysis on its prey, as it finally rushed at it once again.


No matter how you looked at it, it was a scary turn for sure.




Ajin narrowed his eyes.


'It happens!'


When he concentrated hard, he could now clearly see the Hydra attack, something he couldn't even decipher properly at first. This was all due to the increased agility stat.


Just before the Hydra opened its mouth wide and tried to swallow it, Ajin quickly dodged and let the attack brush past him. At the same time, he wrapped his arms around the creature and took it in a headlock. He then tightened his grip.

Meanwhile, Takuya couldn't believe his eyes.

"What's going on with this guy?!"

Even though he was watching from afar, these attacks were so fierce that all the hair on the back of his head stood on end.

However, this man was dodging them all as he stood right in front of the monster, not to mention he was closing in as well.

Seeing this efficient and calm movement, Takuya felt a shiver run down his spine.

"And he's supposed to be an F-rank?!"

There was no scary way.

If it was he who was standing there and not Ajin, then he would already be torn to shreds. He had no confidence to dodge those attacks, even once.

However, Ajin avoided them without making a single mistake.

An E-rank doing something a D-rank Hunter like him couldn't even dream of doing?

There could only be one explanation for this.

‘……It’s an unknown hunter!!’

Takuya's expression hardened.

Among these very talented Hunters, there were a few who could freely control their magical energy. If they felt like it, they could easily tamper with the results and get a lower ranking.

Hunters who have been assigned lower ranks than they should have achieved in the first place simply by hiding some of their magical energy – these people have been labeled as “unknown hunter”.

And perhaps most alarmingly, most of these unknown hunters had rather sinister motives for doing so.

"Like, this serial killer whose hobby was to enter lower rank dungeons and murder all the other lower rank hunters...."

Since only those present knew what was going on inside a dungeon, there was no better place to commit crimes than the world behind the gates.

Takuya nervously swallowed his saliva. Suddenly, Ajin looked way scarier than the beast.

"And why did I have to insist on coming to this place...?" »

Takuya felt like he was going to burst into tears any moment now.

Rustling! Rustling! Rustling!

During this time,

Ajin's strength stat was almost at 50.


Incredibly powerful pressure tightened around the snake's main artery. The snake couldn't escape his grip and thrashed around as if in pain. Ajin gritted his teeth and strengthened his arms even more.


Slam!! Boom!!


Ajin's body slammed against the walls and on the floor, but he never let go of his arms.


‘If I didn’t raise my levels as high as possible before I came here…’


There was literally no end to wondering about the “what ifs” and “what could have been”.


However, all sorts of thoughts were still swirling around in Ajin's head.


If he hasn't raised his level to the limit….


If his strength stat wasn't so illogically high….

He might already be dead.

Then he would have gone through incredible hell to kill the serpent.


No, he may even be dead here.


So his decision not to descend right away turned out to be the right one. His choice was indeed the right one.




Accompanied by a rather awful noise, the serpent's skull gave way and split.

I did it!"

As he was covered head to toe in spider's blood, Ajin raised his hands high. Perhaps because it was a boss monster, its level jumped by six.

As expected of a boss.

[You killed the dungeon boss.]


[You level up!]
[You level up!]
[You level up!]
[You level up!]
[You level up!]
[You level up!]

His level increased by 6 after killing the Hydra monster.

Ajin clenched his fists tightly.

"Ho-holy shit…"

The level that was stagnating at 23 had jumped to 29. In a single day, he madly increased his level from 23 to 29.


No one hunted bosses for experience points!

Indeed, if it was a crowd of bosses, then it would be a question of loot!

As he began to examine the dead snake, two points of light began to shine somewhere inside its inert body.


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