Roar Of Greatness - A LitRPG of Draconic Proportions

Roar Of Greatness - A LitRPG of Draconic Proportions

by M T Conboy

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Isaac's home planet, Earth, is destroyed. These things happen, shockingly often actually.

Normally, there's no loose souls floating around, needing to end up somewhere. Due to a clerical error, and a chaotic god, Isaac's next life is going to be much different to his first.

Tasked with ruining the easy farming grounds of Gaia, Isaac simply decides to roll with his role for now. He wasn't an emperor in his past life or anything like that, but 

Without anything better to do, why not take over the world in his spare time?

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M T Conboy

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Fortunis Mortis

Pros: The MC chose the Dragon race. Thats fantastic, never enough reincarnated dragon stories.

Cons: the MC isn't a dragon, he's a kobold. The MCs mother (a gem dragon) doesn't seem to REALIZE he's a kobold and not a dragon. The tone of the story comes off more as a comedy than anything else.

Its not a bad story per se, it just has seriously flawed identity issues. As of chapter 6 the MC has watched earth (and presumably every human life) get snuffed out and obliterated, except for him. He's gotten tortured by a space entity, gotten drunk with a god, made a deal with said God, gets helped by said torturing space entity in apology, chooses Dragon as a race, then (and dont ask me why Kobold is a valid racial choice, thatsike saying Lizard Man is a valid human choice) he chooses Kobold, because they have opposable thumbs.

No, im not kidding.

Over all the story reads like a comedic horror show than anything else as of this point. The story itself isn't terrible. Grammar is decent and so is the flow. Its decently written.

That said, and speaking for all Dragon lovers, Kobolds are NOT Dragons.


Its pretty good You should give it a try

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty - Rules Of Endangerment

I have read the first 20 chapters and it is certainly a fun read though it has its problems a lot of things aren't realy explained and the mc seems to have severe ADHD which means that his actions sometimes feel rather sporadic and not in the good way 

I do however really like the setting and the little bit of worldbuilding we are seeing

I also think the system is intresting  though it might need some work and editing 

The language and grammer are good 

I will probably edit my review later but i thought it neccesary to review it now considering how few reviews the story has and that they might be a bit misleading so give it a try and see for yourself 

Lord zevo

I really enjoyed the few chapters so far and although the mc is a bit... strange sometimes the plot is fresh and unique a calm and collected mc very nice if I do say so myself you should give it a try I personally love the personality of the mc and to see his growth as a dragon and a person I want to see how far he can reach in the big tree universe? And how will the gods react when he's at their doorstep



Fun story, cool setting, very interesting characters. It's been really nice to read, and the energy of the story telling makes me excited for more!

I apparently need to have at least 50 words in a review, so sorry that this sentence is just filler to make up that requirement.