Enlightened Violence

Enlightened Violence

by wicked132

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

A cynical youth struggling to find meaning in his life dies horribly in a car accident, only for his soul to transmigrate into the body of a dead scavenger in a futuristic, apocalyptic world.

"If this is what hell looks like, then I'll seriously be disappointed," were some of the first words to leave his mouth as he opened his eyes, finding himself in a foreign world waiting to be explored!

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Word Count (13)
1st Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Origin ago
Chapter 2: The System ago
Chapter 3: ago
Chapter 4: It Begins ago
Chapter 5: To Survive ago
Chapter 6: Gears turning ago
Chapter 7: Energy ago
Chapter 8: Aura ago
Chapter 9: Progress ago
Chapter 10: A predicament ago
Chapter 11: A Blunder ago
Chapter 12: Flatliner ago
Chapter 13: The Offer ago
Chapter 14: The Undead King ago
Chapter 15: A Dilemma ago
Chapter 16: Mr. Nice Guy ago
Chapter 17: Schemes brewing ago
Chapter 18: Poisoned ago
Chapter 19: Showdown ago
Chapter 20: The City's Center ago
Chapter 21: The meeting ago
Chapter 22: The Scheme ago
Chapter 23: Snow White ago
Chapter 24: Finally Back ago
Chapter 25: Recruitment ago
Origin Story 1: An Unsurpassable Shadow ago
chapter 27: The Second Stage. ago
chapter 28: Honey Wood ago
Chapter 29: A pleasant Night. ago
Chapter 30: The Tour ago
Chapter 31: The Honey Wood Shops ago
Chapter 32: Final preparations ago
Chapter 33: The First Level, Part1 ago
Chapter 34: The First Level, Part2 ago
Chapter 35: The First Level, Part3 ago
Chapter 36: The Second Level, Part1 ago
Chapter 37: The Second Level, Part2 ago
Chapter 38: The Second Level, Part3 ago
Chapter 39: Endgame Collapse ago
Chapter 40:  Showdown part 1 ago
Chapter 41:  Showdown part 2 ago
Chapter 42: Showdown part 3 ago
Chapter 43: Windfall ago
Chapter 44:  A Legend Falls ago
Chapter 45:  The Incoming Storm ago
Chapter 46:  Fallout Town ago
Chapter 47: Hendrick's Demise ago
Chapter 48: Hendrick's Demise part 2 ago
Chapter 49: The Power Of Debt ago
Chapter 50: Trouble Within Expectations ago
Chapter 51: Sticks And Stones ago
Chapter 52: Another Day Another Scheme ago
Chapter 53:  The Calm ago

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better than average psychotic MC

Reviewed at: Chapter 44:  A Legend Falls

The story, dialog and world building are significantly better than most murder hobo fantasies.

However, the story is still in its early stages, and unfortunately psychotic MC stories always falter once the MC attains real power.  I expect it will continue to be engaging while the MC is weak and in survival mode (ie: it is generally OK to murder and deceive for desperate survival), but I am sure it will lose its appeal past that.

Beyond that, I think it is always a fail when the world has lame abusive (ie: retarded) 'gods' that get actively involved in the reincarnation and talk to the MC between lives.  IMO it is better to let that remain unknown, but it is easy to ignore.

Anyhow, I enjoyed reading it up to here, even though I generally don't care at all for murder hobo psychotic MCs (unless they are treated seriously - as in what was the trauma that caused the MC to become psychotic, and how can he free himself from it to live a more enriching life).

With all that being said, I think this will soon be getting tons of 5/5 reviews since lots of people love psycho MCs, and this does that better than most of the highest rated stuff on this site.