Eightfold Warrior : Green Sword Honor

Eightfold Warrior : Green Sword Honor

by David F. Weisman

Original HIATUS Action Sci-fi GameLit LitRPG
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Joey has lost most of his memory - and there's an alien in his head. And it's fighting other aliens. Who want to get at it by killing Joey.

I plan to post Thursday and Sunday, twice a week.

Please leave a comment saying hello even if you're not absolutely sure this webnovel is for you. I love to hear from readers.

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David F. Weisman

David F. Weisman

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Table of Contents
32 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Do you need a brush with death to level up? ago
You Can Still Die After Leveling ago
A Cabal of Enemies ago
Another Deadly Duel ago
A Duel Over Dueling ago
A Dojo to Die For ago
Chapter 7 A Good Day to Die ago
Chapter 8 Loser's Corpse is a Bloody Mess ago
Chapter 9 What You Forget Can Get You Killed ago
Chapter 10 The Machine With His Life in it's 'Hands' ago
Chapter 11 Joey Needs an Ally and Has a Dream ago
Chapter 12 Can Joey be Charming to Save his Life? ago
Chapter 13 A Partial Seduction and Two Unwelcome Spies ago
Terms of the Next Duel ago
Chapter 15 Negotiating at Gunpoint ago
Chapter 16 What the Hell is Going on? ago
Chapter 17 One Trick too Many ago
Chapter 18 Dying to Learn to Shoot a Flintlock ago
Chapter 19 Does Anyone Give You Money for Nothing? ago
Chapter 20 Gunning for Him ago
Chapter 21 A Game of Groans ago
Chapter 22 You Mean It Wants to Kill Me Too? ago
Chapter 23 Council of War ago
Chapter 24 A Time for Travelling ago
Chapter 25 Is Death Really An Illusion? ago
Chapter 26 How to Make Friends and Influence People ago
Chapter 27 Morgana Doesn't Have to Sell her Soul to the Devil ago
Chapter 28 A Waking Nightmare of Death ago
Chapter 29 The First Sex Scene ago
Chapter 30 Dreaming or Travelling? ago
Chapter 31 Who'se Got the Deathwish? ago
Chapter 32 Visit to a Strange Planet ago

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