Skybound: Strange Skies [ A Portal Fantasy]

Skybound: Strange Skies [ A Portal Fantasy]

by Loud Silence

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A stranger in strange lands; lost memories; a peculiar world. Here is a story of a youth who found himself stranded somewhere he didn't belong, with fragmented memories of who he was but just enough to realize what's at stake; just enough to help him scrape a semblance of normalcy in a world yet uncharted. And he will stop at nothing to reclaim what is truly his.

2k-3k words per chapter

A little bit of slow burn

A dash of slice of life here and there

No number crunching though the system is well and truly present

MC grows over time, no zero to immediate hero kinda thing. He has to explore his power.

∆ No Harem Tag

∆ Multiple POV Chapters

Erm, English is my third language so, treat me well...pwease? :)

Er, some content tags are provisional 

...will give warnings just in case :)

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Loud Silence

Loud Silence

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue i ago
Prologue ii ago
1. Land of Myth and Magic… ago
2. To Affinities and…Beyond ago
3. Eryth’s Magic ago
4. Fledgling Steps ago
5. Wings ago
6. Reaching for Sun: Part I ago
7. Reaching for the Sun: Part II ago
8. EA. Elena Amberkeep ago
9. EA. A Day in Aldmoor ago
10. Awakening ago
11. The Way Ahead: Part I ago
12. The Way Ahead: Part II ago
13. Leaving ago
14. Hello, Love...Goodbye ago
15. Descension and New Skies: Part I ago
16. Descension and New Skies: Part II ago
17.Dust ago
18. EA. Preparations ago
19.Encounters ago
20. The Clan ago
21. Concessions ago
22. Pandora's Paradox ago
23. Down Below: Part I ago
Announcement ago
24. Down Below: Part II ago
25. Heart of the Dungeon ago
26.The Run ago
27. EA. To the Great Vale. ago
28. Confluences Part I ago
29.EA. Confluences Part II ago
30. Confluences Part III ago
31. 11th Hour ago
32. Interlude: Wish at Sunset ago
33. First Contact ago
34. So It Begins ago
35. Putting Down Roots ago
36. HL. Meet the Sturmdraches (Hanna Lalilab’s POV) ago
37. Meet the Sturmdraches [Nevine's POV] ago
38. Money Issues ago
39. Twilight Rising ago
40. Off To Adventuring ago
41. Not a Groundhog's Day ago
42. Bounty ago
43. Fortuitous Epiphanies ago
44. The Weight of Legacies [Beta Release] ago
45. Interlude II: Origins and Revelations [Beta Release] ago
46. Interlude III: Sufficiently Advanced Science = Magic ago
47.Interlude IV: Sufficiently Advanced Science = Magic Part II ago
48. Q.U.E.S.T. [Beta] ago
49. Changes ago
Announcement ago

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*Review has been revised*

Original Review:

The story starts a little rough, the first two or three chapters feel a little clunky, the grammar itself isn't horrible, but the prose is somewhat off feeling. This improves significantly in the next few chapters leaving us with a thoroughly enjoyable LitRPG with a well-implemented system inspired by Pirateaba's system. 

One nitpick is that the way in which he leaves the Dragon which tutors him feels... somewhat unfulfilling. I hope she appears again in a later chapter to at least give us some form of closure.


The author has gone back and done a rewrite of the first 15 chapters, while I haven't read all of the revised chapters I can say that the author has fixed all issues I had with the prologue and as such I am updating my review to 5 stars. Now stop reading this and read the story dammit. 

Ethernet Storyhunter

Is this worth a read. Yes. 

The beginning ( after the first 2-3 of chapters drag a bit) but the drag in these chapters gives the character a chance to survive.

Survive and pick up abilities that causes him headaches. He isn't op he messes up often and others help bale him out.  He's not an idiot he's not from here, common sense needs redevelopment in some areas. 

Story A+ so far (if he goes back with an editor some minor issues could be found but mostly it's well done) 

Grammer no problems immediately apparent. 

Style. Good. It's in development though. 

Characters? The main has issues, but that mean in context that he feels real and acts like a 18-20 year old lost in another world with partial amnesia.

The secondary characters. Rather good. The first one you meet.... Later in the story it would be nice to see some development. But we'll I get it. 

All the other minor characters have at least some depth.

Good Royal road fair. Excellent top of the charts. No but worth your time as is with some edits and practice this author can be very good. 

Please encourage. 

God bless

Ethernet Storyhunter