Bob's Ascension to Godhood

Bob's Ascension to Godhood

by The God Of Boredom

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Bob is, no, was, always what would be considered as an ordinary man.

After dying in the most random way possible, Bob was then resurrected into a world filled with monsters, magic and mayhem.

Follow Bob as he slays monsters, clashes with warriors, and beats up mages who are in the middle of chanting their spells, all with his bag of miscellaneous items, big mouth, and questionable thought process.

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If anything seems grammeritically incorrect or doesn't make sense, you can blame it on my godly autocorrect.

If anything is mispelled, you can also blame it on my godly autocorrect.

Autocorrect, am I right?

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The God Of Boredom

The God Of Boredom

Your average god, self-proclaimed King of Satire (has been procrastinating changing it to 'self-proclaimed King of Procrastination' for a while)

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One of the better bad stories I have read so far

Reviewed at: The Rat King

This story is horrible. I love it. 

Listen, if you are going to read this story, you need a very high tolerance for absurdity and complete nonsense because this story is nothing but. The characterization is essentially nonexistent, the plot completely absent, the world building inane, and I'm sure if my brain weren't trying to crawl out my ears and throttle me for subjecting it to this nonsense I could come up with more issues. 

HOWEVER this magnificent train wreck of a story managed to do the nearly impossible and get an actual real life out loud laugh from me, and what's more, it did it nearly every chapter, which is completely unprecedented! There is a certain point that something is so bad that it flips everything backward like the story's naming sense and it becomes good. This story hit bottom so hard it bounced all the way back to great.

I rarely post reviews but this story deserves something for making me read this with my own two eyes. I'm gonna go wash my brain with bleach and eagerly look forward to the next installment!


oh and no clue on the grammar, the story was so painfully funny that I am completely unable to tell if it is good or not.


What you see? Exactly what you get

Reviewed at: I thought it was a mirage...

This one delivers on the comedy, a definite case of what you see with the title, the cover, the summary, and even the author's penname is what you get.

Good voice that matches the genre for sure, which is well done there. The writing is very straightforward. I find that it lacks imagery in a lot of cases and might do well to incorporate more of the other senses. There's a lot of dialogue, which I like because it delivers a quick pace that works well with comedy. On the other hand, I think there's a lot that could be gained from being more descriptive in places and that it could take this to the next level.

This was fine. Though there were a few errors, it didn't get in the way of my understanding of what was going on at all.

I think this is what shines the most here. It's just fun. Lots of laughts. Because the writing is so straightforward and doesn't go into a lot of description, the story is what's doing most of the work here to pull readers in. While maybe a bit tropey, I think it's doing a good job twisting those tropes in a comedic way, too. 

The MC shines the most here. I think he's hilarious. The perfect type of character to watch get into ridiculous scenarios. On the other hand, I don't get much in the way of any other character, which I think maybe being more descriptive about them would then help flesh out those side characters.

Overall, it's a funny, quick read. A lot to like and a good start.


story asked for rating but i do reviewing.

Reviewed at: 004: Bob dies again

But that won't stop something I couldn't get out of my dang head when reading through this. This story is something of a parody-level satire in the sense that it makes itself terrible as the joke. Ever heard of formatting? This one has it as if it needs the maximum amount of scrolling length. And overall sentence length needs to be as long as possible as well, of course. But how does the author do it? Does he put more words into it? Of course not! That would be too easy.

[ Instead he writes stat-things like this ]

Do you see it? The [ ] has spaces. Not something I usually see in stories and for that it annoyed me. Bit of a trainwreck.

Then again... this was meant to be terrible so the fact that it annoyed me is a sign that it was good. Those characters as well did nothing but cause me grief and the story-telling reminded me of the older days of Wattpad. Take that as you will.

5/5 for reminding me of a time I would rather forget.

Golenishchev Andrey

Opening: The beginning of the story immediately sets the tone for the next narrative. We see Bob, a slightly foolish, strange, but funny guy who got into another world, which I think is very suitable for him.  

Story: The story is interesting. It is easy to read and easily engages the reader. At the end of each chapter, the question "What will happen next?" pops into my head. The story itself seems to be a mixture of the game "Don't starve together" and the cartoon "Adventure time" to me. Maybe it seems so only to me, but that's exactly the picture in my head. From the cons, it looks to me that the narrative could be “Catchier”, cuz there is no structure as such. If I were writing something like this, I would use the "Dan Harmon Story Circle". It would really enliven the story.  

Style: The style of the story is comical, sometimes very funny, and interesting. I am not a fan of short descriptions and small paragraphs. But this style gives speed to what is happening. There's something in it. However, from such a quick narration, I personally began to get bored. I really would like to feel with the heroes the delight of meeting God, to understand what he looks like. Besides, when Bob found himself in a deserted city, I would like to feel it through the descriptions: are there big walls, houses? What do the guards or bank clerks wear? A little more detail would be cool.  

Grammar: since I am not a native speaker, I will not find fault with this point. But in general, the idea is clear. In some places, the author deliberately distorts the language substituting it for the framework of this strange world in which the main character found himself.  

Characters: Characters are the cherry on the top. They are cool, interesting, funny, and a little weird. It only works very well with the story.  

Conclusion: I want to say that I liked the story. If I were the author, I would still work on it, perhaps in the future, I would rewrite it under one of the narrative structures. Again, if the story was based on the "Harmon Circle"


This Story is a Joke but I happen to like Jokes

Reviewed at: The Oasis of Illusions

I actually find this wildly entertaining. It’s all about the fun and joy. Light-hearted as ever. If you like dumb jokes, well, Bob will lead the way.

1. Story.

The story is random like the author picked apples from a tree and decided to just name then elppas. Interestingly though, you get to see Bob being extremely lucky or unlucky and him making extremely smart or not smart decisions. In all seriousness, this story is light-hearted and entertaining. I give it a 5 stars because of it’s comedy genre.

 2. Style.

The style is deliberately hilarious as well. There are plenty of jokes and the way it’s written is perfect for this story. This story is likely born out of boredom, not passion. Yes boredom for sure. If you like cold, cringeworthy, entertaining dumb jokes, this is 100% for you. 5 stars too!

 3. Grammar.

The grammatical mistakes were mostly deliberate which became part of the style. Still, I rated it a 3.5 stars. It’s honestly more like 3.75 stars but the 0.25 stars I credit to style.

4. Characters

Okay, this is a tough one. Bob is interesting and a dumb fellow pretty much. The other characters are pretty meh. Interesting? Yeah. But they are also kinda dumb. All in all, it’s about silly Bob meeting silly characters in a silly story. 4 stars.

5. Closing.

If you are looking for an entertaining story because you are simply too bored to read anything else, this story is your panacea. It will add to your boredom and entice you to read it. It pretty much drowns you in entertaining boredom and you can’t stop reading it. For it’s comedically magical attraction it has on people, I rate it a 4.5 stars.


This is Bob's story. He dies a lot. He gets lucky a lot. He deals with walking elppa trees on the planet of Eman Tenalp. A lot of unlucky (and lucky) things happen to Bob in his story.

A fun and witty adventure overall. The chapters are very short, so it wouldn't hurt to at least give it a try!

Mad Sadie

Bob is not the hero Eman Tenalp deserves. He is also not the hero Eman Tenalp needs. But he's the... hero? ...Eman Tenalp gets.

Or would get, if he'd stop dying every day or so.

But never mind that, because the fate of the universe is at stake! Or something. Pretty sure.

At least Bob has proper feelings about pizza.

I don't think the author has a clear idea about where the story is going, or how it's going to get there. Not that that's a bad thing, I just worry if he'll be able to keep writing until an ending is reached...


First five chapter review.

The God of Boredom would like everyone to know that being an author was harder than they thought.

And yet.

The struggling that TGOB mentions seems to be working out favorably for them. This story is simple and unlike the majority of RR's complex LitRPGs and that is what makes it perfect. There is no huge lore dump, no menagerie of characters, no overload of stats and abilities. There is simply a good, funny story that any reader can get in to with ease.

Style wise, the writing is quick and snippy, giving it a light, upbeat feel that perfectly matches the absuridy of the situation that Bob finds himself in. There are simple LitRPG elements that harken to old school text based adventures and other nonconvoluted RPGs.

Grammar wise, I didn't find anythinf wrong in the first five chapters. Easy review.

Story. Like I said, it's simple and fun and keeps enough happening to entertain without bogging the reader down with info.

Character wise, Bob is extremely relateable and honestly how I'd imagine most people would act in the situstion. It's an absurd world and Bob blends in perfect with it.

Overall, if you're looking for a fun read or need a lighthearted palate cleanser between epic fantasies, look absolutrly no further than Bob's Ascension to Godhood.

SR Fauth

Bob, Pizza, and the Masters of the Universe

Reviewed at: 029: I need plot armor

I warned you! I was gonna drop you a review, and now it's here! BWAHAHAHA!

With that being said ... let us begin:

STYLE SCORE: 5/5 I love your setup and delivery. Your world is vibrant, fun to read about, and never for a moment boring. You hope around a lot, but that only adds to the story. You don't even realize that you have an overarching narrative until you are already well into the middle of it. Well damn done!

STORY SCORE: 5/5 Your storyline is funny, random, engaging, and a joy to read. I thoroughly loved every chapter. Point in case I read it up to the most recent one. I almost never do that when I complete an advanced review. Your writing style feeds directly into your story and complements it on every level. Congratulations, your story will keeeeeeel.

GRAMMAR SCORE: 4.5/5 There were some minor grammar errors here and there. Honestly, a few of the paragraphs were huge. But they didn't detract from the story overall. So I cannot in all honestly take away from your score for that. It's just a personal gripe I wanted to make known. There was also that one chapter ... The super doukey donkey punch of gogogo? Not even sure lol. I loved that. It made me laugh.

CHARACTER SCORE: 4.5/5 Love Bob. Love the God of Boredom (also one in my fiction, but she is nowhere near as awesome). My only personal gripe is that Bob seems about as smart as a box of jello. It matches the story and narrative, but I personally can't stand a purely dumb MC. It drives me crazy. But I loved it enough to finish it up to the current chapter. So it's not a 5, but I can't ding the overall score. Again, a personal gripe lol.

OVERALL SCORE: 5/5 I love it. I love the God of Boredom, I hate Bob. I love there are three whole chapters devoted to pizza. Your writing style is engaging, and I can really immerse myself in it. I really loved the fiction so far. Keep up the awesome writing.