A Deck of Dragons - A Card Game LitRPG

A Deck of Dragons - A Card Game LitRPG

by The God-Emperor

An orphan wakes up in another world.

A dragon wakes up in another time.

Together, the two must navigate a new place. One seeks an explanation; the other seeks freedom...

Updates daily.

Inspired by the first chapter of Goblin Summoner. I hope to do Tracy Gregory proud.

Once the book is finished being uploaded here, hopefully in a couple of months, I intend to release it on Amazon.

[Participant in the RoyalRoad Writathon]

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The God-Emperor

The God-Emperor

The God-Emperor

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Interesting concept that's well written

Reviewed at: Chapter Thirteen

The story as a whole is well written, enjoyable and an iteresting concept. It is a reincarnation into a magical world where duels take place in a Yu-Gi-Oh Anime fashion with cards placed on gauntlets to summon monsters. But with the twist of having to aquire the monsters in a Pokemon, gotta catch em all fashion. Oh, and did I mention its taking place at a mage academy?

Style: The style is well done and easy to follow. If you have ever read a litRPG the blue status boxes will be familiar and easy to comprehend.

Grammar: If there were issues I didn't notice them.

Story: The story is intriguing with the MC an orphan reincarnated/summoned but the MC had dreamt of the concept so they accept it all in stride, even taking about rules one shouldn't break in a reincarnation situation. He comes across as an underdog who will be repeatedly underestimated so it feels a little tropy, especially with the mage academy but the idea is still interesting and I'm excited to see where it goes.

Character: So far you have a generic bully, a female character that could become a love interest, what I'm assuming are lovable underdog sidekicks and an MC who could be really interesting but needs to develop. The skeleton is there for a good cast but they need to develop, as well as find a more interesting villan than the pompous arrogant prick of a school bully.

Overall I have enjoyed it and am excited read the next chapters.


There's a lot of good here but it's dragged down by some rather serious flaws that with a rewrite could make this book shine. For the good I like the isekai setup, kid is dragged into a new world and immediately thrown into an exam while some people obviously knew he was coming and set things up to receive him. The magic system seems deliberately artificial as a posed to a world with gamey rules and no reason. By that I mean it seems like there is "real" magic with far less rules but the main cast use a man made magic system with far more restrictions. No the bad the characters act like they are twelve and if you just changed the ages of the characters this would work far better as YA. Sixteen year olds don't act like this. Also the world building is socially weak for example it seems like dynasties of magic users build up an insurmountable advantage over newborn users because their family can collect powerful cards over time. An upper crust of society would be far more firmly established here then in our world because magical dynasties would be far more powerful. Additionally the stock bully character was handled poorly, he referred to himself as a bully and other characters yell bully at him even though he is an established de facto aristocrat the author is expecting us to believe that people would side with some nobody over someone with massive family support. Anyways this needs to either change the characters or deage them to be more believable


Fun, interesting premise with lots of room to grow! It has a nice theme and feels like a proper card game! It accomplishes what it means to do and in my books makes it a 5/5.

MC has a dragon deck that talks to him and a very memorable scene to establish it. Card game highschool setting with mtg vibes and a unique mana system.

Love it, can't wait for more!