Magical Girl Gunslinger

Magical Girl Gunslinger

by Mikasane

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

“Would you like to make a contract?”

When eldritch horrors known as the Anathema began tearing through reality to invade Earth, aliens calling themselves the Zenith stepped in to protect humanity. Individuals were chosen and gifted with the ability to use magic and advanced technologies to combat the existential threat. Over twenty-one years later, the so-called “Magical Guardians” are still hard at work keeping the peace. With their flashy outfits, superhuman abilities, and reality-defying spells, they are the part-time heroes and full-time idols of modern society.

But none of that really matters to Mai, whose biggest problems are dealing with her family, classmates, and the ever growing dread of her imminent future. As far as Mai is concerned, mundane problems are more than enough to worry about, and the idea of magic and monsters might as well be nothing more than daydreams. At least, they were until she finds herself in the middle of an Anathema invasion… 

A Dark Magical Girl LitRPG with sci-fi elements. Note: Slow burn and slow, gradual introduction of LitRPG mechanics that become a focal point once introduced.

Please be aware this story contains intense violence, gore, traumatic situations, and other potentially unsettling content.

Chapter One and Two are considered the first “episode” and introduction into the book. As such, they are mega length to allow for uninterrupted reading. Enjoy!

Inspired by Stray Cat Strut, by RavensDagger.

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Scratches an itch I didn't know I had.

Reviewed at: Chapter 14 - Full Scope

A super strong start! I like the magical girl aesthetics so far and the magic system seems interesting. This first arc(?) has good tension and I'm excited to see where it goes. There are strong Madoka vibes, but if kyubey wasn't evil. At least not evil yet. I definitely feel like the story and characters have tons of potential.

Bradley Weyers

Wonderful story - heart wrenching emotions

Reviewed at: Chapter 21 - Origin

I just found this story when it was at chapter 21and it is well written. The protagonist pulls at my emotions more than most. The author has done a wonderful job of bringing a lonely, bullied girl to life. The world is well developed and the character actions believable. I look forward to seeing more.


Excellent litrpg magical girl monster battle start

Reviewed at: Chapter 7 - Shelter Three (Lily)

Currently this is my favorite fiction on RR. Can't go wrong with a little bit of magical girls, a little bit of school drama, a whole lot of gory monster battles, and a litrpg system. Well written. Loads of character development. Also, a mall gets destroyed. What's not to like?


very much poggers magical girl review i find that it intrigued me to  a level none could match in previous works interesting approach to the magical girl situation especially with its characters and the various alignments style is well formatted and don't really take away from the experience as reading a lot of fantasy novel's it doesn't feel like you're reading a book but like you're observing a scene. well while story is compelling and interesting to see how our main character develops beyond her trauma and current abuse at the hand of other characters grammar is done good as well cant really notice any glaring mistakes but very pogs niec how they mix hope with despair and allow us to have a positive perspective of whats going on at the moment so yee. very enjoyable overall review i was... well pleasantly surprised by this author and even though the plotline of this novel has the typical elements of many a magical girl novel it was done very well and the characters both side and main were interesting and the things they go through relevant to our situation as a society and how abuse is needed to help us move past the abuse itself....

I don't know how but chapter 22 actually made me tear up. I have never teared up in movies or games, even reading other stories, but this MOFO somehow sent an entire army of onion ninjas to assassinate me. good on you author, I actually felt something while reading for once.

Good start, full of potential

Reviewed at: Chapter 21 - Origin

It's still early days but the author tackles what could be a very heavy handed set of subject matters with good grace. The situations are desperate but grounded in people making decisions and the consequences of that.

The world and litrpg system are only just being explored but they're interesting and clearly well thought out.

I'd like to read more before voting higher as we haven't properly seen the plot yet but it's a great start and I'm really enjoying reading this.


Perfect balance of LitRPG with char dev

Reviewed at: Chapter 17 - Basement

Stellar start! First couple chapters set the scene with solid worldbuilding and establishing the main character. The world is incredibly interesting and well built for urban fantasy. I really enjoy Mai's personality and her constancy in her interactions. Her actions are believable given what little we are given with her backstory. Then, once the LitRPG elements come into play, they don't overshadow the MC's goals and ideals, and an exposition character really helps fill in gaps in Mai's (and our) knowledge. Very excited to see where this story goes!


I'm Addicted to Magical Girls?

Reviewed at: Chapter 14 - Full Scope

I've never been hugely into the magical girl genre in the past, but the addition of a Litrpg system is just chef's kiss. I read through all 14 available chapters last night, and spent all day today thinking about it.

I think only 6-8ish hours have progressed between chapter 1 and chapter 14, yet it is so jam packed with action, hints at world building and even some character progression. This is a fantastic start to what could be a huge hit someday if it gains enough traction. I sincerely hope the author can keep the quality up (and maybe even find more time to write for us addicts that want more). 

Seriously, just give it a try. I assure you will enjoy this story if you enjoy magical girls, litrpg or both.


Very interesting magical girl LitRPG

Reviewed at: Chapter 14 - Full Scope

Adding LitRPG elements to a fairly typical magical girl setting was something I didn't think would be as good as it is. I say 'fairly typical' since the story hasn't gotten past the exposition but I think the setting will shape up to be a very intriguing world with problems that our own doesn't have. The integration of a LitRPG system with anime magical girls was so nicely done I wonder why I haven't seen anything like this before. The characters so far are all very well done and we can see each of their motivations and problems. If the current trend continues then I predict there will be a huge cast of characters that are all believable and fleshed out, friend and foe alike. The plot is interesting and builds tension leading up to confrontations and the action is exciting. There is a lot of information dropped onto the reader so far but it doesn't feel too forced (having an exposition character helps In that way). There is only one arc so far (not even completed either) but I think the pacing is solid and not too slow or too fast. Anyway, this fiction deserves an advanced review but I'll hold off until there are more chapters and the current and next arc are finished. If you are on the fence about reading, just read it. You won't be disappointed. 


I really don't write that title lightly. I may be a tiny bit easy to please but I don't have a single complaint with any part of the story other than having to wait. I love LitRpgs and I love the Dark Magical Girl genre, especially this take on it. I also cannot get enough of how the author makes me genuinely care for the characters. I never cry at fiction and it somehow managed it in one of the later chapters.

Magical Girl Gunslinger just completely scratches the itch I didn't even know I had!