Solo Player Rebirth! [A LitRPG Fantasy series]

Solo Player Rebirth! [A LitRPG Fantasy series]

by L0rdGr1m

A LitRPG Fantasy story focusing on the male-lead progression through a game-like world for a second time. He doesn't stop for any threats, big or small. Looking the strong beasts in the eyes, he knows exactly what it takes to be on top of the world.

Follow Sung-Jin through successes and predicaments in his journey to beat a game-like world.

Including: Levels, skills, classes and their paths, and much more. 

What does [updated] beside the chapter numbers mean? It's just a way for me to show that it's the final version of that particular chapter. I didn't change enough to grant its own standalone release. But enough to make it a different reading experience. I will concentrate on releasing chapters before going back to edit. I will only update the chapters after I have more content so the story wont be paused.

This is the second draft of this story so its not near perfect by any means. But I hope you enjoy it regardless.

‎ ㅤ


Every year thousands of people get teleported into a game-like world where they have to fight for their lives. No one has ever completed the game, and the nine pillars, which are the strongest players, are not even close. But the hope of completing the game still persists in most people. But will anybody ever beat it? 

Sung-Jin is the best player that no one knows of. A solo player thought to be dead years ago; will he be strong enough to beat this game?

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READING THE STORY DID I LIKE IT? Yes i actually loved it, the dungeon idea and everything. There were just a few things i need to address. 


First off i have no idea what are mc looks like. I can't tell if he's tall or short, old or young, ugly or handsome, so author san you need to address that. 

Also any information on the mc's background is vague, but i believe you plan to reveal this on a later chapter to keep your readers thinking about the mc. 

But so far the story is actually pretty good and i'll surely recommend it.


Also i'll advise lengthy chapters since sometimes short chapters make the story seem like it's moving too fast. I would also advise that you give us more info about the dungeon and the monster's looks. Not everyone knows how an ogre looks like. 


I have no problem with the dungeon setting story since it's quite common and i find the new ideas people bring every time to be interesting. So author san, if you want to get readers attention pls try to make your story unique as possible. 

i gave the story 4 stars for now since i don't know where's it's heading to.