Braindead - A Zombie LitRPG

Braindead - A Zombie LitRPG

by Dark Jester

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

In a world where zombies are trash mobs that children kill for easy exp, what hope does one little zed have?

Zed was minding his own business when his master's domain was invaded by a plucky young heroine looking to make a name for herself. An unlikely turn of events allowed Zed to come out on top, and gave him enough experience to rise above the life of a mindless minion. Unfortunately, it also left him with no body to share it with... literally, not figuratively!

This story contains:

Some 'jokes' containing questionable humour.

An inhuman MC who has no interest in pesky things like romance or growing a conscience. 

Blue boxes, and a DnD style system messily mashed together with several other systems.

Gore, but nothing too gratuitous. The main character is a severed head so what do you expect?

Kingdom/base building, because what good is a zombie without a good horde behind them.

Releases planned for each Sunday until I build up a decent backlog.

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Dark Jester

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Main character good

Supporting characters good

System good

Author rewrites good things into better things, like turning one system panel into a character interaction instead which is much more interesting to read 

It's the religion selection, at first it was just a screen.

Good story hooks that motivate characters well

Interesting magic

System exploits (always fun)

No harem bullshit


We are at the beginning of Zeds journey to become true King of zombies. And I have loved this story so far. Zed is intresting character and he really seem's to be monster mc (and that is a good thing, most monter mc's act like humans).

System also seems intresting so far and im waiting to see where it goes.

So if you want to try new monter mc without a body try this story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Based on 1st chapter, so far. The Voulos / Rufus characters are rather fun, looking forward to where the story of Zed goes. No typos noticed, although there are a few items I expect will be polished and refined as the story progresses. Nice mix of DnD themes, system architecture, and LitRPG without divepods or similar conventions.


THis story has me really excited. Hopefully it will continue to have the strategic element and not take too many shortcuts with it. So far it has been great even if the event in the middle was a bit frustrating from a story perspective. Looking forward to individual Zombies getting even more personality traits.


A common zombie becomes something more. This is how this story starts and it is an interesting premise. The transition form minion grinding skills to undead king building a tribe is a little sudden, but, in all, this is a well-written fiction, with few grammar or spelling mistakes, with a promising plot and characters you can get invested into.


It's early days yet but looking very promising. The characters are believable and the emulation of low mental stats has managed to strike that balance between bad choices and interesting, never becoming frustrating. Now that we're out of the prologue, so to speak, theres a danger it could lose its way or become bogged down in system stats or progression but so far the authors been focusing on characters first so I'll keep having high hopes.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.


I'm here for the management and while it seems to only just be starting I'm excited to see where it takes us.

The system is constantly tweaked and while the amount of work that goes into it is defenitly appreciated and a bonus I can't say I'm fond of frequent retcons. 

Finally the tone grammer and all that jazz is above passing and doesn't distract from the main draw. Eventual zombie kingdom built from the ground up with some potential plot thrown in on the side :3