Gideon Drake and the Fire Within

Gideon Drake and the Fire Within

by TEZofAllTrades

A brand-new story set in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter 🧙 Find out how the magical world and fan-favourite characters have changed since Lord Voldemort's defeat, in this modern-day tale of magic, family and friendship. Posted daily Nov–Xmas 2021. British-Style spelling, punctuation, grammar.

As a baby, Gideon was found at the centre of a mysterious magical accident, and the Ministry of Magic took drastic action. Ten years later, Gideon is finally leaving his Muggle primary school and looking forward to attending Hogwarts with other magical children. However, when his acceptance letter doesn't arrive, Gideon's life begins to unravel, and so do the secrets surrounding his past... When faced with the shocking truth, can Gideon withstand the looming darkness? Or will it consume him?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One: The Boy Who Died ago
Chapter Two: The Weaving ago
Chapter Three: Parting Shot ago
Chapter Four: The Visitors ago
Chapter Five: The Painful Truth ago
Chapter Six: Food for Thought ago
Chapter Seven: Course Correction ago
Chapter Eight: Decisions ago
Chapter Nine: Sweets and Soured ago
Chapter Ten: Orientation ago
Chapter Eleven: A Matter of Time ago
Chapter Twelve: The Unravelling ago
Chapter Thirteen: Breaking News ago
Chapter Fourteen: Distant Relatives ago
Chapter Fifteen: Acceptance ago
Chapter Sixteen: Back on Track ago
Chapter Seventeen: Simply Magical ago
Chapter Eighteen: Home Sweet House ago
Chapter Nineteen: DADA ago
Chapter Twenty: Broken Dreams ago
Chapter Twenty-One: Belonging ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: Epiphany ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: Elevation ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: Fresh Eyes ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: Seeing Red ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: Friendly Competition ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Burnt Out ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Wildfire ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Tricks and Treats ago
Chapter Thirty: Fallout ago
Chapter Thirty-One: Fighting Fire with Fire ago
Chapter Thirty-Two: Game On ago
Chapter Thirty-Three: Bursting Bubbles ago
Chapter Thirty-Four: Running Scared ago
Chapter Thirty-Five: Exposed ago
Chapter Thirty-Six: Losing Grip ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Tea and Sympathy ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Crisis Management ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Reprieve ago
Chapter Forty: Clued-in ago
Chapter Forty-One: Season’s Greetings ago
Chapter Forty-Two: Gifting and Forgetting ago
Chapter Forty-Three: Eternal Rest and Relaxation ago
Chapter Forty-Four: Facing Fear ago
Chapter Forty-Five: High and Low ago
Chapter Forty-Six: Hot on the Trail ago
Chapter Forty-Seven: The Eye of Fire ago
Chapter Forty-Eight: Unleashed ago
Chapter Forty-Nine: The Final Pieces ago
Chapter Fifty: The Home Stretch ago
Book 2 Announcement and Cover Preview ago

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A Seemless Fit into the Wizarding World

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty: Broken Dreams

Tez has managed to write a fanfiction that I believe fits seemlessly into the Wizarding World canon.

The story itself is intriguing, with just enough chapter to chapter to keep you entertained without bogging you down in detail. The only negative in my review comes from story, in that the pacing feels slow in some parts, but pure plot and characterization carry this flaw beautifully.

The style is a perfect fit for the rest of the Wizarding World canon without going into gross stereotypes like the original fiction. So absolutely an improvement overall.

Grammar is good. Always feels reviewing grammar in these.

New original characters are well rounded and relateable, while cameo characters are brought in long enough for fans to appreciate it without staying too long and risking an out of character feeling.

Overall, I love this story thus far. I'm not big in fanfiction, but this did it for me. I was in that sweet spot for Harry Potter growing up, and this takes me back to the feeling I had reading those books. If you love or like the Harry Potter books or anything else in the Wizarding World canon, then this is absolutely for you.

And if you've never consumed any Wizarding World media before, then this just makes for one heck of a story.


This story genuinely feels like it's a sequel to the original series. It maintains the tone and flavor of the original series very well, and I think it could be successfully published if Harry Potter was not already published.

However, I personally find some flaws in the story, such as when

Marcus essentially abandons Gideon and memory charms his family with little to no consequences? Then, after a short chapter on how this was to bait out the actual culprit and whatnot, he is essentially forgiven. It feels like a contrived plot point to inflate Gideon's internal conflict. The same goes for Anthony, who seems far too willing to forgive Gideon and all too quickly.


Furthermore, this story does not seem to introduce anything new to the Wizarding World, which is a shame.

Overall, however, this story is very well written, and I look forward to the next installment.


Well edited but unfortunately done already.

Reviewed at: Chapter Eight: Decisions

The reason this novel hasn't taken the ladder by storm is because there's a slight nuance in the premise of this book and the premise of Harry Potter: unique child marked by a feature, grows up in the school, goes on to fight evil. 

It's honestly very well written, but it doesn't stand out as anything unique at all. The biggest difference, I suppose, is that we have different perspectives at the start. (Wait, no. Harry Potter did that as well.) So, like, does the author have their hand held through this fiction? Qute possibily, but they're doing a bloody well good job at making it look original. 

The characters are different, though they mimic characters from Harry Potter as well. I think this was the intention of the author: to create an atmosphere we've learned to love (well, most people learned to love. I don't like JK Rowling personally) and feel invited. It's done in a professional way that it kind of makes up for it and is worthy of a binge. 

I personally would have preferred a much different take than what JK Rowling already showed us, and as much as it pains me to say it, she did it well. Here, it's very slice-of-life with its approach, giving us time to admire the characters, but at the same time they're not really unique early on either, and I'd say on the nose in a Hogwarts sense.

I like the idea with the two-tone, differently coloured eyes. That's solid. But Harry had a scar. This is some more "chosen one" foreshadow that doesn't hit as hard because it's already been done in the exact same sense. (Well, no, actually, Scott, Harry got his scar from---) I know. It doesn't solve anything because Mr Maxwell looked at him like Dumbledoor. 

I have a strong knack that the eyes will work similarly to Harry's scar.

So, overall verdict: written by someone that knows how to write and edit, done decently, but done before nonetheless. The opening anyway. STILL worth the read and hence why I left a follow.



Very nice, very gud. Thank you thank you

Reviewed at: Book 2 Announcement and Cover Preview

Honestly, thanks for making my christmas break. :)) I think within the 2-3 years where i've been using this site as an avid reader, i have maybe left 1-2 reviews over the years. Mostly because im a little too lazy to do those kinda things. However in the christmas spirit and all of that, i find myself making this review. 

The style is overall extreme reminiscient of the original works, as theres a  bit of the wonder and mysticalness which is generally attributed to the HP universe. This is such a luxury, since finding a fanfic story usually means a system, some author bs, or just all around bad world building. This particular piece of art by TEZ however makes an extremely compelling story, which i found myself "spellbound" to ;) .

 The story is well build and logical to some degree. And this is where some people might disagree with me, since the mc does make a few "wrong" calls. However thats mostly due to us following a pretty naive and "unknowing" young child prodigy. So aslong as your not too infected by the perfect op mc stereotype, then this i really nice. :)) 

No complaints with the gramma. Nice flow and particularly satisfying word usage. I would put the gramma to be up there with the peak 95% of stories on here.


 I really like the characters. They all have an individual personality with different motivations and objectives. Anyways. My energy is starting to run out and i feel like if i keep rambling my review is gonna start smelling like horse dung. :)   


Nice story tho. Hope this review bumps up the amount of readers who finds this story. You better continue on with boook 2 aswell...... (0) (nose) (0)


Imagine a world where Harry's reflecting the Avada turned into something so catastrophic the wizards had to lie to the muggles that it was a gas explosion. Gideon did it. We see the ministry as competent, for once, and more consideration given to a young person than it was given to Harry.

This is how the ministry and Dumbledore should have acted with Harry. Proclaimed him dead and hid him away. Much better than painting a target at his back. 


I both loved and was frustrated by this book.

Style:  Gideon Drake and the Fire Within does that rare thing to find in fanfiction; it matches the tone of the original work.  There were times when I, as the reader, could believe this was some section of JK's cast off notes, which she couldn't work into a bonus chapter.  Major characters are well fleshed out, and for the most part speak and act in ways that are believable.


Grammar:  The grammar is good; I never found myself getting thrown out of the story by the wrong tense or too many commas.  No problems here.


Characters:  For the most part, they feel real and alive.  However, there are moments where they stop doing that, and instead do odd or bizarre things that are wholly out of character.  This isn't "characters aren't acting in the most rational way possible"; the book establishes well that they don't.  It also establishes well who the characters are.  That is what makes it so jarring when they start doing weird things out of the blue, without setup.

An example: at one point, Gideon goes to a new school.  Thus far, he's been a very trusting character.  But at the new school, he starts lying.  A lot.  And it's rarely about things that would be harmful; often, being honest would save him a lot of bother.

Later, it turns out that many people in Gideon's life have been lying to him for years, leaving him feeling betrayed and hurt.  How does he respond to this?  Not at all - he keeps on lying to others for barely coherrent reasons, despite the hypocrisy of that act.

Why do Gideon and several other characters occasionally act wholly out of character?  The most likely reason seems to be the plot:


Story:  The story is caught between two themes; the first half seems like the setup for a great revenge-romp, while the second is a reskin of HP and the Philosopher's Stone.  Loads of bad stuff happens to Gideon, and each time he gets close to finding out, he's lied to by someone he should be able to trust, and believes them, only to have the next bad thing happen.  Everything rises to a peak... and then doesn't pay it off.  Things just sort of patch themselves up, without the work or emotional termoil they'd need for that to happen, so things are in place for book 2. 

If JK had set the first half of the first book living with the Dursleys, and spent a lot of time focussing on Harry having to put up with unfair shit, only to finish on that same scene where Dumbledore to spout a bit of bullshit and Harry to thank him for the oppurtunity to be stepped on - that's this book

Part of the reason there can't be a satisfying payoff is due to the desire to finish things with an HP style finale.  But where that fit, for a children's book with a generally uplifting tone, here it feels... off.  The many flaws of the early HP novels are easily moved past, because it's clearly a children's novel; things can be silly or contrived without it streching disbelief.

Coming off the first half of the novel though, the reader is less able to stretch for GDatFW.  Where Harry refuses to go to the teachers with vague feelings and snatches of dodgy-sounding conversations, Gideon refuses to go to the teachers with clear evidence, despite the fact that the various events are clearly putting people in direct danger.


In short, the first half is an interesting look into the future of the wizarding world, from a perspective that isn't often seen.  Yet halfway through it switches tracks, and as a result, doesn't manage to pay off either half as well as it could.

That said, it is leagues above most of the dross on RR.  This is an actual work of literature, and I've reviewed it as such.  I'd say it was worth at least 5 chapters of your time, to see if you agree with me or not.


The story is very good, with great grammar and some actual english for a change. The fictional universe is the same and the author hasn't desecrated it. As everyone has said the positives, let me point out some negatives which stuck out to me.

1. The MC doesn't act his age. His conduct, thought and everything else feels like that of an adult rather than a child.

2. The heroine is 2D. She seemed like a character written for being MC's love interest and nothing else. The shy nature isn't expressed well.

3. The attitude of his housemates and classmates are too volatile. There is no consistency. With one news it changes like crazy. In HP it was a believable and gradual change.

4. The pacing is too fast, it takes the beauty of the universe.

5. The MC didn't even thank Ollivander? Seems really weird.


Good, despite being a Harry Potter fanfiction on RR.

Here is some info for prospective readers.

1. The story is written in British English. This means that quotation marks are used like 'speaking' instead of "speaking". This really bothered me but it might not bother you.

2. The Mc is good-aligned, but there is some edginess in the later-ish chapters.

3. Not much magic is used by the Mc at the start of the story, if you are reading for cool Harry Potter magic then you might be dissapointed since you have to read awhile to get there.


4. The MC goes to a non-Hogwarts school. If you don't like it then know that he later transfers to Hogwarts, if you do want that then see above.

5. The MC's magic is sealed by the ministry so he is basically a squib for a long time. If you don't like that then know that he breaks the seal later in the book. 




I have read a few other works from this author and I can't say this differs too much from it. Wasn't expecting the Harry Potter fiction, to be honest, but I can't say I hate it. Had more than a few moments where I saw tropes but that wasn't a bad thing. Something they do is try and be extremely original but FanFiction doesn't need that unless its going extreme AU. This here does what it tries to do well and I like that.

Style? Good enough for an fanfiction since we have to already know a few things(though I would have loved to know how a reader without knowledge of Harry Potter would react to it). Grammar? I spotted one mistake but that should be fine. Wasn't big enough to be angry. 4.5/5