Weaponsmith : [A crafting litRPG]

Weaponsmith : [A crafting litRPG]

by Razzmatazz

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

[I accidentally got engaged to the evil owl-goddess who is obsessed with the number-three and now I have to make weapons for our new adventuring guild]

In an era in which ancient gods live in the world’s cities together with their mortal followers, forming tight-knit guilds and powerful temples, the disfigured ash-caster and blacksmith Hineni has lived his entire life as a reclusive outcast. Hidden away behind layers of clothing and just as many walls and doors, he only ever leaves the house in the dead of night, so that neither the gods or anyone else can ever see him.

However, on one of these night-tide outings, he finds that has gained the unwanted attention of what is seemingly a perfectly normal owl and through his unwitting efforts at simply filling his nights with acts of personal meaning, he ends up promising himself to a creature that is perhaps even less versed in human ways than he himself is;

a mysterious, odd owl-goddess that nobody seems to have ever heard of, Obscura.

Hineni, having had no greater purpose in life until now, finds himself willing to accept this turn of events and dedicates himself to creating a brand new adventuring guild, under the watchful eyes of the ancient entity Obscura, who has only one, clear, proclaimed goal -

- To hunt the BIG FROG! BIG FROG! BIG!

[litRPG] [Soft romance] [Base/Guild-building] [Pact with a deity] [Crafting] [Slice of life]

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Table of Contents
144 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: All good things - ago
Chapter 2: Come in - ago
Chapter 3: Threes (3!) ago
Chapter 4: 'F' is for FOUR and FROGS. But we don't talk about them here. Frogs are bad ago
Chapter 5: Who~ are you? ago
Chapter 6: Mishaps and hot baths ago
Chapter 7: Weaponsmith Hineni Obscura ago
Chapter 8: Workplace accident ago
Chapter 9: Nine is three, three times. (Three!) ago
Chapter 10: A dinner together ago
Chapter 11: Water water ago
Chapter 12: Twelve is three times four, which is bad. But four starts with 'F' like the word 'Frog'. ago
Chapter 13: Is an unlucky number. But it's okay because it has a three in it. So it's fine ago
Chapter 14: Please no solicitation unless you're here to deliver a box of frogs ago
Chapter 15: there are five threes in fifteen. But there are three fives! THREE! ago
Chapter 16: You shouldn't count her eyes, at least not more than three. Counting four is bad ago
Chapter 17: It's a long way home, but it's nice to have someone with you. So it isn't lonely, really ago
Chapter 18: Class is starting. There's a lot to do, but there's not enough time. The frogs are com- ago
Chapter 19: Magic is weird, so we'll just be using clay instead because its easier ago
Chapter 20: It's okay if we break some laws because we work for a god. So it's fine. Don't worry ago
Chapter 21: Stealing isn't the same as steeling but both are okay because we work for a god ago
Chapter 22: 2+2 =4 and four is the frog-number, which means that there is danger around. Be careful ago
Chapter 23: There is much work to do, but we'll manage because there is an owl on our shoulder. Hoot ago
Chapter 24: Two fours are a cursed number, because that is eight and eight looks like two frog eyes! ago
Chapter 25: The owl god has many talons, many. Far more talons than is objectively reasonable ago
Chapter 26: Two times six is twelve. Twelve has four threes but three fours. We are at the crossroad ago
Chapter 27: Two sevens equal fourteen. Fourteen is one-four. The frogs are here. Beware. ago
Chapter 28: Two pairs of frog-eyes stare into the void and they see nothing but owls. Day three. ago
Chapter 29: I became the man who I am because I met an owl in the forest and we hooted at each other ago
Chapter 30: We've waited long enough. It's time to make our move and to establish the Owl-God. Who~ ago
Chapter 31: Today we have a lot to think about, but that's ok because owls are wise and think a lot! ago
Chapter 32: There was a chapter title here, but the frogs stole it because they're THE WORST. FROGS! ago
Chapter 33: There is much to do to build a nest. We must find many twigs and many soft things for us ago
Chapter 34: Three fours are good because there are three, but bad because they're fours. It's a wash ago
Chapter 35: White snow falls upon the world to cover it like a burial shroud. Beneath it lie frogs ago
Chapter 36: Big lizards live in the bank. We have no quarrel with them, but we also don't trust them ago
Chapter 37: Banks like numbers and (three * seven) is twenty-one, a number which is fine. I guess… ago
Chapter 38: Today we find the five-number, but what does this mean for the future? A secret is here. ago
Chapter 39: There used to be a title here, but those dirty frogs stole it and now we have nothing! ago
Chapter 40: A four has found us. Ten fours have come to pass. The thing with four fingers is here ago
Chapter 41: Work begins on the house. We must secure our home in order to keep the frog-water out ago
Chapter 42: There are things that we must do and so we'll do them, but not because the frogs want it ago
Chapter 43: There are secrets kept between us, but there are also secrets kept for ourselves. ago
Chapter 44: Bad things lurk in the shadows. The big-frog is here, but it hides where we can not see ago
Chapter 45: The guild is open, many faces are in our home. The bad dream tells us of a frog and ash ago
Chapter 46: The Hineni-man has a secret, but he has many followers. A mystery. Are we careful? Maybe ago
Chapter 47: Vapors fill the forge. Many smoky tendrils rise to the sky like mighty dreams of owls ago
Chapter 48: The god of death has come for our bones. But they're ours and he can't have them. Who~ ago
Chapter 49: Hard times have found our soft home. The heat dries our face. But we have people-money ago
Chapter 50: There are many wishes in Hineni's nest. All of them are for fewer frogs and more owls ago
Chapter 51: A busy-body controls our life. Secret talons hold the strings. Bureaucrats are frogs ago
Chapter 52: Books surround us, they hold many secrets. Yet some of them are embarrassing. ago
Chapter 53: Our journey has come far. But where has it led us? Who are we? Water is wet. Frogs… ago
Chapter 54: There are many things to worry about, but should we really be worrying about them? No. ago
Chapter 55: Our luck has turned sour, like the smell of many dank frogs in a single room. ago
Chapter 56: Many strange names fill our nest and they are attached to just as many strange people ago
Chapter 57: Today we brood, but not brooding in a bird way. Get your mind out of the gutter. Frogs. ago
Chapter 58: Maturity has arrived in the nest of the owl-god, but it couldn't find the door ago
Chapter 59: The subjective morality of our actions could be questioned, in theory. But they won't be ago
Chapter 60: There is a quest available in Hineni's house and it is to work hard for minimal pay ago
Chapter 61: Many good things come today in the heart of winter. They smell like owls. ago
Chapter 62: The forge glows alight for a Hineni man. Fire is our old friend and it guides us to ruin ago
Chapter 63: A token prize has been created. The year of the frog will soon arrive. Beware. Five. ago
Chapter 64: Carpenter: [A crafting litRPG]! ago
Chapter 65: Carpenter: [A crafting litRPG]! - Chapter 2 ago
Chapter 66: Carpenter: [A crafting litRPG]! - Chapter 3 ago
Chapter 67: Carpenter: [A crafting litRPG]! - Chapter 4: The End ago
Chapter 68: It is good to be home where the fluff of the owl is to be found and no slimy frogs ago
Chapter 69: A warm dinner is earned after many days of toil. The food has no frogs in it. ago
Chapter 70: A cute day is to be spent with darling Obscura. You WILL obey and do so. Who~ ago
Chapter 71: Human resources are a complicated subject. This is why the best resources are all metal. ago
Chapter 72: You trust the numbers, but the numbers are not here to be trusted. Fool. Watch your back ago
Chapter 73: There are many secrets around the Hineni-man. But one of them smells of fives. ago
Chapter 74: A first solution of fives finds the Hineni-man ago
Chapter 75: There is a secret to be shown to the Hineni-man, it is one that everyone knows ago
Chapter 76: Foolish Hineni-men will wander around the home instead of working in the fire place ago
Chapter 77: Good fortune finds those who hoot, but not those who ribbit. Know the truth. ago
Chapter 78: The mystery of the missing crunchy fairy and the woman who waits is before us ago
Chapter 79: People who like to read books are weird and we would be wise to avoid them. ago
Chapter 80: The adventurers' guild must be defroggified for the good of the population ago
Chapter 81: Hot blood runs through the veins of many living beings, even those outside of the forge ago
Chapter 82: The double-layered vision of pretty flowers and poison ago
Chapter 83: Cold demeanors fills the warm forge. Pretty, crunchy fairies should tread more carefully ago
Chapter 84: Magnificent Obscura's mysterious maze of many ways ago
Chapter 85: The talons of Obscura are sharp and the secrets of the owl-god are many ago
Chapter 86: The dungeon isn't really that exciting. You should never leave the owl-god's side. Ever. ago
Chapter 87: The rainy mood makes one think froggy thoughts ago
Chapter 88: The owl night ago
Chapter 89: The fever chills ago
Chapter 90: One must wonder ago
Chapter 91: The croaking of frogs fills our ears. Will they lead you astray? ago
Chapter 92: Of elves and candy and the frozen fairy ago
Chapter 93: Pretty, golden coins line the trap. Greedy fingers ought to beware. Pancakes. ago
Chapter 94: The implications that are to be implied are implicitly implicated ago
Chapter 95: The blue of water hides the silhouettes of many froggy things ago
Chapter 96: There is a secret that we have forgotten. It hides in the night ago
Chapter 97: Perhaps we ought to best not worry about it for now, yes? ago
Chapter 98: A quiet day of rain foretells the froggy wetness to come ago
Chapter 99: The library's dark is darker than the darkness outside of the library ago
Chapter 100: Something is missing, but no eyes can see what it is ago
Chapter 101: The pointy-eared elves have come for Obscura's precious things ago
Chapter 102: The good days are over in the eyes of many, but not in those of Obscura ago
Chapter 103: Life changes fast, but the Hineni-man always wears the same three shirts ago
Chapter 104: Checking off the list ago
Chapter 105: Manhood. ago
Chapter 106: Table talks at dinner-time and the nurturing of soft waters ago
Chapter 107: Frozen blood drips through small veins. It smells of owls. ago
Chapter 108: The door closes forever, but a new door opens as creeping winds pry it ajar ago
Chapter 109: The road is long and it will take us more than three days to traverse it. ago
Chapter 110: There's something in the air ago
Chapter 111: A craftsman's pride is tickled by pointy bird feet. But not like that. ago
Chapter 112: A midnight stroll to look at trees brings great pleasure to the eyes of an owl ago
Chapter 113: An assessment of many little things comes together to make a bigger idea ago
Chapter 114: A dragon with yellow eyes stares intently, imprinting visions like faces on gold coins ago
Chapter 115: The past and the present are not as different as you would like them to be ago
Chapter 116: A small day of chit-chat around the big hill in the big world of the small elves ago
Chapter 117: The games of many numbers are played by people with wide eyes and closed hearts ago
Chapter 118: Codependent bodies creep and crawl around the hill, trying to find quiet places to co. ago
Chapter 119: The smeared on gooey bond sticks to hard surfaces like liquid stone ago
Chapter 120: A little cold word with warm big sister Eilig ago
Chapter 121: A foggy memory fills the Hineni man's head. What was I doing? I forget. Who~ ago
Chapter 122: The smell of dusty divinity lingers in the air, penetrating many damp nostrils ago
Chapter 123: The quiet ways of the most flexible of owls ago
Chapter 124: The Hineni-man and the river-boy look for a loaf in the land of the dead ago
Chapter 125: The frog-song that fills the night tells us of the shadow to come. It is close. ago
Chapter 126: Frogsong ago
Chapter 127: Family violence ago
Chapter 128: You and I together have four letters ago
Chapter 129: The Nini man ago
Chapter 130: Five Nini-men walk into a forest. How many frogs are in his head? ago
Chapter 131: A midnight stroll with seven-six-five-four-three-two-one people ago
Chapter 132: The call of many voices reaches the dusty Hineni man of days past ago
Chapter 133: Heavy hangs the shadow of the truth over wet hearts ago
Chapter 134: A vision of the past unravels within cold vapors. No feathers keep the Hineni-man warm ago
Chapter 135: The truthful revelation is shocking to those who are unfamiliar with the smell of barns ago
Chapter 136: Peak wobbly-woo is the summit that the Hineni-man finds himself atop ago
Chapter 137: Ten-thousand fingers snap to signal the breaking of the dark spell ago
Chapter 138: A dream of home is comfortable and not to be questioned. Accept it. ago
Chapter 139: Yet one must wonder if this is really the fate of what is to be? A spider's web? ago
Chapter 140: Will frogs croak sweetly to tell us the truth of what lies beneath the bad-water? ago
Chapter 141: Poor eyes have fell for the illusion of the gods, yet it was fake, like everything else ago
Chapter 142: This is what must have happened in the past, no? It seems so ago
Chapter 143: There are so many things to be understood, yet how does one do so? A mystery ago
Chapter 144: THE END ago

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Love it. Very unique, very funny. The beginning has some real depth to it, with many moments of feels. Once it got rolling I was captivated. I gave it five stars, but just imagine it's three out of three, three is a good number! Avoid fours, fours are for frogs. Frogs bad.


First, it is extremely well-crafted. Second, it avoids almost every trope except the part about having characters. Honestly, I find it difficult to appreciate those stories that try to eliminate the idea of characters, so I'm okay with this. Finally, fantasy requires us to accept some non-real concept as real to proceed. This story gives us a very interesting and entertaining concept as the springboard for its fantastic nature.

It is great, whimsical fun, without any hint of murder hoboes.


Tolerance of the protagonist required

Reviewed at: Chapter 8: Workplace accident

The story is well written, and the setup well executed, if on the slower side. The characters have a fairly strong voice, and plenty of potential for growth...

But the male lead has a crippling fear of others seeing him. It's written well, and clearly a cornerstone of the future plot. It's also painful and tiring to read. And for my taste, it goes on too long. I made it to chapter 8, and it's probably going to take a good while longer for improvement, and that's just not worth it.

If you've got a better tolerance for that kind of thing, there's a good story here. If you don't, here's your warning.


Updated 16/02/2022 with disclosure.

Disclosure: This is a review swap, though I have written this review as honestly and impartially as possible.

Look, I don't even like LitRPG. I haven't watched any anime for something like 10+ years and I'm probably the wrong demographic for this, but I still found this fic adorable. You hear me? Adorable

Style: 3.5

The author has chosen to use the limited third-person point-of-view in the present tense. It's a very odd style choice, since the POV and the narrative tense are mismatched: the present tense as narrative tense is often matched with the first person POV because it gives a sense of presence and movement (i.e. action) while preserving mystery. Think The Hunger Games for stories that do well with the present tense. 

This story is a slice-of-life, so the POV in the third person fits (slow-moving), but the narrative tense doesn't. I think this would have been served better with a third-person limited POV and simple past tense. Even so, the style is very readable and I don't think most readers mind it at all. 

Aside from the strange POV and narrative tense mismatch, it's clear the author puts thought into creating and maintaining a certain mood and atmosphere. It's quite cozy and cute, even when the things happening are not quite that. 

Occasionally there are shifts in the narrative tense (accidental ones) and for some reason in later chapters the author repeatedly refers to the MC as "the man" (though his name has already been established), which I found odd. However they don't necessarily detract from immersion or enjoyment in the story. 

Grammar: 4.0

There aren't too many basic errors, but I would say there are some higher-order errors around placement of phrases and clauses. They're pretty consistent, but I think most readers would not notice them and they don't detract from enjoyment or understanding. I've noticed the author is very responsive to comments and corrects errors very quickly, so this is a very good sign. Later chapters have fewer errors and overall the quality of the writing in this regard seems to be improving. 

Story and Character: 5.0 and 4.5

I'd say story and characters really shine. I've noticed some reviewers say that the story is too slow, but I don't agree with this assessment. The character work is being used to lay groundwork for future story work and it's done very well. 

In terms of story, we are essentially getting an exploration of internal growth (I suppose you could say it is man vs. himself, if you want a simple go-to) for the first bit, since the Hineni is trying to change into a better person. There are already some hints early on as to what the Obscura wants from him and the larger political maneuvering of the gods, and it's likely the internal changes are neccessary for the plot to move forward once the proverbial excrement hits the fan. Foreshadowing is parcelled out at a fair rate and the relationship-building is center stage.

At the time of writing, we have a good idea of who each of the characters are as well as their strengths and weaknesses. 

The only weakness I see is that Obscura can sometimes be disconcertingly young. It's not often and I can see she's meant to be quirky in a fish-out-of-water way, but there are times when her behaviour strikes me as simply being from cognitive immaturity rather than stemming from godly arrogance (I would have pegged her as between 14 to 16 based on some of her behaviour). I'm not sure if this is intentional, though I do get the impression both Hineni and Obscura are pretty young. She has enough darkness to her character that she feels more like her own person than a stereotype tsundere, but there are times when I think the character beat ventures too far into "cutesy child" territory to really work with her inherent viciousness. 

(I'm actually divided on whether I want a 5.0 here for character or a 4.5. Be warned, I might come back and update this later.)

Overall: 4.25, rounded up to 4.5. I highly recommend this to people who enjoy slow character-pieces and slice-of-life with the potential for something more. It really is very enjoyable (look, I was going to write this review at chapter fifteen but I read until the latest update. I'm a picky, cranky old person, so listen to me), and you should definitely give it a go!


Once again Razzmatazz brings us another unique mix of cute slice-of-life in a horrifying universe. In this case, it is of a blacksmith with a severe case of depression accidentally marrying an owl god(dess). It's cuter than it sounds.

The story is well-written, with few grammer/spelling mistakes (nothing that takes me out of the story). The MC is, quite frankly, a bit too depressed in the beginning of the story, but is gradually approaching a functional human being as he gains friends (and a wife, kinda-sorta).

There's also something mystical going on with the number 3 & owls (the good guys?) and the number 4 and frogs (which are evil, apparently). It's not too clear yet, but the author is good at eventually tying these sort of plot threads up.

If you're here for the crafting side of things, that hasn't been explored too much, even compared to Dungeon Item Shop. However, I have been impressed that all the alloys mentioned were real-life alloys, which shows some research.


Do you like your girls a little crazy?

Reviewed at: Chapter 10: A dinner together


We got a depressed blacksmith who gets not so depressed when he gets together with his Owl girl waifu who has decided she WILL BE THE WIFE. It is made such when our sad blacksmith boy does sad boy things that a normal sad boy does. He is sad. His wife is odd, but they are both odd & she is making him less sad. Highly recommended 

OK, it's good. I want it, Razzmatazz has got it, & boy do it dazzle. Romance, slice of life, a sad boy who doesn't want to be seen, a system, & there's a really really adorable thing in here. You just gotta read it so come on, you know the drill. Read it & enjoy. 

If my expert marketing ploy has failed, please read the spoiler attached & if your still not interested then I tried at least.


Very cool start, excellent writing style!

Reviewed at: Chapter 4: 'F' is for FOUR

Plot moves at a good pace.  Plenty of attention is given to what characters are both thinking and saying.  Plenty of mystery for the reader to imagine and fill in gaps.  Excited for more!  I feel the title is *slightly* misleading, but maybe it will become more important as I read more.


A slightly odd, but very charming book with likeable, albeit flawed characters. If you enjoyed Dungeon Item Shop or haven't read it and want a light lit-rpg crafting book, this is perfect for you. The numbers thing is a bit odd so far, and TBH I'm leaving a review due to a deal the author made to the readers, have fun ya'll.


The start is really heavy and depresive, i did not like it too much and it seemed to extend for too long to my taste, I like how everything got resolved and how the MC faces the events after going a bit crazy, grammar is good enough, the Owl is a pain to understand at first then I either got acostumed to that weird speech pattern or the author got better at it, maybe both, has too few chapters to judge character development or world building as there is nothing really set in stone yet.
MC seems to have trauma or be extremely shy and introvert or even be just afraid of groups of people.

Can't really say anything bad about the story so far other than its a bit confusing at times.


Too chaotic dialogs are crap. Chaotic hard to follow

count zero

well written. but the protagonist is too pathetic. and the pacing is dragged out. 

without any context, its hard to empathize and becomes a chore to read. 

it's not enough that he has some percieved physical deformity, he also has PTSD, is afraid that he's schizophrenia and has an anxiety disorder.