System Only Gives Me Useless Gifts

System Only Gives Me Useless Gifts

by chocomug

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Li Yun grew up with a system that gave him useless gifts. He wanted a reward that could prove the existence of the system, but ended up with abstract gifts like culture. Without physical proof, he was stuck wondering whether his mind was truly sane, all the while dealing with the reality of life.

How will the "useless" system help Li Yun navigate medical school, hospital politics, criminal cases, treasure hunting, farming and cooking?

Author's Note: This is a slice-of-life novel about a doctor with a mission-type system. It's written as a faux modern Chinese novel, so there are many 1-off characters and episodic mini arcs.

Just a bit of warning, the tone of the story is very different after the childhood arc and jumpy as it chronicles Li Yun's life. I'm trying to make it less apparent in the rewrite, but there are still a lot of time skips.

RR is the rewrite version, no set schedule. See webnovel for OG.  scribblehub is a combo of both . I recommend scribblehub since it has pictures. Currently around 300k+ words.

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Table of Contents
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01- Chosen One ago
02 - Useless Gifts ago
03 - Too fat for Qi? ago
04 - Path ago
05 – Defense Points ago
06 - Martial Arts ago
07 - Wrinkles ago
08 - People ago
09 - Hearsay ago
10 - Evils of Kaishi High ago
11 - Jing Qi Shen ago
12 - Teebee Shop ago
13 - Binchu University ago
14 - Intern ago
15 - Date ago
16 - Zuowang ago
17 - New Year Spring Festival ago
18 - Rules ago
19 - Scars ago
20 - Qinbei Hospital ago
21 - Interview ago
22 - Mission ago
23 - Exam ago
24 - Sick ago
25 - Residents ago
26 - ER ago
27 - Radiation ago
28 - Empathy ago
29 - Nian ago
30 - First Surgery ago
31 - Evaluation ago
32 - Engagement Party ago
33 - ACS Unit ago
34 - Illegal Operation? ago
35 - Classical Chinese Medicine ago
36 - Macao ago
37 - Poker ago
38 - Blackjack ago
39 - High Roller ago
40 - Milking the Whale ago
41 - Work ago
42 - Line Detection ago
43 - News ago
44 - Roadmap ago
45 - The Monk ago
46 - The Streamer ago
47 - Do kids have wrinkles? ago
48 – Department Head Meeting ago
49 – Hire a good lawyer ago
50 – Sold Out ago
51 – Search ago
52 - Intuition ago
53 - Meridians ago
54 - Qivi ago
55 - Competition ago
56 - Magic City ago
57 - Replicate ago
58 - Pulse Diagnosis ago
59 - F*** you ago
60 - Coronary Angioplasty ago
61 – Symposium ago
62 – Old Timers ago
63 - Politics ago
64 - TAVR ago
65 - Caoben Street ago
66 - Atheist ago
67 - Chibo ago
68 – Accident ago
69 - Lei Ting ago
70 - I'm Saner ago

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Ducking Duck Duck

I can't write a super detailed review on the details that improved or weaken the story but I can say that I really enjoyed the premise and how it flowed. I will not lie and say that I wasn't confused in the beginning about the system but A+ for how the author used them in the context of a realistic (ish) fiction. Will stamp this with duck approval. 


A humble duck


I like it so far :3 (No spoilers Below)

Reviewed at: 11 - Jing Qi Shen

I read ahead a little on the other website so this my thoughts.

Style:  Its hard to describe other then it has good flow and fun to read. Good time skips and everything. Keeps things straight to the point rather then hashing old tiring tropes. The big flaw is it tells you a lot rather then showing things. It feels almost like a lecture. This happens because of that. These doctors act this way because of that.

Grammar: Nothing glaringly obvious. So far seems perfect but I read so much crap its hard to say its if its just me growing numb to bad grammar. 

Story:  As the other review said 5 stars for novelty. This is a pretty unique story for the beaten genre that it is. Long story shot, pretty good story. Only glaring flaw is it has no antagonistic force. I'm aware it's slice of life I took off a point simply cause i think completing missions for that dopamine hit is a weak driving force for an MC.  The crime solving parts just seem random and tacked on.

Character: Characters are a bit bland. A lot of the western style doctors are assholes for petty reasons. His old friends have very small roles so far and don't do much. I feel like they are only there so I know the MC has friends. People seem one dimensional in nature with their problems and how they resolve it. And they solve it so quickly gosh. Just talking to the MC and a sentence of advice and bam all problems solved. Characters get added and dropped rapidly. But hey it's stilla decent read, especially if you like typical wuxia novels.


I’ve already read the original on Scribblehub, so this review is based on that. I assume that the rewrite will not be worse, at least.

As the title of review states, my rating mainly reflects the perceived novelty of the fic. In all my years of reading awfully translated terrible Chinese/Japanese/Korean/etc webnovels, in all my years of reading original fiction both published and online, I cannot remember any which were quite like this, though some were close.

Especially online, far too many fics are pretty much defined by a handful of generic tags, no further explanation needed. Be they wish fulfillment, Isekai, cheat system, etc, everything beyond the tags is just a bit of flavour. Innovation is to be rewarded, in my opinion, and this is one of the very few fics that feel "fresh" and keep their distinctiveness for a long time.


That said, it is still a subversion of the typical cheat-system with internal quests formula. It is unusual in three ways, however. First, many of the quests and rewards are not directly beneficial (the "Useless Gifts"). Relatedly, the main character is the unique example of a cheat system user who remains relatively grounded and low-powered even 250k words in. Third, the whole setting remains grounded in reality and despite the repeated allusions to mysticism and magic, it is still for all intents and purposes a mundane world.


Beyond the novelty, I will also praise the effort the author puts into research. The author is clearly very invested in this fiction and researches many details, from calligraphy to housing development and clinical research procedures. At the same time, this information is falsified enough within the fic both by adding a lot of mysticism and by using an alternative world setting that inaccuracies or errors shouldn’t bother readers too much.


The five star review does not reflect the general writing quality, character quality, how interesting the plot is or other elements of this story. It often feels slow and drawn out, the plot is sometimes tedious (though I like some subplots), and the whole thing reeks of Chines wish fulfliment at times, what with the hyper-successful good-looking protagonist and his overly competent and important friends. Other than the novelty, I’d probably rate the original fic as "passable" or "okay". I’ll probably update this in the future.


Picked this up yesterday and quickly read up to the latest chapter. The surgical setting is very fresh and well done, the story flows pretty naturally, and all the characters feel very real and natural. As for the grammar, there are some issues, but overall it's still good.


Definitely a five star story IMO, or close to it.


Oh man this one is neat

Reviewed at: 45 - The Monk

Grammar, great

Style, smooth

Story, interesting

Characters, intriguing

TL;DR It's a slice of life with a system, if you haven't read the combination before it's like chocolate and hot peppers, not for everyone but if you love it you love it.

Man this is a cool story.  I've always liked modern slice of life stories with a twist and this is a great example of the genre.  The characters are interesting and play off each other well especially given how quickly they are sketched.  The story has all sorts of nice touches that suggest the author has done his homework (although I'm not knowledgeable enough about medicine or Chinese philosophy to know how well).  This is a slice of life so the great challenges the protagonist overcomes are more along the lines of college entrance exams than arrogant young masters, although we have been told that this is a cultivation novel not a medical novel (I'll believe it when I see it!).  I am deeply curious to see where all of this ends up going especially if the so far very muted supernatural elements become more prominent.

Overall a splendid story so far, highly recommended for fans of the genre and for anyone looking for something a little different.


the actual duck approves

Reviewed at: 04 - Path

While reading through the fiction, I was surprised about the amount of commas in the sentences. While I might not be entirely well-versed in how they are used, I now for a fact that too many have been made. Might be something to think about in the future.

Like the synopsis promises, there are very clear Chinese inspirations. Style is much like the ones found in the actual stories(going from very limited experience with them here. bear with me). Good enough to read. Personality still felt off though.


The actual humble duck


This is an excellent story. Great character. Interesting premise. A good amount of humor that doesn't cross into being too silly. Very different than the kind of stories that I usually read while having similar LitRPG like elements. I tend to enjoy stories where the character is OP, and this one definitely isn't. It really works, though. I'm glad I found this tale!

Patryk Rys

Cool concept but I hate it.

Reviewed at: 09 - Hearsay

Cool concept, but its just another bullshit xianxia with all this bullshit Chinese nonsense, illogical dialogs, motives, unnatural behaviours, situations, unbeliviable characters etc. Its more apparent than in full blown fantasy settings because its trying to do xianxia in real world. If you like typicial xianxia just a bit dumber and with cool concept (useless gifts, its new, fresh concept/look on system but its really sad that it is wasted here, at least in my opinion)


I tried to read it more, it had potential, but sorry I really hate it. I wont give 1 star only because it seems like author really tries and seems like many people like that... thing.