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Zeek browsed around the shop for a while he had decided to wait because he was slightly embarrassed by how he was currently dressed due to the evolutions size change. He was physically uncomfortable the small amount of cloth that was used as pants were now skin tight leaving little to the imagination, not that he was able to do anything about it at the moment any way.

I wonder how that lunar metal will turn out for the weapons and armor, I definitely think it'll enhance my fighting style for sure.

The elven smithy would come out periodically to get size measurements for Zeek's armor, it almost became an issue due to [Troll's Musk] while she was checking Zeek's inseam when he noticed that the elf's hand lingered just a bit too long. After the elf quietly walked back into her workshop Zeek had to walk around the shop briskly for a few minutes to calm himself down, still not use to a trollkins body or urges. After a few hours the smithy came back out with a body full of armor;

Smithy: These should fit you perfectly, You have a metal chest piece thats sleeveless but it protects your most vital areas, bracers for added blocking and protection on your forearms but still keeping the weight light, and a face covered helm not only for protection but also if you want to hide your identity. As for the leathers from the snake Ive turned these into breathable and flexible pants that were significantly less tight on your body, one of the things that you needed the most. Last but not least these boots are on the house, they are the only ones thatll fit your feet.

The smithy laughed a bit at the part where she called out his most dire need which made Zeeks ears burn slightly.

Zeek: I cannot thank you enough, thats a huge help to me and umm... sorry for my attire it was kind of...unavoidable.

The smithy nodded and paid no mind to Zeeks bashful demeanor.

Smithy: You can go change over there, itll be just a couple more days till your weapon is ready, but now that youre dressed properly you dont have to stay here and I'll be able to concentrate better.

Zeek nodded his understanding and went into the storage room to change, everything did seem to fit him perfectly. An elf's craftmenship is nothing to scoff at, having multiple centuries to harness their abilities. Zeek left the shop and since he felt like he was fairly safe within the city he decided to keep his helm in his dimensional space. Zeek walked around the city taking in the sights not really going anywhere in particular, now that he was in armor though, people seemed to not notice him as much since he wasnt walking around nearly naked. Zeek was able to over the heads of most people being nearly 8 ft tall now, but it did allow him to get a better look of the diversity of the city. Humans, nearly always, were the most populated, there were elves, dwarves, and beastfolk. The beastfolk were by far the most unique of the races, some were animals that walked on two feet that had, at a minimum, human level intellegence while others were mainly human in appearance with animal features similar to how he looked when he was a lesser astrabi. With midday fast approaching Zeek wandered into a shop to grab some food, a portly dwarf whose age was impossible to guess came by where Zeek was sitting.

Dwarf: What can I ger fo yer?
Zeek: some meat and water please

The dwarf looked Zeek up and down then chuckled a bit

Dwarf: I ne'er saw a man yor size ask fo wa'er o say pleas bwahaha
Zeek: I still am only 14 sir I dont think im allowed booze yet
Dwarf: o' dolally yor un giant whelp ain ya
Zeek: hahaha I suppose
Dwarf: well yor able ta nex year

The dwarf had said as he was walking towards the kitchen to get the order. Zeek was smiling to himself that he indeed turned fifteen soon.

I wonder if I will still get a class since I'm technically a monster race. That dwarf was difficult to understand. I wonder if Ill keep evolving into much bigger things. Thats a scary thought.

Zeeks thought went all over the place and before he knew it he was staring down a boar steak, and mushrooms with a glass of water. He paid the dwarf and readily ate his food, which he thought was delicious.

Maybe I should look into spices for when I travel I never knew how much of a huge difference they could make.

Zeek finished eating and left the small tavern looking for an adventurers guild

I currently need a way to make money

He had asked around and came to a giant, and unfortunately run down, building an old worn out sign that read Twilight Dragon that creaked as it swayed in the wind. When Zeek had asked around this was the only guild that was currently accepting new members. He walked in and the inside appeared to be worse than the outside. Tables were overturn beer and blood was spilled on the floor that nobody bothered to clean, the tables that were upright had peopel sprawled about unconscious. The complete guild was in major disarray, nevertheless, Zeek walked up to the counter to see a bear beastfolk, the more animal kind, the size of himself behind the counter.

Guildmember: Welcome to the Twilight Dragon guild, my name is Bruno, what can I help you with?

Bruno had said very unenthusiastically, he did it cause it was his job to say those words and really didnt want to be bothered.

Zeek: I'd heard that this guild was accepting new members and I wanted to join.

Bruno raised his eyebrows: You want to join here? Its not that we arent accepting other members, but take a look around the Voracious Poison Guild has been taking our contracts and bullying us out of revenue. There is even a guild tournament that happens every year where the first place guild gets a huge sum of money as a bonus and we are always in last. We even have trouble recruiting strong members, not that any of us are sloths either but being incredibly outnumbered makes things difficult.

Zeek: Im set on this guild, I promise I will do what I can to turn it around.
Bruno: Well then, Welcome to the Twilight Dragons Guild

With that Bruno grabbed a stamp seal and stamped Zeeks' chestpiece with a black and silver dragon flying in a circle.

Zeek: Time to grab a quest.


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