Deathworld Commando: Reborn

Deathworld Commando: Reborn

by RangerFrank

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Deathworld Commando: Reborn Synopsis-

What happens when humanity's greatest weapon gets a second chance at life? Commander Kronos wasn't even considered to be a human but rather a weapon to be used for the greater good of his species. He was grown in a tube to be the perfect weapon, so he lacked many emotions/experiences most people take for granted. Upon experiencing some emotions for the first time he was quickly eliminated by humanity and was reborn into a world of swords and sorcery, getting a second lease on life.

Of course, he didn't see it that way at the start and thought he was being fooled. It took a near-death experience and a lot of growing up, but he finally decided to keep his promise to his former comrades and give his new life an honest try.

Embark on the story of the former Commander of Hades Squad as he settles into his new life as the Dark Elf Kaladin Shadowheart.


Kind Words From Some Of My Readers-

I absolutely love your writing style, as it makes the world feel so alive. Every action makes sense, and every time something happens to Kaladin, my heart races, whether it's him fighting to his hard time understanding feelings and such. To the thrill of him escaping, to his recapture back to his escape again. And that heart-pounding experience as he meets up with the adventures, to when they betray him. Your world feels so alive, I am in awe, and I cannot wait till this gets an anime. Thank you for all you do - sincerely a book fanatic. - Fallenking101 on Discord.

I just binged read from Prologue 1 in a period of 2 days. This right there has got to be one of the best stories I've read on HFY. Amazing writing with a captivating world and setting, relatable and "Human" characters, and a great conflict driving the story. I need to see how it ends, and I hope the end is far away. - Choice_Safe471 on Reddit.

I've done exactly what Choice_Safe did, binged it hard. I gotta say, bro, I was a sobbing mess last night reading volume 1. I let myself get immersed, and I was completely pummelled by that last chapter. You've got another big fan! - Ronin-Vs-World on Reddit.

I love your story a lot, and I love the effort you put into it to make each chapter long enough to take some time to think about what's going on. You've got an awesome twist on the normal idea of a reincarnation fantasy with the MC being a lot more serious than some other all-powerful godlike idiot of an MC. Yours has got to be one of the best I've read so far. - bengordo on Royal Road.

Found it on the rising stars. I truly enjoy the crisis the MC went through. The world of discovery and the stress keeps me reading till late in the night. Thanks for sharing your story. - Germain on Royal Road.

Lots of stories have a good premise and not a good execution. You have found a way to tell this story so well and the ideas behind it are so good. I can't get enough. Keep up the good work! - Anonymous Ko-Fi Donator

Love this series I would gladly buy this if you ever decide to have it published. - Anonymous Google Poll Responder


Story Accolades-

Top 500 Story 

Top 20 Rising Star Fiction November and December 2021

Royal Road Writathon October 2021 Winner

Royal Road Writathon April 2022 Winner


Volume 1 ✔ 100K+ Words

Volume 2 ✔ 90k+ Words

Volume 3 ✔ 120k+ Words

Volume 4 ✔ 89k+ Words

Volume 5 ✔ 159K+ Words

Volume 6 In-progress

Average 3-4k+ words per chapter.


Things to Expect From My Story-

This is a reincarnation fantasy first and foremost. There are elements of soft-Sci-Fi but Sci-Fi is not the primary genre. 

This is a progression story. It starts from before reincarnation, then to his eventual rebirth, and will hopefully follow his life as he continues to change and grow. 

This story focuses on the rebirth of the MC and his new life in a new world. Although there is combat and adventure, this story is mainly about the MC's personal growth/withering as a person. It is about the connections he forms with the people in this new world, for better or worse.

This is not a power fantasy nor a military/mil-sim story. Although the MC was a powerful soldier in his previous life that is no longer the case considering the circumstances of his reincarnation. However, this does not mean the MC is weak nor has he forgotten about his past life. He will become stronger in a "realistic way" through time, training, and overcoming obstacles. 

This is the story of a former soldier who was used as a tool by his species. He is attempting to live a new "normal" life on his terms. The MC openly rejects his previous life as he strives to be a better version of himself. However, the world has different plans.


Hello and welcome to my story, this is my first attempt at a fiction so feel free to leave suggestions/comments if you see anything. Thanks for clicking on my story and I hope you give it a try.

I post every Monday morning PST as well as every other Thursday morning PST. (Thursday mornings are on hiatus due to school.)

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You can also find me on Reddit at the HFY subreddit. 

The artwork was done by blacklapiz on Fiverr.

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Table of Contents
141 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue.1 ago
Prologue. 2 ago
Prologue.3 ago
Prologue. 4 ago
Ch. 1- Unfamiliar Faces in Unfamiliar Places. ago
Ch.2- Magic Really is Dangerous. ago
Ch.3- Lessons to Be Learned ago
Ch.4- Family and a Promise. ago
Ch.5- Reconciliation. ago
Ch.6- An Arctic Fox in the Jungle ago
Ch.7- A New Friend. ago
Ch.8- First Day of School. ago
Ch.9- The Future Runesmith. ago
Ch.10- Magic Sparring. ago
Ch.11- A Friend in Need? ago
Ch.12- A Promise Kept and a Promise Made. ago
Ch.13- Father and Son Bonding ago
Ch.14- Good Things Come in Pairs. ago
Ch. 15- Coming Down With the Sickness ago
Ch.16- Lingering Hopes ago
Ch.17- Hunting Trip ago
Ch.18- Mother Knows Best. ago
Ch.19- Digging Up the Dead ago
Ch.20- Epilogue ago
Vol.1 Side Story- Book of Alanis ago
Vol.2 Ch. 21- Worst Case Scenario ago
Vol.2 Ch.22- Now or Never. ago
Vol.2 Ch.23- A Helping Hand. ago
Vol.2 Ch.24- The Plan. ago
Vol.2 Ch.25- Dwarf Meets Dark Elf. ago
Vol.2- Ch.26- Breaking Bread. ago
Vol.2 Ch.27- Departure and a Promise. ago
Vol.2 Ch.28- An Unlikely Encounter. ago
Vol.2 Ch.29- The Prison and the Panther. ago
Vol.2 Ch.30- Princess of the Prison. ago
Vol.2 Ch.31- The Witches of the Prison. ago
Vol.2 Ch.32- The Tunnel of Broken Dreams and the Warden's Seal of Approval. ago
Vol.2 Ch.33- Market Day. ago
Vol.2 Ch.34- The War God and the Prince. ago
Vol.2 Ch.35- The Vice-Prince and the Prison's School. ago
Vol.2 Ch.36- The Library. ago
Vol.2 Ch.37- An Opportunity Arises. ago
Vol.2 Ch.38- Operation Sandervile. Act.1 ago
Vol.2 Ch.39- Operation Sandervile. Act.2 ago
Vol.2 Ch.40- Epilogue. ago
Vol.3 Ch.41- Onwards. ago
Vol.3 Ch.42- An Adventurer is Born. ago
Vol.3 Ch.43- A Lurker Lurking. ago
Vol.3 Ch.44- Traveling. ago
Vol.3 Ch.45- A New Job. ago
Vol.3 Ch.46- A New Job Requires Some New Magic. ago
Vol.3 Ch.47- Final Preparations. ago
Vol.3 Ch.48- The Hunt Begins. ago
Vol.3 Ch.49- The Hunters Become The Hunted. ago
Vol.3 Ch.50- The Unexpected. ago
Vol.3 Ch.51- Respite. ago
Vol.3 Ch.52- The Stars and The Moons. ago
Update. ago
Vol.3 Ch.53- Into The Dungeon. ago
Vol.3 Ch.54- Out Of The Dungeon and Into The Abyss. ago
Vol.3 Ch.55- Abyssal Dreams. ago
Vol.3 Ch.56- Wandering In The Abyss. ago
Vol.3 Ch.57- The Walls Come Crumbling Down. ago
Vol.3 Ch.58-The First Steps. ago
Vol.3 Ch.59- What Lurks Below? ago
Vol.3 Ch.60- The Withered Forest. ago
Vol.3 Ch.61- Abomination Removal Squad. ago
Vol.3 Ch.62- Abyssal Memories. ago
Vol.3 Ch.63-The Gates Of The Abyss. ago
Vol.3 Ch.64-The Guardians Of The Abyss. ago
Vol.3 Ch.65-The Surface. ago
Vol.3 Ch.66-Epilogue ago
Vol.4 Ch.67-New Me. New Problems. ago
Vol.4 Ch.68-Things Just Keep Adding Up. ago
Vol.4 Ch.69-The Fortress City. ago
Vol.4 Ch.70-Negotiations. ago
Vol.4 Ch.71- A Surprise To Be Sure. ago
Vol.4 Ch.72- The Ranch. ago
Vol.4 Ch.73- An Underwhelming Threat. ago
Vol.4 Ch.74- Slow Days and a Gift Prepared. ago
Vol.4 Ch.75- A Bout and A Gift. ago
Vol.4 Ch.76- A Knife in The Dark Often Misses. ago
Vol.4 Ch.77- Farewell. ago
Vol.4 Ch.78- The Iron Road. ago
Vol.4 Ch.79- A Quenching Night. ago
Vol.4 Ch.80- The Iron Tube. ago
Vol.4 Ch.81- The Iron Grip. ago
Vol.4 Ch.82- The Other Side. ago
Vol.4 Ch.83- When in Rome. ago
Vol.4 Ch.84- A Lazy Day. ago
Vol.4 Ch.85- Forward University. ago
Vol.4 Ch.86- Epilogue. ago
Vol.5 Ch.87- The Decision. ago
Vol.5 Ch.88- Third First Day of School. ago
Vol.5 Ch.89- The Arena. ago
Vol.5 Ch.90- The Retired War God. ago
Vol.5 Ch.91- A Test. ago
Vol.5 Ch.92- The Princess's Request. ago
Vol.5 Ch.93- Training Day. ago
Vol.5 Ch.94- The Invisible Elf. ago
Vol.5 Ch.95- The Alchemist. ago
Vol.5 Ch.96- The Princesses' Problems. ago
Vol.5 Ch.97- I'm Not A Stalker. I Swear. ago
Vol.5 Ch.98- A Morning With Bowen. ago
Vol.5 Ch.99- A Game of Sorts. ago
Vol.5 Ch.100- Amoth, The Past, and a Favor. ago
Vol.5 Ch.101- Real Stalkers are a Real Problem. ago
Vol.5 Ch.102- Quarrel. ago
Vol.5 Ch.103- What Were those Odds Again, Old Friend? ago
Vol.5 Ch.104- The Girl. ago
Vol.5 Ch.105- Some Food For Thought. ago
Vol.5 Ch.106- A Little Bit of Shopping But With a Surprise. ago
Vol.5 Ch.107- Decisions. ago
Vol.5 Ch.108- Festivals Are Supposed To Be Fun...Right? ago
Vol.5 Ch.109- Detective Kaladin on the Case. ago
Vol.5 Ch.110-An Adjustment. ago
Vol.5 Ch.111- Chaos. ago
Vol.5 Ch.112- The Empress and Child of Chaos. ago
Vol.5 Ch.113- Epilogue. ago
Vol.5 SS- Baker Meets Commando. ago
Vol.5 SS- A Normal Adventure. ago
Vol.6 Ch.114- The Ceremony. ago
Vol.6 Ch.115- So It Begins. ago
Vol.6 Ch.116-A Dragonslayer is Knighted. ago
Vol.6 Ch.117- An Ill Advised Toast. ago
Vol.6 Ch.118-Nocturnal Admissions. ago
Vol.6 Ch.119-The Morning After. ago
Vol.6 Ch.120-A Day With Family. ago
Vol.6 Ch.121-Visitation. ago
Vol.6 Ch.122-Compromise? ago
Vol.6 Ch.123-A Wish Fulfilled. ago
Vol.6 Ch.124-Reunion. ago
Vol.6 Ch.125-Assembled. ago
Vol.6 Ch.126-The Shadowheart Report. ago
Vol.6 Ch.127- Dissenting Opinions. ago
Vol.6 Ch.128- The Elf And The Fox. ago
Vol.6 Ch.129- Just A Jog. ago
Vol.6 Ch.130- A Day With The Boys. ago
Vol.6 Ch.131- Haywire. ago
Vol.6 Ch.132- I Am Who I Am. ago
Vol.6 Ch.133- Rest And Relaxation. ago

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Never have I read a story on RoyalRoad that feels as close to a light novel as this one. The dense MC, edgy background, bizarre arcs, harem vibes, sporadically deep world building, seemingly random plot points or arcs, and more make me feel like I am reading a Japanese light novel that was written in English rather than translated. This is no surprise as the author has referenced Japanese media in the notes at various points.

I quite enjoy it and the good points out weigh the bad. If you like light novels, then read this, otherwise skip.

Also there are a LOT of ongoing side plot points that disappear for 10+ chapters only to be briefly expanded on before disappearing for another 10. I'm looking at you green crystal >_>

Mr Bear

I can't rightly say I am good at writing reviews, however what I can I say is that I have read a veritable f*ck ton of books on RR and this is heads and shoulder above most. 

See below my take on the MC and story.

The key aspects that makes the story worthwhile is character development with an engaging story that doesn't shovel or force the narrative direction, this is key to building a story and works with integrity. Fiction is inherently a lie but if you lie to creat fiction you always see the cracks. 

Character - 

Something to consider is that you are effectively taking a biomechanical machine wih knowledge and transplanting it into a child.

I think people may have missed the point slightly since having read some comments, in that until the MC had access to emotional cognitive functions he effectively just processing input. The MC then grows up with all the knowledge and trauma alongside trying to deal with it all.

Fuethermore I feel that we need to understand this gives the MC an advantage but very limited and mostly only focused towards giving the MC some key skills and the ability to enter a mindset focused on "war".

Spoiler alert! Another point to consider is that by the point the MC escapes and finally get the opportunity to grow and relax in the school,  to a point, he starts to regress a little in that he's becoming more in touch with his emotions and therefore trying to develop interpersonal skills in place of being cold and straightforward but the people he's interacting with are adolescents. It appears as though the character is regressing but in reality the character is still developing through formative years.

At first it detracted from the straight forward no nonsense MC that I grew to enjoy but after considering where the MC started and has now come to it shows a level of progression and forethought to character development I have rarely seen.

Hoopefully some of you read this for what's it's meant to be, an insight in my opinion on a well developed MC where the interactions, conversations and story all come together to form something greater than there constitutant parts 

Enjoy the story as I know I do 


This is a very difficult to review story.  By the end of volume 1, I was ready to put the story down and write a less than flattering review. But, I decided to read the first and last chapters of the remaining volumes to get a sense of where the story was going.  Next thing I knew, I had skipped volume 2, and then read from volume 3 until I caught up to the story. And... I enjoyed myself. So you can imagine my confusion here. 

The overall impression is something like Supreme Magus or The Beginning After the End or Forgotten Conqueror just more poorly executed. This is particular so with the prologue and volume 1, but as noted above, volumes 3-5 are much better. 

The very premise (i.e., the prologue and how it forms the background for the protagonist) is heavily saturated by a Rule of Cool: It's an odd combination of Halo and edgelord culture, and "oh emotions!" (which by itself is a bit frustrating because that's not how emotions work). For that matter, there's all kinds of stuff in the prologue that just seems like nonsense to the point that I'd suggest skipping the prologue, especially in light of the below.

That said, other than the prologue, the story doesn't even deliver on the premise that is promised to us. If I started reading from chapter 1 without reading the prologue, the story comes across as a basic reincarnation story with a precocious child with poor social skills.  In part this is because the background as a super-soldier doesn't seem very well thought out.  But the bigger issue is that what ends up translating over in terms of personality, skills, etc. because of the reincarnation is very uneven. I mean, sure he's got a new body, so the physical stuff wouldn't carry, but I'd expect more of the tactical and strategic skills to carry over. But given that he had no social or emotional skills in the prologue, and the fantasy world has a completely different weapon loadout, mentally he's mostly a blank slate of a reincarnation character. Further, I should point out that reincarnation characters usually have advantages because of their reincarnation; for the protagonist here, he has few of those, but (surprisingly) he has a lot of advantages due to the circumstances of his birth (his parents, his biology, his bloodline, his mentor, etc.).  The story really has nothing to do with HFY or Deathworld Commandos, with relatively minimal reincarnation-related issues. Heck, he reincarnates as an elf, which I just can't reconcile with HFY. While I can relate to a precocious child with poor social skills, that doesn't mean he's a good character.

Finally, part of the premise is that he was a supersoldier last life, and now he just wants to live a normal life. The tragic part is that

he basically ends up being a super-warrior/mage. Sure, it's not because he was instructed to do so and used as a killing weapon against others, but he was still forced to in order to survive and protect what he values.

Grammar is fine except for the random capitalization of words that are not proper nouns. Ugh.

Style is a bit sloppy. There's a fair bit of introspection by the protagonist but it's just not well-presented.  Additionally, at least every other chapter, if not more frequent, there's just some sentence that makes me go, "huh?" because it's awkward or says something weird. 

As to other side characters, there is definitely a habit of them being pushed out of the protagonist's life. 

In volume 1, there's a female side character who's not a romantic partner, though it does seem like the parents are pushing them together, and it's later revealed that his parents tricked him into proposing marriage to her when he was 7 (?!!?). In any event, the volume ends with his village being attacked and, while it's ambiguous (and even that might just be a retcon), the protagonist either kills this female side character by pushing her off a cliff so she doesn't have to suffer through the bad guys or he saves her by pushing her off a cliff. Now you're going to be okay with that or you're going to think that's fucked up on several different levels. EDIT: we get confirmation on chapter 124 that she survived. 

No, really, a few volumes later, the protagonist seemingly puts a greater importance on his promise to his father not to cut his hair vs. I don't know, pushing his best friend to her death.

I didn't read volume 2 as mentioned (and probably won't), but from context it seems like a miserable slavery arc with every character he meets in that volume leaving by the end of the volume. Additionally, the first chapter of volume 3 is an extended internal monologue by the protagonist explaining what happened in the last several chapters of volume 2; while I didn't read volume 2, the way the monologue is presented implies that the readers were so confused by it that an exposition dump was needed to explain the weirdness. 

Volume 3, he picks up a new female side character and they stay together though volume 5 at least. There's also Japanese-style awkward teenage romance (with a little tsundere) between them, which you either love or hate, and it's a slow burn so don't expect an romantic relationship to actually develop.

That said, volumes 3-5 are pretty good. It's your basic secret-identity overpowered adventurer in a fantasy world arc, plus the beginning of a magic school arc. There are two bits that irk me though. First, the pacing is stupidly fast. It's like one mission-->guild rankup. Second, 

one of the big points is that he disguises his identity as an adventurer in order to avoid the slavers from volume 2, who put a bounty on him. Volume 3 goes out of its way to explain on several occasions why his disguise is nearly foolproof. He separates from his team in volume 3, and when he meets back up with them in volume 4 (to their surprise, because they thought he had died in a dungeon), they for some reason that makes no sense in context figure out that he's the one with the bounty and then betray him for the bounty based on a plan they could not have had the time to come up with and agree to given that they thought he had died. 

Course after that, it's left and right people figuring out he's the one with the bounty on his head. None of which make sense, except for the one time when he reveals his earth magic and then maybe there could be a suspicion, but not certainty. 


Jacora Sa'a'cora

Well written story that reminds me of some of the ones I loved when I was a young man.

The pacing is spot on even if a few chapters seem a little rushed. The Author has stated that he intends to flesh them out before he has it published.

I personally like how the MC develops, considering Kal is born with all of Kronos' memories.


I lost sleep binging this. Totally worth it

Reviewed at: Vol.6 Ch.114- The Ceremony.

Grammar is great even tho there are some minor errors here and there, character wise is also great, Its a journey a fun one I suppose although sometimes the pacing can be a bit too fast, the pacing sometikes caught me off guard and sometimes a bit shell-shocked. But overall great story. 


Holy mother of character building

Reviewed at: Vol.5 Ch.113- Epilogue.

Full disclosure, this review is coming from someone who is is a longtime lurker, so I may not articulate my feelings as well as I would like to.

Which is unfortunate, because this deserves to be done justice. 


Admittedly, (At first, of course) I had avoided this story because I had seen several similar titles around the web that all blended together to me into a big ball of cheesy lines and self insert powertrips. And I was so very, very wrong. 

The author manages to check all the boxes for me, so I can't rightly say how it will match up for anybody else, but I can point out a few of the things that struck well.

The interactions and conversations between the characters is nothing short of masterful. Every character is complex; stable enough to be understood with rational ideas and legitimate reasons to believe or act on them, packed full of personalities fluid enough to feel alive

I never once felt forced to read a chapter. Wonderful pacing, every release feels important. Never had that 'I have to read this part in case it's important later' feeling. And this story weaves such a wonderful web of heartfelt moments, tribulations, tragedy, and growth, culminating into moments that had me genuinely cheering and laughing with those in print. I can't wait to see where the story goes from here.


There is so much more that I can say, but I really would recommend looking at the other reviews and seeing what better wordsmiths than I have to say here.

If you do take anything from this, let it be the assumption I made right at the top of this review. Read this and see for yourself! 



     This is probably the longest series I've read, as well as my second favorite out of around two hundred series.(Paolini is stiff competition)

      The story always mantains a good pace, with every chapter moving the story along, while also usually refraining from using harsh cliffhangers.

     Every character is thought out and purposeful, and nearly all are fleshed out.

Highly recommended to any who enjoy darker fantasy stories.


Isekai Done Right!

Reviewed at: Prologue.1

I thoroughly enjoy the world that RangerFrank has created in this story! Many Isekai, or New World stores, I've read as of late feel rather contrived, but that's certainly not the case here!

Style: Seeing the story unfold through multiple character's point of view, even the occasional villain, keeps the story interesting. By telling the story from multiple points of view, and not through an omniscient narrator, many of the characters are made more relatable. 

Story: An overpowered main character, with almost nonexistent social skills definitely makes for an interesting story. Rarely does it feel like too much focus is put on action sequences, instead they serve to advance the story, and our hero's progression. 

Grammar: Seldom does the writing get in the way of the story. That said, I'm one of those people, and have spotted a few misspelled or misused words. However grammar errors are fairly infrequent, and often corrected when noticed. 

Characters: Terrifying and overpowered main characters are hard to do right, and often feel like an author's power fantasy. That said, I've never got that feeling here. Having a main character that takes the best parts of Master Chief, Doom Guy, and John Wick, then promptly turning all that on it's head, and keeping it from feeling like a mess takes skill. Seeing the main character go from super-soldier to baby to awkward teenager has been an enjoyable ride. And all of that is just the main character, I'd probably pass the character limit for reviews if I started into dueteragonists and side characters!

Now, all praise aside, who is Avasta, and what happened to Cerila?! I must know!


Been following this story religiously from the start and I'd have to say this is one of my all time favourite stories. Amazing job Ranger keep up it! And to every else else READ IT. Since I'm not at 50 words I'll briefly describe the weather: sunny today, clear sky's and a balmy 25c :P


It feels real. The characters, especially the main ones, feel like they should after what they experienced. The story feels dynamic, if slow at some times, but never not interesting. The worldbuilding is also pretty good. The story keeps me on edge and I can never wait for what comes next.