My Clone in an Another World

My Clone in an Another World

by Akten Dreams

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A Soul wants to expand its presence outside its local world (Earth) and after many trials, it finally succeeded. 

Now the clone finds itself in a new world with new rules, but luckily its origin didn't leave it totally helpless and left a Starter package for it.


I have a path where I want the story to go but nothing is truly decided. But it turns out it became a slow-burner for now.

If I was able to still hook you to the story, do visit my Patreon site for some support.

 [Participatant in the Royal Road Writathon April 2022 challenge] 

 [Participated in the Royal Road Writathon November 2021 challenge] 

Cover art is temporary as I found it online as free art. To my knowledge I have not stolen it, or anything like that. 

Don't have much but here is my Discord link.

Note; Have edited the First Arc and the Second Arc, which are up to chapter 32, to update some terminologies, plug a few holes, and give it some quality of life buffs.

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Akten Dreams

Akten Dreams

Ak-Ten Dreams

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Table of Contents
39 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - We meet again, Truck-kun? ago
Chapter 1 - Arc 1 - Chaos Flow ago
Chapter 2 - Arc 1 - Clone? ago
Chapter 3 - Arc 1 - Waking Up ago
Chapter 4 - Arc 1 - Bad Start? ago
Chapter 5 - Arc 1 - How to teach oneself? ago
Chapter 6 - Arc 1 - Powers that be? ago
Chapter 7 - Arc 1 - Tea and cookies ago
Chapter 8 - Arc 1 - Chance? ago
Chapter 9 - Arc 1 - Of course, I could not cheat my way up? ago
Chapter 10 - Arc 1 - My first Ability? ago
Chapter 11 - Arc 1 - Still Vanilla? ago
Chapter 12 - Arc 1 - I did well there, I think? ago
Chapter 13 - Arc 1 - Your original is a madman? ago
Chapter 14 - Arc 1 - FUCK, I did it again? ago
Chapter 15 - Arc 1 - Power of Friendship? ago
Chapter 16 - Arc 1 - Epilogue - Hook, line and sinker? ago
Chapter 17 - Arc 2 - Nothing beats it, NOTHING? ago
Chapter 18 - Arc 2 - Jade Fist? ago
Chapter 19 - Arc 2 - I love it when I can cheat? ago
Chapter 20 - Arc 2 - Cough. Hello, daughter? ago
Chapter 21 - Arc 2 - Haha. I want to enable her Cheats? ago
Chapter 22 - Arc 2 - Bear's Grip? ago
Chapter 23 - Arc 2 - I refuse to be? ago
Chapter 24 - Arc 2 - Minus the Mojo? ago
Chapter 25 - Arc 2 - Muda Muda Muda? ago
Chapter 26 - Arc 2 - Not a midget, but not far from it? ago
Chapter 27 - Arc 2 - When the priest came, I felt it? ago
Chapter 28 - Arc 2 - Demand your Death? ago
Chapter 29 - Arc 2 - Dreams within Dreams, Baby? ago
Chapter 30 - Arc 2 - I have learned my lesson? ago
Chapter 31 - Arc 2 - Ugh, because it is a stupid thing to do? ago
Chapter 32 - Arc 2 - Epilogue - Damn you, Jiao, this ignorance is too much? ago
Chapter 33 - Arc 2 - Interlude - A Servants Dilema? ago
Chapter 34 - Arc 2 - Interlude - A Servant Discovers? ago
Chapter 35 - Arc 2 - Interlude - A Servant Matures? ago
Notice, Break, Editing, Patreon, New Story? ago
Chapter 36 - Look, a wild Older Sister appeared? ago
Chapter 37 - Arc 3 - Which rules have you chosen to ignore? ago

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I don't usually write reviews but i find it strange that such great story with an interesting and unique concept doesn't have a single review. 

As i said the concept is something that i have never encountered on this site and it indicates a creative mind. The idea that the mc reincarnates himself by his own power using a clone is ingenious. 

Further more the power system is detailed and well thought out and quite different from other things that i have seen. 

The characters reasoning is logical and are well thought out 

Author: continue being awesome don't let the lack of response stop you or let the trolls and bad reviews affect they are somethig that every content creator must face especially on internet where they can hide behind their screen. 

Some might say i am overeating but it's because many content creators stop because of lack of response or negative reviews so i always try to support peoople whose content i like or i find entertaining. 

Continue being you. 

If nothing else can be said i can confidently say that i love your story. 

I hope you can provide us with more awsome content. 

Thanks for your effort


Pickle Hurlant

What a wonderful slow-pacing tale, even if Xianxia and Isekai are completely out of my range. Fortunately, I was hooked by the sci-fi introduction.

As stated in the previous reviews, the characters really shine and implied a lot of work. Every one of them is marvelously described and introduced. They breathe life, thanks to the wonderful prose and clever world-building. They interact with each other for the sake of the story, without pushing a plot. They are slow to develop, but it remains entertaining enough for me to want to learn more. You jump from concept to concept, without being lost which will pleased the Portal enjoyers.

Despite the curious switch between first and third person and some grammatical mistakes, the story remains easy to read and very enjoyable.


This story does pretty well, for being a new author's first go at things. It is, however, decidedly average in all aspects. The good kind of average, but still. It's an isekai into a cultivation world that build on things that have come before it.

The story and characters are done best and show that this is, at its core, a good story. The dialogue is a little direct and the resulting interactions somewhat wooden, but the ideas are visible. 

The author is not a native speaker, which does show. There are a good amount of errors and... just wording and structure that wouldn't be used by someone having mastered the language. 

These issues go beyond language, even. The story is held back by convoluted scenes that lose themselves in explanations. There is no rhythm being built throughout and we get no clear sense of scenic progression.

This story has been called unique and I do not understand why. It does things in its own way, but it is the core concept of cultivation mixed with a couple of other things that have been done.

I do want to recommend this novel to you. You mustn't be expecting fast-moving happenings, though. 


A unique and entertaining novel

Reviewed at: Chapter 11 - Arc 1 - Still Vanilla?

The premise of this novel is amazing. It reminds me of one of the later arcs of 'I shall seal the heavens'. But it was one of my favorite arcs. So far, the story flows well and is interesting enough to be continued. I highly encourage you give this a read if youre a fan of Xianxia novels. 

Funny characters and dialouge. Nice cultivation system so far. I will certainly keep reading. Keep it up, author. Great work.

Daddy wants to Read

The Author is trying to estalbish himself and his ideas in a different way, his way.

There are kinks here and there, but for the effort and the guts to try something different, and for the simple reason that I have liked what I read, I will give the story the ovarall score of 5 stars.

Cant wait for the third arc. Hope it wont dissapoint.


Eastern mysticism, Magic, Slive of life, and more. With a premise that is not often explored "My clone in another world" is a new take on the Isekai genre that is well worth a read. 

The style of the story is a classical third-person perspective following the main character and various side characters around. 

The grammar is excellent, the sentence structure is good, and there is no "wall of text" to plow through.

The story itself is quite interesting, if a bit drawn out in certain sections, especially in the beginning, but that might just be a personal issue for me. Descriptions are long and detailed, pure candy for the picky reader, but sometimes... disheartening... for others (namely myself, but my opinion is based)

The character is quite interesting, a lot of inner monologuing going on here that helps develop our understanding of the character. Focus is moved to side characters when needed, giving them a chance to be fleshed out as characters and integrate them into the storyline. 


Overall, quite an enjoyable read once you get into it. Fair warning, it does require you to hang on for the first handful of chapters, but afterward, it's always exciting to press "Next chapter" 

Dreamer that I am

Story and Character are the best parts of the story, honestly. It has a few problems just like every other story, but they do not distract you too much from the real thing.

Style 4.5 Stars - The style is a bit interesting. The story is mainly written in the first-person PoV of the MC but it has times when 3ed PoV appears on the stage. What I have noticed is that when the 3ed PoV is used it's mostly when other characters are involved without the MC and only a few of them with the MC involved. My guess is that this way it is possible to flesh out side characters more. The chapters are fairly longer than normal on this site and sometimes they can feel a bit stretched too long, especially when something is explained. The only good grace as to why I have not given it a lower score is because almost all info dumps are disguised as a dialog between characters. 

Story 4.5 Stars - The story itself is unique. I don't think I have read anything like this before as the story was woven from quite a few ideas. Throughout the story I have seen how the author was trying to establish something uniquely him, I think. Due to that, there is quite a lot of stuff about concepts and mechanics involved. Now if it was just that, most people would not like the story, and would just dismiss it as info-dumpy, in a sense, but if they do they would miss the story itself which is very unique. On their own, both things would not stand but when combined with the characters involved in the story, it just kinda clicks with you and you want to read more. The only reason I have not given the story 5 stars is that it is a slow-burning story. 

Grammar 4.5 Stars - Now here is the worst part of the story. As you read you will easily notice that English ain't the writer's first language. While occasional typos appear, all stories have those. Here there are a few weird sentence structurings involved. My guess is the author wanted to make it look far more advance than it is. Overall, though it's not bad, just a bit weird from time to time. The good thing though is that it improves as the chapters pile up. If not for that I would have given it 4 stars.

Character 5 Stars - The characters of the story are the highlights. They are what keeps everything together and are the reason why the story deserves such a score. Every character is unique and every one of them has a sense of belonging to the world they are in. It is their interactions that make this slow-burning story the great story that it is. Without them, it would be much less... pleasing, in my opinion. 

I have said what I wanted to say. I hope that more readers will agree with me.


Blending both the traits of Isekai and Xianxia Light Novels, My Clone in Another World manages to distill the best of both genres. While the opening prologue is heavily influenced by sci-fi, once the adventure begins the story does a great job of subverting normal trends.

Story - A common trend in Isekai's is that the new "host" tries to pretend to still be the person they've possessed. Refreshingly, that's not observed here at all, the MC openly stating their another being. This leads to interesting questions, such as... What do you do with the person who stole your daughters body?

Style - The blend of Xianxia and Isekai lends itself well to a story of an overpowered MC, and it delivers quickly. Our protagonist quickly discovers a wealth of power to wield, and doesn't hesitate to use it.z

Grammar - At first, the grammar is a bit rough, but it quickly improves as you read. By the second chapter, most of the glaring issues had been resolved, outside of the occasional mistake. Thankfully, the paragraph spacing is concise and you still get a strong understanding of what's happening in the story.

Character - Definitely the highlight, the MC is certainly arrogant enough to be interesting, as well as quick to make quips. While s/he steals the show, the other characters introduced are fleshed out well, and make a proper impact on the story.

Overall, I'd recommend this story to anyone who loves both Xianxia and Isekai, anyone who loves an overpowered main character, or just anyone looking for a great story. An easy 4.5/5 from me!


Mindtrip cultivation with a splash of sci-fi

Reviewed at: Chapter 7 - Tea and cookies

My Clone in an Another World [sic] is an interesting take on cultivation stories. The story starts out slow and is a bit confusing at first, and I'm glad I powered through the first two chapters because it improves significantly after that point. First off, the prolog starts with a strange science fiction scenario of a godlike being intercepting our protagonist moments before death and sending him to a new world... and, shortly thereafter, he finds himself being reincarnated by an older, wiser, far more powerful version of himself and into the body of a recently-deceased girl. If this sounds a bit off-kilter, I can assure you it is. Akten Dreams also made the interesting choice of not having the protagonist pretend to be the original, but rather offer some vague semblance of the truth to the girl's family and guardians. Throughout the beginning of the story, there are frequent flashbacks to the protagonists original self interacting with him and, in effect, informing the reader about the nature of the world. Like I said, it's an interesting take. I'd break the story down as follows:

Overall 4: After a rough start (I'd skip the prolog altogether), the story picks up and, while the narrative is never easy and linear, a studious reader will enjoy an interesting tale with some novel takes on an often-pidgeonholed genre.

Style: The narrative style is fairly advanced, with multiple points of view, time shifts, and first and third person narratives - but the shifts are generally indicated in the text, so it's not too hard to follow along. Paragraphs are short, and for the most part the language is pretty simple.

Grammar: The technical grammar is pretty good, but the diction is all over the place. While the sentences generally make sense, they don't read like the writing of a native English speaker. This gets a bit better as things go on, but here's a particularly egregious example from the first chapter:
With a male cry and a mighty kick, the foot that belonged to the footsteps that just arrived kicked the boy in the guts and back into the lake.

Like I said - the technical grammar is there, but a good editor would completely rearrange the sentence.

Story: The story itself is pretty solid, probably the best bit (which is, obviously, important for stories and why I gave this a 4 average overall). The story considers points of view from multiple characters, develops some interesting ideas internally, and overall shows great creativity.

Character: The story is slow to start, and characters other than the protagonist are extremely slow to develop. The protagonist himself/herself (depending on the time of POV) starts out as fairly flat and only gradually acquires some semblance of a fully-realized character. At first, the protagonist is highly stereotypical while the protagonist's original self has a more fully-realized character, and only gradually does character develop. Not terrible, but could use some work in the early chapters.

Overall, My Clone is enjoyable, and I'd recommend giving it a try if you enjoy Chinese cultivation novels.


I nice tone and a funny MC!

Reviewed at: Chapter 2 - Clone?

I don’t read much wuxia or xianxia, but from the beginning I could really feel a strong far-eastern “Chinese” tone to this all, and I really enjoyed that a lot. In fact, it’s one of my favorite things about this. The MC is very powerful, godlike, even with his magical abilities, and since the story is in first person, I really get a good sense for his character. He’s funny, dismissive, and definitely very arrogant. I might even throw in “greedy.” He wants things, and he’s willing to do what he needs t get them. He’s both likeable and unlikable, but again, my favorite thing about this is the tone of the piece.

The grammar…

Well, it’s clear the author’s first language isn’t English. I didn’t find any typos, but maybe a few misspells, nothing much. The grammar though made the story difficult to understand at times. If that’s not an issue for you, definitely give this story a try, and if you like xianxia and wuxia, you’ll probably like this.

The MC is OP and funny, after all, what’s not to like? However, the story is interesting still because it’s not a straight up fantasy. It feels like a space opera fantasy, with intergalactic travel, and of course, large doses of magic all over the place. There was somewhat of a GameLit feel to it, but mostly a soft GameLit. The magic here is definitely mystical and mysterious, the way I like it!