RE: SYSTEM // SUMMONER - A Litrpg Apocalypse Redo

RE: SYSTEM // SUMMONER - A Litrpg Apocalypse Redo

by Aster Loka

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

The first time, Earth fell.

Not again.

The world ended slowly as dungeon creatures and demons fought to see who could annihilate humanity first. Mana-granted abilties and the powerful leveling system were not enough to save Earth.

At least not the first time.

Ten years ago, Levi Morrison is about to start his very first dungeon run... this time with all his memory of the dark and desperate future intact. Determined to save his family and make a difference, Levi will stop at nothing to obtain the power necessary.

No matter what he must become.

(Currently updates Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday)

This story will include:

-Delving dungeons! Fighting in dungeons! Looting dungeons!
-Leveling! Classes! Stats! Blue boxes!
-Catching monsters! Leveling monsters! Evolving monsters!
-Social awkwardness! Trauma!
-Power weapons! Power armor! Equipment upgrades!
-Did I mention DUNGEONS? Because there's lots of dungeons. :D

Will not include:

-Harem or smut
-Flawless logic and perfect recall
-Immediate high power levels or fast progression

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Aster Loka

Aster Loka

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Maybe I'm jaded from reading too many web novels but I'm not a fan of the gratutitous use of dungeon grinding. Barely anything has happened plot-wise so far because most of the word count has been spent on predictable dungeon crawling. Maybe it will open up later on but being so front loaded with grinding doesn't do the story any favors. 

Miss Corbyn

This is the very point of the one-man army trope that the MC is doing alone things that are suppose to be done by a whole party. I have yet to encounter a necromancer, summoner or monster tamer story that is not following that tropes.

According to say tropes, the MC is always weak at the start and doing that foolish do-or-die thing, challenging the world rules and common sense. Some novels are handling the tropes in a more clever way: adding temporary companions with wrong personalities (minor villains) or permanent useless companions (sidekicks) for comic relief or giving their MC something else to justify their "overpoweredness".

I think this story is not to be taken seriously. Not quite a parody but almost: the trope is used raw, the MC has as much personality and uniqueness as a log. It fuel my fire, driving off the cold and boredom but I don't expect anything grand from it. Easily read, easily forget.

As a result, my story score is low, but not absyssmal so. My character score should be inexistent. The MC is a non-descript back-in-time MC whose drive is to (1) save his family and (2) save the world. Grammar score and style are beyond any criticism coming from me. I'm not a native english speaker. I understood everything I read with ease and enjoy my time doing so.



This started off interesting and has declined since then. Most of the story has been spent in one dungeon or another and they aren't interesting enough for that to be a good thing. On top of that, the MC is incompetent and that's never fun. Been skimming the last few chapters hoping the MC would finish with the dungeon and the story could move on but nope.


Uninteresting Levels, Uniteresting Language

Reviewed at: (24) Lair of the Beasts, Part 2

Let's get the good stuff out of the way first, the grammer is fine, nothing really to stay there. I can't really recommend anything else.

The story is a neverending journey of slow, predictable dungeon grinding. I was skimming most of it by chapter 5 ish, and I didn't miss anything. The story itself revolves around the MC going through boring, low level dungeons again and again for minor stat (as in, really, really slow) and trash loot.

If you're just here for numbers go up, it's gonna take a long time. Your dopamine rush is going to be turned down to a trickle with the level up rate in this story, haha.

The story included some interesting dungeons early, but then the story leaves interesting encounters behind for more boring descriptions of stabbing level 1 monsters to death over and over.

I addition, there were some intersting story moments early on, where the MC is trying to cope with his trauma as a result of being a peggy sue, but that trauma only seems to manifest when it comes to not dealing with his wife (who he apparently loves), or anyone else in his life, so that he can continue ignoring them in favor of grinding.

That's what brings down the character score. The MC doesn't really have a character beyond generic litrpg determinator. If that suites you, it's not bad, but the MC is making overtures towards being a complex person, only those character traits don't seem to exist until the MC is out of the newest dungeon, and, as I said above, he's rarely out of a dungeon.

The MC has spent more time passed out in the back of ubers (on the way to the next dungeon) than he has thinking about his family, which he supposedly loves so much he's willing to do anything for. He doesn't even bother going home, despite the fact that dungeons are apparenly everywhere and he could just as easily grind those level ups with his family. It's all just reads like missed opportunity.

All of that comes together to make a story that sylistically is very bland, and doesn't do a good job of conveying the main character's emotions or actual mental state at all. I give it a pass.


An interesting system story

Reviewed at: 34 - First Threshold

Mc is made aware of the impending system apocalypse and uses his knowledge to level himself while everyone else is still ignorant of the new dangers. A common story idea I think, but this story doesn't fall into them trap of the Mc immediately becoming *uberstronk monsterkiller69* and instead creates interesting and reasonable challenges that he must overcome. Additionally, there are emotional challenges the Mc must overcome which hint at some interesting character interactions in the near future. 


Starts with the classic 'after years living the apocalypse Protag suddenly finds himself back in his younger body before it all started' trope... and does nothing with it. The apocalypse itself is largely ignored until it's suddenly relevant for a plot point. The whole thing is basically an excuse for the protag to not explore the world/system since he (supposedly) already knows it. It simply devolves into: go in dungeons alone kill mobs. Repeat.

No plan, no goal, not even vague objectives, not even trying to contact his future/past friends... nothing.


It is another returner story where the returned person seemed to regress into a noob. I can't understand why all of these stories claim they give the returnee the knowledge only to kneecap them and make them do stupid things. The closest thing IRL to a returner story is when they clean slated an MMORPG due to a server problem (can't remember the name). The result was the gamers who knew the system proceeded to speed blitz the first 3 raid bosses in a single day because they already knew the patterns, the cheese tactics, best class builds, the best grinding and drop locations. What was once a month's long slog turned into a 24-hour "event". Yet somehow these MC always seem to only be a small step ahead of the curve with others managing to keep up with them. This MC should be steamrolling the level 1 dungeon with an arm tied behind his back because if he can't make out goblins hiding in alcoves how the hell did he survive invisible opponents and the like? Just the combat experience engrained into his body should make killing creatures the author himself refers to as weak a trivial affair like a professional soldier vs a child.


The most common complaint about this story is the slow pacing and the endless dungeon grinding. Yeah, maybe the author went a little overboard in those aspects, but the story doesn't feel like it's going to stay here. The main character is MASSIVELY traumatized by the events leading up to the story's beginning and is currently avoiding everyone in his life so that he can better prepare for the coming apocalypse. Well... that and he just can't handle the emotions surrounding the sudden shift from world ending disaster back to modern human society. The author did a great job of capturing the psyche of someone with that kind of emotional whiplash.


It's a slow start, for sure, but this one is worth a chance if you've got the time to invest in it. I'll be keeping up with it and waiting for the day that the plot to get going in earnest. I think its setting up for something great.


I'm currently 23 chapters, which are all that are available at the time of this review. While I enjoy a good System Apocalypse litRPG, I'm normally not a fan of "back-to-start"/"change-history" stories. With that in mind, the fact that I am hovering on the edge of becoming a patreon supporter to get access to advance chapters should be an indication that this is a good serial. I have had no issues with the author's spelling/grammar/syntax, which is always appreciated. It is also nice to have blitz of chapters in the month since this serial started, even if I expect that pace to slacken a bit over time (I am reserving 0.5-1 star for a while until I am sure the author won't leave us hanging on definite hiatus).

I consider the logic of the main character to be believable, as well as the degree to which his decision-making is influenced by his emotional state upon finding himself given a second chance. It might be appropriate to have a paragraph devoted to the main character's thoughts on trying to warn the world versus focusing on preparing only those he cares about. I am not saying family-first is the wrong choice, just that the thought of a public warning should have crossed his mind, even if he immediately discards the idea for a given reason (e.g., focus on family, thinking he wouldn't be believed, etc.). While I agree with the author's decision to have the main character choose to grind hard from the start, I would like to see progression towards a more equal balance between dungeon-time and interpersonal time. I enjoy how the gremlins act and how the main character treats them, as it definitely adds flavor to the dungeon-time and allows readers a peak at his traumatic history. My final comment is a request that the author consider sprinkling in chapters from other points of view, as I really enjoy seeing what others think about our protagonist. Thanks for the story and keep it up!



The style is your standard LitRPG fare. Straightforward and nothing special of note.


LitRPG variant 1b: Dungeons are spawning on earth suddenly that herald the coming of disaster and our boi has suddenly awoken x years in the past just as it's starting. Again, I have noticed nothing special so far that would elevate this above any other story.

There is a character sheet and class/stat/skill gain, but so far progression in the LitRPG aspect has been extremely slow (like a class, ~2 skills, and ~3 stat points gained over 25 chapters slow). While that's not necessarily a negative if the focus was elsewhere, unfortunately the focus has been ENTIRELY on conquering dungeons and progressing in power so far. With it both being slow and the main focus, it really feels like there is little to no progression chapter-to-chapter. This has the potential to even out as the story progresses, but that has been my impression so far.


I noticed no mistakes nor any technical writing issues that took me out of the story.


I rate the MC 1 star. While he is not necessarily an unreasonable or unrealistic character, I just don't particularly like him. 

The MC is a warrior type before he gets sent back. He has apparently been fighting nearly constantly for 10 years, honing his physical prowess and mentality. He deals with the first few monsters after coming back adequately, but then trips up on the boss of the first dungeon a bit because he's not used to being in such a weak body. This is fine, makes sense. The problem is that he makes this exact same mistake three more times in quick sucession. He's impatient and impulsive like an instinctive fighter, but his reactions during battle just don't scream "efficient killer" to me. Oh, and he constantly gets bored waiting for his resources to regenerate so he just goes into fights randomly missing health or stamina. Even after noting to himself how stupid it was to do that the first time because everything is tougher than he's used to, he does it again.

As he's using a tamer class rather than his former standard warrior class, I could see him using new strengths to compensate going forward. Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to be a long time until he can stop using his old skills as his primary weapon since the only way to get summons is to physically subjugate things weaker than him. So anything he tames is by design going to be weak until he levels it, and as discussed previously the leveling is slow.

Finally, I don't like how he decides to just avoid all of the people in his life because he's scared to talk to them after all this time. Again, not unreasonable that he would be like this to to trauma, but I personally don't enjoy it.

His minions however are charismatic and adorable, 5/5. I feel like he should have leaned into this aspect more heavily earlier in the story.


A pretty standard LitRPG experience with an MC that I did not personally enjoy. That being said, it seems competently written and I could see others enjoying it more than I did.