The Mystifying Diviner

The Mystifying Diviner

by pewpewcachoo

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Content warning, there is cursing in the story and there will be some pretty heavy sexual innuendos in it also. I don’t really plan to write gore, but there will be fight scenes.

Fair warning to readers, it is a slow start. But hopefully it is enjoyable for you to read.

Follow the story of an old chef who was lucky to be selected to become a system host. Well maybe not so lucky, because gaining the system killed him. He will be given a system that might not be the best match for him. While also having to deal with a snarky system monitor who might not be that helpful most of the time. He will also use his new found powers to enjoy life in a new younger body.

What you can expect from this story is bad writing, poor grammar, and slow pacing maybe. Food, cooking, comedy, slice of life, fighting, exploring, tournaments, scamming and probably face slapping. I mean who doesn’t like a good face slapping? This is my take on a cultivation story, a lot of Eastern stuff will be crammed into with a mix of Western.

This story started as a goal for myself to write 60,000 words in a month for NaNoWriMo. I was able to do it even with taking days off and not writing. I plan to keep writing the story, but at a slightly slower pace. I am aiming for 2-3 chapters a week now with about 4-7k words written.

This is only posted on RoyalRoad currently, and I have no plans to change that for now.

Cover art is by Jack0fheart

[Participant in the 2021 Royal Road Writathon Challenge for the month of November 2021]

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Table of Contents
45 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
0000. Prologue ago
0001. It could be worse. ago
0002. So, you wanna be a cultivator? ago
0003. Every journey starts with a single step ago
0004. But i would walk 500 miles. ago
0005. Now this is Divining! ago
0006. The Blue Jewel ago
0007. Good tea ago
0008. Family issues. ago
0009. Power play ago
0010. A not so simple misunderstanding ago
0011. No shame ago
0012. Foodgasm ago
0013. A proposal of work ago
0014. Never go into debt ago
0015. Sometimes you just want to... ago
0016. Shopping is a pain. ago
0017. Working out in the morning is good for your body. ago
0018. Always show up early, to leave a good impression. ago
0019. Learning to cut, the first step on learning how to cook. ago
0020. Lunch is served ago
0021. Some times you just want to spend money. ago
0022. Sometimes you just can't make people happy. ago
0023. The power of the Dao ago
0024. The title is the last sentence of the chapter. ago
0025. Everyone can make a mistake. ago
0026. Food so good, you get kicked out. ago
0027. Make sure you hire proper help. ago
0028. Finding a use for your talent can be hard. ago
0029. You don't always get what you paid for. ago
0030. Qi training for dummies part 1 ago
0031. Qi training for dummies part 2 ago
0032. Qi training for dummies final ago
0033. A teacher for a day... ago
0034. Mom's in every realm of existence are the same. ago
0035. Sometimes you just have to bite the ball gag. ago
0036. No means no. ago
0037. Welcome to the wonderful world of cultivation! ago
0038. The world of cultivation sucks. ago
0039. Sometimes you just have to say a one liner. ago
0040. Just a simple test. ago
0041. Vulgar display of power ago
0042. The best plan isn't always the best. ago
0043. Rumors are abound. ago
I am a jerk, sorry. The story is dropped for now. New story is out now. ago

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This story starts slowly... but not for long  !

it seems to start slow for the grand duration of 3 chapters ! yeah .. and then it goes smoothly onto a trotting gait, not too fast, not too packed, but ... things happen !

PewPewCachoo manages to bring a story mixing some interesting genres together and for the moment it holds...

- reincarnated
- system
- xianxia

plus the mix-ups of an of-beat MC, wise due to his real mortal age, a unique profession, a grumpy system aid, a chat-group of commenters that give a larger vision of the global universe : are they "gods ? ultimate MC's ??? " 

anyway, the character is charming, engaging, and I'm hooked.

for the moment nothing grimer happened, so it's too early to guess if the tone will be casual, or grimer !

Please applaud the Author !


A great read so far, with interludes (rare so far) similar in style ot Cultivation Chat Group and equaly amusing.

While there isn't much detail on the setting so far there are plenty of hints to the sheer scale of what could be and I hope the author has the oportunity to explore that to some extent.

The characters are fairly well written, though I feel like they could use a little more depth and reactivity. They tend to go with the flow a little easilly at times.