Crests the Skies - A Story about a Dragon, amongst other things.

Crests the Skies - A Story about a Dragon, amongst other things.

by Nettles

A series of vignettes, all set in the same world. The main story focuses on Dragon, a dragon who delivers mail, and how he affects the lives of those he interacts with. Sometimes I veer off on tangents, and not all the stories are related.

A lot of this is me trying to get better at writing certain things. If you don't like the way one story is going, try checking out a different name!

No litrpg, no nobility, no long descriptions of war. LGBTQ+ themes, although it's not normally the main focus.

Cover art adapted from here

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon Challenge] (April) and CampNano, started for the November Writathon & Nanowrimo 2021. Continued for November 2022.

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Table of Contents
95 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Dragon ago
Chapter 2 - Wind (1) ago
Chapter 3 - Wind (2) ago
Chapter 4 - Brickwrath ago
Chapter 5 - Brickwrath and The Cat ago
Chaper 6 - Postmaster Summersun. ago
Chapter 7 - Ghosts. ago
Chapter 8 - Ghosts - Wordsound. ago
Chapter 9 - Ghosts come out at night. ago
Chapter 10 - Putting ghosts to rest. ago
Chapter 11 - Ghosts - Truedreams Big Night Out. ago
Chapter 12 - Crests the Skies on Wings of Soot ago
Chapter 12.5 - A Letter to Postmaster Summersun ago
Chapter 13 - Brickwrath Takes a Walk ago
Chapter 14 - Brickwrath 2 ago
Chapter 15 - Brickwrath 3 ago
Chapter 16 - Brickwrath 4 ago
Chapter 17 - Brickwrath 5 ago
Chapter 18 - Brickwrath 6 ago
Chapter 19 - Brickwrath 7 - Epilogue ago
Chaper 20 - Lightfingers ago
Chapter 21 - Twigseethe ago
Chapter 22 - Twigseethe - First Weeks ago
Chapter 23 - Twigseethe - First 2 Months ago
Chapter 24 - Twigseethe - Six Months ago
Chapter 25 - Singingmind ago
Chapter 26 - Frogsplash and Lillypad. ago
Chapter 27 - Dreamspears and the Circus ago
Chapter 28 - Dreamspears 2 ago
Chapter 29 - Dreamspears 3 (Rosesweet) ago
Chapter 29.1 - Dreamspears and the Goat ago
Chapter 29.2 - Dreamspears and Brightfeather ago
Chapter 29.3 Dreamspears and The Dragon ago
Chapter 29.4 - Dreamspears Loses a Goat ago
Chapter 30 - Lampfire ago
Chapter 31 - Interlude ago
Chapter 32 - Dragon ago
Chapter 33 - Truedream ago
Chapter 34 - Funerals ago
Chapter 35 - Pepper. ago
Chapter 36 - Rice ago
Chapter 37 - Dragon ago
Chapter 38 - Brickwrath and the Dragon ago
Chapter 39 - Pearls and Rice. ago
Chapter 40 - Dragon ago
Chapter 41 - Dragon (Cities) ago
Chapter 42 - Brightfeather & Moorheather ago
Chapter 43 - Greensleeves ago
Chapter 42 - Greensleeves 2 ago
Chapter 43 - Greensleeves 3 ago
Chapter 44 - Southshore ago
Chapter 45 - Brightfeather 2 ago
Chapter 46 - Dawnfire's Bad Day ago
Chapter 49 - Seabound. ago
Chapter 50 - Dragon ago
Chapter 51 - Health & Pearl ago
Chapter 52 - Rattleglass ago
Chapter 53 - Rattleglass 2 ago
Chapter 54 - Health & Pearl 2 ago
Chapter 55 - Rattleglass 3 ago
Chapter 56 - Harvest ago
Chapter 57 - Rattleglass 4 ago
Chapter 58 - Dawnfire 2 ago
Chapter 59 - Glowshine ago
Chapter 60 - Littleshy ago
Chapter 61 - Littleshy 2 ago
Chapter 61.5 - Dragons ago
Chapter 62 - Dragon ago
Not a chapter, just a kindle version! ago
Book Two - Chapter One - Feathers (63) ago
Chapter Two (64) - Whistlecork ago
Chapter Three (65): Health, Pearl and Southshore ago
Chapter Four (66): Dreams of Dragons ago
Chapter Five (67): Windwashes ago
Chapter Six (68): Sweetkin ago
Chapter Seven (69): Littleshy ago
Chapter Eight (70): Glassyseas ago
Chapter Nine (71): LittleDragon ago
Chapter Ten (72): Walking. ago
Chapter Eleven (73): Moorheather & Brightfeather Go for a Walk ago
Chapter Twelve (74): Walking ago
Chapter Thirteen (75): Court ago
Chapter Fourteen (76): Whistlecork ago
Chapter Fifteen (77) - Littleshy ago
Chapter Sixteen (78) - Whistlecork 4 ago
Chapter Seventeen (79) - Willowrose ago
Chapter Eighteen (80) - Willowrose 2 ago
Chapter Nineteen (81) - Whistlecork 5 ago
Chapter Twenty (82) - Dragon ago
Chapter Twentyone (83) - Littleshy ago
Chapter Twentytwo (84) - Breathesharp ago
Chapter Twentythree (85) - Sunswims ago
Chapter Twentyfour (86) Windwashes ago
Chapter Twentyfive (87) - Health & Pearl ago
Chapter Twentysix (88) - Rat ago

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I started reading this thinking that it was a series of one shot stories set in the same word (and was not expecting to enjoy it that much). What I got was a series of interwoven episodes following different characters, many of which are introduced in the background of previous chapters which kept me interested and engaged.

It is exceptionally well written, it has a unique magic system and an interesting mix of high and low technology. Many of the stories are from the point of view of the lower eachelons of society, they portray peoples struggles and simple joys at things we would see as everyday.

There are a few chapters that I didn't quite gel with the protagonist but far more that I enjoyed and wanted more. 

I haven't gotten to the end yet, I do keep expecting everything to suddenly marry up and make sense but I think these are in fact disparate stories which are simply linked by circumstance.

The only thing I noticed that grates at my sensibilities is that the rain must be highly acidic, everything is rotted or pitted by rain in days or weeks, even oilskins!


It is rare to find a story so flawless. I am speechless.

Crests the Skies is a marvelous series of stories, loosely tied together by the world they are set in and the Dragon who delivers the mail. Each plot lasts from one chapter to upwards of 6; easy, readable bites of high fantasy with touches of an industrial revolution.

The characters have all so far been immediately likeable. Within the first 500 words of each new arc you will be rooting for the underdog, laughing at the pompous fool, begging for the heroes to survive the unsurvivable, and empathising with the totally non-human in multiple forms.

The world, one of the author's own invention, is never truly introduced to the reader. To be clear, I find this a positive thing. We are drip-fed information over the course of each story, carefully and gently, allowing the reader to immerse themselves at their own speed, not by digging through massive textblocks or incomprehensible expositional dialogue. If you want to imagine that this is all taking place on an alternate Earth, you probably could; if, however, you want to go exploring for the hints of fantastical otherworldliness, you will find them. Oh, you will find them aplenty.

The writing is smooth, and shifts from narrator to narrator with clarity. Even switching from a grizzled veteran to a four-year-old orphan, the narrative style remains consistent, while still having clear tonal and expressive characteristics that differentiate each from the next.

Released at the rate it is, one can expect some minor editing issues, but no grammar or spelling mistakes so far. That the author is able to pump out so much content, each arc so unique, within the limited timeframe they impose on themselves, is a testament to their creativity, organisational skills, and devotion to their art.

I find myself wishing, like a kid being read a bedtime story, for "just one more page!" of each arc, but the nature of the story forbids that, sadly, and the tale must move on to the next episode. I risk never reading anything else ever again if I keep reading this - and, frankly, that wouldn't be so bad after all.


A nice tapestry of interwoven narratives.

Reviewed at: Chapter 12 - Brickwrath Takes a Walk

I will preface this review with two things:
1) This was a review swap.
2) I really like short stories set in the same universe like, a lot.

I started reading this as part of a review swap and boy am I glad that I did. There is something really nice and satisfying about an author who knows how to weave stories. 

Each chapter is a breeze to read through, and Nettles have a really evocative and fun way of writing. There are a lot of little things that I enjoy about the writing and the way it flows, but the chief one is the way thoughts and little bits of everyday worldbuilding are presented as we learn what various characters are thinking.  There is an early part, in the chapter about a person named Wind, that really spoke to me. The way he thinks about colors is very telling about the person himself, and his need and desire for a particular crayon that had landed him in trouble.

The stories are full of these little human touches such as these, about how people go through various obstacles that they themselves sometimes create out of a desire for something we might think as small and insignificant. Or it is an obstacle that society has put before them. 

There is also quite a bit of clever writing in the way Nettles know how to turn a phrase, which really builds a picture with very little in the way of actual descriptions. 

Another thing that might seem like a small thing, but I really enjoy the naming conventions of the stories. With names like Wind and Wordsound and kitten, you get a very different feeling too each character and making each easier to remember. 

There is a lot of magic within the writing and in the world, itself and I can highly recommend this for anyone who likes short stories and world-building at a micro rather than macro-scale.  Come for Dragon deliveries, stay for the world and its inhabitants.