Saga of Steel and Bone (Ashes & Phoenix)

Saga of Steel and Bone (Ashes & Phoenix)

by Rhea Bring

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

I have seen darkness. I have lived it.

Can a king truly rise from the ashes of a broken soul?

Roland is a half-breed abomination. His home is neither with the Shifters or the Humans, and nothing but the vilest of overlords accepted him as a slave.

His past defined him, his present seemed futile, and his future seemed hopeless.

Until he escaped his assassin overlords and came to meet a small family who adopted him as their own. They forced him to look past what he’d come to expect in humans; forced him to face what he’d become. They showed him a glimpse of happiness for the first time in his life.

But tragedy is never far. The Empire steals his first glimpse of peace, putting him on a collision course of past, present, and future that will take him to a small town needing a hero and vast mountains hiding deadly secrets and fire-breathing creatures. It's a race against time to rescue those he loves... before they, too, become more cold bodies laid at the feet of a heavy-handed Emperor.

His path will take him on the journey of hero and villain, the lines blurred between right and wrong, his hands stained red with the blood of both the guilty and the innocent.

Roland knows one thing. Those who took his family will pay.

He’s coming for them, and Avidon will never be the same. 

Ashes is clean werewolf fiction with redemptive and psychological elements. It is the first in a planned trilogy, set in the First of the Four Worlds, Avidon. Book Two, Phoenix, is currently being released on a two to three chapters a week schedule. This tale contains elements of faith, family, and fighting for hope in hopeless situations. There is war: so violence, blood, and gore are common, as are vague references to torture and rape. Dive into Avidon and her sister worlds today for heart-pounding adventure, laughter, and baby dragons. Enjoy!

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Rhea Bring

Rhea Bring

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Table of Contents
106 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1, Taken ago
Chapter 2, The Gift of Memory ago
Chapter 3, Heartbreak ago
Chapter 4, A Time to Act ago
Chapter 5, Unknown Variable ago
Chapter 6, Videlia ago
Chapter 7, The Beast ago
Chapter 8, Unpleasant Tales ago
Chapter 9, Unexpected Allies ago
Chapter 10, Can I keep him? ago
Chapter 11, We will be free. ago
Chapter 12, Survive or Die Trying ago
Chapter 13, Might just die trying ago
Chapter 14, Ashes ago
Chapter 15, Fertilizer for the Soul ago
Chapter 16, Prisoner or Guest? ago
Chapter 17, Doggone Humor ago
Chapter 18, Herbs can do WHAT? ago
Chapter 19, Answers Pried from the Mouths of Wolves. ago
Chapter 20, Gifts from Times Past for Future Hope. ago
Chapter 21, Peace ago
Chapter 22, Shared pain is an eased burden. ago
Chapter 23, Bloodfang ago
Chapter 24, The Boys ago
Chapter 25, Old Lady McBeth ago
Chapter 26, Life Lessons ago
Chapter 27, Watchman ago
Chapter 28, Round Two ago
Chapter 29, Myrmecophilous ago
Chapter 30, The Wall’s Secret ago
Chapter 31, The Dagger ago
Chapter 32, Challenger ago
Chapter 33, Blood Siblings ago
Chapter 34, The Why ago
Chapter 35, 'Ol Bob the Bully ago
Chapter 36, Last Day ago
Chapter 37 Cats & Dogs ago
Chapter 38, The Werecats ago
*Special Release* Sneak peak. Dragons. ago
Chapter 39, The Berserk ago
Chapter 40, I’m softening in my old age. ago
Chapter 41, Assistance from the whiskered party. ago
Chapter 42, Not dead... yet. ago
Commander Vex ago
Chapter 43, Gift of the Berserk ago
Chapter 44, The Imperial ago
Chapter 45 Dragons? ago
Chapter 46, Healing, round... I can't even remember. ago
Chapter 47, Salom Imperia ago
Chapter 48, Secrets of that which came before. ago
Chapter 49 Whelp, cat's out of the bag. ago
Chapter 50, The past comes full circle. ago
Chapter 51, The Offer ago
Chapter 52, Acceptance ago
Chapter 53, Remember The Goal ago
Chapter 54, The Attempted Rescue ago
Chapter 55, Escape ago
Chapter 56, It is Done. ago
Chapter 57, The only wrong questions are those not asked. ago
Chapter 58, Barry ago
Chapter 59, An awakening. ago
Chapter 60, King ago
*Special* Flash ago
*Update and Special Reveal, plus a cut :-)* ago
Prologue ago
Videlia ago
Chapter 1, What did I do? ago
Chapter 2, The Cynic Says So ago
Chapter 3, Decisions ago
Chapter 4, A Promised Adventure or Humbling Trial? ago
Chapter 5, So it Begins ago
Chapter 6, Race Against Time ago
Chapter 7, Road to the Dragon ago
Chapter 8, Ba-aaad Dragon. ago
Chapter 9, Seeing Death in the Jaws ago
Chapter 10, Strength is Who She Is ago
Chapter 11, Dragonlings (And a Sneak Peak!) ago
Chapter 12, Nursemaids ago
Chapter 13, A Hope Lost, Refound ago
Chapter 14, Anti-Hero ago
Chapter 15, Lost Are Found, but not without Cost ago
Chapter 16, Cost of Living ago
Chapter 17, A Peace in the Midst of Trouble ago
Chapter 18, Dawn of a New Day ago
Chapter 19, Bother, Definitely Bother. ago
Chapter 20, Road to Jed ago
Chapter 21, The Pits ago
Chapter 22, Purple ago
Chapter 23, The Meeting ago
Chapter 24, Sabotage ago
Chapter 25, Master Red ago
Chapter 26, Flying ago
Chapter 27, Brothers ago
Chapter 28, Less is More ago
Chapter 29, A Dog and a Cat ago
Chapter 30, Love Changes Everything ago
Chapter 31, Homecoming ago
Chapter 32, Choice is the Guide of our Future ago
Chapter 33, Silver Collar and Golden Eyes ago
Chapter 34, Old Friends ago
Chapter 35, Roaming with Wolves ago
Chapter 36, A Different Kind of Act ago
Chapter 37, Payback is Sweet ago
Chapter 38, A Big Mistake ago
Chapter 39, The Good, the Bad, and the Dragon ago

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This is a pretty good one. From the first chapter or two it actually becomes pretty clear that the author put int time to edit the story. No obvious grammar mistakes could be found, style actually flows better than the average, and the character introductions is pretty fun. 5/5 from me.


By and large the only problems I noticed were grammatical, and the tidbit discussed below about italics. The only story issue that stood out was in chapter 1 (see below). These issues are minor at best and did not distract or detract in any meaningful ways.

  • Prologue/Chapter 1: “Each one has their purpose,” should be “Each one has its purpose,”. Perhaps move the description “The stars are perfect…” immediately after the “I didn’t understand his words then…” bit, because keeping close and protected that which one does not understand requests an explanation. The inclusion of “Finem Liberari Era…” and the date and other references is unnecessary exposition, in my opinion, and it seems to devalue the “Standing for 300 years…” bit by intermixing unexplained details. What makes the jingoist commander a jingoist? I notice the term is used to refer to others… is this a defining character trait they all hold, or a title? If it’s a title, perhaps describe their uniforms (what makes them Jingoists) and the ‘J’ should be capitalised. The repetition of the hat’s description when it falls off feels unnecessary, perhaps just say “hat” or “straw hat.” I really like the focus on emotion, trying to restrain oneself in the face of their life falling apart, and the interplay between family members in this chapter. Furthermore, the commander certainly feels evil, and gives off that wicked narcissistic vibe oft associated therewith–not to mention the pure evil you’ve situated The Empire with. I feel like a rebellion is brewing somewhere later in the chapters.
  • Chapter 2: I appreciate the hope that the main character fabricates for themselves, especially in the face of regret and the pain of his adoptive siblings. The little details about the constitution of the cage, the boards, and their inception add a lot to the story, not to mention the details about the animals, scenery, and such flavoured with the character’s thoughts. This is all constructed very well, in my opinion. As well, I very much like the scene switch to the memory. However, the italics got a little annoying after a while. I understand their use, to show that it is the MC thinking, but reading them line after line hurts my eyes.
  • Chapter 3: This chapter is nice, but I can’t help feeling that, unlike its predecessors, it doesn’t go anywhere far. The details about Vex and the MC’s realisations that the commander really is going out of his way to break him or mess with him mentally, playing mind games, are nice and additive, but then it just stops there. Perhaps combine this chapter with chapter 4?
  • Chapter 4: Instantly into the action, I like that. However, I cannot help but ask: “What about his broken bones?” It’s only been a few days, I do believe, but he seems to be moving around and acting as if they’ve healed. Does his half-lycanthropy grant regenerative abilities? The inner monologue is quite amusing, though I am beginning to wonder whether it’s actually a split consciousness speaking to the MC, or just the MC’s quirky inner attitude. This chapter ends on a strong cliff-hanger. I like that a lot.

I like your story, and should time permit I aim to read more. Your style is a nice blend of detail and inner dialogue that, in the vast majority, is very good at showing. It allows me to craft basic mental images of the world, and to ponder what might be otherwise going on around the character. Although I cannot comment too strongly without reading further, which I aim to do if time permits, I like what I’ve read, and think others will too.


Ashes is a gripping tale of tragedy and revenge. Featuring werewolves. What is there to not love by that pitch alone?

It opens up gripping, with the MC and their family getting caught by "jingoists" because of their abilities. The jingoists are depicted as being cruel and violent; the kind of villains you want to see hurt.

Grammar is on point. Didn't notice anything off. 

Style is great. Main character's voice is distinct. Descriptions are top notch and vivid.

A definite read for readers into werewolves.

Banner Caygeon

Beautifully written, totally engrossing.

Reviewed at: Chapter 6, Videlia

This is a story of revenge...long coming revenge. If you are into the wham-bam type stories, this is probably not for you. But if you want to read something that is expertly written, nay crafted, then this is for you.

Grammar Score: There was nothing jarring that took me out of the story. I read a few other reviews and noticed something about italics, but even if that's not the correct use, I totally understood what the author was doing. Full marks from me.

Style Score: Each paragraph is like a poem, every word clearly selected to paint a picture of what the MC is experiencing at that moment. At times a bit a brevity might be better, but it doesn't detract from getting inside the head of the MC and experiencing what they are.

Story Score: I'm reviewing at chapt 7 I think, and the story has set up to be one of revenge. The world is starting to unfold and we are figuring out what kind of world the MC will have to traverse to exact that revenge. The opening scene is heart wrenching and brutal.

Character score: It's pretty heavily focused on the single MC but he is done so well. The internal dialogue with his wolven self is really really great. The jingoists are also well done, even if not that detailed. There's a really dark cruelty to them that brilliantly crafted by the author.

All in all, this is dark, beautiful, brutal and utterly engrossing work, and I definitely recommend you read it. 


Promising Revenge Fueled Story!

Reviewed at: Chapter 27, Watchman

Style: Ok, so one thing I noticed here is that the pacing is honestly really great. The main problem I have with most RR works is that even if the story is written well, that it really just goes too fast, and doesn't offer enough explanation that it sort of takes you out of the whole thing. I can safely say, that not only is this not the case here but that there is a real rich language and level of writing here that is quite commendable.

Story: Nice, admittedly I'm not very well versed in the werewolf fiction of things, but even so, I think the story is well done. It's believable and doesn't come off as stupid and the subtle details of worldbuilding left in are great that hint at a grander scope of things or just the concept of there being a reality outside the character's environment.

Grammar: Did not notice any issue, but I also suffer from a case of not being very grammatical at times, but even so, it's really fine!

Character: The main protagonist is great and does a good job of carrying the story while having compelling motivations, definitely not one that's just a self-insert or a one-dimensional being per se. The only issue is that, there isn't any other character that's left a particular impression so far, and the main antagonist which is alluded to time and time again, is just there, I suppose? Though I also have a penchant for very odd characters, so I am weird in that regard to be fair.

Capital Station

This is definitely a slow burn character drama (think Citizen Kane meets Jekyll and Hyde).

The story follows a werewolf-like individual who is often refered to as "Kursk Scum" or some version of "Kursk." (But his real name is Roland, though he keeps it hidden for the most part)). The MC is no shifter--he's more a Beast with a werewolf like appearance (or straight wolf) when transformed. The MC wants to roam the wilds and be free, but the story cleverly starts with an attack on his home.

Immediately, we're thrown into a world of captivity. The warnings on the tale are accurate! A lot of messed up stuff happens to Roland and his family. For several chapters its a trek to the slave pits, and Roland's captors are vicious and just straight evil.

This is definitely the type of tale you want to emmerse yourself in and not get up to do something else. It has its own atmosphere and tone, and the writing is actually quite good. Lots of instresting descriptions for the environment (and emotional state). I like that Roland never truly gives up, and that he's willing to save those around him.

I definitely wanted Roland to bite a fool at some point, or generally fight someone with unbridled rage, but this isn't that kind of story. It's more about keeping hope in bleak situations and protecting the people you love.

Roland has some amazing internal dialogue with himself (speaking to "the wolf" so to speak, about how he should act) and I honestly wish there was more of that!) Really enjoyed that part. It was rather clever.

So far, this is a great tale if you're into character drama.

There are a few grammar mistakes, but they're mostly capitaliztion issues, which never pulled me out of the stroy (I just noted them because I'm insane). This is super easy reading.

I recommend.