A wizard enchants his row boat to row itself around the Endless Sea. If only he had paid more attention to the guiding intelligence part of the spell when he was casting it. Once a human with a mundane life, Robert now finds himself with a second chance made of wood and canvas. Now if only he can convince everyone he’s a male boat.

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From the author of the excellent dungeon core story "Oasis" comes a brand new "person reincarnated as thing" isekai story.

This is a early review and will be updated as more chapters come out (and when I think of more boat puns).

I'm a boat's maiden voyage starts off well, getting straight into the story with minimal setup. The spelling and grammar are ship shape, with the slight caveat that some of the paragraphs are slightly overloaded. Our main character is even keeled and has a reasonable voice for a boat talking to itself. Isekai's old friend the blue box makes an appearance. The setting is still being rigged up but our author "solopath" has proven a steady hand when it comes to making a unique and interesting fantasy setting.

Overall I'd recommend and I hope to see good things on the horizon for this story.


There are only 9 chaps availible at the time of my writing this, but so far this novel seems like a good one.

The characters are complex and well-developed even though we haven't seen them much, and I get the impression that every character has a life outside of the time we're directly interfacing with them (which is rare for these types of novels!). The MC's backstory is somewhat shaky in my opinion, but it's not a major part of the plot and it isn't brought up enough for me to really notice or care.

There is a system in place, and it is pretty versatile so far. Every component functions about how you would expect, and there's quite a bit of nuance in areas which other system-based novels might ignore, like how to maximize experience/skill gain.

Overall, I get the impression that the author knows what they want out of the book and they have a good plan of how to implement it. I can't imagine this book getting any worse with time as some other novels have, that's for sure.

If that wasn't reason enough for you, then read it because the MC is a boat and my twisted sense of humor finds that funny.


I gave five stars because of the creativity in the storyline. This boat story is so very different than Solopath’s previous Oasis,which I also enjoyed.

I enjoy the flow of the author’s verbage, and that he also is welcoming input from the readership. It’s early in the story but I’m really really enjoying it! 


I feel like emotions could be more fleshed out, but overall the mc is believable and I've enjoyed how it's progressed, keep up the good work. Sorry I'm a lazy reviewer. Todays my review day. (:

Though is he gonna be stuck as a tiny rowboat? I wanna know so I shall read.


It'll be interesting to see where it goes!

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: Slipping the leash

As one might expect, their isekai'd as a boat.  A LITRPG isekai with a boat focus.  the current chaps seem to be prologue till the inevitable, but the concept is interesting in and of itslelf.  I can't wait to see where the author plans to take it!

As one might expect, their isekai'd as a boat.  A LITRPG isekai with a boat focus.  the current chaps seem to be prologue till the inevitable, but the concept is interesting in and of itslelf.  I can't wait to see where the author plans to take it!


From the title, description and general premise, you would expect this to be some weird creative writing project, or just a silly idea being written up on a whim. Maybe it's both of those things, but somehow the author is making me feel things. About a boat. Hmm.

Honestly, I can't wait for more. Give it a shot, it's way higher quality than you'd expect.



Overall its really got something going for itself. I know that's pretty vague, I just mean it's got solid foundations. No weird POV switches, no info-dumps, no obvious cliches. Pretty nice overall, while also feeling fresh.



Ain't long enough yet to really analyze the story, but so far the pacing is pretty good. Every chapter feels like it contributes to the whole somehow, providing new tidbits of information about the world or developing the character of Boaty Mc Boatface (Robert). Feels good overall; we aren't diving straight into the deep end just yet, and its not some ultra-slow burn type story either. Again, pacing good.



Perfect, so far. No spelling mistakes I've see , and word choice is good too. I'm not sure how else to describe this other than just saying it feels well written. Idk, words good.



Mmm. Author make me feel things. About boat. Hmm. Character development is satisfying, so far, and most dialogue between characters feels realistic enough.




Something something else, idk. It's defining characteristic is being good and not crap, which can be hard to come by these days. It's a good story, feel free to give it a shot if you're entertained by the premise.


I think this story has a nice premise. I like the direction the story is going. I do think that the story is a little slow, but that is not bad. I think that part of the story is fine. I am excited for the rest of the story to be written fast.



Interesting story with a good start

Reviewed at: Chapter 10: Cleaning up

An interesting story about a person's mind operating a magic automated boat. Our MC is just learning about the world he is in now, one with classes and skills, but it has had an interesting start. It could definitely use an editor, but what early RR story doesn't. Honestly a good interesting start that I can't wait to see more of.