I Am Not Chaotic Evil

I Am Not Chaotic Evil

by Chaotic_Dex

Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge.

Carnage, arson, and wanton destruction permeate the mind of Jeremy Fjord. However, Jeremy is a rebel — and voices in his head will not dictate how he lives his life.

Follow the adventures and misadventures of a simple necromancer wizard as he struggles against clerics, paladins, and the forces of good to attain his capitalist dreams.

Reaper image taken from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_death.svg under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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Royal Writathon October 2021 winner
Top List #400
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Tenses are off pls fix it

Reviewed at: 1. Rat Race (1 of 3)

The premise and idea seem good but for the love of god please, edit it and stick to one tense, preferably past tense for the narrator, you shoudnt switch between present and past tenses like this, extremely annoying pls fix, example: like he sees everyday, change it into "like he saw it everyday"


Surprised this isn’t getting more attention

Reviewed at: 20. Discoveries

It's a fun story with a good natured, naive protagonist that is a bit heartwarming? His overpowered death magic does not have him conquering the world, but instead  learning how to harvest wheat alongside a farmer one day in exchange for eliminating the locusts swarming his farm to furthering his research in developing a variant of healing potions to sell on another. He is trying to farm to make some kind of alchemical product. He also helps a noble woman with her rat problem in exchange for coin. Jeremy runs a good hustle to get more money to then use to fund his eccentric research.

The demons bound to his soul whispering evil thoughts occasionally appear in Jeremy's internal monologue, but he just ignores them without giving a second thought (he has had training to do so). It's amusing, and his character is just a lot of fun overall.

Heart of the Star

Fun, but dear lord stick to a single tense

Reviewed at: 9. Desperate Times

It's a very fun story about a young wizard trying to make money... hampered by the fact that everyone who meets him is terrified by all the infernal magic he does.

The major limitation with the story is how the author zig zgas between past and present tense with no warning. It is very distracting and hard to read.


A D&D story with a few twists

Reviewed at: 21. Desire

Not gonna lie, the title hooked me since I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons for close to 20 years.

The story feels like a campaign where a player provides a lengthy background for his wizard, and then focus on side quests and gold-making schemes instead of adventuring. 

You don't get riveting action all the time, but you'll still get scenes with tension and consequences.

It's a good story. It's mostly lighthearted stuff with dashes of absurdities, understandable misuderstandings, and a hint or two of darkness. A comedy of error kind of story.

It's funny at times, but it doesn't try too hard to get you laughing. It has a few scenes that some may find hilarious, but most of the humor of the story relies on misunderstandings and their consequences.

The magic system is a hodgepodge of D&D and Mage? It has the structure of D&D in casting prepared spells, but mages can also cast freeform? using the schools or spheres/elements they know/have.

You'll see very few textboxes, and most of them are insigh*s on spells that got homebrewed by the MC.

There's no romance as of yet. There might be for the butler, but the MC seems uninterested in relationships, like every wizard should be.

Chapters are getting churned at 5 or more a week, so don't expect David Gemell or Jim Butcher levels of eloquence and editing.

A few people are complaing over  tense-shfying, but it's barely noticeable.

The MC is over-powered to a degree. He has this connection to hell that serves as an endless mana battery of sorts. There's no chaotic evil shenanigans as of yet, but lots of perceived ones.

TLDR: Interesting premise, a few laughs, slice of lifey, an overall good read.


A wonderfully crafted MC who is delighted the glass of poison before him is half empty.  A true opportunist who has taken his dark situation and twisted a pool of malice into a crooked smile.  Whistling past the graveyard.  Ghosts? Skeletons? Ghouls? No problem.  They are more afraid of you than you are of them.  An overpowered dark wizard with a bit of a perspective gap.  I look forward to the reveal of the deeper nature of his assistant.  Given the authors tenancies there will be an unexpected twist. 


Powerful protagonist done well. He's not looking to destroy or save the world. He just wants to make bank and have fun doing so. "Sadly" he has a condition that makes it so that people near get quite a strong evil vibe, and he keeps making decisions that further paint him as the big bad evil. Why would you not raise a skeleton army to automate the boring parts of the crafting process? It's free labor!

Lots of guilty pleasure can be had when evil or just annoying but always arrogant antagonists try to muscle in on his work, only to be squashed like bugs.

The story is well written has humor and the side characters are fleshed out enough not to detract.