An Unknown Swordcraft

An Unknown Swordcraft

by sporad

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

A strange accident hurls a man thousands of years into the future to find that disasters have transformed the world into a fantastical setting of monsters and magical swordsmen. Our protagonist does not become a hero. Instead he is recruited into a heretical cult led by a foul necromancer. To survive this new world, he must adapt to life as one of the dark lord’s evil lieutenants, carrying out impossible orders, scheming against his rival cultists, avoiding the real heroes out to kill him, and developing his own personal brand of magical swordcraft.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

(Placeholder title until I come up with something better.)


– Minion to Dark Lord progression.

– MC lurking undercover as an evil lieutenant.

– First true spellcaster in a world of magic swordsmen.

– Wuxia power levels.

– Minor base building / project management.

– A little bit of crafting.

– Meandering progression/plot.

– Dumb comedy.

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It's actually very quirky to read.

As long as you understand that mc comes from a different world from ours which is actually and has always been a utopia , which makes zero sense but roll with it.

you will either love or abhor the mc. I personally think his nativity and modern soy vegan boy quips are hilarious in contrast to the overly serious mideval magical dark fantasy world

Therrs a lot of culting, dark magic and dark fantasy at play

the dialogue is where the story shines I think. I think it's a good story and so far he's not trying to sleep with every women he meets or falling in love with every women he meets so it's great.


go in with an open mind and don't think take it seriously and you will enjoy the story.


Really liking the story so far. It's a rather western fantasy/wuxia hybrid containing many familiar tropes mixed with more unique world-building and storyline concepts. The tone is light, and I would define it as "doesn't take itself to seriously" approaching "comedic." Sometimes this seems to conflict with the seriousness of certain events in the story, but the beauty of a more humorous tone is that you can skim over discrepancies and still enjoy the final product.

Note that unlike rather a lot of stories here on RR, power progression comes second to storyline. I think this is wonderful, but note that at 26 chapters in, the protagonist is still very weak compared to many of those around him, and is unlikely to progress much faster in the future.

As I said, I'm very much enjoying this entry to the writathon, and hope the author will see their book to the end.

Your Hated Boss

Don't let the title and picture turn you away.

Reviewed at: 026 – Ropes

I try to be more honest in my reviews so don't worry much about the 3.5 on grammar I just think some of the sentences can be wordy.

So now to the normal review you expect: 

The title and picture don't do the story justice. To put it simply its great. A very fun idea with good execution. 

The story is about a man thrown forward in time past a regression in tech and an introduction of war. While that sounds edgy, I think the author did a great job avoiding that hole and running wild with the idea. Most of the story seems to be pre planned or edited well, all of the ideas introduced so far haven't killed my vibe and or created any noticeable plot holes.

Some of the dialogue can go on and on, but there are little jokes thrown in to make it bearable. Kinda like a child meeting adults in a way. The MC is the picture of someone that hasn't had to face the real word yet, and the word he is placed in makes him confront that. Some of the would be plot holes are also covered by the MC being a generally smart person. I hope the author just leaves it at that and doesn't make him some sort of super genius. But for now he is fine.

Id say another small part that I don't like is I cant currently remember a single name from the book. But that's just me. Your mileage may vary

Again the grammar is ok if a bit wordy

Finally the overall score of a 4/5 don't let this one pass you by but feel free to wait until like 50 chapters they are longer so 50 is like 100.


The story is set in a post apocalyptic world where society was utopian before. The main character is hilarious and the banter with other characters is top tier. It has a fair amount of action and the world building is decent.

If you like stories like "The Eminence of Shadow", you'll like this one too.


Surprisingly good!!

Reviewed at: 029 – Rusty

Based on the description I was expecting an edgy grim-dark story. Infact, I added this to my to-be-read list, and kept just... not. Got really bored today and decided to give it a go, and I'm happy I did!!

Storyline is solid, world is pretty interesting, magic system seems to be unique enough, and it's just all around fun. It does grey characters well, with bad guys being bad guys you still want to root for. Im interested in seeing our Mac's character development - will he be good, neutral, or evil long term? Genuinely can't tell, and I love it!!

Also no instand OP powers, MC messes up a lot, and then has proportionate consequences l, no lucking into magical treasures or something.


So I'd definitely give it a go!!

BloodLust Tyrant

Story has excellent progression with building its characters and the world around it. Story, so far, is a tried and true setting shift of reincarnation/time travel that performs its template well. Style of writing is effective and grammar makes this story an easy read. Characters, so far, are the best of this story alongside its plot -though style and grammar are excellent too. No qualms so far.



Not bad, not awesome

Reviewed at: 004 – Climb

The isekay theme seems off, unnecesary to tell the story. It only adds more dificulty in suspending disbelief for the reader.

The writing is good, not great however. Didn't see flagrant grammar mistakes or any such problems.

On the other hand, the story reads flat. For example, the scenes might have tension, but the reader does not feel any. There is no emotion in anything.


Why Does he follow The Cult?

Reviewed at: 023 – Refuge

It is okay so far. Just do not understand why he is following a cult he does not agree with. Just kinda goes along with it even though he hates basically everything about it. Like I do not join organizations I do not enjoy and just because the first person he meets is a member of that organization does not mean he will just mindlessly follow them to whatever. Especially because they keep on threatening his life he has no reason to follow them.