The Apocalyptic Game - A LitRPG

The Apocalyptic Game - A LitRPG

by Shaw

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

20 years ago, on an ordinary day, the world was turned into a game in which human beings were the players. Ever since then, humanity fought against the endless swarms of the NPCs, as well as against each other. Yet in the end, it was all meaningless. The pain. The suffering. The victories and the defeats. This game turned out to be nothing more than a joke, and the last of mankind was mercilessly purged.

Shaw was a survivor. She was a player. She was a Warrior. Most importantly, she was the last human on Earth to die. 

Yet, death wouldn't be the end for her. Instead, she was given a second chance. She was brought back to ten minutes before the game started with all the memories of her 20 years of combat, and this time, she would win.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] 

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This story is a fairly generic retelling of the "system apocalypse" happens -> Humanity is overwhelmed -> omg the mc is the last survivor lets reincarnate them trope. (TOH, Asturian Warbringer, Return of the Tower Conqueror, and many many more) While this isn't inherently bad, the story doesnt really add anything original or interesting to the base it builds off of. 

The author does not add any original elements. The sentence structure is awkward even when it is grammatically correct. The author has written a simple murderhobo mc but seems to be trying to tell us she is something more complex than that.

While the story is generic, unoriginal, and an unexceptional retelling of the tropes it embraces, it does not have any obvious plotholes and does seem to have direction.

The grammar is readable. There are frequent mistakes but they don't disrupt the story's readability in any significant fashion.  The story would benefit greatly from more extensive editing, both for grammar and style.

I really didn't like the characters here. The MC is one dimensional and the side characters aren't any better. It feels like they are trying to be more than they are and failing miserably. 
Overall the story is readable and somewhat enjoyable in spite of its many flaws. It doesn't have any massive blunders. 


The story has the standard returner to an apocalypse setting that we have seen before, if you have read "omniscient reader's viewpoint" or "Solo leveling" you will already know where the plot is heading.

What makes this story stand out from the rest isn’t the setting or the plot but the protagonist herself. Shaw is a walking contradiction, full of bitterness and hate and misplaced affection, an utter mess of a human being and that coupled with a lot of mental backsliding makes her predictable in her unpredictability. Not really the edge lord that she appears at first glance at the very least.  I am also curious to see how a female protagonist will handle some of the standard trope’s stories of this genera usually have, since most of those have male protags, and the main reason I have to keep reading.


Murderhobo in a groundhog day RPG, 'nuff said

Reviewed at: Chapter 4: The Kill Steal

The usual murderhobo trope, with no redeeming features whatsoever. 'Tis all but for the sake of saving the humanity.

Adding the groundhog day just makes it even more boring.


RR forces me to say at least fifty words - this is, in my mind, a plain failure on RR part - some creations do not deserve more than a single sentence or two.


The novel is not good but can be enjoyed.

If you don't mind some edgy dumb fun you might as well give it a try.

The Style is allright albeight slightly simple and with a tendency to throw in a sentence every now and then on the line of : only the selfish survive; the strong can do everything ...

The story is another take on an old cliche. There is not much inovation and a few things in the setting are hard for my suspension of disbelieve. Like the way technology breaks down and the terms humanity has chosen for monsters and themselfes.

So smart phones work but all comunication is off ( even though a sell phone doesn't run without wire based comunication ) Firearms work. Cars stop working entirely. Boats sink...

The System or the developers doesn't give the monsters a name and calls humans that have leveld up at least once players. So somehow humanity started calling themselfes players and the monsters NPCs...


The gramar is not bad. There are quiet some mistakes but they do not hinder my reading experience.

The Characters are pertty cardboard. The MC is ( despite the ensurance of the auther in chapter 3 or so ) a sociopath. Or more the actions are those an RPG murderhobo would take in the same situations.



A concept tried many times before. Could be a fun read if the author keeps the pacing at a decent rate and continues with the character development, some nice unique quests, side-charactera, abilities and monsters.


Not much else to say really, hopefully we get to see the later stages of the apocalypse with OP MC and settlement leaders being impressed and/or jealous of MC.


A completely unlikable main character.

Reviewed at: Chapter 17: The Deception

The main character has very little depth to them and what depth they do have is, unfortunatly, repugnant.  Their amoral nature is not only their defining characteristic - it's their only characteristic.  

It's too bad as the world, circumstances, and action are all interesting but I can only read so far when I thoroughly hate the protaganist.  


Now this story has some potential the only things i can see that may make it go shit is the mc turning into some sorta hero or being like robot only focusing on a single  goal and maybe ending with some male character or something in my opinion i recommend doing  some romance maybe yuri   idk but at least it's has to be as badass as the mc . 


The modern world ends and is replaced by the System created by evil developers. The MC is reincarnated from a 30 something woman to a teenager self. The spacing and story is fun to read. The MC is looking to level up ASAP to kill off the System developers. 


Old story told a new way and worth the read.

Reviewed at: Chapter 23: The Ambitious

So this story is one that has been done before by many authors. Some have done it right others haven't. Right now I believe this is a story that has the pacing, grammer and story content correct in that you are able to follow what is going on and still enjoy the story because you are getting a lot of combat and explaining done in concise way. Over all I recommend reading this story


Listen it's a bit cringy at the start, the main character is an over the top edge lady but I think she's going to get good character development. She has good reason and recovering that trauma will take time. If you can't read that then you won't like it but it's fun and im having fun