How to Survive a Summoning 101

by Durrendal

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Do you dare visit Sangraal?

Death was supposed to be the end for Rigel. Unfortunately, he caught the interest of a vile god. Ripped away from his world and all that he held dear, Rigel is thrust into the ruthless world of Sangraal, where gods walk amongst mortals.

Rigel must gather all his wits and dirty tricks to survive this brutal and unforgiving world. Meanwhile, his inner darkness threatens to twist him into something he doesn’t want to be. To navigate the quagmires of lies and betrayal, Rigel needs power.

But power comes at a price.  For Rigel, that price might be too high.

Rated 'D' for Dark!

( Cover Art: Sleeping Soul In The Sky)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Gods, Contracts, and Frogs ago
Chapter 1: Yanderes, Gifts, and Nurse Uniforms ago
Chapter 2: Knights, Grandmas, and Dreamcatchers ago
Chapter 3: Conflicts, Magic, and Bottled Fireflies ago
Chapter 4: Languages, Betrayers, and Silent Evenings ago
Chapter 5: First Battles, Auroras, and Moon's Spawns ago
Chapter 6: Dances, Rivers and Inquisitions ago
Chapter 7: Mercenaries, Witch Trials and Whistles ago
Chapter 8: Requiems, Sacrifices and Deaths ago
Chapter 9 : Surviving a Magic Laundromat ago
Extra Chapter: Answers ago
Extra Chapter: Arin ago
Chapter 10 : Surviving Feminazis ago
Chapter 11: Surviving Salrest Nights ago
Chapter 12: Surviving Overprotective Dwarf Dads ago
Chapter 13: Surviving Curses ago
All Things Sangraal ago
Chapter 14: Surviving Exploding Fish-Barrels ago
Chapter 15: Surviving Inner Demons ago
Happy Announcement+ Contest ago
Chapter 16: Surviving Serpents ago
Chapter 17: Surviving Dragons, Elves and Psychotic Tendencies ago
Chapter 18: Surviving Mating Rituals ago
Chapter 19: Surviving Fates ago
Chapter 20: Surviving the Other ago
Chapter 21: Surviving Quiet Days ago
Interlude I: Wrought of Shadows ago
Chapter 22: Surviving Cliff-Hangers ago
Interlude II: Cast in Sunlight ago
Interlude III: Baptized in Salt-Part I ago
Interlude III: Baptized in Salt-Part II ago
Chapter 23: Surviving Sandstorms. ago
Chapter 24: Surviving Holy Birds ago
Chapter 25: Surviving Barrel Rolls ago
Chapter 26: Surviving Cruel Kings ago
Chapter 27: Surviving Desert Monsters ago
Chapter 28: Fraying Edges ago
Chapter 29: Grave of The Moon ago
Chapter 30: The Final Crossing ago
Chapter 31: A River of Smoke ago
Chapter 32: Bordertown Blues ago
Chapter 33: What Men Worship; What Men Forget ago
Reasons ago

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Persevere. The book gets WAY better

Review is as of chapter 29

This book is amazingly funny and goofy at the beginning, as it begins as a crtique of the various LitRPG novels we have floating around in excess these days (there are good and bad of course, but they are overused). As you can imagine, it would be extremely impossible to not be sarcastic and ironic in the beginning.


The story gets dark faster than you can say "I don't feel so good." The style and tone get a 180 overhaul from whimsical and goofy, to dark and painful. As the author has already mentioned, he realized the potential of the story soon, and that was what prompted his change in storytelling and plot. Seriously, it feels like 2 different books once the tone shifts.

The chapter are long, and there's already a fair amount of development and progression by chapter 29. The grammar is on point (I can't really find anything wrong), and the word use isn't far too embellished to the point of making things sound cringy and unreal like in many other novels. This dude was a Phantasmal Architect, gotta respect that. Other than that, all Ican say is maybe have more consistent formatting, because sometimes there are inconsistencies in punctuating and italicizing, which my unnatural tidiness always picks out (I hate myself).

The story's main attraction point is the emotional development between characters. The story is very much plot-driven, not character-driven, but even when characters move things forward, they do it flawlessly, and in an engaging and exciting manner that doesn't feel rushed nor forced. It's very natural, which is the point of writing this story in the first place anyway.

I really love the characters and their emotional development, and I feel the author has done a great job characterizing them, especially the MC and his love interest (not a harem story). Emotional conveyance is strong here, and is very intricate and deep-rooted. I feel as the characters feel, and I can sympathize well with them.

Spoiler: Spoiler

Overall, this is a wonderful story that I wish would update daily. But sadly the author's only human.

l nimbus
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Dark. Twisted. Brutal. Honest. Beautiful. Horrifying. Engaging.

Any combination of these could be used to describe this story. Hell, mix all of them together, and you have something unseen of before on RRL. Let me just put it this way. This is Grimdark fantasy. Done right. Oh, it has it's flaws and mistakes, but it is not only a dark read, it an accurate one. Durrendal builds here. Deep and subtley. Things you see in everday fiction, but you never stop to consider, and brought up and harshly examined, given to you to judge. And I love it.

Story: a revenge story. Let me say it quick. If you like fluff and brightness, don't even open these pages. If you want some fast, edgy 'dark fantasy', then sod off. This story is DARK. It is not 'fun'. It is about the broken pysche if a man, who's sole reason for living is to kill the gods who did this to him. And what a tale it is.

Most revenge stories have a chapter or two decicated to what drives the MC to revenge. Durrendal makes an entire arc. He invests you in these characters, makes you care for them, then shows the darkness and cruelty of the world. He makes you hate the people who did this. And all the while, weaving in the psychological effects of this. Accurately portraying how a man who was been lonely all his life finds love, only to have it ripped away from him in the worst possible way.

Dureendal pulls no punches, holds nothing back. He examines the broken, twisted psyche of mind. Shows you how far a man will go before realizing that HE is the monster. At times, you question whether you want to keep on reading, whether your hero is any better than the poeple he's fighting. But somewhere in there, there's a ray of light, a hope against hope that, maybe, one day, he'll find peace.

The odds are terrifying. Even with how powerful the main character is, many things in this world don't even register him as a threat. While many familiar elements might appear from stories you've read before, these are examined and presented from a fresh angle, giving you plenty to think about.

Hell, the snippets on top of each chapter portray a progressively dark world, mixing in good hints at worldbuilding with some fucked up storytelling.


I teether the line on this one. While yes, I love me a slow, epic story, there were times when I wished it would speed up a little, or Dur would make rhe paragraphs shorter. Suffice to say that part of me was beaten soundly, dumped into cell and forced to swallow the key. I don't really care about Style, only that it gets the job done, and this story's does that, very well indeed.


It gets better with the story. The first few chapters have been cleaned and edited, and the few that aren't, have their mistakes few and far between. Recent chapters have little to none at all.


Oh, the large, screwed up, fucked over cast. Where do I even start?

So, the MC. Makes an impression, right off the bat, and it all rollercoasts from there. Rigel/Eridan is a dark, dark person, consumed by rage and grief, driven into madness and back. And not the two chapter long 'madness arc' you see in some books, but a progressive descent into it. He starts off as a likeable character, someone you root for. Then it happens. By 'it' I mean the hook of the entire story. And he goes off the deep end. With very good reason. Here is where you see the true meat of the story. His struggle with madness, bloodlust, rage and insanity. It isn't pretty, it will turn readers off, but most of all, it's something riverting, seeing how his actions affect him and the people around him. And they do. Actions have consequences here. Somehwere along the way, the darkness begins to fade, and in a recent chapter, we've seent hat there's still a good man in there somewhere.

At times, you might stop cheering for him, instead morbidly fascintaed by his psyche, and how Durrendal portrays this twisted, broken man.

Faeve is another important character, and a treat. The MC's primary companion in later arcs, she departs from the usual companion tropes, instead travelling with the MC for a comlpletely different reasons than one might expect. They both know what they want, and what either wants from the other. Zain....well, you hate him from the moment you set eyes on him. Possibly the final villian of the story, I'll be cheering when he gets a curseblade through his shriveled excuse of a heart.

Side characters come and go, leaving their marks on the pages, you can like em. You can hate em. But you'll remeber them. The cast is large, varied, fleshed out and teethering between likeable and fucked up. But riveting.


If you like dark humor. If you like Grimdark fantasy. If you like psychological pondering. If you want something a bit fucked up without going offf the deep end of the abyss like some stories on RRL, then, this is the read for you. Check it out. It takes a while to pick steam, but once it gets going, it don't stop for anything.

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Read this to survive arcane kidnapping.

At first, I thought I was not the target audience for this story. (Review based on first 13 chapters)

In the first ten chapters, the author uses anime tropes, Japanese LN references, and the likes of 'oba-san', 'yandere', 'her body was like a fine katana' to the point that I wanted to poke my eyes out(all of the above belong in my long list of pet peeves). However, I request future readers not to judge the entirety of the story on my last sentence. It takes a real turn after chapter 8. It is as if someone slapped Durrendal in the face and pointed him in the right direction and he ran with it.

The above paragraph explains why I give him a 4.5 in style. Perhaps the later chapters will change my style. We'll have to wait and see. I'm not sure if he edits the prose himself or has an editor but his grammar is exemplary and daym his vocabulary is good. 5/5 for Grammar.

What I like about the author's storytelling style is that he is not only quick to form emotional and intellectual bonds between his characters but also pull readers into their mindset. I want the protagonist to git gud enough to kick the gods' asses as well. I like how he makes the story dark and gritty, it's not all sunshine and rainbows with the protagonist growing in power immediately. Life is tough. He doesn't just run off a broken rib but takes the time to nurse himself back to health.
No complaints.
I have already voiced my opinion to the author, he needs to edit his earlier chapters to match up to the quality of the latter ones.

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First review and its this long!? Okay, what should I name it... Ah yes, behold! Magic and Baby Tears!

To the Author: You always amaze me with your ability to construct the most realistic scenes I have ever read. Not only on royalroadl but anywhere. It's like I'm inside "Inkheart" and as I slowly read trough the pages of your masterpiece it comes alive word for word sentence by sentence. It's... breathtaking, honestly. You know, people say that reading is like having TV in your head, but this is more like having another world, and I love it.


To my fellow readers: If you think that I'm over exaggerating because this and that... I'm not.

I'm the guy that didn't even blink while watching ''Clannad" let alone cry and as far as I know that's saying something... mainly that I don't have a soul. Thing is, you can rarely get a reaction, emotional or otherwise, from me. Of course I can fake one but. Eh, not my thing. Something that was able to get a reaction out of me was "Don't Fear the Reaper" and I think you know where that is now. Well, this guy was able to do it! Good for him! Huh.


So, style. I think I wrote something about "Inkheart"... eh, I don't remember, never mind then.


Story. At first I thought that it was something done thousands of times before, another generic "mc in another world", one of many. I was right and damn was I pleasantly surprised. While the concept is far from 'first of its kind' the way it is written makes is stand out. Also, to elaborate on the 18+ a little. While I don't know anything about twists and turns, be it in the plot or the "plot", I can say this much: The "Mature" tag is not the beware-12-year-olds-there-be-boobies-ahead, instead it's more like MC's-soul-is-like-a-improved-version-of-hell-and-it's-contagious, so that's a thing. Hop right in, the baby tears are fiiiine!


Grammar: Dude has an editor so that's not a problem right? Weeell, yeah, it's not. At most I've found one or two small ones a chapter and please do note that the chapters are fairly long.


Characters: I don't know if this story is perfect or falls flat at the extreme amounts of weeaboos... oh who am I kidding, no weebs here and it's like 97.2% awesome and 2.8% stumbles Very slightly because of my own personal taste. VERY slightly.

So, lets see... Author (as far as I know) carefully researches thesis papers on psychology with scary-ass-long names for every chapter! to the point that characters seem, oddly enough, too human at times. What do I mean? Chill, I'll tell you. The good thing about this is that the characters that Durrendal chooses to focus on become well defined individuals with mysteries about them to spare. The bad thing... is the complete opposite as everyone else gets barely enough(read "just enough"). Don't get me wrong, what 'little' information we get about them, for all intents and purposes, is more than enough to get a good feel for the character. It's just that, that information seems to have been dwarfed by the info we get about the MCs. And that's perfectly fine, it should be like that.

Next, remember what I said about the MCs being "too human"? Me neither. Well, let's put it this way: We, as readers, in most cases, have read so many bland and/or generic stories that we have come to expect certain behavioral patterns in a certain main character and his not-so-friendly elf friend. Rage ensues when we’re not ‘fed’ properly. In essence we have grown accustomed to these ways to behave, to think and to feel that we think of it as a rule rather that as one option out of many. Examples include:

1. A - Why isn't the mc O-O-O-OP Breaker level yet!

    B - Real world doesn't work that way. *rage ensues

2. A - Why hasn't he f*cked everyone right in the P*ssy!

    B - It doesn't work that way. *rage ensues

3. A - How come the romance progressed so fast? That's not how things work!

    B - I beg to differ. *rage ensues

Do note that these examples are taken from a VERY small minority of readers and that they inhabit a small and very extreme end of the scale. I just used them to… make a point? Yeah, let’s go with that.

Well, now I'm happy! Are you?



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A Tear Jerker, For Sure


How To Survive A Summoning 101 is one of the few stories on this site that really brings out the emotions of the characters, Durrendal does an excellent job in developing them. You can feel the fear, the love, the despair, the raw emotion of every moment in this story. In the chapters just before the first time skip, you'd certainly be hard pressed not to cry, to shake with tension, to shiver in anticipation, as the story progresses. My only gripe with this fiction is that the time skip could have been dealt with better, the reader is left confused for several chapters afterwards, since not many explanations are given right away. The grammar and style of writing can also leave the reader confused at some points in the story, though it doesn't take away from it as a whole.



Durrendal's style of writing is unique for sure, an interesting blend consisting mostly of modern dialogue and character development and classical scene descriptions. His method of character development is somewhat common among some modern published novels, but he pulls it off so well that you can't help but be drawn in, to fall in love with each and every one of his unique characters. Suri's clumsy seductiveness, Arin's gentleness, Karro's hotheadedness, every character is exceptionally well done. Durrendal has made them not just into characters, but people. His writing brings you into the story, throwing you into battles won and lost, relationships made, and dark deeds done.



In general, How To Survive A Summoning 101 is fairly generic. Guy get's killed. Meets a dick god. Gets thrown into other world for divine entertainment. Vows to kill god. Yadda yadda. Durrendal manages to somehow make this overused setting unique though. His dark twists and turns, graphic descriptions, exciting fight scenes and corny romance all come together to make this a story worth reading. Unlike many other stories of this setting, however, his MC does not go adventuring on his very merry way willingly. He is forced to move, to keep fighting, desperately trying to keep ahead of his pursuers. In fact, I get the feeling Rigel would happily stay in one little town for the rest of his life had the you-know-what event not happened. While it could have been done a little better overall, the unique nuances make this generic story setting not quite as generic as you might think.



As stated above, Durrendal's grammar is quite good, but could be done a little better overall. At several points, I was left slightly confused as to what exactly was happening, the order of events blurring together in a big mess. Unlike many stories on here, however, the slight confusion does not make you stop altogether and re-read entire sentences. By just continuing to read on, you are able to grasp what is going on easily. All in all, with some moderate editing, this story would be very pleasant to read on a depressing rainy afternoon.


The characters in How To Survive A Summoning 101 are this story's defining points. At every step of the way, you can feel what the characters are feeling, the raw emotions washing over you like a usually very depressing blanket. Durrendal's side characters each have unique personalities, each character is as much a person as someone you might meet on the street. He tends to stay away from archetypes like the plague, which I commend him for, they are the plague. Strangely, the character I feel I can relate to the least is his main character, Rigel. It may be the way the story has been playing out, the structure of the events messing with my view of the characters, but Rigel's thoughts and mannerisms can be confusing sometimes. At some points, his actions contrast somewhat with the view I've developed of him completely. Rigel also tends to follow a path like an iron rod, his personality and opinions unwavering, completely unlike a real person. The only times he has changed at all are during life changing, heart shattering events, and only in completely obvious ways. His actions are terribly predictable in accordance with his iron set personality, which results in a rather drab, boring character. Again, with some editing, maybe some dialogue changing, this issue can be easily done away with, as long as Durrendal puts a little thought into it.

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Superb story, initial mess

This review is part of a review swap.


So it’s time for yet another problematic review. What to do when the beginning is an utter mess stylistically, but the story is, oh so good? Especially as the work abruptly gets a lot better stylistically a rather long read into the story.


The review is valid as of chapter 18. Note that the average chapter is long. My guess would be in the region of 5K words long.


For rating purposes this is sometimes two very different stories. The style and grammar rating, and for that reason, the overall rating, suffer from this. Story and character stay consistent throughout.


This is your standard reincarnation story told from a first person point of view. In fact the first eight or so chapters make an effort to be your standard reinc-story, albeit slightly twisted with an unholy crapton of meta-references, which in turn is just what you would expect from a Japanese reincarnation Light Novel.


Everything is there. Joe Random schmuck (named Rigel in this story) gets killed, gets abused by a god (and almost killed), gets reincarnated and abused by a monster (and almost killed), gets taught the basics of a new world (and almost killed) and eventually gets familiar with the darker sides of this new world, and, you guessed it, almost killed.


It even comes with keigo. It’s a common disease in Japanese anime with a pseudo-European setting. People throw japanese honorifics around all over the place in a failed attempt at making it sound natural. Well, the narrator in this story is no better.


The story this far is split into three arcs, with a one year timeskip between arc one and two.



I’ll highlight arc one for two reasons: It’s a mess. Shaky grammar, even though I’ve read a lot worse here on RRL, non-existent use of character background (making the reincarnation aspect absolutely pointless), and very, very shaky  stylistically.


The main problem is lack of internal consistency. It’s not that one type of grammar errors pop up — there’s correct syntax and word-order in one sentence and incorrect in a similar one half a page later. Dialogue-tags are used correctly here and incorrectly there. Pacing is all over the place; sometimes with a total lack of cohesion between scenes.


Arc one also comes shock full with a wonderful, dry, humour. It’s full of awareness of itself, blatantly breaking the fourth wall during meta conversations with the reader. The narrator reflects upon how the new world adheres to some literary stereotypes of dubious quality, and then he’s shocked that it’s different in other aspects.


It even comes with a cute love story.



Basically arc one is a hard read, but the story is great, and as a reader you just have to trudge through it, because from arc two and onwards it’s simply fantastic.


From arc two and onwards almost all the wry humour gets thrown out the window and the story turns grim and dark. I won’t say much more than that this is where the real payoff for the reader begins.



That said, it’s time for the ratings.


Overall a near perfect 4.5 stars. With over a third of the chapters a stylistic mess I can’t give the overall experience a perfect five.


Style is an OK 3.5 stars. Basically I’m merging a two star utter mess with an almost perfect execution from just prior to when arc two starts and onwards.


Story, well you read this one for the story. A perfect five star rating.


Grammar is overall very good, but never close to perfect. Normally I’d rate it as a solid four stars, but, as usual on RRL, I feel the need to compensate for people clicking randomly at the grammar ratings scale, making it obvious they need a thesarus to understand the term ‘grammar’. So grammar gets a near perfect 4.5 stars.


Character should have been given a near perfect 4.5 stars. Our narrator grows darker and darker, and there’s a consequent progression (or in his case regression). Side characters are well fleshed out as archetypes,  but as usual with a first person narrator it’s hard to get to understand them well.


The bad guys are hamhandedly depicted, which drags the overall expression down a bit, and then my personal pet peeve — don’t reincarnate adult persons if they don’t base everything they experience in a new world on their adult understanding of the old one. I just can’t accept when someone just tags along with having live fiction on the Internet replaced by eyeball 1.0 without even batting an eye.


So character gets half a star shaved off for that and ends at a solid 4 stars.



Now, if you’ve read this review; off you go and read the story as well. It’s well worth it — unless you’re after this cuddly, warm and cozy feeling in your stomach.

Then I suggest you stay as far away from this one as possible, because I can only offer daggers, acid and maggots crawling in your stomach.

  • Overall Score

Overall this is one of the better dark fantasies I’ve read on the internet. The MC has believable character development and everything has a pretty solid internal logic to it. 

I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of anti-heroes and mature content.

The downside to this story is that it uses the transported to another world trope. So if you’re not a fan of those types of stories this probably isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you like those stories you’ll probably love this.

Author could use someone to proofread but overall the grammar and writing style are well above average for this site.

  • Overall Score

For you who have a pitch black heart like mine

This story contain a regular dose of despair that needed to sustain my meaningless life. This story have a blissful hope and bitter despair that can make someone with a weak heart cry and somone like me trembling in delight. 


But sometimes the storyflow are a bit hard to decrypt, so i need to read it twice or thrice.

Still, i love this story! And i can say proudly that:


  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Big words,but that's how I feel after most chapters. This story goes deep in humans' emotions: joy,warmth,passion but,alas,even pain,sorrow,sins (yeah,I know it's not an emotion),'ll find aplenty in here. So,if you can stand a couple jabs to your deepest core, you'll find this a really good read and you'll probably immediatly become addicted to it. If you can't...well,just give it a go,worst that can happen is you'll curse the author a good number of times -I know I did XD-

The Bus Lurker
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Another Shameless Author asking me to break my Lurkertude

As of this point, there are 16 chapters out.  I'd say to those of you who have standards when it comes to chapter length/# of chapters released that the chapters feel flush with words. Although I certainly respect you guys, because if I wasn't so bored I would've waited too lol.


So the first three chapters are kind of confusing, but once you pass that gap it evolves into a standard transported to another world story. Then it evolves again into a standard revenge story. I'm sure it will evolve a third time, but that's where we're going so far. The MC is not boring, but doesn't really get interesting until he's in bartertown. The motivations of other characters are kind of standard, but there's no issue with me about that. 


Story is relatively fast paced. It's chapter 16 and we're already gearing up to move to our third location. No complaints there, but it's to early to tell what kind of growth the MC has. It's kind of vague whenever he uses his powers, or maybe my brain glossed over it? The fastness of the story leaves some things unanswered. Like I want to know more about his powers, more about the monster at the bottom of the lake cave, how he went and skipped? the passage of might to using the god's power. I totally don't remember him getting his might power, the way he gets his powers from the god of sacrifice had me lead to believe it was gained in stages, but I guess we're dropped hints since the first kill...


In closing, this is an interesting story that isn't painful in the least to read. 


Note to the Author: It seems that your (insert adjective here) effort for reviews has worked.... -The Bus Lurker