Rise Of The Potato God (LitRPG)

Rise Of The Potato God (LitRPG)

by Ploopie

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Winston June hasn’t always been a potato.

In fact, he used to be a normal human, living out his life as a baron in a small territory. But in the world of Erobeus, where monsters run amiss, magic is common, and a snarky god oversees the land, nothing is ever peaceful for long.

Everything changes when one day, Winston finds a magic stone in his garden, and strange texts begin appearing out of nowhere.

[Congratulations on your ascension! You have been transferred to the Path of the Potato God.]

Updates Weekdays. And other times.

Warning: This is a first draft and is not perfect in any sense.

Season One: Rescue Mission "A potato a day keeps the doctor away"

Season Two: Void Mastery "This used to be about potatoes"

Season Three: ???

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Royal Writathon October 2021 winner
Word Count (12)
Top List #1500
The Great Warrior-Artist
30 Review Upvotes
15 Reviews
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Every Potato God Has Its Beginning ago
Chapter 2 - A Conversation With An Incredibly Snarky God ago
Chapter 3 - Operation: Survive The Knife (Literally) ago
Chapter 4 - A Whole New Bunch Of Skills ago
Chapter 5 - So… I’m Not Quite As Overpowered As I Thought I Was ago
Chapter 6 - An L’Der’s True Power ago
Chapter 7 - So This Is What Having A Baby Feels Like ago
Chapter 7.5 - Skills Are Painful (Short) ago
Chapter 8 - I Didn’t Sign Up For This ago
Chapter 9 - The Day Before Leaving ago
Chapter 10 - Fun, A.K.A Exploring Skills In A Dark Place ago
Chapter 11 - Aren’t Adventures Supposed To Be Fun? ago
Chapter 12 - Please! I’m Not Nutritious- Oh Wait, I Am ago
Chapter 13 - Since When Do Potato Gods Have Eyes? ago
Chapter 14 - The Real Beginning Of My New Life ago
Chapter 15 - Outdated By The Virgin Card… Or Not? ago
Chapter 16 - Why, God. Just… Why. ago
Chapter 17 - Magic At Last ago
Chapter 18 - It’s Magic Time. ago
Chapter 19 - The Haven Guild’s Dark History ago
Chapter 20 - A Suspicious Amount Of Rats (1/2) ago
Chapter 21 - A Suspicious Amount Of Rats (2/2) ago
Chapter 22 - Yes, Yes, I’m A Guy. I Know. Unbelievable. ago
Chapter 23 - First Ascension And New Skills ago
Chapter 24 - The High Highwaymen Are Higher Than A High School On A Highway. That’s A Lot Of Highs. ago
Chapter 25 - Not A Great Start, I Have To Say ago
Chapter 26 - Stealth Mission, He Said. Do Not Engage, He Said. Well, Whoops. ago
Chapter 27 - The Deciding Battle; It’s Do Or Die ago
Chapter 28 - Potato Vs Tomato - The Epic Showdown ago
Chapter 29 - I’m Not The Hero. I’m The Monster. ago
Chapter 30 - True Strength (Season Finale) ago
Side Story 1 - The Case Of The Missing E-Potato (1/3) ago
Side Story 1 - The Case Of The Missing E-Potato (2/3) ago
Chapter 31 - Potato-napped! ago
Chapter 32 - System Changes ago
Chapter 33 - A New Family ago
Chapter 34 - Paths And Classes ago
Chapter 35 - Magic School. Great. ago
Chapter 36 - The Monsters Of Flurisburg  (1/2) ago
Chapter 37 - The Monsters Of Flurisburg (2/2) ago
Chapter 38 - New System Perks ago
Chapter 39 - The Wyvern Headmaster ago
Chapter 40 - The Beginning Of School ago
Chapter 41 - Practical Magic And… Friends? ago
Chapter 42 - The Price Of Power (1/2) ago
Chapter 43 - The Price Of Power (2/2) ago
Chapter 44 - A Female Body ago
Chapter 45 - ‘Sword Fighting Is Not For Women’ ago
Chapter 46 - Creepy Old Man Vs Potato In A Girl’s Body ago
Chapter 47 - Back To Normal ago
Chapter 47 - Intermission ago

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Many novels that have been written tend to lack a particular quality that make novels great. Whether it be a deficient story, wierd (but in a bad way) characters or a lack (or overcomplication) of meaning. However there is one essential element that nearly every book lacks. Potatos. I even looked up potato novels and several of the recommended ones lacked potatos (mostly just books by Bryce Courtney and one called "The Great Hunger, Ireland 1845-1849"). Ive seen novels on this site go a thousand chapters without a single potato. This novel has a potato in nearly EVERY CHAPTER. Truly a phenomenal groundbreaking novel. 

Grammars been good, characters have been pretty decent, story's been progressing smoothly and is interesting, style is very good. This doesnt matter though because of the abundance of potatos. I made it this far without pandering my words out, because I didnt realise it earlier, but I was under 200 words. I have a strong feeling this review will be removed regardless. Anyone who rates this poorly truely doesnt understand the style of the writer. This is a true flawless masterpiece of its generation. I just checked again and im still under. Just read the novel and take it as serious as my review is.


It's Here: the Long-Awaited Rise of the Potato God

Reviewed at: Chapter 1 - Every Potato God Has Its Beginning

I've been looking forward to this story's launch since the author Ploopie mentioned the idea in the forums.

I like potatoes, so this story gets an early review from me! The first chapter was genuinely well-written and has a lot of charm and humor, so if it looks like something you want to read, get reading it already!

Let me reiterate an important point.... I like potatoes UNLIKE the main character, Wintston "Master" June.

Serves him right--getting turned into a potato after he dared to slander the good taters' name. He needs to see how awesome the power of potato truly is!


An Amazingly Unique, Funny, and Enjoyable Read

Reviewed at: Chapter 13 - Since When Do Potato Gods Have Eyes?

Let me preface this by saying one thing, and one thing only.


Now let us being:

STYLE SCORE: Five stars. Thats all I can say. Your world has almost no description, your characters are direct, to the point and have little description. The RPG aspects are simple and straight forward. And you combine them all ina  way that makes me laugh, spit my tea out, and come back for the next chapter. Keep up the amazing work! I love your style and will keep coming back for more.

STORY SCORE: Your story is, in no uncertain terms, the most straight forward and direct story I have read on Royal Road to date. You dont both with intreague or mystery, you dont need it. Your writing compliments itself in numberable ways, its funny, and enjoyable to read. You keep things simple, but not boring. Direct, but not uninteresting. I have so thoroughly enjoyed your first 14 chaptersI went back and read them again.

GRAMMAER SCORE: No major issues here. I saw a few paragraphs here and there that were a tad long, but nothing I dont do on the regular myself. Your writing is easy to understand, clear, concise and has exactly -211 reasons for me to complain.

CHARACTER SCORE: Bro, you wrote a story about a potato. Thats about as epic as it gets damnit. I would not have thought, in a thousand years, that this story would have interested me in any way shape or form. Yet you drew me in, hook, line and sinker. I love June, am thoroughly enjoying the shennanigans of the wanna be thieves and thugs of the Alley King, and cannot wait for the story to progress down the innevitable spuddegeddon route.

OVERALL SCORE: Five stars my friend. This was a wonderful enjoyable and unique read. I loved it! Please do keep writing this. I cant wait to read more!


I have a bad feeling about this (review) ...

Style - Story doesn't have any obvious flaw in this regard. It is well written, easy to follow and understand, and is withoutout any obvious mistakes I would be able to point out. 5-Star Potatoes.

Grammar - My Grammar is Potato. English is not my first language, all stories will receive 5-star potatoes for their grammar regardless. 

Story - The entire story runs on the totally ridiculous concept of the protagonist being reincarnated as the potato. Yes, the potato. At this point, I have my doubts whether it is a good idea to actually write this review as I am even unable to tell whether the story parodies the LitRPG genre, parodies LitRPG community, or both. It's probably both. Actually, it does have semi-reasonable worldbuilding where the world and people living in it are threatened by the other reincarnation, called L'ders, which has potential, but ... it's about a potato. Did I take the bait for reviewing the story? 

Character - Oh, no. Seriously? The personality of the ... Fine. Excellent portrayal of the personality of the gender-neutral potato. They are the potato other potatoes with to be like! 5-Potatoes.

I did rate a comedic story very high before, so I will do it for this one as well. 



When I first heard of the concept for this story from the author, I laughed at the ridiculous concept of having a sentient potato as the story's MC.

But despite its unusual protagonist, Ploopie has managed to created a light-hearted and fun story about this potato's journey to godhood.

The characters are well developed and their interactions are hilarious and life-like, the plot is unique and unpredictable.

I have great expectations for this story as I know the author's amazing world building ability and I can't wait for the release of the next chapter!

Turtles are different from Tortoises

A humorous adventure of an aristocrat turned potato, which puts a comical protagonist in even more comical straits as he becomes a living, talking, moving vegetable.

Grammar: Grammar is very good, no flaws of any kind come to mind is this department.

Story: The story is an interesting one for sure, which does a unique job with taking its concept in a creative direction while still keeping what made it stand out in the first place.

Character: The protagonist is the best potato I’ve ever read about, with a detail personality that stands out, and makes him easy to recognize and remember. He also has realistic flaws, and it looks as though he will have a full arc of development later in the story.

A lot of the side characters though, as somewhat weak, and I don’t really associate much of unique personalities with them. There haven’t been that many chapters yet though, so that might change.

Style: The comedy is fairly well put together, and the variety of joke types I think would make it so that almost anyone will at least find themselves chuckling a couple of times. I don’t fully think the author has mastered the transitions between lighthearted and serious though, as they can be a bit sudden and difficult to fully register.

There could also be a bit less exposition, as it can start to feel just a little bit info-dumpy at times, which slows down the pacing a bit. Overall though this isn’t that much of a problem.


First five chapters review.

Before I came to royal road many eons ago (two weeks), if you had asked me to read a story about a potato ascending to godhood, I probably would've forgot it.

Luckily, RR gave me the option to be reminded time and time again to read this gem.

Style wise, the story is laid out nicely. The pace quickens when it needs too, detail is aplenty without being smacked with walls upon walls of boring text, and formatting is clear.

Grammar is also polished nicely. If there were any mistakes, I didn't see them.

Story wise, this uniquely entertaining journey is amazing. The first five chapters lead you into setup smoothly and finds a way to ride the story to the next plot point. Lots of threads open up to future plot points, making for an intriguing read while also being incredibly funny.

Characters. June was a fantastic smug ruler as a person, and his arrogance while also freaking out about becoming a potato is top tier. The other characters introduced are dynamic and fit the world well. They also have major plot points attached to them that I am intrigued to find out about.

Overall, there's no bigger praise I can give than to keep reading this whenever I can. My more than fivr chapter bookshelf is getting wildly larger.


Boil 'em, Mash 'em, Stick 'em in a Stew

Reviewed at: Chapter 31 - Potato-napped!

Character development is unfortunately a rare quality in web novels. Luckily, the author of Potato God is in the minority, as this novel contains more character relationships and plot twists in the first 20 chapters than most novels have in the first 200! Even the system is a fleshed-out character. While the powerscaling of the MC is undoubtedly a major component in the book, I find myself more invested in how he contends with his past identity and it's effects on those around him than his fancy potato-related skills (although the skills are both creative and interesting).

Read this if you like potatoes. If you don't like potatoes, reconsider your stance on potatoes, and then read Potato God.


Edit at CH31:

This novel damn near brought me to tears in a short 250 pages. Shame, author, shame.

We got our first fight scene as well, and while the descriptiveness can't match some of the best-choreographed novels out there, the author maintains a focus on emotion throughout the fight scenes, and the physical mechanics of it are thus less important. 9.5/10


Fun yet serious. Enjoyable and entertaining. Suspenseful  action and a MC that somehow survives trouble time and time again even though he should have gotten super smashed like the potato he is. And the author does a superb job of capturing the TRUE essence of a potato! 
Have you ever had that friend that you could only describe as... a potato: Fairly incompetent, yet somehow nutritious successful - as if the heavens have gifted them with fortune to counterbalance their general ugliness and lumpy disagreeable personality? Well if you haven't had the absolute pleasure of meeting anyone like this, then reading this story will fully adapt you to how these types of walking, talking vegetables attempt to function in society. 
A great story to read while snacking (I personally recommend chips) and reflecting on what responsibility should mean to those at the top.

Hmmm now I'm kinda craving a story in a similar vain but maybe if it were a fruit... something, idk, orange? That IS the potato of colors, after all. An orange that trumpets around how great and inspiring and admirable of a man he is, while having the taste of rotten garba - oh I'm getting distracted here -> But that's the kinda story this is!! The kind that stimulates the mind because of its creativity and ingenuity, honestly things happen very fast and are quite unexpected. The fantasy just expands and I love how nonsensically reasonable the motivations and plot are. The whole world really. As long as Mr Potato head doesn't nuke all of civilization to the void filled abyss, this story will continue to be a pleasure. Until then, why haven't you started reading it yet!! 


First of all I want to get the fact that this story isn’t all silly fun and games. It’s what I had first thought it would be, and only decided to give it a try because I was caught up on most of the other stories I was following. I was in fact quite wrong. While the story does in fact have many fun moments, the author has also masterfully intertwined it together with an amazing plot with a depth I was completely not expecting at all. Who’d have thought the day would come where I would find myself deeply invested in a literal potato. Reading this is an absolute must! Also Cherry is the best!