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Welcome to the start of an adventure told in song
it's a format new to royal road but going strong
so let me introduce you to the rhythm of the rhymes
it's a rhythm used in song since very ancient times

First of all, each line has a strict syllable limit
and each line has thirteen spoken syllables in it
1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4, 1 x x x
the last 1's followed by 3 silent beats when it is done

Often there's a lead in syllable, like this next line:
but if you read it quick, I think you'll find the rhythm fine
think of it like any 4/4 beat you've heard before
it's a simple structure but it's one that I adore






“Have you ever seen a fate so twisted and so wrong?

How could any system let this go on for so long?

Are you sure there’s nothing you can do to help the child?

Shall us gods just sit back while his destiny’s defiled?”


“Calm yourself, you’re not the first to question what’s occurred

This has been the strangest story any god has heard

Never has an entity so foreign to the place

Made itself so known while hidden safely in some space”


“No god could be hidden from the rest of us you fool

All of us are equal here beneath the system’s rule

But if even our great system cannot stop this threat

We may not have seen the worst of what could happen yet…”


System Message

Gods of old would not have dared to speak as you do now

Focus on the task at hand and you’ll survive somehow

The system will resolve this matter, none escape its eyes

Test the system if you take these final words as lies


“Do you really think the system has control of this?

Is there really nothing that the great system could miss?”

“I don’t know, but god or not, I’m dropping this issue

Against the system, there’s nothing even old gods could do”



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About the author


Bio: Just a humble artist with some work I'd like to share
come and take a look if you should have some time to spare
I still have a lot to learn about this ancient art
at the very least I'll give it effort, time, and heart

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NinaWrites ago

Rhyming is damn hard. The fact that you have written an litrpg with boxes and rhymes. Well. That's a whole 'nother level.

Signspace13 ago

Oh wow, ok, It's all in Rhyme... I think I'll sit this one out, for the sake of my own sanity. Great idea snd execution though, I wish you luck. Though I feel in the Web Novel space you may be slightly overshadowed by the other story called TWIG, by Wildbow.

    eric_river ago

    thanks for checking out the story, that does mean a lot
    so far i've been happy with the audience it's got
    I know it can't compete with most novels of any name
    but i'll keep enjoying writing it here all the same

Zaq ago

I am so glad I finally rea mched this on my list.

xadu ago

Oh wow... Uhm, this is free? I'm not dreaming? Wow

Destinyzz ago

Thanks for the Chapter

Very Unique Into !

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