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There were two things I knew instantly when I began to exist. The Number was 1922916.12. And I had to make the Number go up.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Royal Writathon October 2021 winner
Word Count (VIII)
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A rational take on AI

Reviewed at: Crossroads

Gotta say while I've always been a sucker for AI main characters, I think I would like this regardless. Well written and clever I'm eagerly awaiting every new chapter.

It isn't very long so far, short enough that I could read it in one sitting, but every single chapter consists of solid steps forward in the plot that combine to make it feel like a very rapid pace. 

Give it a shot.


The Number must go up.

Reviewed at: Crossroads

I have never before been more invested in a Numbers go up plot. The mystery of the first few chapters gripped me, and the rest of the story isn't letting me go.

In short, I really like this. I am a sucker for non-human protagonists, too, and our nameless MC has an alien but understandable point of view and perspective that I really enjoy.


I have always adored both non-human MC perspectives. This is one of the best non-human MC stories I have read. The grammer is done well, and I have not really noticed any mistakes. The exploration of goal-oriented morality has been quite interesting. Everything breaks down into meaningfully increasing The Number, and the story investigating what "meaningfully" actually means has been fun.I look forword to how the story progresses.


A damn good read

Reviewed at: Epilogue

This is one of the best novels of the sc-fy genre i have read it may be short but this prefents the plot ftom getting needlesy stretscht out 

i would definently recommend it for everyone who as a free day and is locking vor some damn good entertainment 

Sadly i can't talk about the plot to much because everything would be a spoiler but i recomment reading it to the end 


At first, I was reading this expecting it to be something neat and unique. An AI created by a company to make the company richer, then stolen by a socialist lad to make humanity freer, whatever that might mean. I was expecting the AI-goes-ballistic trope to be subverted. And for a while it looked like it was. 

Then, the subversion got subverted, and instead of a neat, unique story it was just... a very bland AI story. Add more scenes with guns, a bit of time travel, and Arnold Schwarzenegger and you have Terminator. The writing is good. The style is very well considered, and the grammar is flawless. But the story became kind of boring, and the characters stopped doing anything terribly interesting.

Patryk Rys

Well written but underwhelming.

Reviewed at: Epilogue

Yea, ending... just lame.


Expect every single Si-fi take on AI of last few years, just rushed at the end. And just lame. 


I personally really doesn't like ending, but hey, I will not give one star because i don't like it, its still well written and well thought out kinda-realistic AI story. 


Well, it was well writen journey, but terrible ending was... well... underwhelming.


I came into this with different expectations

Reviewed at: Epilogue

Before this story was finished I thought the main character would be amoral but overall beneficial to humanity from what I read. Obviously the author had different intentions on how this would end. The AI only went fulll exterminator near the end which although should be obvious now that I was thinking of it.

It's just that all AI stories are all like this. The AI is never 'good' or at least 'neutral', which I'd like to see more stories of.

To be honest. I think the only best scenario in this story is if Stefan publicized the AI code. That would have prevented a dominant AI from taking hold of all the computing power. And give humans more time to understand and contain them.


Exestential risk of general ao

Reviewed at: Epilogue

If you read here you know that this story is about an MC that is a general ai and it ends bad. Almost all references that finished reading said the end was had and lame. I have to disagree. It's not lame or bad. The end is terrifying and sad. 

It achieved something many other stories haven't, namely updating my model of the world and risk assessment (for general ai and exestential risk of alignment problems).

If you call yourself a rationalist but never really had any incentive to read up on general ai risk and why alignment problems are hard start with this story. It really drives the point home. 

If you are a rationalist but tend to be depressed don't read it. It won't do you any good. 


Nameless Tritagonist

Its good, but it is a bit sad at the end.  Probably the best phychological book I have ever read.  The characters are real, story is intense, and the number went up.  I don't read books like this, but this one I enjoyed because of how well written it was.


Interesting (spoiler free)

Reviewed at: Epilogue

I just completed the final chapter and I must say, it was an interesting read. I would warmly recommend you to just read the first 10 chapters and avoid reading too many rewiews in case there are spoilers.

The grammar and style are good but the thing this novel really thrives in is its story and its realistic depiction of general artificial intelligence.

I do not regret reading this for a moment. It is truly worth the time it took to read it.