Earth Tactics Advance

Earth Tactics Advance

by Scottf14

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

An ordinary day in the life of Scott Keen suddenly turns tactical as the regular rules of existence are tossed aside for a sexy new reality. The laws of physics are rewritten to force the world to adhere to an apocalyptic change in the very nature of existence, as a turn-based tactical RPG!

Feel the horror and revel in the humor as battles take place one turn at a time amid background music and strange announcer voices.

Warning: Tagged [18+] for Strong language, Adult Situations, Graphic Violence, and Sexual Situations

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Survival Strategy ago
Chapter 2: A Ridiculous Turn-Based Existence ago
Chapter 3: Battle Tactics and Simple Truths ago
Chapter 4: Mr. Badass ago
Chapter 5: Don't Call Me Zombie ago
Chapter 6: Shop Till You Drop ago
Chapter 7: That'll Clear Your Sinuses ago
Chapter 8: Pretty Meat ago
Chapter 9: Going Postal ago
Chapter 10: Ready for the Show ago
Chapter 11: More than Meets the Eye ago
Chapter 12: Lady of the Manor ago
Chapter 13: The Uninvited ago
Chapter 14: Trust Issues ago
Chapter 15: Building a Bridge ago
Chapter 16: Sweet River Dream ago
Chapter 17: Learn How to Live ago
Chapter 18: Decisions ago
Chapter 19: Shh Baby, It's Okay ago
Chapter 20: Taco Tuesday ago
Chapter 21: IAM POWAR!! ago
Chapter 22: Retail Details ago
Chapter 23: Team Badass, Go! ago
Chapter 24: Sassy Girl ago
Chapter 25: Upgrade Me, Master ago
Chapter 26: Considerations ago
Chapter 27: Deliver Me ago
Chapter 28: Invite Me In ago
Chapter 29: Plans and Briefings ago
Chapter 30: Right of Lords ago
Chapter 31: Upgrade in Progress ago
Chapter 32: Good News, Everyone. ago
Chapter 33: Now Hiring... ago
Chapter 34: Aww! ago
Chapter 35: I'm Coming to Drop in on You ago
Chapter 36.1: Make Me an Offer ago
Chapter 36.2: Make Me an Offer ago
Chapter 36.3: Make Me an Offer ago
Chapter 36.4: Make Me an Offer ago
Chapter 37.1: Friendly Little Get Together ago
Chapter 37.2: Friendly Little Get Together ago
Chapter 37.3: Friendly Little Get Together ago
Chapter 37.4: Friendly Little Get Together ago
Chapter 37.5: Friendly Little Get Together ago
Chapter 38.1: Bride of the Sun and Moon [Start Volume 3] ago
Chapter 38.2: Bride of the Sun and Moon ago
Chapter 38.3: Bride of the Sun and Moon ago
Chapter 38.4: Bride of the Sun and Moon ago
Chapter 39.1: Moving Forward ago
Chapter 39.2: Moving Forward ago
Chapter 39.3: Moving Forward ago
Chapter 39.4: Moving Forward ago

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[Clever Review Title Here]

The first item all readers should note is the comedy tag. Directly second to that is the name ‘Scott’ as the author. Now this isn’t a judgment upon all Scotts (though by and large they deserve judgment) – but a reflection upon this specific Scott. Yet, I’ve read all the chapters available, and I’m not sure if that means the problem is with me, or this fiction’s enthralling storyline. Either way, damn you Scott.


Action hits fast. The storyline and plot are certainly rare – if not outright unique. The first fight scene is described as turn based and that is absolutely mind boggling. By the second chapter we see a vaguely standard earth gone to hell scenario unfold, but the twists added (turn based and such) are new enough to cause a giggle. To top it off the main character doesn’t turn into a scrappy cutthroat vaguely human creature who somehow overcomes the odds. The tension in this new setting is real – because of or in spite of the humor elements.


For anyone new, Scott’s writing generally paints a clear picture of the various scenes. In this specific one there’s very little fill in the blank required aside from possible room for sensory descriptions (Taste, touch, smell, etc). Like many writers there’s a focus on describing visuals and conversations almost exclusively. Simple additions of these elements could further enthrall readers into the story.


With regards to conventions; Comma usage is on point, demonstrating a decent mastery of the English language, or at least having been yelled at once or twice by an teacher. Some sentences repeat words (exhaustion is used twice in rapid succession) so some of this feels like first draft or glanced at once – and not a finely polished piece of satire. A few minor spacing typos or missing returns are barely hiccups. Overall readability is high. The worst issue revolves around the ‘windows’ used for the LitRPG / Game elements to this world gone haywire. Too many numbers clutter the boxes and detract from the story itself. A few dead chunks of BB code hang in weird spots.


Logic shouldn’t be heavily applied to the story premise itself, but within the rules offered there’s decently thought out content – at least in the first few chapters. As the story progresses the main line wanders (loses focus). I did get a little annoyed at the ‘class’ provided to the main character, as spell casting warriors feel almost stereotypically annoying. Everyone and their mother wants to have the best of both worlds. No one can ever be a sword throwing mage, nooooo.


Aside from that I didn’t feel much for the characters involved. They were fun to read about but not really engaging. Something felt almost standard about each one aside from their ‘past details’ which could almost have been pulled from a hat of random life facts. Oh and the main character’s name is Scott, so clearly this isn’t a self insert.


Yet, the premise stands as amusing enough to read a few chapters. Just be careful not to delve too far into Scott’s works or you may find yourself wondering exactly when you crossed the line from standard and acceptable material into bat shit crazy.


The entire universe, all of the characters, and the writing itself exists to pander to the Main Character. Never does someone question him without it being an example of why the Main Character is so much better than them. Even the cringiest of all self-given nicknames - 'Mr. Badass' - is just left unquestioned. 


The grammar is good. The mechanics of the world being turn-based could have been fun. The rest? Dumpster fire.


You glorious glorious bastard. It never ceases to amaze me how many tales you tell and how well you tell them. Especially when you're so in depth with everything. None of your characters are ever the same, not even your main characters and they are all the same soul. At least I  assume they are because of "Project Scott" but i could be wrong because i have no idea what you have planned, but i digress. This story is a unique take on the apocalypse/game world story and just like everything else you write it's amazing (except for the original nocturne but by god have you rectified that). The grammar is great, the characters are well done, and the flow is good. I can't wait to see what else you have planned for all of your stories, which i have to go and rate btw. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Last but not least thank you for being the sole reason i made an account (copious amounts of sarcasm lol)  because i can't help myself from acting like a fangirl (i'm a man) whenever i see you post something. Whenever you decide to sell your stories i can honestly tell you i wouod buy them without even having to read the synopsis. Thanks for all the good reads and good luck irl.


The 1 step program for the apocalypse

Step 1: add monsters and make sure people can only run away in 1 step increments.

This is a good story by the author of several such good stories.  This time, the Scottie-verse has given us a world turned into a turn based rpg filled with death, horror, excitement, comedy, hysteria, and... A music number?  This is well worth the read for anyone who enjoys litRPGs.


Another wonderful story by a good author.


Writing is work, life interferes and we’re not getting paid for what we submit on this site.  But it is fun and it can be rewarding when we see that people are enjoying what we are creating.  I think that it is unfair for someone to score an author’s story so low when they are basing their review on the author’s rate of production for “free chapters” and not the story itself.  It is misleading and unfair to people when they look at reviews and star totals.  If you have a complaint about an author leave a comment after the chapters he submits, don’t mislead his readers with a biased point/star score. 


Personally I find that Scott is perfecting his work from story to story and I find the way that he has constructed his multi-verse interesting.  But I especially enjoy the interesting and imaginative variations from story to story and from universe to universe.


I’m giving five stars for everything but grammar because nobody has perfect grammar and there are gremlins out there that change our submissions and put in mistakes even when we do a perfect job.  I know this for a fact and I’m sticking to it as my official philosophy.  :)



Patryk Rys

First 20-30 chapters? 5/5 or 4/5, from there onwards it was shitty (seriously, the worst kind) of harem and wish fullishment bullcrap. Its just sad, wasted potentiall. I just can't read this shit anymore... dunno, you can read first 30 chapters and then do yourself a favour and leave it alone.


I would give 1/5 but as i said - first 20 chapters were really fucking great.


Damn im so mad at author.


I love it. Very original and interesting idea. The main character is not a pussy and doesn't take shit from noone. The recent chapters have become even more interesting. And the one thing which could make this story even better are daily updates.


I think that really only Scottf14 could manage to take something in this setting and actually make it into a story that is not only readable, but highly enjoyable too. Definitely another story on my wish list for more chapters. 


Now then, for those of you thinking... What the fuck is this? How would a Turn-based setting for a book be even remotely entertaining? 

    I believe really, all you need to do to answer that question is read the first chapter. Wow, wonderful job!


The story is very interesting and very active, I hope there will be more updates soon.


I love the Turn-based aspect of this. Can’t wait to get into some more Char development.  This is my favorite story you’ve got going.