Epic Tales Variation: Aegis Kan

Epic Tales Variation: Aegis Kan

by Marskidris

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

[Winner of the 2021 Writhathon Challenge]

Volume 1

Powerless - without ability, influence, or power. That's what Aegis Kan previously known as Terrence Brown, felt when his world was invaded and his soul has whisked away to Gaia.

Born as the firstborn of a Powerful Duke, Aegis finds himself in an entirely new world with magic and different paths to power; however, Aegis Kan is tasked with a mission as a Harbinger by the being, [Beyond], who invaded his world, took his soul, and chucked him and others out into the universe.

Their task? Spread the System to the myriad races. This is his story, his Epic Tales.

Volume 2 Syn

Aegis and his cousin Amaya find themselves sent to the world of Prima on one mission and one mission alone. Conquer the world and add it the dukedom and Empires ever-growing resources.

However, something weird happened to the planet right before their arrival. An overlap of the same world but darker and a merging caused by the shifting of realities have caused a nightmare Aegis has long forgotten to reappear. They...




This story can be considered a slow burn and the everything is explained as the action commences and the story moves along. It is mostly told from Aegis perspective however there are several times when a side character perspective of an event matters so I'll put it in. Btw the first volume is a bit spotty as I am a new writer and still trying to find my rhythm. I believe it picks up speed around chapter 13-16ish 

Release Schedule: 

4 chapters a week Wed-Sat 7AM GMT -6

Chapter length between 2000-3500. I try to stay around 2500-3000 but somethings the chapter just doesnt have a good cut off.

Not all tags will affect the first volume and more will be added as the world is expanded.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Concept Art! Volume 1 ago
Concept Art! Volume 1 pt 2 ago
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: New World, New Life, New Name. ago
Chapter 2: Aspects, Asswhoopings, Amaya's Birthday. ago
Chapter 3: The Princess and the Frog ago
Chapter 4: My Siblings and Serious Training. ago
Chapter 5: Kiddnapped? ago
Chapte 6: Questioning my Morals ago
Servant Interlude: Murnia ago
Chapter 7: The Little Army ago
Chapter 8: Resolved ago
Chapter 9: Moriah’s Plans ago
Chapter 10: Bosses’ Battle ago
Chapter 11: Bloodline Initiator ago
Chapter 12: Shadow ago
Chapter 13: Necromancers ago
Chapter 14: Exploring the Everchange Forest ago
Chapter 15: Coming out the Shadow ago
Chapter 16: Level 2 ago
Chapter 17: Me? I’m Mark Magnus ago
Chapter 18: The Blue Team ago
Chapter 19: Rohan’s Riders ago
Chapter 20: Fight! Survive! ago
Chapter 21: State of the Dukedom ago
Chapter 22: Lost but not Forgotten ago
Chapter 23: Problems with the Soul ago
Chapter 24 Two Years Later ago
Chapter 25: The City Where Heroes are Forged ago
Chapter 26: The City Lord, the Orphan. ago
Chapter 27: Pantheon ago
Familial Interlude: Keala Kan ago
Servant Interlude: Slight Hands ago
Servant Interlude: Alex ago
Chapter 28: Pride/Judgement ago
Chapter 29: A Test of Character ago
Chapter 30: SEE GOD, SLAY GOD ago
Chapter 31: Mission Passed, Respect + ago
Chapter 32: Return to the Surface ago
Chapter 33: Territory and Recruitment ago
Chapter 34: Bandit Culling ago
Chapter 35: Uninvited Guests ago
Chapter 36: A Celebration to Remember ago
Epilogue 1: Red Goblin ago
Epilogue 2: Theresa Brown aka Scourge ago
V2 Chapter 1: A Rough Landing ago
V2 Chapter 2: Questions and Answers ago
V2 Chapter 3: Nobles ago
V2 Chapter 4: Warrior Princess ago
Interlude: Shadow ago
Familial Interlude: Vasu ago
Bonus Content 1: Eradication ago
 Chapter 5: First Contact ago
Chapter 6: High Queen Noxlia ago
Chapter 7: Internal Strife ago
Chapter 8: Battle Between Titans ago
Chapter 9: Forces of the Last Kingdom ago
Chapter 10: Gearing up for Battle ago

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It's written very well but I just can't stand the main character. Not only is he extremely cowardly he's also a control freak to the extreme and he's "American" in such a way he comes across as an ass and is constantly comparing everything to his past life and crying about it. Then there's the system which is hardly explained and is extremely convoluted just not for me.


A very interesting world filled with fantasy races and many realms to explore.  Uses both cultivation and system power structures although it takes some time for them to be fully revealed.  Lots of potential, would recommend.  The main character is a reasonable person who rises to the challenges put in front of them which i like.


First off, I want to start with the positives (because I've left a lot of critics throughout the chapters). This is a very good story and a great first draft. The ideas are all there and it consistently shows flashes of good writing, world-building, and story elements. The unique ideas like aspects, magi human, history are well thoughout, interesting, and a great hook to keep the readers entertained. In fact, those parts are so good that I'm gonna read the entire story even through the flaws.

Now the negatives. The main character and his decision making is nonsensical. It almost feels like the author is attempting to rush kingdom building, individual growth, having a system and has not dedicated enough efforts to impress or develope any of the three. It feels like a litrpg that doesn't actually utilize the system trying to develop an army/kingdom that's mentioned twice. The time skips are awkward and some scenes that break up the time skips only add to this awkwardness. 

Lastly, here are some things and tips that's helped me as slightly more experienced author. Run your chapters through grammarly, you have so many run on sentences or missing commas that detract from your storytelling that could esaily be avoided just by copying and pasting your draft to grammarly. I've touched upon this in a few of my comments but there are certain places, especially dialogue, where details actuallt create a chunky, awkward, and abnormal scene. However, this is not to say that you shouldn't invest more into scene development. You do a lot of telling rather than showing and we rarely get scene descriptions unless it's an active part of that particular scene. You have a great story and a great voice for narration, but having more background will allow readers to better visualize your characters, their actions, and the world around them. 

Overall, I want to give this story a 5 star. I really do, it's a captivating story and a pleasurable read (if you choose to ignore the issues I've mentioned). Your creativity is just enough to make sure I stay in for the long haul. Thank you for sharing! 


Update: tried sticking it out further and made it to Chapter 15. Couldn't bear it anymore which sucks because the potential is all there.