Memoirs of Your Local Small-time Villainess

Memoirs of Your Local Small-time Villainess

by Flameruner

An editor at the prime of her life—and with maybe just a little too much free time—finds herself waking up in one of her favorite RPGs with no clue as to what's going on or how to get back home.

This might be the part where others rejoice over getting whisked away to a world of wizards and magic, but she certainly doesn't think it's anything to celebrate about.

After all, she woke up in the body of a small-time villain with some severe personality issues.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Entitled Infracaninophile

I'm liking this a lot. The twist is that the MC is psychologically compelled to behave and think in a bunch of somewhat villainous ways, which surprisingly works really well. The story is somewhat grim dark (kids sold into child slavery by her pre-transmigrated self), but I absolutely love it. Scarlett tries, and increasingly succeeds in turning herself around. Awesome, highly recommended story.


I have a feeling I will be updating this with a 5-star advanced review as well, once I've read more.

The writing is clear, without glaring errors. The style is not too complex or too simple, just right; it's engaging. The characters and settings are well described. The premise/story, while not unique, is presented in a matter that is intriguing and stands on its own.

I am very much looking forward to the rest.


Decent villains redemption insekai

Reviewed at: Chapter 13 - Disputes


The style is solid and draws the reader in. While light on scenery description the context and action descriptions are good. There are a few perspective shifts but so far only in reaction to events thr main character participated in. These help to flesh out the mcs appearance from the outside and assist in providing context.



The story follows the template of bakarina or "simply according ti the dukes daughters common sense". In short the mc is reincarnated as a noble lady who is a minor villain in a video game. They reincarnate after the noble has made a solid mess of things and turn thier efforts to fixing things using their otherworldly knowledge. Well dome but nothing world shaking or new.



I didn't notice any grammar errors.



While too short yet for real character development each character has actual depth and doesn't feel much like a card board cutout. They do however feel a bit like video game characters which makes sense considering the world.


Overall a good read and worth a follow.



Still short of 200 words bt i feel i said and justified my review and opinion so here are some choice words.






Our MC wakes up to find herself as Scarlett Hartford, a small-time noble villain in an open-world fantasy RPG she enjoyed playing. With knowledge of the game and a status screen, she needs to go about redeeming herself to avoid her "bad end" (i.e. death). Which is harder than it sounds as the game is intent on her being her character. 

The writing is solid. The author is descriptive, but not overly so. Some mistakes with capitalization and typos, but nothing egregious. No other memorable grammatical mistakes.

The characters are well-written. So far we’ve mainly had POVs from Scarlett, but her body guard, Kat, as well as a few others have helped flesh out the MC. What’s interesting is that the MC has retained her character’s traits (like, it’s part of her character status) of being cavalier, callous, overbearing and conceited, and either has to try and work around them or use them appropriately.

We've only seen/learned of a small section of the world, and it’s fairly standard of a fantasy game world, but so far it has been well-described and consistent. It also has a very “live in” feel, which is helped along by having alternate POVs.

Overall, this has been a fun read about the MC trying to rehabilitate her life and avoid pitfalls that spring up, and I’m looking forward to more.


The villainess story you have been seeking for

Reviewed at: Chapter 15 - Management issues

So lot of things piss me off. Like for instance, when I see more lit rpg apocalypse stories, tower climbing stories, dungeon apocalypse, alien isekai system nonsense, and overall blue boxes clouding the story. Essentially what pisses me off is cliche predictable plots that have already been done.

but this story ? It's different. I went in expecting ofc the same bogus "I reincarnated as a villainess, but I will proceed to act nothing like one but instead, I shall act 20 years younger than my mental age and fall for men half my age and act like a saint. Somehow  anyone half brain dead around me will rationalize the changes in my personality like the stupid NPC that they are" type story.

this story is different in that the mc retains the conceited arrogance a villainess who is beautiful and an aristocrat should have, at the same time we are given a privy to the inner thoughts of a modern 20 something year old with knowledge of the world due to a game she played. The balance is often breached in other isekai "villainess" stories. 

There seems to be a deep over arching plot going on. Perhaps it won't ever be as intriguing as Skeleton monster who couldn't protect the dungeon, but nonethe less I smell deeper nefarious powers and lord hiding within the world while our mc tries to exploit what she knows. 

the story itself is nothing crazy. But the previous reviewer fishface docked off stars for that. Like honey it's only 15 chapters in and it's not exactly a short story for a crazy fast pace. Even in popular fiction the plot really doesn't take off until 20-30chapters in. But then again, the first 15 chapters haven't been mind blowing. Kinda underwhelming but it's a wait and see situation

so far no romance,  but I honestly wouldn't mind if she found her self in a very smooth underlying romantic subplot with someone equally badass and competent as her.

I think it's doing a good job side stepping the pile of shit called cliches and you all should give it a chance


sorry for my grammar, even a 3 yo prob writes better but I can't be assed to edit 



Villainess degraded into wanna-be hero

Reviewed at: Chapter 10 - Gang fights

The premise is that Amy Bernal, some random editor woman from modern world, gets reincarneted into her 'favourite' video game as the small time villainess Scarlett.

Villainess Scarlett is the house head of the Hartford family, a noble lineage with a baron title. Red haired, intimidating, dignified, callous and overbearing.

The issue however is that the reincarnation loses ALL of Scarlett's memories. She doesn't remember her staffs name. That she has a sister. That she IS the house head! What her connections are. NOTHING!

Basicly she lost all the qualifications to be the house head or any kind of villainess.

Thus she degrades into a wanna-be hero, who charges into her problems head first without any knowlegde, really quickly. She never fought her entire life.

She raids a dungeon she remembers from the game with only one random adventurer from the guild. On first/second day of being reincarnated. She has no skills/protection herself, doesnt know if she can trust said adventurer.

Next she raids a bandit nest with a dozen bandits with only one adventurer. And she has basicly no skills/protection herself. On her 3rd day of being reincarnated...


The world feels like it's static and full off NPC's.

So while raiding the bandit nest/slave traders, in the middle of night in the middle of the city, she arranges half a dozen carriages to be driven next to it. Noone asks questions? No guards asks why she transports 30 kids in rags through the city gates to her estate? The underground criminals don't have informants who see those sneaky carriages, in the middle of the night in the middle of the city??

The reactions of the surrounding population is basicly like me playing a video game. I can run through skyrim shooting fire balls into the air, in the middle of the city and middle of the night, and noone gives a shit.

Dialogues feel somewhat stiff and generic. Like two AI programs trying to communicate with each other.

So maybe I'm a bit harsh but I think the hook of this story is to see Scarlett (Amy Bernal) try her best as a villainess to get through. After all her personality should still be intimidating, dignified, callous and overbearing.

Not that she becomes some generic wanna-be hero MC who adopts enlaved kids into her mansion to play mum. After 10 chapters I already think she is anything BUT dignified and her former personality is only there for her to frown occasionally.

But maybe I'm wrong and that's what the author is aiming for...


I thought it was just your cliché story, i was wro

Reviewed at: Chapter 19 - The dine and dash

Don't know how to start:

The style is simple, and effective, i does it's job, so to say.

The story is nothing incredibly original or something like that, but, and here is why i really like this, it has an interesting approach to some problems of the isekai/transported to another game mechanics, also, i like the idea of a sistem like that, a little too similar to Deculein in "the villans wants to live" but just the basic principles.

The grammar makes the story very pleasant to read, and i apprecciated the effort of the author to make our MC talks in a elevated language.

Finally, we are to the characters:

Nothing to say here, because it conteins spoilers, i just wanted to tell the authors that he has done a god job to make the character alive and capable of growth(mental growth).

I also wanted to take this opportunity to ask for a time skip, where our protagonist visit some easy and random dangeon, obtein skill, and all that, because i know that she will be strong when she will need it, but is always good to know that she can defend herself.