Milo lives in a steel cave within a man-made mountain of steel and concrete. He spends his days repairing the machinery that keeps the habitat livable and tinkering with the prosthetics that help his twisted body move about through the small tunnels and air shafts that are his world. He's as much a piece of discarded machinery as the equipment he keeps running. 

Given a chance at being someone different will he become a hero and live in the sunlight? The light beckons, but there are secrets buried in the ground. Ancient mysteries left by races that delved deep and stayed below. Maybe only a tunnel rat culd find them?

And thanks to the artist of that handsome rat for inspiration. Find more of her work here:

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The Walrus King

The Walrus King

The Walrus King

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Milo ago
Chapter 2: Heist ago
Chapter 3: How about a nice game of chess? ago
Chapter 4: Nowhere to run. ago
Chapter 5: Shadowport ago
Chapter 6: Rat on the Roofs ago
Chapter 7: Lights End ago
Chapter 8: The Basement ago
Chapter 9: Shroom gathering ago
Chapter 10: Cheating with Physics ago
Chapter 11: Real World Problems ago
Chapter 12: Leveling Up ago
Chapter 13: Bad to the Bone ago
Chapter 14: Why do you have dead worms in your pocket? ago
Chapter 15: Making new friends. ago
Chapter 16: Wash Day ago
Chapter 17: Unchained ago
Chapter 18: Apple core, nothing more ago
Chapter 19: Cichol ago
Chapter 20: Accidents ago
Chapter 21: Stinky Cheese! ago
Chapter 22: Clan Business ago
Chapter 23: Little bugs, big bugs, bugs for dinner. ago
Chapter 24: Home, sweet home. ago
Chapter 25: Once a hacker... ago
Chapter 26: Snakes! Why'd it have to be snakes? ago
Chapter 27: Kicking over the hornets nest. ago
Chapter 28: Corpse Run ago
Chapter 29: Shroom Grinding ago
Chapter 30: Salvaging Parts ago
Chapter 31: Decisions, Decisions... ago
Chapter 32: Actions have Consequences ago
Chapter 33: The Dragon is Wounded ago
Chapter 34: Delivery Boy ago
Chapter 35: Delivery Boy, part 2 ago
Chapter 36: Cheese and Apples ago
Chapter 37: Lurking ago
Chapter 38: Caught between a rock and another rock. ago
Chapter 39: Rocky Rewards ago
Chapter 40: Which rock? ago
Chapter 41: Gears turning ago
Chapter 42: Volat-Repax ago
Chapter 43: Research ago
Chapter 44: Grinding ago
Chapter 45: More grinding. ago
Chapter 46 : Scavenging ago
Chapter 47: Spare parts? ago
Chapter 48: Subragators and Throttlecogs ago

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I'm really enjoying this so far. For a writathon entry the quality is awesome.

The world feels fully fleshed out and internally consistent. The pressures it places on the characters and their responses give the story a life of its own and a sense of depth. It feels almost like a machine, with the various parts working in sync with one another.

I enjoy the prose and the pacing of the story. King's style is a great fit for the style of story they are presenting. There is a great balance between action packed moments and periods of reflection.

The system is presented in a fresh way, which can be difficult given the prevalence of LITRPG books on Royal Road. Each skill is developed and logical ( if that can be used as a descriptor for a blending of fantasy and technology)

I’m not always sold on the decisions the characters make but that just shows the investment in them the writer has been able to develop.

There are some grammar issues which sneak through but given the lack of editing time involved in writing 55K words in a little over a month this is more than understandable.

I hope to see this story continue beyond the 5th.


I came here because of the rec of Wizard's Tower author's rec.  Great story with a lot of world building.  One of the only stories where the out of VR is as interesting as the in VR story.  The author uses a random generator for the fights, so it stays fresh and interesting.  The writing is great and the characters draw you in.  I really like this story and will stay with it for the long haul.