The Battle Mage (litRPG progressive fantasy)

The Battle Mage (litRPG progressive fantasy)

by Eldwurm

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

One gesture of kindness brings along a reward worth more than planet earth. Leo embarks on his journey to escape as well as to save. Xanadu was the first world he encounter, a place where wild beasts thrive like ant colonies. It was up Leo to figure things out, finding out new ways in surviving through this hellish new world. With hope of returning just at the front door, he strive for perfection with the aid of his friends, co-workers and his Gift from his misunderstood kindness. 

And the end game? No one knows at the moment, countries too busy in expanding their power through these new lands while forgetting the most important thing. Climbing Mount Akrat. Leo and a band of unexpected people will chase after the main quest as nothing is more important than finishing a quest. His spells and wit ready to tackle future adversaries no matter how tough it gets. 

Leo Hart, a man easily spook by a jump-scare is now in the path of transforming himself into a battle harden Battle Mage. From your everyday office worker to slayer of liches and dragons. 

Try it out and see whether you like it or not. I'm not that good of a writer, but I'm here trying to entertain. Give a comment, a review or even just a smile. 

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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