Blackened Blood[Progression Fantasy]

Blackened Blood[Progression Fantasy]

by vVip3rzzz

Broken and lost by the dredges of this world a boy awakens once again into life's game within hallowed black halls, his first taste of new life cold and hunger along with the echoing drip of temptation. Deep sickness festering within in him.

Given a second chance by either coincidence or something more sinister, follow the story of he who bleeds black. Betrayal, greed and blood littered in droves across this hellbound path.


2000+ words daily for now, will reduce to thrice a week after the writathon.

If it wasn't clear, this is a vampire story taking place in a high fantasy environment. Although while its main character is a vampire and that is one main focus of the story it will also lend itself to the magic side of this world as well. 

Basically, if you're interested in vampires or magic heavy stories, this will have something for you... probably. 

The synopsis is kinda vague but If you give it a shot, I think you'll like it. 

Also, feel free to drop any sort of constructive criticism since this is one of my first experiences writing in first person.

Forgot to add that the story will be a little less action-orientated until around chapter 20+ when... well... read and see :) 

Any chapters with the * next to them have been edited or tweaked. I'll remove it once all of them are.

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Blackened Blood, a vampire story!

Reviewed at: (Ch 9)Qixi

A very good book for those who love vampire books, good writing, story building and characterisation. The Mc is relatable and growing before our eyes. There are hints about the world at large as of now and I can't wait to see it developped further. I recommend this book to everyone, it is a good work and I hope our dear author keeps up the good work.


Our boy Vallis starts in the blackest of rooms, a crypt. A crypt you say? Vallis does not know the answer. In fact, Vallis is confused, scared, angered. Will the boy strive to survive even in his pitiful state? Or will his blood be consumed, his flesh torn?

Or will he thrash, twist, and turn to get his way? Find out with me as we follow this amazing story of none other than Vallis, a vampire of black blood.

You will thoroughly enjoy this story, just try it out! Although I have read very little I enjoyed the development so far.

Style - A very descriptive story if I say so myself, going into needed detail on subjects I need to visualize this new world. I am very exposed to the idea of the story and right with the timeline, which is easy to follow. Very happy about that indeed!

Grammar - Impeccable, I mean I have found not one hiccup nor burp reading as far as I have. Granted I haven't read much, nor am I an expert.

Story - Very intriguing, the story pulls you in asking more and more questions.  Hints and foreshadowing, y'know the good stuff.

Character - I assume this category is for the characters in the story itself. Great description, awesome conveying of the feeling and thinking for each and unique person. Very enthralling for each person's story!

Overall - Read the damned story already ya hooligan! What else do I have to say to convince ya? Although if vVip3rzzz is reading this, cheers mate!