Fated To Fall: A Transmigrator LitRPG Tale

Fated To Fall: A Transmigrator LitRPG Tale

by Mystique

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

She had welcomed Death with open arms, and was more than happy to spend her afterlife floating in the void. Until a Goddess decides she has better plans for her and offers her a choice any fantasy loving geek would die for. However after accepting the offer she learned the hard way that one should always read the fine print, especially when dealing with a God. 

Now she's been dropped into the world that inspired her favorite game. Except the body she now inhabits is that of the final boss of the game, only 8 years before she comes into her cataclysmic powers. She now has to avoid the machinations of a family that at best wants nothing to do with her and at worst wants her dead. Avoid any and all Heroes with a proclivity for decapitation, complete a Goddess's vague Quest to save the fate of the world, tame every cute magical beast she can get her hands on. Oh and probably find a way to smack said Goddess who thought putting her in the body of the character with the worst Tragic Backstory™ was a good idea. 

Liliana Rosengarde might be Fated to Fall but this little bird just found her wings and won't be hitting the ground anytime soon.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

Tags that fit this story that aren't options:

Slow Burn, if you don't like slow stories that build to action very slowly this isn't the novel for you. If you like slow development, copious introspection and a story focused on a single character you will probably enjoy this!

Crunchy LitRPG, numbers, math, boxes galore adorn these pages.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The End Is Where It Begins ago
Chapter 2: Always Read The Fine Print ago
Chapter 3: I met a Goddess and all I got for it were these Titles ago
Chapter 4: I am apparently a Doll, not a person. ago
Chapter 5: Books and New Skills ago
Chapter 6: My Sleep Paralysis Demon is Actually Kind of Chill ago
Chapter 7: The true villain in this story, Embroidery. ago
Chapter 8: Bruises, Bonds and Brand New Discoveries! ago
Chapter 9: A Horse Girl Is Born ago
Chapter 10: Vitality Training is Just Another Name For Torture ago
Chapter 11: Steel is a Girl's Best Friend ago
Chapter 12: What's an Adventure Without Slimes? ago
Chapter 13: Slimes? You Mean Globs of Free EXP? ago
Chapter 14: It's Too Cute To Kill! ago
Chapter 15: Classes and a Furry new Friend! ago
Chapter 16: The Fox is Trying To Kill Me. ago
Chapter 17: Fierce Fight and Forgotten Tales ago
Chapter 18: A New Hero Arrives ago
Chapter 19: Isn't It So Cute? ago
Chapter 20: No More Shadowy Stalkers Please! ago
Chapter 21: Surging Shadows, Bursting Lights and Piercing Screams ago
Chapter 22: Overdramatic Teenagers are Overdramatic ago
Chapter 23: Curiosity Killed The Cat But Satisfaction Brought It Back ago
Chapter 24: Here Kitty, Kitty, kitty ago
Chapter 25: What's In A Name? ago
Chapter 26: This Isn't Goodbye, it's Simply See You Later ago
Chapter 27: Time To Make An Entrance ago

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Pacing issues. Another magical swordsman

Reviewed at: Chapter 11: Steel is a Girl's Best Friend

Early chapters are just her min/maxing by farming stat points before killing a monster to reach level 2 because you are capped on how many points you can get a level. And big pet peeve: we have a magical swordsman/jack of all trades with no right to being one. She is described as being small and slender with her own training instructor having said she wouldn't be suited to being a fighter. Lo' and behold, she has magic to magic the difference into making her a great fighter! It doesn't matter that even if her baseline characeterists are described as being inadequate to being a fighter. I'm sorry but these are the instances where I especially hate the overdone jack of all trades charactertype. She wants to learn using a weapon alongside magic because magic alone in 1v1 situations is bad, BUT she wants to be a magical animal tamer too. Make it make sense. She isn't going to be 1v1 with her magical monsters? This is the scenario where you want to be a pure caster. The MC rationalizes this because there are places she won't be able to carry her summon around due to being a noble. Okay great, but she can carry her favorite weapon, the polearm, there to these venues?


This is one of the better Isekai's I've read in a while. I may be slightly biased, since I enjoy reading stories with strong female protagonists that don't lean on politics. Honor Harrington, Bethany Ann, Alice Long, Ayla, Miri Robertson, Theo Waitley, theres just something about baddass female MC's thats fun to read.

So, aside from that, whats good here? Lots!

1. Characters-Very protagonist focused, but with a number of side characters which are noteworthy. The greatest focus ironically is on a fox rather than human side characters until near the recent chapters.

2. The method of Isekai is common, but with interesting twists which give it a fresh feel.

3. The pace feels very good.

4. I felt a strong attachment to the protagonist early on, and has built since.

5. The grammar is about perfect, which is amazing with this being a fairly unedited writathon competitor.

What do I not care for, or feel is weak in this? Only a couple minor things, and one moderate gripe.

1. The magic is kind of lack luster, and uninspired, at least up to the current point of the story.

2. The antagonist/(s) are fairly absent, and not well defined. There is a clear threat and danger, but it feels too abstract? The active danger happened at a remove and doesn't really feel "Real" to the protagonist. Its an interesting effect, but I don't think it's intentional.

3. My biggest gripe is that things seem to be going far too well for the protagonist. I keep waiting for a shoe to drop, for some tragedy to occur, or new challenge to surface which throws things into chaos that the protagonist has to overcome, but that doesn't really seem to happen. Things keep going her way, (Despite starting from a very challenged beginning) and I'm worried that could cause the story to go stale.

TLDR: Its a great story, that I hope continues. Keep it up, and worth a read!


A wonderful slow burn protal progression with a minimum of boxes. A very unique start for a character put into a dire situation and being inventive on how to overcome. Well worth the read so far! I am looking forward to seeing what turns might befall the not-hero next. 

Outback Quill

A LitRPG with a little bit of villainy. While we get off to a slow start, that isn’t a bad thing as the author builds a well thought out world. The systems are balanced, and not overly in your face which is my personal preference. 


Decently paced, and while there are some ‘sticky’ spots they are few and far between. World building, and systems flow naturally, without being over done. I don’t feel bogged down with info dumps, which is hard to find in most stories floating around RR. 


Overall the grammar and spelling are very good, which is a merit to the author. I can’t even count the number of stories I’ve dropped over poor grammar. While I did note a few minor issues, they do not take away from the story, and from what I can see in the comments the author is quick to fix any bigger mistakes.  


While the story is still in its first steps, with building the world and introducing some characters. The author does a good job of setting up the greater story arc, and creating interest in what is to come. 


Ah, the beloved MC halo, blessings and good fortune abound. A trope I both love and hate. This well written main character makes this one of the times I love the trope. 

But in all honesty, we all know the real MC isn’t Liliana… its the cute and cuddly beasties.  


Style - A exceptionally well-written story, with an obvious effort put into it, it's clear, easy to understand, and flows very well. A 5-star rating would be more than deserved. 

Grammar - I swear, if I ever learn what Grammar is, I will go insane from the revelation. English is not my first language, all stories will get 5-star grammar by default.

Story - A tragic story of the terminally ill girl that re-incarnates as the terminally ill girl in the fantasy world - even if the author specifically confirmed to me that Liliana isn't terminally ill and has been healed, I still feel that story is or would be quite tragic. It seeps through every (metaphorical) pore. Even if this is going to turn around, later on, the author again deserved every star in the score.

Characters - At this point, the only character in the story that received any meaningful attention is the protagonist, Liliana, and she is handled very well. Other notable characters are Astrid, her maid, and Silas, a warrior master, who both quickly became the protagonist's surrogate parents after hostile and cold handling from her (new world's) biological parents. Their relationship is handled exceptionally well and further confirms the 5-star I decided to give to the story. 

I originally reviewed this story in Chapter 6 but now, I am changing the review as it becomes one of my favorite stories here on Royal Road. For me, my original 5-star review feels justified after I've read into it a bit more. I suggest it to everyone.


I must admit that I don't really like the transported into a game/book you know plots. The MC knows everything and it mqkes it boring. Here its not the case, even the opposite, and yiu could easily rewrite it so the MC doesnt know the setting. 


All in all I enjoyed reading this. The characters are relatable, the MC isnt OP but has some nice bonusesand the battles are fun without too much crunching.


First, where do I even start? 

Reincarnation? Check.

Smart Villainess? Check.

LitRPG? Check

Loveable Side Characters? Check.

I been following this story since it came out - or maybe a few days after, and I have to say, I am so glad that I decided to read it. I always feel a bit hesitant to read a story that just came out because I'm scared of it being abandoned. But, as a new author on this platform, I think it's needed to have interaction to spur them on that it's good and that I really like it. I also love how the author interacts with their readers in the comment. It really makes the reading experience so much more... warm and community-like! On to the actual meat of this subject! 

Style - I am NOT a professional writer nor am I a good one. So I feel very unqualified to judge objectively on what is a "good" style and a "bad" style. Not to say that I can't tell from "good/easily digestible" stories vs "bad/awkward phrasing" stories. I can only rate based on my lens as a reader. It reads well. There are no hiccups. I can read through the whole chapters so far without having to re-read the same sentence - and that's a gold star from me. 

Grammar - As stated above, I'm not a professional. But, no typos (at least from what I read), no inconsistent tenses, and no awkward syntaxes. Again, I can read the story with ease and that is very important to me after having such a BS long day after work. I don't read RR stories to re-live my horrors in University of reading the super dense "classical" books. 

Story - OK. Finally, my favourite part of this review. I know that the story is still new, but dang it, we need more loveable villainess LITRPG. I love how the author is taking the time to introduce us to the magic system. For those who love tables, the author always updates the table and hides it behind a spoiler to give OPTIONS for readers who care about the numbers and readers who can go without it (I know that's more formatting/style). I love that you get a small identity crisis between the two bodies/souls. The story is a slow burn - but you can tell that with all the skills she's acquiring - when you get to the highs - it's going to be EPIC. I'm waiting for it to happen. 

Character - I love Liliana. I wish I could just say that, and be done with it. But, I will put in a proper review. I love love love this character. She's realistic, she innovative, she's organized (you'll see why) and you can tell that despite her shortcoming, overall, she is a very strong mentally/emotionally character. Not to the point where you feel that she will be a caricature of all the wish-fulfilment stories, but the way Lili tackles each problem and new information is just so satisfying to watch. She is in a game she played - and the author does a great way to also integrate that knowledge in the character that doesn't feel forced or contrived. 

Overall, I'm enjoying this story a lot. But I'm sure you can tell based on the comments I leave on the chapters. I have a certain genre/type of storytelling that's just my JAM and this is it, alright? 


Short response: its good, and i expect it to get better. Read it.

Long response: I dont usually leave reviews. Sometimes a really good one pops up and i feel i have to. This story probably isnt for everyone, there are aspects of litrpg that some love or hate, like crunchyness and skill sheets. I adore those things, but thats me.

Pros would be a decent main girl who isnt an idiot (mostly), and good pacing and progress. The reborn otome game theme has been used, but this author paints a slightly different line, self improvement over changing future events. And its based on a rpg combat game vs romance one, so it changes the precieved world a bit, but leaves it open to explore.

Con is harder to describe. A general feel that the mc is closing her heart off to any potential timeline changes or potential human allies. Looking for animal tames to replace human teammates for trust nets an issue to me. As of this review (ch 24) that might be becoming less of an issue with her actions. Time will tell.

Note: i am distinctly not a fan of her environment and situation at start, in either world, and was unsure about continuing past the first few chap. Then i decided that it was the foundation to build something good. I like a mc that pulls a rise from the ashes to improve theme, however they got there. Heres hoping i get to read alot more as its written. 


Solid potential to stand out in a busy genre

Reviewed at: Chapter 18: A New Hero Arrives

A LitRPG combined with the increasingly popular villain transmigrator setting. The author has plainly taken great pains to think out their world setting and systems, resulting in a satisfying progression for their protagonist that doesn’t feel overly handwavy. All in all, an excellent example of the kind of work many of us are searching websites like this to find. It absolutely deserves its spot among the rising stars and is worth your time to give a try.



While the story seems mostly to still be in the introductory stages at the time of this review, overall, the story highly benefits from solid pacing and well planned LitRPG elements. The systems are introduced in a manner conducive to reader understanding and feel quite natural for such a fantastical setting.



I’ve not picked up any large mistakes and judging by the comments the author is on top of editing anything that’s found in a timely manner. As someone who sucks with grammar and is a shit proof-reader, I can only commend the effort.



The plot as I mentioned earlier at the time of this review is still largely in the introductory phase with few characters and plot points being immediately pertinent. The author does successfully foreshadow things in the protagonist’s future that she must prepare to deal with and has created an interesting path of progression for the main character. The pieces are there for an interesting story.



The protagonist is unfortunately a “chosen one” blessed with a bunch of boons that will eventually turn her into a demigod. It’s a personal peeve of mine, but I get why it’s popular and used so often in LitRPG and fantasy novels. One of the bigger pitfalls of this trope is often the character quickly becoming just a giant pool of stats and skills that just crushes everything in her way. Despite this potential pitfall, the author does manage to make her relatable and sympathetic to the reader. It’s hard not to like her as she struggles to get her feet on the ground and start progressing.


This is a great combination of a LitRPG and a villianess story. The writing is clear and detailed. The writer is good at giving the MC lots of room to become strong, while at the same time maintaining the tension by pitting her against real problems. 

It's the tension that keeps me coming back. Really good writers know how to give their character wins at the same time they introduce new challenges, and that's what makes this story exciting on every page.

The main character, as well, is very sympathetic, but has a drive to fight that makes me root for her. Can't wait to read more.