Fated To Fall: A Transmigrator LitRPG Tale

Fated To Fall: A Transmigrator LitRPG Tale

by Mystique

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

She had welcomed Death with open arms, and was more than happy to spend her afterlife floating in the void. Until a Goddess decides she has better plans for her and offers her a choice any fantasy loving geek would die for. However after accepting the offer she learned the hard way that one should always read the fine print, especially when dealing with a God. 

Now her new life has begun, only she's been dropped into the world of her favorite game. Except, instead of becoming a side character or even one of the heroes of the game she's inhabiting the body of the game's final boss, 8 years before she became the villainess. Now she has to navigate a hostile home where her own father sees her as nothing more than a pawn on a chessboard, and her stepmother wants her dead to free up succession for her son. She has to try to navigate the confusing relationship between herself and her stepbrother, who could be her greatest ally or her most dangerous foe. The original Liliana Rosengarde fell from grace and burned the queendom on her quest for revenge. Can she prevent that fate from happening and save the queendom, and her own life? 

And maybe, she's not the only one who needs to be saved. 

She'll need to gather allies, both human and beast, if she has any hope of subverting the destiny that was already written for her. 

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Slow Burn, if you don't like slow stories that build to action very slowly this isn't the novel for you. If you like slow development, copious introspection and a story focused on a single character you will probably enjoy this!

Crunchy LitRPG, numbers, math, boxes galore adorn these pages.

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Table of Contents
199 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The End Is Where It Begins ago
Chapter 2: Always Read The Fine Print ago
Chapter 3: I met a Goddess and all I got for it were these Titles ago
Chapter 4: A Day In The Life Of A Noble Lady ago
Chapter 5: Books and Brothers ago
Chapter 6: My Sleep Paralysis Demon is Actually Kind of Chill ago
Chapter 7: The True Villain In This Story, Embroidery. ago
Chapter 8: Bruises, Bonds and Brand New Discoveries! ago
Chapter 9: A Horse Girl Is Born ago
Chapter 10: Vitality Training is Just Another Name For Torture ago
Chapter 11: Steel is a Girl's Best Friend ago
Chapter 12: What's an Adventure Without Slimes? ago
Chapter 13: Slimes? You Mean Globs of Free EXP? ago
Chapter 14: It's Too Cute To Kill! ago
Chapter 15: Classes and a Furry new Friend! ago
Chapter 16: The Fox is Trying To Kill Me. ago
Chapter 17: Fierce Fight and Forgotten Tales ago
Chapter 18: A New Hero Arrives ago
Chapter 19: Isn't It So Cute? ago
Chapter 20: No More Shadowy Stalkers Please! ago
Chapter 21: Surging Shadows, Bursting Lights and Piercing Screams ago
Chapter 22: Overdramatic Teenagers are Overdramatic ago
Chapter 23: Curiosity Killed The Cat But Satisfaction Brought It Back ago
Chapter 24: Here Kitty, Kitty, kitty ago
Chapter 25: What's In A Name? ago
Chapter 26: This Isn't Goodbye, it's Simply See You Later ago
Chapter 27: Time To Make An Entrance ago
Chapter 28: Moving Up In The Manor ago
Chapter 29: Monsters Are Terrifying and Nobles Are Dumb ago
Chapter 30: A Totally Normal Shopping Trip ago
Chapter 31: Lessons and Bullies ago
Chapter 32: Just A Game ago
Chapter 33: Facing Your Demons and Cat Therapy ago
Chapter 34: A Side of Venom With Your Veal? ago
Chapter 35: A-Hunting We Go! ago
Chapter 36: No More Pigs Please ago
Chapter 37: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo A Noble Woman I Make Of You! ago
Chapter 38: Dancing With The Vipers ago
Chapter 39: I Made A Friend ago
Chapter 40: Explosive Potions and Equinoxes ago
Chapter 41: Outside Looking In ago
Chapter 42: Rank 7 Here We Go! ago
Chapter 43: It's Just A Not Even Slightly Suspicious Chest ago
Chapter 44: The Boss Battle Begins ago
Chapter 45: The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall ago
Chapter 46: Is It Still A Bug Or Is It A Feature? ago
Chapter 47: Self Reflection And The End To A Dungeon ago
Chapter 48: A Banquet Of Death ago
Chapter 49: A New Quest Appears ago
Chapter 50: Duty, Justice, or Greed? ago
Chapter 51: Off We Go With A Few Minor Bumps ago
Chapter 52: So Beautiful Yet So Deadly ago
Chapter 53: It's Not Too Late To Say I'm Sorry, Is It? ago
Chapter 54: The Night Holds Dark Deeds, and Darker Truths ago
Chapter 55: A Warm Welcome Home ago
Chapter 56: Finding Families and Forgetting ago
Chapter 57: Dining With Nobles Isn't Half As Much Fun As It Sounds ago
Chapter 58: Eavesdroppers Hear No Good Of Themselves. ago
Chapter 59: Breaking Free ago
Chapter 60: Best Way To A Guards Heart Is Through Boardgames ago
Chapter 61: Grief and Superstition are a Dangerous Combination ago
Chapter 62: The Scent of Flowers and Death ago
Chapter 63: Fruitless Searching and Watching Eyes ago
Chapter 64: Trapped Between a Rock and a Flower ago
Chapter 65: I See You ago
Chapter 66: I Just Want To Sleep ago
Chapter 67: Violence Isn't Always The Answer ago
Chapter 68: New System Unlocked! ago
Chapter 69: Named for Death ago
Chapter 70: Just Because It Looks Edible Doesn't Mean It Is ago
Chapter 71: I Hate Horde Monsters ago
Chapter 72: A Contingency Plan ago
Chapter 73: Dazzling Flames And Dancing Blades ago
Chapter 74: Welcome To The Show! ago
Chapter 75: Wonderous Sights and Marvelous Memories ago
Chapter 76: A Bloody Verdict ago
Chapter 77: Today, Let The Kids Be Kids ago
Chapter 78: Memories So Dark ago
Chapter 79: Board Games and Word Play ago
Chapter 80: A House Not A Home ago
Chapter 81: Break Me Down And Build Me Back Up ago
Chapter 82: Planning And Plotting ago
Chapter 83: Plotting With Friends ago
Chapter 84: Fairytale Moments and Embarrassing Mothers ago
Chapter 85: Invisibility and Espionage ago
Chapter 86: Let's Play A Game ago
Chapter 87: Shopping With A Side Of Subterfuge ago
Chapter 88: Thieves, Beggars and Bread ago
Chapter 89: Introducing Your New Kitten To Your Cat ago
Chapter 90: Challenges Lost And Won ago
Chapter 91: Who Are You? ago
Chapter 92: Pointless Parties And Crimes Against Cupkind ago
Chapter 93: It All Comes Crashing Down ago
Chapter 94: Broken Hearts and Bittersweet Memories ago
Chapter 95: White Lilies On Dark Wood ago
Chapter 96: Plots, Plans and Machinations ago
Chapter 97: Temporary Goodbyes and Collateral. ago
Chapter 98: An Overdue Confession ago
Chapter 99: The Death of A Dream ago
Chapter 100: The Guardian of The Frostfang Mountains ago
Chapter 101: Facing An Endgame Boss ago
Chapter 102: A Much Needed Reunion ago
Chapter 103: Conversations With A Kitsune ago
Chapter 104: Shock Is One Hell Of A Drug ago
Chapter 105: Divine Intervention ago
Chapter 106: Exhausted Confessions ago
Chapter 107: The Final Play ago
Chapter 108: A Bittersweet Victory ago
Chapter 109: Look At Me ago
Chapter 110: The Calm Before The Confrontation ago
Chapter 111: The Villain She Almost Made ago
Chapter 112: Alliances Made And Promises Kept ago
Chapter 113: The End Of One Path And Beginning Of Another ago
Chapter 114: A Long Awaited Exam ago
Chapter 115: Welcome To The Academy ago
Chapter 116: The Tour Begins ago
Chapter 117: Tours, New Rooms, and New Faces ago
Chapter 118: A Chance Encounter ago
Chapter 119: Everything Is A Mimic Until Proven Innocent ago
Chapter 120: A Quest For Knowledge ago
Chapter 121: Early Mornings And Unwanted Princes ago
Chapter 122: First Day Of School ago
Chapter 123: New Friends and Surprising Revelations ago
Chapter 124: Skills Vs Levels ago
Chapter 125: Gym Class Hell ago
Chapter 126: Power Plays and Spars ago
Chapter 127: Finishing The Fights ago
Chapter 128: Private Training Time ago
Chapter 129: A Prideful Challenge And A Talk Amongst The Cherry Blossoms ago
Chapter 130 :Settling In To School Life ago
Chapter 131: New Classes And Old Faces ago
Chapter 132: Club Fair ago
Chapter 133: Nightmares Made Of Memories ago
Chapter 134: Just Trying To Get Through The Day ago
Chapter 135: A Familiar Idol And A New Friend ago
Chapter 136: An Overdue Confrontation ago
Chapter 137: Grand Theft Serpent ago
Chapter 138: Sibling Shenanigans And Beastly Acquaintances ago
Chapter 139: Team Fights Begin ago
Chapter 140: Dance With Me, Dawn? ago
Chapter 141: Battle Of Illusions ago
Chapter 142: Game Mode: Never Ending Horde ago
Chapter 143: Power Balances, Revelations, And Upcoming Dungeons ago
Chapter 144: Facing Your Greatest Fears ago
Chapter 145: A Disappointing Lack Of Murder Attempts ago
Chapter 146: All It Takes Is A Cookie ago
Chapter 147: The Eclipse Of The Sun ago
Chapter 148: Candid Teenage Moments ago
Chapter 149: Facing New Insecurities and Familiar Faces ago
Chapter 150: Family Game Night ago
Chapter 151: Shopping Sprees and Kidnappings ago
Chapter 152: When You Hit Your Lowest, Take My Hand And Step Into The Light ago
Chapter 153: The Path To Healing ago
Chapter 154: What Stories Do The Stars Tell? ago
Chapter 155: Testing The Waters ago
Chapter 156: Coming Clean ago
Chapter 157: Secret Tunnel ago
Chapter 158: Letting Off Steam With Some Harmless Chaos ago
Chapter 159: Preparing To Face Your Fears ago
Chapter 160: Fierce Battles And Exhausted Fighters ago
Chapter 161: Mini-Boss Fight Start! ago
Chapter 162: An Electrifying Battle ago
Chapter 163: The Centipede Effect ago
Chapter 164: Would Trains Cause A Revolution? ago
Chapter 165: The Long Awaited Tournament Begins ago
Chapter 166: The Mad Tea Party ago
Chapter 167: Eye In The Sky ago
Chapter 168: A Day For Apologies ago
Chapter 169: A Series Of Unexpected Outcomes ago
Chapter 170: Friend Vs Friend, A Loss Whichever Way You Turn It ago
Chapter 171: A Lackluster Showing ago
Chapter 172: Berserkers, Brawlers, Mages, and Tanks Oh My! ago
Chapter 173: That Was Not On My Bingo Card ago
Chapter 174: Progress Isn't Always Measured In Numbers ago
Chapter 175: A Beautiful Nightmare ago
Chapter 176: The Cost Of The Fight ago
Chapter 177: Fangs Of A Flower ago
Chapter 178: A New Feathery Friend ago
Chapter 179: The Fall Of The Red Princess ago
Chapter 180: Call Down The Stars ago
Chapter 181: Unstoppable Forest Meets An Immovable Tank ago
Chapter 182: Wave The White Flag ago
Chapter 183: Battle Between Brothers ago
Chapter 184: Strike Like A Serpent ago
Chapter 185: Show Your Fangs ago
Chapter 186: In The Blink Of An Eye ago
Chapter 187: The Words Of A Goddess Should Not Be Disregarded ago
Chapter 188: A Monarch's Request ago
Chapter 189: The Weakness Of A Healer ago
Chapter 190: The Sins Of The Mother ago
Chapter 191: Distress Beacon ago
Chapter 192: Lady Of Stone And Serpents ago
Chapter 193: Griefing Gorgons ago
Chapter 194: Homecoming ago
Chapter 195: A Reunion And An Unwanted Confession ago
Chapter 196: Oath Of Fealty ago
Chapter 197: A Friendship, Reaffirmed ago
Chapter 198: A Return To Normal ago
Chapter 199: Predator Or Prey? ago

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Honestly I don't think the story is bad, just not for me. The novel is confused on what it is, and wasn't what I thought it would be. The MC is almost bipolar in her decisions. In one sentence she will describe why a character is a terrible person then describe how they aren't like that in the game, then will talk about how they are a friend, then talk about how she can never trust them all in the same paragraph. Which is it? Are they a backstabbing liar or a misunderstood idiot? I get that its supposed to be a grey area that isn't clear cut, but what I don't get is how her feeling are so wishy washy. One moment she wants to give them the benefit of the doubt and the next is waiting for the backstab. Its tiresome to read it chapter after chapter.


The original appeal of the story to me was a villianess who tries to lead an upstanding life, except the villian isnt a villian but a traumatized girl. So the MC who already has decided she didn't want to become a villian, just doesn't. There isn't really a plot point that signifies where the MC goes off the original stories rails, because she just simply isn't on them. Which leads to the issure where the MC just forgives everyone for being shitty to her. I understand how you don't want to be a villian, but I don''t believe for a second you want to bring the duke to ruin and shame him when every other sentence is begging for his approval. Sure it makes sense in context, but it takes the suspense and drive out of the story for me. 


Finally my biggest issue is how inconssitent the world seems. The MC knows the plot of the game, but the suspenseful part is supposed to be the fact that this story takes place 4 years before the start of the story. Which should mean, there are plenty of things that she may be blindsided by that can change her plans. Except, she seems to know exactly what happens in this time period, and even claims to have played through it which doesnt make sense if it was before the game started.

A few examples: 

The bandit encounter. She knew EXACTLY the way this played out in the game, when this clearly shouldn't of been anything she would have seen.

Or the goblin dungeon which should of appeared years prior to her playing Alistair or Emyr. Yet she keeps talking about all of her experiences in it. 


All in all, the story is actually quite good and I think many would enjoy it. I just personally don't see the point in the story when the tension was taken away 15 chapters in. 



Also another thing that annoys me drasticaly is how dumb the MC is by talking smack about healing magic. For one it doesnt make sense that she knows nothing about it when her favorite charcter is literally the healer of the MC's... She has perfect recolaction of the game, yet can't remember the starting stats/spells of her FAVORITE CHARACTER? Its pretty minor, just bugged me a lot. 


Not a bad story, but not for me

Reviewed at: Chapter 35: A-Hunting We Go!

The story starts out pretty well, and there is a strong persevere and overcome vibe from everything the MC is doing.  I enjoy that, so I was eager to see her strive towards independence and carving her own path.  Then she started to befriend the people who neglected, tormented and abused her for years.  The story is not bad, but it turned an MC who was attempting to work through the changes in her personality and situation in a meaningful way into a doormat of a people pleaser for no reason in my opinion.  The story has potential, but I can't follow an MC like that.


Beware - > *spoilers ahead*

The cursed pendant/amulet plot was too much, in my opinion. It messing with her perception of reality, this blatantly, was the last drop that broke immersion, for me.

Sure, I had other issues with the story, shady Goddess deals, traumatising memory dumps, and how extremely wishy washy the main is with her feelings, on family, on what she wants to do, on living, etc...

Then there's way too much angst, and the panic atacks start to loose any impact, because they're present, every other chapter, or there abouts. Some have actual meaning, some seem gratuitous.

Though I do appreciate how Astrid, Emyr and even Allistair, help her through them.


It does explain how the OG Lily got power, and leveled enough to attend the academy. So thats the mystery wrapped.

It could have been shown diferently, taking the cursed thing to a church (she went to unlock the wind affinity off screen, so she was there), taking it to the queen, just dumping it somewhere away from her, hell she could have bribed someone to take it back into the dungeon. 

Yes, I know she's just an abused, sleep deprived kid, but the story tells us that she's smart, that those original memories aren't supposed to kill, all that makes this transmigraded soul, herself, that she understands most of the dangers surounding her, and that she's capable of dealing with them, but unfortunatly, that's not what we are shown. 

Checking to see if mind magic resistance is something she could purchase, or unlock, after the nighterrors started, maybe mentioned bybAstrid or Silas, would have given her knowledge that it was not just stress...


The main seems almost masochistic in pursuing the unobtainable, her parents "love", and her place, in noble society, then wallowing in how miserable everyone is to her, how they are all out to get her, while ignoring her bond and all she already acomplished, even before the amulet. The plot shenanigans then make such feelings justified, because people are out to get her, though she only focuses on the malicious people.

I'd have prefered some more interactions with Silas, even though he's supposed to be trainning her in the afternoons, after getting her Bond, it's all off screen.

This is only my honest opinion, sorry if it was rant'y, some of these points are pet peeves of mine, so it's very likely that many others do enjoy reading this story. 



Pacing issues. Another magical swordsman

Reviewed at: Chapter 11: Steel is a Girl's Best Friend

Early chapters are just her min/maxing by farming stat points before killing a monster to reach level 2 because you are capped on how many points you can get a level. And big pet peeve: we have a magical swordsman/jack of all trades with no right to being one. She is described as being small and slender with her own training instructor having said she wouldn't be suited to being a fighter. Lo' and behold, she has magic to magic the difference into making her a great fighter! It doesn't matter that even if her baseline characeterists are described as being inadequate to being a fighter. I'm sorry but these are the instances where I especially hate the overdone jack of all trades charactertype. She wants to learn using a weapon alongside magic because magic alone in 1v1 situations is bad, BUT she wants to be a magical animal tamer too. Make it make sense. She isn't going to be 1v1 with her magical monsters? This is the scenario where you want to be a pure caster. The MC rationalizes this because there are places she won't be able to carry her summon around due to being a noble. Okay great, but she can carry her favorite weapon, the polearm, there to these venues?


All in all, it's an okay read. My main concern is that it feels like two different stories.  The first part is getting isekai'd into the body of a villainess and coping with that.  The second part feels like a Cinderella-esque YA adventure. 

Characters - the characters are written distinctly enough, though sometimes I find the protagonist hard to understand. Also, I'm unclear why it's an isekai (or rather, I'm not sure the isekai is adequately applied to the character's personality). The protagonist's character quickly develops into its own unique thing that the otherworldly memories have little impact on. Especially when the plot dives into a YA/anime vibe. And I'm totally baffled at the character interaction between the protagonist and Emyr.

Plot - there are some serious pacing issues.  Also, the worldbuilding is kind of wonky.  Given how extreme her family's disdain is portrayed, and how cheap life appears to be, I can't wrap my ahead around why the protagonist is still alive. Also, the setup is that the protagonist is the villain of a game, but she actually comes across as more of a Cinderella figure. There's some attempt to allure her to power, but it's not really well written. 

A lot of it is kind of "I need power to be safe" progression fantasy. This seems pretty thin, especially in how power works throughout the world. The whole power play has xianxia vibes to it. And so, I have difficulty understanding her position within the rules of the world as crafted. It seems too easy for her to gain power, even taking into account the isekai cheat. 

Style - pacing issues.  Otherwise, decent style. Most of my concerns are more overarching.

Grammar - no complaints

Edit: general cleanup, and to remove some erroneous material


Who needs a plan B? Unknown monsters not according game knowledge, haha why bother looking it up! Learn to scout, lay traps, ensure you have safe breaks/camps or any tactic/strategy/planning is missing.

Conclusion: Every trip, the young maiden's life is reduced to an object of mad luck, which - as we know - is only ever afforded in finite, minute quantities.
Unless.. plot armor!

She should've learned from her teacher but it sure doesn't look like it.

Still it's quite enjoyable read if you turn off your brain, wonder if she actually learns from her mistakes but I doubt it.


The reviews sorted by top for this give me a feeling like they are tainted in one direction or another and do not provided a reasonable person a reasonable perspective on what they can expect.

Chapters 1-3 are mildly to overwhelmingly DARK based on you own personal feelings for the subjects presented.

Chaps 4-12 are neither exceptional nor dreadful in anyway on their own merits; they are slightly lighter in mood (in my opinionfor an average persons standards).
The Pace is set by this point, other than a glossing over training montages with time skips to assumably avoid boring content bloat.

Chap 13+ is where the LitRPG style really picks up and at the present point in time hopefully sets the guideling of expectations for the story ongoing.


Over all I find that the story is heavily reliant you you as a person. For me there were points did not really add up to my personal understand of "Gamer Knowledge". If you take the time and get through to the 5th chapter. You should know if the story is one for you.


Fated to Fall is a excellently written story. From it's flawless (albeit American) grammer to it's fully fleshed out chapters, the story manages to stay within the realm of comprehension (but not believability) to the reader.

The reason I give it only 3 stars is because of the incredibly frustrating MC. Her mindset and motives are well-written and easy to understand, but when push comes to shove on what she really, really wants? She can't make up her mind. All she really seems to be is a mouthpiece for the author to rationalize everything she does in a really convoluted plot of emotional ups and downs. On top of this, she has knowledge of the game world 4 years in the PAST before the year she started playing the game! What the hell is going on?

But despite all of the complaints I have written above, the author is still outputting the same good quality chapters from start to finish. Annoyingly, the only thing worse than the MC is the author's incredible writing skills that keep hooking me in. 


Its has a bit of a dark start, but not the sort of edginess that has me dropping stories like a rock. I would have hoped to see that continue, a gradual shift towards redemption, but it's looking like this is going to toss aside the semi-unique start and turn into another generic "magical school" story.

The MC seemed reasonable and fleshed out, their actions and reactions consistent with their history, but that seems to be changing in favor of a more easily told story. This has become worse in some of the cast. The evil stepmother trope is poorly handled, you'd think there would be some cunning involved in getting where she is, hell, it's stated pretty clearly very early in the story, but by the most recent chapters she's just another cardboard cutout.

The story would have benefitted massively from slowing down, from taking time to flesh out the changes in various character personalities, and make their actions more consistent with who they've been described to be.

The grammar is fine, the style about the same, really the story and the characters are where this is lacking. We're told what the MC became, what they suffered through to get there, practically every bit of it was outlined. 

Over the course of a few chapters she turns into what might as well be a happy go lucky magical swordsman, with allies made up of those who had been the fuel for her rise to villainy in that once possible future.



No Revenge Here, Doormat Villainess

Reviewed at: Chapter 42: Rank 7 Here We Go!

It's starts out fairly typically for otome Isekai, live as the villainess who is abused and treated like shit by her family. So she decides to get powerful so she can escape them and get back at them. 

But no. Turns out her brother was just misunderstood and her dad is just a noble, that's how they work. 

If you like to see people get what's coming to them, this is not the book for you.