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Tala waved goodbye to Lyn over her shoulder as she walked through the Caravanner’s Guild headquarters and to a nearby receptionist. “Hello.”

“Greetings, Mistress.”

“I’m Mage Tala, here to see a guild official?”

The assistant looked down at his notes, flipping through a book, hunting for her name. “Ah! Here you are. Yes, right this way.”

He came out from behind the counter and led her down a side hallway. “Will your bird be with you?” The assistant wasn’t inscribed, and he was young, obviously in his middle teens.

She nodded, patting Terry’s head, as he slept on her shoulder. “Yes, he is an arcanous animal, on a training collar.”

The teen nodded, seeming satisfied. “Very well. Can I get you anything to drink?”

“Some coffee would be lovely, if you have it.”

He gave a nod. “Certainly.”

Tala was grateful that Lyn had thought to ask for a first-floor meeting-room. Tala would not have started out on the right foot, if that foot was through the floor. Thankfully, the floors down here were solid stone, some set in place, some poured.

She was led to a closed door. “Your appointment should be along shortly. Feel free to wait where you feel most comfortable. I’ll return in a moment with your coffee.”

“Thank you.”

He gave a small bow and departed.

Tala pushed open the door and walked into a simple, small room. Two chairs sat facing each other across an appropriately sized table. A pitcher of water and two empty cups already sat in the middle of that flat, wooden surface. A window looked out on the street, slightly below. The street, outside, sloped just enough to put this window above eye-level for the passersby, giving the room a good view and light, while maintaining a modicum of privacy.

Tala moved over and examined the chairs. They were identical and seemed ill suited to bearing her new weight. Great.

She briefly considered undoing her increased weight but shook her head. No, I need to give this a good try, at the very least.

She moved one chair away, tucking into a corner, but remained standing. I don’t want to be kneeling when they arrive.

Terry immediately flickered over to the chair, curling up and continuing his rest.

As Tala was taking in the room, she allowed her mind to wander, really for the first time since she’d woken up. I am much, much heavier now. All of her was heavier. Her heart didn’t feel like it was straining too hard, but she supposed that it had had four days to acclimatize to the changes. All her involuntary systems had.

She glanced down and quirked a smile. Holly’s inscriptions really are excellent. Even at four times the weight, I still don’t need a corset.

The assistant returned, pushing the door open with his back. Tala’s head whipped up. That would have been embarrassing…Yes, come in and see me staring at my own chest. Real professional, Tala.

He carefully held a large mug of steaming coffee. Tala’s eyes narrowed. They have a coffee incorporator too. I just know it. That really didn’t make sense, as a non-inscribed assistant couldn’t use an incorporator. Even an inscribed one, without a keystone, shouldn’t be able to…

He turned around and extended the mug to her. “Mistress, your coffee.”

She accepted the beverage. “Thank you.”

He bowed, smiling. “Is there anything else I can get for you?”

Tala almost asked for more coffee but held herself back. It was late afternoon, after all, and after sleeping for four days, she might have an issue falling asleep that night, as it was. “No. Thank you.”

“Very good, Mistress. The Exchequer will be with you, shortly.” He bowed, again, and left, closing the door behind himself.

Tala looked down at the earthenware mug. Nicely fired. She examined the vessel more closely, letting the coffee inside cool just a bit. Nicely glazed, too.

A light knock came on the door.

Tala looked up, distractedly. “Yes?”

The door opened just a crack. “Mistress Tala?”


It was pushed open, fully. “I’m Senior Exchequer, Mrac.” He was a middle-aged man, with wings of grey in his otherwise brown hair and a clean-shaven face. Surprisingly, he was not a Mage.

Tala stepped forward, offering her hand after moving her coffee to the other. “Good to meet you, Mrac.”

He took the offered hand and smiled. “Shall we get started?”

She nodded.

Mrac walked over and sat in the single chair still at the table. Tala knelt beside the table, where the other chair had been. This placed her head a little lower than his.

He frowned, cocking his head to the side. “Is everything alright? Was something the matter with the chair?” He glanced over, seeming to notice Terry for the first time. “Do we need to get another?”

Tala looked away, feeling a bit embarrassed. “Well, I’m quite a bit heavier than usual. I don’t believe standard chairs would hold me, so this seemed a good solution.”

He seemed taken aback by that. “Well, I’m so sorry that we don’t have the proper accommodations for your…” He seemed to be searching for the right word. “…particular circumstance.”

Tala smiled in what she hoped was a disarming way, turning back. “It’s understandable.”

Mrac cleared his throat, looking down at the notes on his slate.

Tala took a drink of her coffee. Very nice. Sadly, it tasted a bit different from that offered at the Constructionist’s Guild. Not an incorporator, then. She hesitated. Not the same type of incorporator, at least.

“Yes, here we are.”

Tala returned her attention to the man. Wait… he seems a bit off guard… Lyn was right! I did it without even trying. She smiled.

“Let me begin with a question: Do you know what most dimensional Mages do in their caravan, after charging the dimensional scripts each day?”

Odd question to begin with… Tala shrugged. “No, I don’t.”


She blinked at him. “What?”

“They do nothing. They stay in their wagon. They read; they eat; they work on little projects; they exercise. They do pretty much whatever they want, but in their wagon.”

“That doesn’t sound like nothing.”

He cocked an eyebrow. “From the perspective of the caravan, they do nothing.”

“Ah…” Tala took another drink. “Alright.”

“Do you know what you did?”

“That sounds like a rhetorical question.”

He quirked a smile at that. “True enough.” He glanced down and began reading from his notes. “On your very first day, you left the safety of the caravan to harvest from a felled arcanous beast.”

The blade-wing? “I was with guards. The whole time.”

His eyebrow rose as his gaze lifted. “That is noted, yes.” He looked back down at his notes. “You slept on top of hostile flora, causing a stir, but no real inconvenience.”

“It bled, shouldn’t that make it fauna?”

He glanced up at her. “Was it blood or a type of sap?”

“I…” She didn’t know. “Not sure.”

“Hardly important, I suppose, in the grand scheme of things. Do you wish me to change the classification in your file?”

“Would it matter?”

“If it is classified as a true threat, the First Driver will be penalized for leading the caravan so near it, unawares, and the Mage Protectors would be entitled to a bounty for its demise. Traditionally, much of that would be given to you, but that is not required.

Den would be penalized? “No, I think it should stand as it is.”

“Very well.” He straightened a bit. “You again left the safety of the caravan, walking behind the last wagon, thus exposing yourself to the attacks of a terror bird, which you fended off. Such a threat would likely have attacked someone, but you did put yourself into a vulnerable position.”

When she didn’t comment, he proceeded.

“You left the protection of the caravan to approach an obviously magical, dangerous tree, though under the approval of a Mage Protector. It is also noted that you did not engage with the tree, itself, simply harvesting a fallen branch.”

“That’s true.”

“You engaged in a verbal contract with one of our passengers to procure an arcanous harvest, while still on a job for our guild. You then left the safety of the caravan, again, to engage a thunder bull on your own.”

“I won.”

“That is not in dispute.” He looked back to his notes. “Depending on which Mage protector’s reports I reference, you either caused a Magical beast to attack, or lured one to do so at a more auspicious time. Both reports agree that when that midnight fox threatened the safety of the caravan, and at the behest of a Mage protector, you slew said beast.”

She looked down, still feeling a bit of awkward shame at how that had transpired.

“Then, you arrived in Alefast.” He looked up, and she met his gaze. “Should we cover the trip back, or have we thoroughly established that you did very much more than ‘nothing?’ ”

“I will agree that my actions are atypical for a Mage in my position.”

Mrac relaxed just slightly. “Good. That makes this all much easier. I assume that you do not wish to be confined to a wagon, except for each morning, when you recharge the cargo-slots that are in your care?”

“That would not be ideal, no.”

“Understandable.” He gave a small smile. “Now, I’ve reviewed your file, and I agree that the services you can and do offer our guild are greater than taken into account in your first contract negotiation.”

Tala rocked back slightly, a bit thrown at the change in tone. “Thank you?”

“My understanding is that you wish authorization to have the dual role of Mage protector as well?” He had an almost eager glint in his eye.

“That is correct.” What’s he getting at…?

His smile blossomed wider. “I can sign off on that immediately. From the testimony, here,” he indicated his slate, “you did not exhaust yourself when you empowered the cargo-slots, and as previously mentioned, you even assisted in the defense of your caravans, without that being a portion of your role.”

“Thank you; that is accurate.” What is happening here? She felt like she should be watching for a trap.

He nodded, making a mark on the slate. “Rates for Mage protectors are not open for negotiation. I trust that is acceptable?”

“It is.” She answered hesitantly. What is going on?

“Good. As you are a new Mage protector, we will be assigning a senior Mage to oversee your activities and duties, outside your role as dimensional Mage.”

There it is. “Wait, so I’m to have a minder?”

Mrac shrugged. “If you see it that way. We see it as a guide for a new role, to prevent misunderstandings or missteps.”

Would that really be such a bad thing? Lyn said I should consider their suggestion. It would be like a master, but without as much…servitude...and with better pay. “That…could work, I suppose.”

“Good.” He seemed to relax more fully. “Now, as to your rate as a dimensional Mage. Why do you feel that five- and one-half ounces, gold, is insufficient for your service? That is a higher starting rate than any other indentured I could find in our records.”

Tala nodded, falling back on what she and Lyn had discussed. This was an expected topic. Deal with the rest, later. “I can understand your reluctance, but with all due respect, my benefit outweighs the cost, significantly, as you have already agreed.”

“Oh? I simply agreed that what you offer is more than was considered in your first negotiation. I did not state that it merited an increase above your already high wage.”

That caused Tala to pause. Interesting. She hadn’t expected that. She gestured at the slate. “I’m sure that indicates that my original contract did not include a requirement or expectation for the use of cargo-slots, as opposed to wagons. That distinction, alone, saves the need for dozens of oxen, many drivers and wagons, and the additional peripheries that would be required to support such an increase to the caravan size.”

“True.” He looked down, marking the slate. “But it does state that you will empower the largest dimensional storage that you can, and that we require, for each venture.”

Good point… “It should note that I have forgone a private wagon, saving that expense, as well as that of a driver and servant for such.”

“It does.” He didn’t look up. “That will not continue, however.”


His eyes lifted, then. “Were you, as an asset of the caravan, safe without a secure place to sleep?”

Tala opened her mouth, then closed it. After a moment’s pause, she answered, “Yes. I am very well protected against physical harm, maybe uniquely so.”

“I did review the summary of your capabilities. They are impressive and go a long way from moving your actions from foolishly suicidal to merely inconsiderate.”

“Inconsiderate?” Suicidal? Is that really how my actions looked? Was that really an incorrect assessment? This is hardly the time to consider that…

“Yes. What would have happened if you’d been killed, carried off, or rendered unable to function?”

Tala found herself nodding. “The caravan cargo would have been lost…”

“And how many people’s livelihoods would that have impacted?”

Tala didn’t know. At least the guards and protectors. “Forty on the way out, and close to a hundred on the way back?”

“For those directly impacted, that guess is close enough, but you are forgetting those around the trip itself. Those who would be paid to unload it, those who are expecting the materials, or mail, carried within. Caravans are lost, and mitigations are always put in place so no one would be destitute, but it would have been a blow to hundreds of people, hundreds of families.” He took a deep breath, before continuing. “Can you not see how it’s a bit inconsiderate to put yourself on the line, when a mistake would drastically harm so many? I would have chalked it up to Mage arrogance, but you genuinely don’t seem to have considered all the implications, somehow. That is why I call it inconsiderate.”

Tala sank down a bit, thinking over what he had said. I did consider them…but mostly after the fact. She had tried to be more careful, but that had mainly meant not doing the same dangerous things again. I really didn’t ever change my overarching outlook on my own actions… “I suppose… but if I shouldn’t have been doing those things, why didn’t the guards try to stop me?”

Mrac looked genuinely confused. “I don’t understand the question.”

“Why didn’t the guards prevent me from taking such risks, if it was really so important to avoid those risks?” Tala grimaced slightly. Wow, I sound petulant, even to my own ears…

“In the hierarchy of the caravan, you outranked them.” He shrugged. “A Mage protector could have stopped you, technically speaking, but from the reports, here, you weren’t exactly willing to listen to them. They did what they could to mitigate your dangerous behavior. Even so, each has already received…feedback on their performance.” He glanced down at his notes once more. “It seems that one of the guards did begin to train you in the area of combat and self-defense. That was a wise way of helping ensure the safety of one he couldn’t control.”

Adam’s agreement to instruct her suddenly took on a new light. Was that really why he agreed?

“But we have lost the thread. We are not willing to allow you to sleep outside, going forward. The loss of your person would constitute a full loss of the caravan, especially now that there would not be ancillary wagons available for the most critical cargo, let alone passengers. The guards are not in a place to mitigate the danger of that with you sleeping so exposed.”

“If it is as you say, why would you allow me to be a Mage protector?”

“Your particular…survivability seems to lend itself to best effect when you enter encounters deliberately. We, therefore, would prefer that all your encounters be deliberate. In addition, as a Mage protector, you can be ordered away from encounters in which you would have a low likelihood of survival.”

That makes a sort of sense, I suppose. “In that vein, then, my work as a Mage protector will remove one further private wagon from every caravan I accompany. The new cargo-slots, which I can empower, will allow for a two-wagon caravan, almost regardless of the amount of goods needed. Just one cargo-wagon and the chuckwagon.”

“I see that in an addendum, here. One of our other Senior Exchequers, along with the Wainwright’s Guild, have testified that such is the case. The issue with your point is that, with this increased space, your being a Mage protector does not reduce the wagon count. The Mage you replace would simply have their sleeping quarters within your larger dimensional spaces.” He looked down, flicking one hand to the side, dismissing the idea. He was frowning. “With all this in account, what do you request as payment?”

“Firstly, I do not want a restriction on the routes I can take. Even on the shortest, my empowering will greatly reduce the cost of the caravan. Added to the reductions in cost I allow, the smaller caravan should be able to go more quickly, thus increasing the efficiency of the trips, as well.”

Mrac shrugged. “Possibly, but we pay by the trip, not the day, and if you arrive before the destination city is expecting you, you will still have to wait until your pre-set departure date to leave.”

“But, that preset date could be moved, beforehand. Preset earlier, if you will.”

“Possible in some cases, but not all. In many instances, that could cause logistical issues. In others, the journey is too variable to cut it that close. We do have other Mages with your abilities, Mistress Tala. You are especially useful, not uniquely so.”

Tala opened her mouth to argue, but he held up his hand.

“Your point, while not perfectly correct, is valid enough. So, my question?”

“Twelve gold ounces per trip, with no renegotiation required once I attain Archon. At that time, I will be granted Seventeen ounces, gold, per trip.”

Mrac just stared at her.

She took a long drink of coffee.

He looked down at his notes, then back up at her.

She poured herself a cup of water. “Want one?”

He shook his head. “No, thank you.” He looked down to his notes, seeming to do calculations.

She drank her water.

Finally, he cleared his throat, meeting her gaze once more. “Let me understand. You think you are worth more than double your initial, already high wage, and you want nearly an additional 50% beyond even that, once you’ve gained the title of Archon?”

“That’s correct.”

“Seven ounces, gold. Ten, once you have the title.”

Tala grinned. I have him. “I’m removing the need for more than twelve wagons and accompanying personnel. Even in larger trips, like the return voyage from Alefast that I just did, the caravan will not require more wagons. Without those additional wagons, additional guards and Mage protectors won’t be needed. At the least, that’s saving the Guild more than eighteen gold per trip. I’m offering you a bargain.”

He frowned. “Not wholly accurate, but I understand where you are coming from. What do you think you will offer, as Archon, to justify the second bump?”

“An Archon protector is more valuable.”

He shook his head. “Protector rates are not up for negotiation. We are discussing your value as a dimensional Mage.”

“Why were you willing to raise my pay from seven to ten, in your offer, once I was an Archon?”

He quirked a smile. “I was simply matching your proposal’s format.”

She shrugged. “Very well. Seventeen ounces, now, and I won’t renegotiate once I attain Archon.”

His left eye twitched. “That is not-” He stopped himself, his hand rubbing his left temple.

“Or, I am willing to set my rate lower, and only invoke higher pay once I have become a more valuable indenture.”

He was shaking his head. “If higher pay, alone, is what you seek, the local city lord has heard of your…tendencies and abilities. He offered to buy out your contract, that you may join his personal guard.”

Tala stiffened.

“Such can obviously not be done without your permission, but given your proclivities, maybe you would prefer that line of work?”

She swallowed, involuntarily. “What would that entail?”

Mrac sighed. “I am obligated to inform you of the terms, since you asked.” His gaze made his irritation clear. “You would receive five ounces, gold, per week, plus half your inscription costs would be covered. You would be forbidden from leaving the city for the duration of the ten-year contract, save at the behest of your lord, and your terms would be locked as stated, regardless of your advancement.”

That was, at once, an amazing and a horrible deal. She almost started listing out the pros and cons in her head, but then shook it instead. No. It is too restrictive. Too long lasting. Too much like true slavery, if gilded prettily. “Thank you, but I will pass.”

He nodded, clucking his tongue and looking down. “At the moment, you are contracted for 5 years, or 30 trips. You have, remaining: four years, eleven months, and two days, or twenty-eight trips.”

“That sounds right.”

“The highest I can reasonably go is ten ounces, then twelve when you’re an Archon. But I can only justify that if you up your contract.”

Tala hesitated. “Oh? What are you asking?”

“A flat ten years, minimum of eight city-to-city ventures per year, and you must remain under the senior Mage protector’s authority on every trip, until they deem you otherwise ready. We would, of course, also remove the renegotiation clause, going forward.”

He’s expecting my worth to go up. So, accepting a slightly higher valuation, now, to lock me in, later. Ten years. That was a long, long time. “Fifty trips, same minimum number per year.” If I pushed, I might be able to do that in two years…It would probably take longer.

“I don’t like the time requirement removed…”

He knows I’ll be more useful as time goes on, and he doesn’t want me blasting through my required trips before that utility comes into full effect.

“Ten years, seven trips per year.”

She shook her head. “Sixty trips, total.”

He did not look happy.

She softened her tone and leaned in, just a bit. “Listen. If I blast through sixty trips in two or three years, you’ve still saved the Guild dozens, if not hundreds of ounces, gold, by my reducing the peripheral expenses on those ventures.”

He sighed, doing some work on his slate. Finally, when she didn’t say anything else, he looked up. “Seventy trips.”

“Total, so sixty-eight remaining.” She shifted on her knees, and he glanced from her to the chair in the corner.

Mrac huffed a laugh. “Fine. You are authorized to work as a Mage protector, in addition to working as a dimensional Mage, for any given caravan. You have no restriction on which routes you can take, however every trip you take will be under the authority of a senior Mage protector that we choose, until they deem otherwise. Your rate will be ten ounces, gold, per leg, and twelve ounces, once you are a fully recognized Archon. This rate is not up for renegotiation. You will have a space to sleep within a wagon for each voyage, and you will use it. No servant will be provided. You will receive food, as a regular member of a caravan, and no other benefits. You will complete sixty-eight further trips in the capacity of dimensional Mage, at these rates, at a pace of at least eight per year. Then, and only then, your indenture will be concluded. Are we agreed?” He seemed to be marking down all his points on the slate, as he went. After he finished, he looked up to her.

“And, as a signing bonus for this new contract…” She trailed off as he gave her a flat, unamused look. She grinned, nodding. “Very well. We are agreed.”

He passed the slate to her, and she verified all that he had stated.

“Looks good.” She retracted power from her defensive scripts, pricked her finger, confirmed the contract, and handed it back. Scripts are working great; I didn’t fountain blood from my finger with my increased blood pressure. She got a brief mental picture of accidentally spraying the room with a geyser of red, but before the impression fully formed within her mind, she shook herself to drive the visual away.

Mrac was focused on the slate and didn’t seem to notice the movement. The device became green for a long moment, then faded to blank. “Thank you, Mistress Tala.” He stood, offering her his hand in farewell.

She stood and took it. “Thank you, Mrac. It’s been a pleasure.”

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