The God of Midgard

The God of Midgard

by MakaiKing0

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

The world fractures, rifts form and everything changes. When Kailan returns to Earth after being pulled into another realm for a thousand years, he finds the Earth he left behind has changed, but not as much as he expected. With the advent of Dungeons the birth of humans with the power to challenge them soon followed. Magic becomes a reality. And new businesses centered around the trade and manufacturing of otherworldly materials skyrocket.

When Kailan left Earth as a human, everything was normal, but when he returned as a God, the realm of fantasy became his new reality.

[One of the Winners of the 5th Royal Road Writathon Challenge - 13th Place]

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Royal Writathon October 2021 winner
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Really enjoying the story. Love the characters and the world building. Can't wait to read it all the way to the end. Hope you go for longer than just the write-athon. The system is one of the best I have seen so far. Looking forward to whatever stories you come up with




I looked my hardest and couldnt find a singular grammar mistake or flaw. Good on ya! The plot was increadibly good as well. slightly reminded me of solo leveling but not by much. It is one of the most bingeable stories ever. I thank you for making such a good book and hope more chapters come out soon! 


Grammar is a huge problem with most authors and this story so far has had minimal problems which puts it towards the top in that regard. A good slow burn regarding the MC and his backstory of being a god. Action scenes were good but not overly descriptive. Dialogue is well done but a bit abrupt when changing perspectives. Side characters are interesting and help draw you into the story. Overall I'm very pleased with the story and will continue to follow it as it comes out. 


This work has so far no flaws which detract from reading it, in my subjective opinion anyway since it falls squarly in the category of fiction I love. Grammar is nice too, which is a plus since I won't read literature where you have to think long periots of time about what the hell the author wrote.


keep up the good work...i love it




im bad at writing rewievs so.....yeah plus it needs to be atleast 50 words so i just gonna write some random is your day going????...right now im sick so...great xD....yeah idk what to write....have you decorated to christmas yet??? we have..its nice and cozy plus the chirstmas music is the cherry on the top

Jan Kromar

Still can't figure out why the novel is rated so low. I cant imagine rating it below 4 stars. Did author anger someone?

Great story. Nicely implemented concepts. Amazing work on interface visuals. Lovable characters (Mainly MC's mom. Give her system already!)

Sorry for spelling. English not me first language.