Child of the Ancients: An Apocalypse LitRPG

Child of the Ancients: An Apocalypse LitRPG

by Ruby Jewell

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

It all started in the middle of Dante's nap.

He wanted to sleep his life away, but the system denied his request. Instead, it began to transform the Earth, integrating it into the multiverse by granting everyone stats and skills. He was talented, or so the system thought. And that meant he needed to be challenged. After being sent into a deadly cavern, Dante strives for the future he's always desired. But when he learns about the secrets hidden within him, he's shaken to his very core. He wishes for the nightmare to end until something goes wrong. 

[The world will end in one year.]

Instead of everyone receiving a relatively gentle tutorial, the people of Earth are deemed redundant. Dante makes it his goal to save as many people as he can before the world ends, but with billions of lives at stake, he might have to turn into a monster before he can become a hero.

Planned updates (2500+ words): M/W/F. 12pm AEST/ 9am EST. M-F during Writeathon.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]


Author's Note: All system apocalypse novels seem to jump straight over the apocalypse itself, which I find very sad. I don't want this to turn into a typical fantasy novel in about ten chapters. Instead, I hope to explore the destruction of society and how things would look if superpowers suddenly appeared in the real world. Before the real apocalypse happens, of course.  

There will be base building, and likely romance once things settle down. Also dragons, because they are awesome :)


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Ruby Jewell

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This is an early review to help a promising story along! (I will update this review once the author writes more and I read more.)

Even though there's not a lot of content yet, Child of the Ancients seems like it will be an interesting take on a system apocalypse. Based off the prose and the thought put into the characters, this looks like it will be a high-quality story.

My favorite part is the nuance in the characters.

The MC Dante is exhibiting symptoms of depression. His friend Michael has picked up on that, acts normally around him, but also gives invitation to talk if he wants to. I would identify this subtext in a single line of dialogue, so it is very subtle and considerate. Additionally, Dante seems like he is inclined to having a panic attack / mental breakdown during the first action sequence. The character psychology is communicated without overwrought focus on his thoughts, disjointed / poorly styled sentences, nor anything of that kind.

The beginning of this story is excellent to read, so give it a try!


Dante, overseer of the apocalypse. Pretty cool!

Reviewed at: Chapter 3 - Victory In Defeat

Our boy Dante starts off returning from a good ol'day at school, or was it a "good" day at school? Does Dante see the world as any person would? Well, at some point he did, at some point, he didn't. Perhaps he will come across new experiences, pain, hope, joy, anger. Will this "Dante" do what is needed to survive this new environment? New rules to survive?

Or will he thrash, twist, and turn to get his way? Find out with me as we follow this amazing story of none other than Dante, child of the Ancients.

You will thoroughly enjoy this story, just try it out! Although I have read very little I enjoyed the development so far.

Style - A very descriptive story if I say so myself, going into needed detail on subjects I need to visualize this new world. I am very exposed to the idea of the story and right with the timeline, which is easy to follow. Very happy about that indeed!

Grammar - Impeccable, I mean I have found not one hiccup nor burp reading as far as I have. Granted I haven't read much, nor am I an expert.

Story - Very intriguing, the story pulls you in asking more and more questions. Jokes here and there, hints and foreshadowing, y'know the good stuff.

Character - I assume this category is for the characters in the story itself. Great description, awesome conveying of the feeling and thinking for each and unique person. Very enthralling for each person's story!

Overall - Read the damned story already ya hooligan! What else do I have to say to convince ya? Although if Ruby Jewell is reading this, cheers mate!