Outside Heaven's Mandate

Outside Heaven's Mandate

by Daoist Enigma (Nikhil W.)

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The Heavenly Dao decrees, and the beings of the five realms obey. A heaven's mandate is an order passed by the law of the world itself, and it is not to be defied. For defiance leads to death.

Until the unthinkable happened. A human was born within the boundless void, on a remote planet known as Earth. 

A human who should never have existed to begin with. 

He who walks untethered by fate.

He who forges his own destiny.

He who walks outside heaven's mandate. 


What type of reader is this for?

Do you like Xianxia? Do you like traditional Xianxia? The works of Er Gen, like I shall seal the heavens, renegade immortal, pursuit of truth, where the Dao is more than just a power. 

Then this is for you. 

Massive cultivaton worlds to be explored. Interplay of politics between sects, mystery, characters that assist or impede the protagonist- while being far stronger than him, a variety of abilities-this story is not one where the world revolves around the protagonist, but one where the protagonist is ignored by the world. His decisions shall decide whether fortune or calamity comes knocking on his doorsteps. And finally, Action. Loads of it, but with purpose behind it.

Traditional Xianxia, Done Right.


Updates Wednesday and Saturday.

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Daoist Enigma (Nikhil W.)

Daoist Enigma (Nikhil W.)


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Not what I was expecting but great none the less. The storyline starts with a bit of melodrama but that quickly gets washed out into something far more reasonable and you start understanding why there was a need for the drama at the start. Really worth reading now if only the author would get off his/her lazy butt and give us more chapters.  


Look I tried. The initial premise seemed good - someone succeeding despite not having talent. I got bogged down in the first four chapters though, dense impenetrable endless descriptions of grand schemes that didn't seem to make sense. Nothing happens. The author has changed the premise of the series to someone who rails against destiny, but I found myself just skipping slabs of text searching for something to happen. I understand chapter 5 something starts but I'm just not pprepared to read any more to get to an uncertain pay off.


The start was a bit on the confusing side, and I didn't quite know for sure until I reached the end of chapter 7. Mostly all the complex plot makes sense by that point, and I think this story has a very unique take on xianxia.  

Its basically a story where mc reincarnates Into body of dead cultivator and chooses to continue cultivating. But the back story and writing style reminfs me of er gen's novels, it really is quite something. 

If you like xianxia, then give this one a shot till chapter 7.

Update: Caught up to chapter 10. It is now one of my favorite novels on this website. Pls confinue to update.



As of chapter 7,

I've found this story quite interesting, the author does a really good job in presenting the same old formula of xianxia world in a different angle, even more so by creating a backstory that sort of justifies the uniqueness of the MC without destining him to greatness.


This web novel is very engaging. It keeps your interest the whole time and has a great cast. The MC struggles, oh does he struggle, but still powers through in his own way Can't wait to see more by this Author. I like it a lot. 

Outside heaven's mandate five out of five.


Mesmerizing Start

Style and grammar 5/5

I have a great experience of reading this story. The style and the choice of words are flowing. It enhanced your experience in reading this story and deepened the connection with the character. There is no complain on this part at all.

Story 5/5

The story has slow start, and it could be boring if an author couldn’t arrange it well. However, because of the style of this story that’s focused on character development, it is perfectly done. As a xianxia story enjoyer, I find this approach is a fresh breath. Some xianxia stories neglected the character development part on the start and focused on the system instead, so we had zero to little attachment to the MC. Not in this story. So, if you are a fan of xianxia and are tired of shallow MC(s), you can give this story a try. Early character development means the author cares and understand how important it is.
My last statement for the story part is: the whole prologue is perfectly done. We got to care the MC and his problem, so we care about his adventure in the future.

Character score 4.5/5

The background and the character of the MC may be similar to many stories; he is hard-willed and won’t bow down to those who oppress him. That’s fine for me because of how the author arranged the story. The style of the story and the narrative are really helpful to make me attached to this MC. The MC still have a big space for developments.

Overall: 5/5

If you like xianxia where the author won’t neglect character developments, I highly recommend you this story. Thank you.


Overall 5/5

Daoist Enigma earned his name on this one with a deep philosophical beginning and we aren’t even to the cultivation part yet.

Style and Grammar 5/5

The style has a nice flow with excellent word choice, giving it a polished feel. As with the style, the grammar is quite good with no obvious issues so far. The only detriment I see is the style may turn some away, as it is a bit more complex than the typical royal road story, but I find it beautiful.

Story 5/5

It’s too early to tell much about the story, but the hints shown so far are intriguing. It starts out quite philosophical in nature, with the chapters so far acting like a long prologue. The start sets up a difficult climb for the main character. He doesn’t have gifts other main characters, so he is put at an even bigger disadvantage.

Character Score 5/5

The main character starts out like a modern young master with an extremely rich family. He has the fall from grace typical of the genre, but not from a source most would expect. With the poise of his lofty station in society, he took the blows even when his wife turned on him. As with the story, it is too early to know too much about his character, but so far he shows the typical traits of a main character of his genre without any glaring detriments yet.

Suspened Fractals

This is a genre shacking work of art who's ripples are liable to be seen far and wide. Even only having read act 1, heck even only having read chapter 1 I knew I'd be writing an advanced review. This writing style is absolutely impeccable, outside of a few formatting hiccups easily fixed without much trouble, I find nearly no fault with this story. The premise is superb, the pacing and delivery is perfect, and the subtitle does not over sell effortlessly transcendent writing. This truly belongs amongst legendary works of Wuxia and Xianxia and that though truly a different take on them. I love the execution of the Heavenly Dao as it is perfectly encapsulated in a similar manner to works by authors such as IET, yet with a distinctly unique flair and undeniably refreshing take often confusing concepts such as fate and destiny, that this genre has a tendency to leave not quite explained. The descriptive language has you feeling as though you really are there and believably describes the situation without being too wordy. The character is realistically portrayed with the emotions that seem relatable yet foreign enough to keep some element of surprise. I honestly don't know if there's anything more I can rave about and I'm only four chapters in! Overall a stunning work if you elaborate detail, realistic emotions, and a unconquerable and indomitable fighting spirit that is largely unmatched in this genre as a whole! 


Starts a little preachy for me and lays the whole "defy the heavens" a little too thick. It does however make sense. The characters thus far have been very well written and I am looking forward to exploring their dynamics and depth in a genre renowned in its cookie cutter format.


From the start, I really do need to mention that this review is based off of a very short text. The Author has not yet put up the entire story which might lead to incosistent comments abotu the content, style, and quality of Grammar. Anyway, lets just jump right into it.

Starting off with style, I can clearly see this as a perfect example of what this genre should feel like. Now I might not have read a lot in this type of fiction, but does I have gotten through have always had this nagging feel that comes with a certain structure of story-telling. Not excatly sure what this guy did here(perhaps a better type of pacing around the more boring subjects), but it most certainly worked in keeping me interested enough to read it through to the current end.

Story is alright for now, even if I am not entirely sure how it will pan out in later chapers(read warning again if you need to understand why this part is so thing), but it does seem to have some good promise. Chekov has been used a few times without pay-off so I at least know that there'll be something linking the future together with the present.

Grammar? Perfekct. Never saw an error. Editing softwarre did point out a few to me but those are more stylitic choices than anything(tensing at some parts that seemed perfectly fine to me). Good example of what one needs to suceed.

Characthers? Currently a bit underdeveloped. While I won't call them bad, I just don't feel like I understand the motives that well enoguh. Maybe more backstory or time with the personalities is needed. I don't really know. Almost perfect for now.

That's it. Near-perfect 5/5