The Rocky Shore

The Rocky Shore

by WearyScribe

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

This is a LitRPG series. Every story you read here takes place in the same virtual world, with the same rules and limitations. Characters will travel, explore vast and dangerous realms, overcome obstacles, meet one another, enter into conflicts with one another, forge alliances, make horrible mistakes, and occasionally just die.


A technological singularity has been achieved, and humanity has been trapped in a virtual world by a super-intelligent, self-improving artificial intelligence. This program is not malicious at all. In fact, it desires nothing except the happiness and fulfillment of every human it has copied into itself. If its decisions seem strange to you, that's only because its reasoning is far beyond ours. It recognizes that humans cannot be happy without enemies to overcome and goals to achieve, as well as the possibility of failure and death. The world it has created may be heaven or hell, depending on the free choices of the people it contains.


The non-player characters who live in this realm have no idea that they are part of a vast computer system. They seem real enough, but there is no way to tell if they are truly self-aware. Even the system that created them isn't certain.


This is world in which all the things that humans are used to dealing with in the abstract: skills, talents, knowledge, reputation, social status, morality, even love, exist as readable statistics that players can see and interact with objectively. This has many curious and complex effects on how people perceive themselves and the world around them.

A few quick notes on the system:

-Death is permanent

-The system interface can only be accessed at certain locations.

-Magic of diverse kinds is available and useful, but is not a good substitute for skills, physicallity, or mental prowess. Non-magical characters are common and competitive.

-There is no inventory system. Characters must physically carry everything they wish to have on their person.

-Healing is slow and difficult. Magical Healing is all but unheard of.


Raymond Garrison- A man in his late twenties who used to work as a forklift operator in Idaho. His path leads him to work as a mercenary, protecting a small community of humans and goblins from the Seelie Fae who wish to exterminate them.

Patricia Chandler- A elderly British woman who arrives in this new world with her grandson Kyle and her granddaughter Elizabeth. Never having dealt with rpg game mechanics before, she is in for a rough time, but she is determined to keep her grandkids alive in a world full of danger and evil.

Jamil Mesbah- An Egyptian woman who once worked as a technical writer. Her path leads into a vast and hostile forest, where she must master both her magical abilities and her survival skills in order to succeed.


Enjoy your travels, friends.

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High potential new serie

Reviewed at: Raymond, Chapter 14

A really well-written litrpg with multiple character that will definitly become a rising star if chapter keep on coming.

The character are a little lost especially with winter coming and a rough start but will undoubtably become powerful if allowed to keep accumulaging stat in DnD fashion.

Special prop for sometime putting back to back chapter of the same character when there the scene is in the middle of action.

Chris W

Multi-character litrpg done (very) well.

Reviewed at: Patricia, Chapter 4

I'm a little confused as to why no one else has rated or reviewed this story yet - it seems to be getting very little attention. My theory is that the synopsis is putting people off, so let me get the obvious comment out first:  THIS IS NOT A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES! 

"The Rocky Shore" is a classic post-singularity litrpg adventure in a fantasy setting, but with three parallel story lines (hence the "multiple lead characters" tag). I know, I know, that puts off many of you, but wait - TRS pulls off that rare trick of actually making each character (and their story arc) individual. Believable. Compelling. Memorable. No mean feat.

Grammar and writing style are generally very good. The odd typo, and chapter 1 feels a little clumsy (from chapter 2 onwards there is a marked improvement) , but I was rapidly drawn into the world and the trials of the protagonists. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to carry on my binge reading and get through a few more chapters - I suggest you do the same. 

Crop Harvester

I honestly hate POVs, I despise them, I hate when I find I nice story and everything is going well and bam, a pov that either disrupts my immersion, bores me out my mind or interrupts the flow of the story completely.

Luckily this story has none of these problem (despite having a lot of POVs).

It's really funny when you realize that the reason you hate something is just because you experienced a very bad representation of it, happens a lot with sushi I believe, a lot of places sell slimy not fresh sushi and it disrupts the opinion of a lot of sushi-virgins when they finally eat it (not saying you can't dislike raw fish, but disliking sushi and bad sushi are completely different things). This story knows how to do multiple points of view and it does it well, if you hate stories with multiple POVs like me, at least give this one a try, it didn't disappoint me, and I don't think it will disappoint you either. (This is a slow paced story though, if you want a 24/7 rollercoaster maybe this is not for you, but give it a try either way, you might be surprised)

The style of this story is quite slow paced, I believe it's a mix of the multiple points of view happening at the same time and the fact that this story takes it's time building the world around the characters, but just like any arm it does have two types of muscle fibers, and it's fast-twitch muscle fibers are not atrophied, the action scenes are tense and high stakes because nobody in this story has plot armor, they get hurt and a single mistake can be the end of their lives, it keeps you at the edge of your seat, and all the slow pace prior to this moment of tension? An inexorable buildup for the shit show that will happen when one of the characters step on the wrong tile. And some time to breathe after the action is gone and our protagonists take time to breathe.

The story itself is something that we have seen done a few of times here, but don't be mistaken that this is stale, I don't know if it's the style of writing, the fact that the characters feel alive or the world they find themselves in, The Rocky Shore honestly feels like a breath of fresh air, if you want to know more about the story, just read it, I don't do spoilers.

Impeccable grammar.

The characters are living and breathing beings, they are not cardboard cutouts or walking stereotypes with two lines, they feel like they exist and are distinct from eachother, I honestly don't think I need to say anything more than that.

Give this story a try, I'm honestly a little surprised it has such a small reach, it's one of the best stories I've ever read on this website (and I read quite a lot), reminds me a little of The Wandering Inn.