A Universe of Bloody Evolution

A Universe of Bloody Evolution

by Chaos65

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The Void was never meant to be opened to the Multiverse. The horrors waiting inside it should have never seen the light. And yet, the biggest mistake in the history of creation led to the impossible.

In an event later known as the Outbreak, gates appeared in the first Universe, and with them, the Void was free.

For ages the Void destroyed universe after universe, spreading its power in every direction, leaving only death and pain behind. 

But before every Universe met its end, it still had a chance. A small part of the population that survived the initial Outbreak and was granted a mysterious System to help them fight against the dangers that came from the Void. They were the Multiverse's last hope even if they couldn't stop the collapse of their own world.

And so the cycle continued until the 36th Outbreak came.

Leo Hale, a young reporter from Wolford, was one of the lucky ones to survive when the majority of Earth's population turned into monsters straight out of nightmares. Thrust into a constant battle for his life, Leo was determined to push forward and find his remaining family. Even if it meant sacrificing what was left of his humanity.

After all, you either adapt or die.

Story of progression and evolution with my take at the post-apocalyptic genre. Unlike most monster evolution stories where the monster rushes to gain human form, here I plan to do something quite the opposite. After all, in a world where almost everything wants to kill you, being human can be hard.

Warnings are here to give me the freedom to write whatever is necessary. This is my first original novel. Also English isn't my native language so any feedback is welcome. Remember that even if initially this story takes place on Earth, fictional places, streets, etc will appear.

Release Schedule: Chapter 22. (The last chapter of Volume 1 will be out soon. After that this story will go on a break.)

Average chapter length: 2000-2500 words (There might be exceptions as is the case with some of the first chapters - most of them are longer.)

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A refreshing take on a tired genre

Reviewed at: Chapter 15. Not yet

A Universe of Bloody Evolution is a unique take on a genre that's quite frankly been overdone. The main character has depth and makes realistic decisions, and even the side characters don't seem like shallow robots.

The story has many emotional moments, and the beginning chapters have a lot of character development, with the author taking time to foreshadow many things. The world building is also good and well thought out.

For style, like I said before, the author likes to explore the characters thoughts and emotions very deeply, which allows you to connect to Leo more than other protagonists.

The system is also unique in that it doesn't litter every chapter with a thousand screens, thank god for that. The author also doesn't restrict the character too much based off of class. For example, even though the main character is an assassin, he can still use magic. I've always wondered why other fics restrict magic access based on class when this makes much more sense. Everyone can harness magic — called ether in this — but mages can just do it better then everyone else because they're specialized in it.

Grammar is my only problem, but frankly, if you can understand this review then you can understand the story. There are only minor mistakes here and there, but I don't mind it that much to be honest, seeing as the authors second language is English.

Overall, I recommend this story to people who like dark character driven stories. The system is there, sure, but it's not the sole focus, and the rest of the story isn't fucked over because of it. 


An exciting exploration of a grim world

Reviewed at: Chapter 10. Hide and Seek

I've been excited about this story from the start, but wanted to hold off leaving a review until at least 10 chapters were out. I can safely say now it was worth it.

The dark apocalyptic setting is portrayed very well and the LitRPG elements are relevant without being over the top. There's a System with stats and abilities, but everything so far feel very organic and natural. The possibilities for people to alter their own abilities through effort and experiementation opens up a huge world of potential for what we can encounter.

Leo is interesting as well and all of his thoughts and reactions feel believable. The world building and exploration of the changes that have occurred is very well done and paints a grim but fascinating picture. I'm looking forward to following Leo's journey and seeing what this new world is like.


Great world building, such wow

Reviewed at: Chapter 4. Broken

Great world and character building so far, and an original take on a common concept as far as I've seen so don't quote me. Definitely haven't seen anyone wipe out 95% of the universe, so you one-used Thanos on that part .Can't wait to see what else you write and what happens next.


I like the system a lot I like the system a lot 

I like the system a lot I like the system a lot

I like the system a lot I like the system a lot 

I like the system a lot I like the system a lot 

I like the system a lot I like the system a lot 5-stars


Honestly, I didn't expect this story to be this captivating. What really got me was the transitions between (especially the first 3) chapters. They made me realize this story is much better than I initially thought.

I really had fun seeing character building in this story and despite it being built on ideas previously known and used in literature, I didn't feel like the character wasn't "fresh". Felt like his interactions and thoughts actually resembled what someone might think, which is really enjoyable to read.

The introduction to the Litrpg system (for someone who didn't really enjoy it as much in the past), felt quite welcoming. It was presented pretty clearly and didn't overwhelm with too much information (which is quite crucial in a story like this). The only thing I didn't like (but it's just a personal preference) is that he chose assassin class, though at least it was a logical choice so I can't complain too much.

Regarding grammar in this story: as for someone who isn't a native English speaker, there is barely room for complaining about it.

I'm looking forward to reading upcoming chapters. I can only hope that we will get them more often.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this story to anyone that is looking for a good introduction to the LitRPG genre, and would advise everyone to at least give this piece of work a try. From what I have seen in this story I can tell the author puts all of his heart into this novel.


This is only early days for this fiction, but it s already a promising and interesting one, with a system without much detail or info for now, a compelling main character, alone and hurting, and, at this moment, mindless enemies for him to slaughter and level up. I will gladly continue to read it.


Nothing to complain about soo far. Actually there is one thing. No more chapters i can read. Mc adapts quickly but not unreasonably quickly. He is just the right amount of scared boy and brave survivor and I really like it. Mc crying for the first 30 chapters is really annoying for me just as much as Mc turning into an action hero in 10 minutes. Here it's balanced at least for now.


I'm really liking the system you built in the story and it's exciting to see him experimenting with essence. I can't wait to see what you do with his tainted status. Keep it up this has been one of the better stories I've come across, and I'd recommend giving it a read.


The good:

I did not read far enough to tell you much about the storry, but the premise is good. ( Slightly generic apocalyps but still quiet good. )

I did not realise much about the gramar which is something good in itself.

The problem:

I do not know wether this is a part of the writing style or the character handling, but the author handels past trauma and the effects it has on people badly.

The most jaring scene wath when in a characters inner monolougue a scene brought back memories of the truamatic death of his mother. After a sentence about the trauma we are told that after that nothing else can shock the MC, within the same paragraph.

That is a) not how trauma works. Traumatic experiences do not just make you "stronger".

And while my experience with trauma is very limited, I am also very sure that is not how people interact with or recall traumatic experiences.

The authors focus on trauma as a basis for the characters strength of will and the huge presence trauma has in all aspects of the MC make it hard for me to connect. ( Trauma can interact with every aspect of your character but it does it most often subtle and is not an overall character improvement. )