A loose thread

A loose thread

by 1lostpen

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The goddess picked him up. He tried to struggle free, but her grip only tightened. Eventually her thumb caught his head, pulling it backwards.

He stared helplessly as she brought her free hand closer, revealing a small vial in her massive hand. She pressed it to his lips, and he felt the contents flow into him. He tried not to drink it, but his body would not listen. Despite his revulsion, his body ignored him by drinking deeply. 

"Drink and forget. I will give you everything you ever wanted. A loving family. A comfortable home. And then, " Her grip tightened, and forcing the air out his lungs. He coughed up the strange liquid and caused more to spill. “And then, you will pay for your defiance. On your twentieth birthday you will remember.” 

She pulled the vial away and turned him to look at her. “You will remember, just as everything you love is taken from you, right before your eyes…” Her voice trailed off and his world went dark.


The above leads right into the story. The first chapter is a bit rough as the MC (a child at the time), hurts himself rather badly. I will try to include similar warnings on chapters as the story goes on, but I want to be up front that I may miss or forget things. Many of the tags are included so I can have flexibility writing the story.

I am posting this largely to hold myself accountable to keep writing. Chapters will be short, but I am planning to post weekly. This is the first thing I have written (you've been warned). I am enjoying the story and I hope you will too. Please feel free to let me know what you think of the story as it progresses.  

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74 Chapters
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{Awake} ago
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at the shrine ago
Chaos ago
the youngest goddess ago
A willing toy ago
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curious relatives ago
A goddess’s will ago
Vassals and Vessels ago
Fears ago
New day, new problem ago
{father’s morning} ago
{Other topics} ago
{Scars} ago
{Years of penance} ago
{At a certain loom} ago
{champion} ago
{emperors and men} ago
{A new normal} ago
Chapter 29 {Roses and Thorns} ago
{Fortress of Wall} ago
{An Unseen Shark} ago
{Nights of Contemplation} ago
{Pushing} ago
{Dead?} ago
{A maid’s view} ago
{elsewhere in the manor} ago
{cards} ago
{cheating} ago
{Basement} ago
{Echoes of the past} ago
{Tradition} ago
{Then at Breakfast} ago
{In the dining room} ago
[Goodbyes] ago
{village} ago
{Relatives} ago
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{Camping} ago
{Stories around the fire} ago
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{Into the Light} ago
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{in the house} ago
{harsh realities} ago
{Next day} ago
{Why is nothing easy?} ago
{Home} ago
{An Empire’s Vermin} ago
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{Time passes} ago
{Parting} ago
{Settling in} ago
{A Private Garden} ago
{New Hunters} ago
{On to the Deep} ago
{Stones} ago
{Oaths Given Freely} ago
{Goodnight} ago
{May she never wake} ago
{A drop or a flood} ago
Sick ago

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