Class: Mash

Class: Mash

by ANutty

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

In a world full of magic and power, where strength is defined by classes and levels. Follow Mash, a young boy who gets to experience the wonders of the world, from receiving his first class to realizing his dreams, and all the little progress in-between. Although things don’t go as he predicted. His first class defined him as something he was not, yet it offered him a new opportunity. Only through gaining experience and levels can he even begin to reach his dreams, whatever they may be.

 After having his first real fight, Mash catches a glimpse into the profound wrongness in his world. In this moment of revelation, Mash’s life takes a new path, one he will have to carve for himself. A path that was not for knights, heroes, or kings, instead one for gods, of power beyond even his own understanding.

Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge.  

I upload everyday at 12:00pm cst.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: From The Bottom (Edit v1) ago
Chapter 2: Moving Forward (Rewrite) ago
Chapter 3: Food for Thought (Rewrite) ago
Chapter 4: Stats vs Skills ago
Chapter 5: Goodbyes ago
Chapter 6: Goblins and Class Selections ago
Chapter 7: Birthday Party ago
Chapter 8: Allies and Adventurers ago
Chapter 9: The Remaining Party ago
Chapter 10: Teammates ago
Chapter 11: Bad Rats ago
Chapter 12: The Rats ago
Chapter 13: Success ago
Chapter 14: The Team ago
Chapter 15: Into the Labyrinth ago
Chapter 16: Storytime ago
Chapter 17: Souls and Snakes ago
Chapter 18: Night ago
Chapter 19: Burns ago
Chapter 20: Closer ago
Chapter 21: Levels and Loot ago
Chapter 22: Attuning to Classes ago
Chapter 23: "Deadly" Boss Fight ago
Chapter 24: Changes ago
Chapter 25: Hunger ago
Chapter 26: Flight ago
Chapter 27: Hometown ago
Chapter 28: Breaking the Boundaries ago
Chapter 29: Auctions ago
Chapter 30: The Forest ago
Chapter 31: Krall’s Walls ago
Chapter 32: The Wandering Moon ago
Chapter 33: Back on Track ago
Chapter 34: The Descent ago
Chapter 35: Blocked Retreat ago
Chapter 36: Trapped ago
Chapter 37: Falling ago
Chapter 38: Fighting Alone ago
Chapter 39: Carrier of the World ago
Chapter 40: Monsters ago

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Fun but writing is bland.

Reviewed at: Chapter 25: Hunger

Everything is alright.

The prose is alright. The characters are alright. The motivations are alright. 
It's all alright.

The only pull is the Class system. It's got a nice bit of mystery in its function, as well as an interesting class-up style.

The main cast are a little bland and overly 'special' in that they have important backgrounds or very rare attunements. They met in the starter adventurer guild. This feels off as there hasn't been a good baseline for who is meant to be in the adventurers guild, the local countries and travel culture hasn't been mentioned. 

We've only seen almost unique archetypes of combat classes, so there's almost no grounding for comparison. How strong are farmers or shoemakers or blacksmiths in setting, considering how easily the main character developed a mana attunement, can farmers instantly grow crops, or rapidly evolve produce strains? Can shoemakers control and grow leather, how strong can they make a pair of boots? Do blacksmiths have enchanting capabilities or are they purely about shaping metals, do they gain metal shaping magic? This problem can be adjusted for literally any class as we only know very rare archetypes of classes.

Ability Framework 4/5

World Building 2/5

Characters 2/5

Fun 3.5/5

Overall: Needs more descriptions of scenery and world.


Main character lacks personality

Reviewed at: Chapter 7: Birthday Party

To be fair, I was able to read only about the first seven chapters before I stopped, so perhaps it gets better later on.

The main character just isn't interesting to me. He's kind of a sociopath, even at the age of 5, but not in an interesting way. He killed another child by accident and didn't care, felt nothing, didn't seem to understand why other people seemed upset. He spent two weeks in a dungeon and didn't mind. All he does for his entire childhood is spend all his time obsessively exercising to raise his stats.  There's not a clear motivation either, there's no specific reason he wants to get more powerful, he doesn't seem to especially want anything or need anything or fear anything, but that's all he does anyway. 

Otherwise, the writing is fine, the litrpg elements are fine, the plot is coherent although not much seems to be actually happening. I just don't care about the MC or the plot and as a result the story didn't catch my interest. 


Hello. I saw this novel when it was only posted but didn't start in right away. I usually let the water run a little, so to speak,  just to see if it's worth the effort and if author is serious. And now I feel like perfect system bit me in the buttocks. You started ok with 5 yo kid who was to cognisant but then you pitched a curve with your accidental death. Thatnwas an awesome twist. It lost some of the vibe when you basically made him a cultivator with wood element but I can forgive that. It would be interesting to see whole "human-dryad-class" thing, definitely fresh.  My main, huge, overbearing issue is end of chapter 13. Maybe it's my personal hang-up, but I'm so,  so tired of "savior troupe" and it does not mix well with power hungry MC. If you really don't want to phase it out in favour of adventure or slow paced power up troupes, consider One piece approach.  MC doesn't actively seek or acknowledge his involvement with "breaking the system" it just so happens that he clashes with status quo for personal,  unrelated resons. Anyway, good luck and please don't make another hero porn.


The stories weakest point is the style.  The author has (especially in the early chapters) a tendency to tell rather than show, and lacks the easy natural flow of very well written stories.  This improves significantly in the later chapters (at 31 now which is the newest chapter at the time of the review).  The style didn't stop me from enjoying or following the story clearly and one of the early chapters has already been rewritten (with more set to be as I understand it).


The story is a fairly normal young man grows up in a world with a system and begins advancing his classes.  He doesn't feel overpowered or like he has a "cheat" yet though that may change with time.  In general he just feels a little more able then average.  It is not masterful writing or a groundbreaking story, but the fundamentals and foundation are there and it feels original and enthusiastic which does a lot to make it enjoyable.


I don't pay a ton of attention to or care about grammar a great deal.  I didn't notice any obvious or glaring problems with during my readthrough.  I would generally notice something if there were frequent or egregious errors but I can't think of anything as I write this review.


All the characters have distinct but understandable motivations and voice, and have stayed true to both.  We mostly see things from the main character's point of view who has a bit of "unusual" perspective on things.  Details on why he sees the world and has the emotional reaction he does are explained as the story progresses and make sense within the context of the world.  It is still fairly early on so we don't have a lot of depth with the characters so far, but what we do have is very solid and a good foundation for further development.  Given that the characters have had consistent development so far I am optimistic that the trend will continue.


Of other note, the author has been very good about taking feedback from some of the readers in the comments and has released at a very consistent one chapter per day.  I don't know if he can keep up the pace but it has been greatly appreciated so far.


This is really good as of Ch 18.  The pacing is great. The characters are unique and consistent. They mc is interesting as he's a bit psychopathic but not entirely as he does emotionally connect to his siblings and friends and he's not just another murder hobo. The world setting and class advancement are pretty standard but solid.  There is a bit of uniqueness in how the classes change at various levels that should be fun to follow as the characters progress.   All in all, I'm looking forward to reading more of this one.


Grammar is ok, even if it doesn't flow perfectly, however the author choose to write giant blocks of texts, which make it difficult to read (as in whole pages written as a single paragraph). There is too much telling and not enough showing and the MC doesn't think/ act like a five year old which breaks the immersion. Couldn't get past chapter 2 sadly, even if the summary made me super interested.

Dougulas Kaien

Mash is the title character in this story living in a world of classes and skills.  The author sets up a wonderful dynamic at the very beginning with parents having exalted positions in town, and expectations for their youngest son running very high.  Given an opportunity for the easy street, the author turns aside and pushes MC into the dark path and forces the character to devote the rest of his life climbing out of that rabbit hole.

I give credit to the author for relying on a need-to-know basis in building up the world setting (rather than using info dumps), and the story maintains its focus on MC throughout the chapters.

Class: Mash has been a delightful but dark fantasy tale for readers who don't mind a bit of gore and trauma.


I need to be careful how I say this so as to not give spoilers.


The story is aiming for "Something". It drops a few hints, but never explicitly stated what that "Something" is. The Author wants to keep it as a surprise.

I'm pretty sure I know what the "Something" is, but I won't say it here.

"Something" is going on. The author is setting it up from early on. However, the way the author is setting it up is... Questionable.

Character development is the main problem. It is aiming for a certain goal, and technically fits that goal (if my assumptions are correct). But the author hasn't explicitly said what that goal is to the readers. As such, the character development path is giving the wrong message to many readers. 

As it stands now, it is too easy to give up on the book during the early chapters. And it is too soon to say if the later chapters will make it worth sticking with, because they haven't gotten to the "big reveal" yet.

EDIT - I'm throwing in the towel.

30+ Chapters in and "the big reveal" hasn't revealed itself yet. Not the one I've predicted at least.

Thinking over what is instead of what might be, I'm getting more and more frustrated with the story. Everything is too easy for the protagonists. How easily they travel between cities. How easily they clear their first dungeon. How easily they level up. Mash only got his wood class less than a month ago.


Fairly deep characters that are well rounded.  Somewhat dark but realistic encounters for mc with others that build well with story.  Feels like the overall story was well thought out.  

The team with the mc is also pretty well thought out and feel like they fit well with mc and overall story.  Feels like a buildup for an epic adventure and i am looking forward to reading more.


Not bad at All !!! Its just okay.

Reviewed at: Chapter 13: Success

Honestly not the best or worst thing I've ever read but at least I can say its pretty good. 

A lovely comfort story about a boy with a mild case of psychopathy going about a world with stats and classes. 

Although Mash isn't the "smartest" he makes reasonable decisions from his alien perspective. He has different values from most people and the author demonstrates this perfectly without being edgy or over the top. 

The system that is the basis of this world isn't groundbreaking. In fact, it is quite average, but that's okay. 

The world, like the system, is rather bog-standard. Nothing new here and nothing to complain about like the system. It's been seen before and doesn't really stand out on its own. As I like to say, this story takes place in the generic medical fantasy setting that most other similar stories take place in its just never explicitly stated. 

Character development is also pretty okay. We get a little but not too much. Id rate it the same as the world and the system.

So overall good job author !!!  You've crafted something pretty decent. Grammar wise it's solid but storytelling wise there's a lot of room for you to grow. And that's amazing because it just means that this story and all of your future projects can only get better.