Immortal System: Era of Adventure

Immortal System: Era of Adventure

by Lord_Azure

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

First came the era of magic. Next came the era of the system. From the system came the era of divine spirits. The beginning and end of an era is not known until an era is gone. Zane stands at the beginning of the era of adventure. This story is about the experiences he will have in this era.

First arc

Zane spent more than half of his life preparing for a future with the system. One day the system invited everyone to participate in a trial that was rumored to have creatures from other worlds.  The rumors made Zane hesitant about participating, but he decided to go in the end. He knew the trial would offer him the strength he desired, and he had no intention of missing the opportunity. The first arc is about Zane's experiences in the starting village and how they shape his path. 

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Word Count (9)
Royal Writathon October 2021 winner
1st Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Awakening ago
Chapter 2: Breakfast ago
Chapter 3: Trip to the Stadium ago
Chapter 4: Training ago
Chapter 5: Sparring ago
Chapter 6: Two Sentences ago
Chapter 7: Arrival ago
Chapter 8: Talents, Skills, and Titles ago
Chapter 9: Class Selection ago
Chapter 10: Choose Wisely ago
Chapter 11: Mana Surge ago
Chapter 12: The Village ago
Chapter 13: Q&A ago
Chapter 14: Quest Hall/ Market ago
Chapter 15: Training Ground ago
Chapter 16: First Step ago
Chapter 17: Night ago
Chapter 18: Night Trip ago
Chapter 19: The Den ago
Chapter 20: Betas & Alphas ago
Chapter 21: More Bears ago
Chapter 22: Dire Bear ago
Chapter 23: Familiar Faces ago
Chapter 24: Break Up ago
Chapter 25: Easy ago
Chapter 26: Light ago
Chapter 27: Memory ago
Chapter 28: Quest ago
Chapter 29: Socializing ago
Chapter 30: Fight ago
Chapter 31: Heading Back ago
Chapter 32: Rest ago
Chapter 33: Return ago
Chapter 34: Selling ago
Chapter 35: Library ago
Chapter 36: Helping ago
Chapter 37: Skip ago
Chapter 38: Ravens ago
Chapter 39: Growth ago
Chapter 40: ago
Chapter 41: First Challenge ago
Chapter 42: Destroyer ago
Chapter 43: Final Challenge ago
Chapter 44: First Challenger (1) ago
Chapter 45: First Challenger (2) ago
Chapter 46: Breakdown and Upgrade ago
Chapter 47: Meditation Arts and Techniques ago
Chapter 48: Testing ago
Chapter 49: Learning ago
Chapter 50: Upheaval ago
Chapter 51: Information ago
Chapter 52: Questions ago
Chapter 53: Teamwork ago
Chapter 54: Gathering ago
Chapter 55: Separation ago
Chapter 56: Uh oh ago
Chapter 57: Leaving ago
Chapter 58: Memory ago

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For those looking for a short review, its a nice novel. Its kind of an interesting take on a system type genre. The fights, in my opinion, were well described and not too long as well as not too short. The system itself seems solid, tho so far I do have a slight worry that the stats might get too high but lets see.

Now, a more detailed review, click the spoiler. ( There arent any spoilers)

Style- For me, the style is very much over fine. It doesnt seem boring in any way and I also think it suits the whole theme of the story. Even tho its mostly focused on zane, it has no problem also showing the pov of other ppl without making the entire thing feel broken up and hard to follow. 

Story- As I said above, the story is kinda interesting. Its takes a standard take on a system and integrets it with ppl from other worlds without systems and more, but find out on your own. Its not fun spoiling everything uk.

Grammar- its four cuz some parts are incorrect but those are insignificant and doesnt rlly effect anything so dont worry at all about that. (if you arent the author).

Character- now this is a hard one, as not everyone has the same taste obviously. In my insignificant opinion, I think that the character and actually all the characters so far have an unique but relatable character. None of the characters feel boring and all have a decent part to the plot. You might not like some characters, but I'd say that it doesnt change the fact that the chracter is good. It just doesnt suit ur liking. 

Yeah, in the end, it all comes down to, does it suit your taste? I liked it but that doesnt mean you would like it. Imma take a second to thank the author, thank you, and honestly I reccomend you try at least some 15 chs. Who knows, you might not like it at first but like it later on?

ps. I dont rlly write advanced reviews. Dunno if this is good but yeah, trust me and take a chance.