After reminiscing the past, Vivien became more determined to help Morgana. For her, giving up would be a disservice to someone who is willing to break their cage. Using more of her magic, she continued to strengthen Morgana. Although the bars were already bent, it still was not enough for them to leave the cage.

With an unyielding desire, Morgana used more and more of her strength. Finally, using all her strength along with Vivien’s enchantment, she broke the cage bars, allowing her and Vivien to leave.

A tired Morgana went to her companions. She realized that she was so focused on destroying the cage that she didn’t realize that they were ambushed by a group of men wearing a red bandana with a mark titled “Fangs” and with the symbol of two canine teeth. Upon a closer inspection, Morgana realized that those bandanas are the same as the bandana held tightly and angrily by Brayno.

“Ms. Sorcerer, this are the henchmen of the guild named Fang of the Sabres. We need to go back to the village.”, said Vivien

“Don’t worry, my friends will take care of them.”, said Morgana.

Musa, Lance, Brayno and the other guards all raised their weapons against the aggressors, ready to fight them. With each swing, the forces of “Fangs” went down one by one.

When the last of the henchmen were knocked down, a clap was heard in the forest. Out from the shadows stood a woman wearing a red armband with the name “Fang”.

“Look who we have here, a traitor.”, said the woman.

“I am not the traitor here, Angela.”, said Brayno.

“Sure, you aren’t. You just became a lapdog and someone who works for the other team. Totally not a traitor.”, said Angela.

“You know that I have to leave the group.”, said Brayno

“Hahahahaha. Cut the crap. You left because you felt inadequate. You left because you can’t usurp Master Ringorne.”, said Angela.

“I had to fight him. We are going off the rails. We can’t let him dictate everything we do.”, said Brayno.

“Don’t say we, you traitor. You never told me that you would leave. You simply disappeared.”, said Angela.

“I’m sorry I did not tell you. But there is a good reason as to why I had to leave the group.”, said Brayno.

“Tell me then.”, said Angela.

Brayno simply stood silent. Angered by this, Angela spat in the face of Brayno. Agitated, his guards drew their weapons, ready to attack Angela, but was stopped by Brayno. He told them,

“Don’t attack her. I’ll deal with her at some other time.”, said Brayno

“Hahahaha. I hope to be the one who will end you, traitor.”, said Angela.

“And I’m going to make you see the light, Angela.”, said Brayno.

“I would destroy you right now, but Master Ringorne told us to retreat. Farewell, scum”, said Angela.

And with that Angela disappeared into the shadows. In an attempt to follow her, Morgana decided to dash towards the forest, but was stopped by Vivien.

“Don’t follow her, Ms. Sorcerer, they are very dangerous, and it seems that you have spent your energy destroying that cage.”, said Vivien.

“Alright. As long as you are safe, Vivien.”, said Morgana

She is like big sis, Vivien thought.

“Oh, by the way, my name is Morgana. The one with the huge armor and shield is Lance, and the one with the huge blade is Musa.”, said Morgana.

The young druid stood up, faced Morgana, and introduced herself.

“My name is Vivien, currently, I am a druid in training.”

“Nice to meet you, Vivien.”, said Morgana.

Vivien smiled towards Morgana. Seeing the joy in the druid, Morgana offered her a piggyback ride back to the village of Caltron.

“Are you sure Morgana, you have exhausted your energy in breaking that cage.”, said Lance.

“I can handle it.”, said Morgana.

As she offered a piggyback ride to Vivien, Morgana’s back started to ache, with her face showing a grimace. Visible to her companions, Musa simply chuckled, whereas Lance just keeps looking at her sideways, doubting if she can make it back to the village. Whispering to her, Lance told her,

“You know, I can give the piggyback ride. Your face shows great pain.”

“I can handle a little pain. This is just routine for the greatest sorcerer in the lands.”, whispered Morgana.

“You know, I can walk to the town.”, said Vivien.

“No”, said both Morgana and Lance.

“Alright.”, said Vivien.

Along the way, Vivien slept in the shoulders of Morgana. Looking at the sight, Lance hid his smile. At least, for now, the young woman is safe from harm. Musa on the other hand, was reminded of his trips with his brother, Moto, and all the times he came to protect him. Right now, for him, this guild is not a simple adventurer’s guild, but something more.

Eventually, the group arrived at the village. There, Brayno told them Vivien’s house. Upon arriving there, Morgana gently dropped her to the bed. As soon as Vivien is sound asleep, Morgana finally felt her back pain. Not wanting to disturb the sleeping druid, they went outside the house. There, Lance laughed as much as he can, unable to contain it any further.

“Hahahahahahahahahahaha. I told you, you’re already in pain. You should have let me carry her to this town from time to time to rest your back.”, said Lance

Morgana simply pouted at Lance.

“Come on, let’s go back to the outpost.”, said Lance.

“Alright”, said Morgana.

Just as she was about to stand up, Morgana collapsed to the floor. She tried to stand up but to no avail. She was in such pain that she was visibly holding her back. Noticing this Lance, decided to help her.

“Come on, just this once.”, said Lance.

“What do you mean?”, asked Morgana.

“I’ll carry you.”, said Lance.

“Alright. Thank you.”, said Morgana.

Lance then positioned himself for a piggyback carry. Slightly embarrassed, he crouched down to assist Morgana.

“Just hop on.”, said a flustered Lance.

Although she struggled to get up, Morgana grabbed on Lance’s back so that he can carry her to the Outpost. While carrying her, Lance is silent. Wondering why, Morgana decided to conduct a conversation with him.

“Why so quiet Lance.”, asked Morgana

“We have a long day. We need to rest.”, said Lance.

“You have a strong back. It feels comfortable.”, said Morgana.

After hearing those words, Lance’s face turned red. He became more self-conscious about Morgana. Taking a deep breath, he told himself,

She is a powerful sorcerer. As a guardian, my duty first and foremost is to protect her, nothing more.

Morgana on the other hand, felt comfortable while being carried by Lance. Along the way, she decided to play with his hair from time to time, hoping that he doesn’t notice it. Leaning into his back, Morgana’s heart started to beat faster. She does not know why this is happening, but somehow, she felt warm. With a feeling of safety and comfort, she slept on Lance’s back.

Musa simply grinned at the situation. He realized that the two were unaware that he was quietly observing them. In his thoughts, the two reminded him of his own youth, and how the two are getting closer to each other.

This guild is going to be more interesting as time goes on.

Musa simply walked behind Morgana and Lance, observing their actions, and observing his surroundings. Although the village is small in stature, there are plenty of stalls and foods in the area. However, he also noted the lack of travelers and traders in the village.

The forest might give it security, but it is also its biggest hindrance, thought Musa.

Eventually, the three of them reached the Wizarding Outpost. There, they were greeted by Ulgar.

“So, there’s an attack here, huh?”, asked Ulgar.

“Yeah.”, said Musa.

“Luckily for this village, the harsh forest offers some degree of training for the people living here. I don’t think there will be an invasion against Caltron anytime soon.”, said Ulgar.

“Probably, but I got a funny feeling about this. We need to stay for a while.”, said Musa.

Ulgar simply nodded at Musa’s statement and went back to his room. Lance then told Musa that he will rest alongside Morgana for the day. After all, they still don’t have a healer for their guild. Still feeling some degree of unease, Musa simply stood at the door of the outpost.

Seeing the bladesman sitting at the door, the old sorcerer Gobren approach him.

“What’s wrong young lad?”, said Gobren

“Nothing. But I have a feeling that some group will attack soon, and I can’t shake it off.”, said Musa.

“You know what, there is also feeling of unease right now. But I don’t think it is an attack. But it is something else.”, said Gobren.

“Something else?”, asked Musa.

“Brayno. He might do something reckless. I hope you and your guild would stop him from engaging the Fangs of the Sabres.”, said Gobren.

“He still wishes to atone for his past crimes, am I right?”, said Musa.

“Correct. With what happened to Vivien, he might charge recklessly. As the village elder, it is my responsibility to ensure that the villagers would be safe from harm and aren’t in any danger.”, said Gobren

“Alright. We will help him. But in exchange…”, said Musa.

“I will find you a healer.”, said Gobren.

Musa then closed his eyes and went to sleep. Morgana and Lance are also deep in their sleep at their room. Without intending it, Lance rolled towards Morgana’s side, getting him closer to the sorcerer.

Early morning, Morgana was the first one to wake up. While she was opening her eyes, she felt a warm breath gushing thru her face. Upon fully opening her left eye, she saw Lance sleeping next to her. Overwhelmed with emotion, her face turned red, and due to shock, she used magic upon Lance.



The explosion woke up the people in the Outpost. Gobren and Musa rushed towards the room of Morgana and Lance. When Musa opened the door, he saw a flustered Morgana, and a still sleeping Lance crashed through the wall with some ashes and debris on his face.

To think that he would still sleep in that condition. Maybe he trusts Morgana that much

“What happened here?”, asked Gobren.

“I—IIII don’t know. I just woke up next to him.”, said a still flustered Morgana.

Seeing Morgana getting flustered gave a mild chuckle from Musa.

“What are you laughing about?”, said Morgana.

“Nothing. It’s just rare seeing you getting flustered over something.”, said Musa.

“Hmph”, pouted Morgana.

The noise eventually woke Lance up. Scratching his head, he saw the debris and a flustered Morgana. Seeing Morgana this flustered is new to him. Upon staring at her, he noticed something, but before he could comment, Morgana threw a pillow at his face.

“What did I do wrong?”, asked Lance.

“You…. Are way too close…. When I woke up….”, said Morgana.

“What do you mean….”, said Lance.

But before he could finish his sentence, images went back to him. He remembered that he placed Morgana in the room before they slept. He slept at bed separate from her but remembered that would roll in his bed from time to time.

He then realized that he may have rolled towards Morgana. With this in mind, he got flustered and his face turned red. Covering his face, he kept muttering gibberish after gibberish. Musa then approached Lance and pat him on his shoulder. He whispered,

“Just apologize for now, she would understand.”

“Morgana, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get close to your face.”, said Lance.

After hearing those words, Morgana threw another pillow at Lance’s face. She then said,

“Apology accepted.”

What is wrong with her?

Musa went back to Lance and whispered,

“This is probably the first time she would feel certain emotions, and I would reckon, this is the first time for you as well.”

“What do you mean by certain emotions?”, asked Lance.

“I’m not going to say anything.”, whispered Musa.

After their conversation, Morgana went down to the kitchen. Still confused on what had happened, Lance is simply shocked and unable to comprehend what had happened. Musa assured him,

“Don’t worry, nothing happened between the two of you.”

“What do you mean, nothing happened?”, asked Lance.

“Hahahahahaha. I thought she’s the only inexperienced one here, but it appears there are two of you.”, said a chuckled Musa.

“Anyway, I’m going outside for a while.”, said Musa.

As Musa left the outpost, Morgana is still in the kitchen, attempting to prepare some soup. While she is preparing ingredients, Ulgar went to her. He was horrified at what he saw. Most of the fruits were crushed. Some were chopped inappropriately, and others were simply large chunks of foods placed in a container.

“Ah, Morgana, I’ll help you prepare the food.”, said Ulgar.

“You will help me?”, asked a flustered Morgana.

“Of course. After all, someone needs to teach you how to cook a soup.”, said Ulgar.

“Just follow my instructions.”, said Ulgar.

Soon, Ulgar keeps on correcting Morgana while she was preparing her food. He also told her the right temperature needed to cook for the soup. Eventually, after almost an hour, Morgana managed to prepare a decent tasting soup.

“Why did you decide to cook soup anyway?”, asked Ulgar.

“It’s an apology for some misunderstanding.”, said Morgana

“Interesting. But at the same time, learning how to cook is an important skill. Good luck out there. I hope they would appreciate your soup.”, said Ulgar.

Morgana then went back into the room and gave soup to Lance.

“This is an apology for an earlier attack against you.”, said Morgana.

Fearing the worst, Lance prepared himself. But then again, it is rare for Morgana to prepare food to someone, and it is rare for her to offer a token of apology. Grabbing one of the spoons in the serving tray, Lance took a sip on Morgana’s soup. Upon tasting the soup, his eyes widened. The soup tasted well and felt warm.

“Apology accepted.”, said Lance.

“So, we’re even.”, said Morgana

“Nope. If anything, I should be the one apologizing. I did not tell you that I usually roll whenever I sleep.”, said Lance.

“But I attacked you with a fire orb.”, said Morgana.

“Because I was way too near on your face.”, said Lance.

“Still, I should have tried to know what had happened.”, said Morgana.

“You know what, both of us are at fault.”, said Lance.

“Agreed”, said Morgana.

The two of them laughed at what has happened. Seeing the two laughing with each other, Musa, who quietly sneaked in back to the Outpost, smiled at the scene, knowing that his two guildmates have stronger bonds with each other.


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