Travels of A Young Sorcerer



Chapter 23: The Attack on Toghasto, Part Two


During Grizelda’s battle against Carlone, other fights are taking place at Toghasto. One such battle is between Fil’Gharn and Finnessee.

Finnessee drew his sword, poured his energy towards it and yelled,


His sword suddenly turned into an icy sword covered with sharp spikes. Dashing towards his Fil’Gharn, he swung his sword, causing shards of ice to fly towards his opponent. To counter this Fil’Gharn raised his staff and yelled,


Five Fire Orbs emerged from Fil’Gharn’s staff colliding with the shards of ice. The collision caused a thick mist to cover the battlefield. With the mist, Fil’Gharn looked around, trying to see if his opponent will take advantage of the environment. Channeling the energy within him, he cast a spell and chanted,

Flames of the furnace, flames of the stars, flames of molten core, provide me with protection


With flames engulfing his body, some of the steam near him evaporated. With visions clear on his side, Fil’Gharn prepared himself for an attack.


Suddenly, a blunt attack hit Fil’Gharn straight at his abdomen, pushing him a few feet away from his enemy. Wondering what happened, he realized that the length of Finnesee’s sword increased in size.

“Hahahahahaha. Ice and I works well in tandem. You do not understand how strong I really am.”

With a quick motion, Finnessee dashed towards Fil’Gharn, ready to strike, when suddenly, one of Fil’Gharn’s companions yelled,


The Orb hit Finnessee right in his chest, giving him pause. With the opportunity presenting itself, Fil’Gharn aimed his staff towards his opponent and yelled,


The Orb managed to hit Finnessee leaving him bruised. Angry at this, Finnessee, aimed his sword against Fil’Gharn’s companions, prepared to strike them down. With a swing of his blade, the ice spikes were launched towards Fil’Gharn’s companions. Seeing his friends in danger, Fil’Gharn decided to gamble and enchanted,

Great dragon of yore, provide me with your breath, destroy everyone who defies my way


A burst of fire came out of Fil’Gharn’s mouth blocking the attack, however, due to his inexperience with the spell, Fil’Gharn also used too much of his magical energy, leaving him exhausted.

“Tired? I thought you were strong.”, taunted Finnessee.

Dashing towards Fil’Gharn, Finnessee raised his sword, ready to strike. But before he could inflict damage on Fil’Gharn, two sorcerers jumped in front of him, and placed Earth and Water Barriers.

“Taisha. Why did you help me? Aren’t you a member of a different guild?”, said Fil’Gharn.

“We have been best friends since childhood, of course I’m going to help you. Let’s defeat this clown.”, said Taisha

Standing together, the two of them faced Finnessee.

“Fil’Gharn, go to attack, I’ll defend.”, said Taisha.

“Agreed”, said Fil’Gharn.

Gaia, give me your resolve, allow me to use earth on your behalf. Show me your support


Two huge Earth Pillars covered Fil’Gharn, preventing Finnessee from attacking them. Pouring his energy towards his blade, Finnessee went on the offensive and sliced the two earth pillars. After clearing the area, the two sorcerers are nowhere to be found.

FIRE ORB Level 3

A splash of Water Orb hit Finnessee’s back. Angry, he looked around, for the source of the attack. After gazing for a moment, he saw Fil’Gharn, aiming his staff at him.

Laughing hysterically, Finnessee licked his lips. Excited at facing three sorcerers, he placed magic at his sword causing it to grow ten times its normal size. Adding to that, he chanted,


Now fully covered in Ice Spikes, Finnessee swung his huge sword, ready to hit friend and foe alike. Ice shards flew all over the battlefield, piercing the attackers and the defenders. Charging towards his opponent, he felt confident. But when he was about to stab Fil’Gharn, his other hand is holding something.

It was a staff made of flames. The staff managed to block Finnessee’s initial attack.


After repelling Finnessee’s attack, Fil’Gharn then engaged with him in a duel. His Flame Staff versus Finnessee’s Ice Sword.

“Fool, you sorcerers think you can fight us in hand-to-hand combat. You’re more foolish that I realized.”. said Finnessee

“Don’t underestimate us.”, said Fil’Gharn.

Fil’Gharn’s staff charged against the enhanced sword of Finnessee, but the latter’s sword experience is clear in this fight. Fil’Gharn just kept swinging and striking his staff whereas, Finnessee would look for an opening to stab his opponent. Eventually, Finnessee would reduce the sword to a small size, and with a spike enhanced sword, he swung at Fil’Gharn.

Initially blocking the first attack, Finnessee slid his sword, and just as he was about to reach the end of the flame staff, quickly switched to a stabbing motion. Due to his opponent’s quick hands, Fil’Gharn is unable to block, dodge or evade the attack against him.


The Ice Spikes launched from Finnessee’s sword managed to stab Fil’Gharn, causing him to bleed. Towering over his opponent, Finnessee kicked him, knocking Fil’Gharn down. Before he could stand up, Finnessee stepped on the back of his head, taunting him.

“You really think you can outfight me? Hahahahahahaha. You worthless piece of shit!”

Coughing, Fil’Gharn, simply replied,

“I can’t outfight you, but they can.”

Suddenly above the sky, Taisha kicked Finnessee. Her leg covered with rocks.


The strength of the kick pushed Finnessee away from Fil’Gharn. Bruised, Finnessee charged towards Taisha. Covering his sword with Ice, he shouted,


Once again, he swung his sword, causing hundreds of Ice Shards to fly across the battlefield, hitting Taisha who is shielding Fil’Gharn from any harm.

“Hahahahahahaha. One is weakened and the other can’t do anything. Any more attacks?”


A gush of wind entered the scene and blew Finnessee away.

“What the heck?”, yelled a frustrated Finnessee.


Right behind Finnessee, a sorcerer punched him hard. Turning around, he saw the familiar face.

It was Zidros, fresh from his battle against Dravenn

Dravenn has always been a weakling. We shouldn’t have taken pity on him

Focusing his sights on Zidros, Finnessee forgot about one thing. His opponent Fil’Gharn is still conscious. Seeing the opportunity presented to him, he poured enormous amounts of magical energy into his next attack. He chanted,

Phoenix, give me your fire. Relentless and destructive, incinerate all my enemies

FIRE ORB Level 4

Before collapsing, he launched his orb towards Finnessee. Sensing danger, the latter attempted to evade the attack, but is unable to do so. Panicking he failed to notice that his legs were shackled to the ground. Taisha had succeeded in binding her opponent.



Fil’Gharn’s Fire Orb managed to connect against Finnessee, knocking him out.


“Taisha, I thought you were on your quest?”, asked Zidros.

“I just finished it yesterday, Master Zidros”, said Taisha.

“This is my first time in your hometown. The people are nice, and it feels so lively.”, said Zidros

“Thank you Master”, said Taisha

Pointing at a sleeping Fil’Gharn, Zidros told Taisha,

“You know him, don’t you?”

“Yeah. He and I were tight before our graduation at the academy. I left to gain more experience and he opted to stay in this town.”, said Taisha.

“Well, the reunion can wait, we need to get rid of these bandits. As your guild leader, I order you to find a safe place for Fil’Gharn. And as for me, I’m going to support the attackers against Barone.”

“Understood Master”, said Taisha.

Meanwhile, Morgana and Lance are struggling in their battle against Barbarone. This one is stronger and tougher than the other henchmen of Barone.

“Hahahahahaha. A sorcerer and a knight can’t even beat an unarmored man.”, taunted Barbarone.


A larger Barbarone again went on the offensive, swinging his arms around and striking the ground. With his targets only attempting to evade his massive hands, Barabone simply smashed his way on the battlefield.

“Morgana, we need to find an opening against this giant.”, said Lance.

“Agreed, Grandpa always told me that there is always a weakness.”, said Morgana.

As Barbarone continued to smash the surroundings, Morgana and Lance jumped from ruin to ruin, looking for a hiding spot.

With his attacks merely about smashing and destroying the ground, we need to find an opening… Wait, he has no armor, that could help us., thought Lance.

Suddenly in a moment of clarity, Lance whispered his plans to Morgana. The latter simply has a blank expression but nodded to her companion. Now with a plan, Lance decided to utilize it.


Lance’s Shield grew and with enough space, he blocked one of Barbarone’s massive fists. Seeing the opening Lance provided, Morgana leapt at Barbarone’s large hand. She chanted,

Flame of dragon, fire of heart, wings of desire, grant me my wish


Morgana then used force and technique to whip Barbarone’s arm repeatedly. At first, the large man was unable to notice the attack against him, but soon, blood was dripping on his arms. Noticing the culprit, he attempted to swat her. But she is quick enough to dodge the incoming attack. Like a fly, Morgana jumped high, and made contact with Barbarone’s eye. Aiming her staff at the eye, she yelled,

Great dragon of yore, provide me with your breath, destroy everyone who defies my way


The attack is successful. Morgana managed to temporarily blind her opponent. Seeing what happened, Lance jumped away from Barbarone’s fist and charged towards his foot. With a mad dash, he placed his shield in front of him and yelled,


Their combined attacks managed to bring Barbarone down to the ground. Blinking and holding his head, Barbarone shrunk down to his regular size. Standing up, he clapped and applauded his opponents.

“Hahahahahaha. The two of you managed to get me away from my giant form. Now, I can use my attacks to its full potential.”

“What do you mean full potential?”, asked Lance.

“This.”, said Barbarone.

Before Lance could react, a fist managed to connect to his face.

“Lance!”, yelled Morgana.

Setting his sights on the sorcerer, Barbarone charged towards her. Unyielding and unflinching, Morgana prepared for his attack. Attempting to match fist with fist, Morgana tried to punch her opponent but to no avail. Barbarone is simply faster and managed to knock her a few meters away from him.

Before he could charge, a shield flew towards him. Jumping to evade it, he yelled,

“Is that all you’ve got?”

But before he could go to the ground, he was charged by Lance. The force of his charge and his armor is enough to give Barbarone pause.

With the shield returning to Lance, he attacked Barbarone. Raising his mace, he struck Barbarone. The force of Lance’s strike is enough to give bruises to Barbarone.

Morgana, slowly rising from the attack, dashed towards Lance and Barbarone. Raising her staff towards the bandit, she yelled,

Phoenix, give me your fire. Relentless and destructive, incinerate all my enemies


The orb managed to hit the bandit, giving him more bruises, and giving him pause.


Once again, Lance charged towards Barbarone. But unlike the previous attack, Barbarone is prepared for it. Looking at his opponent, Lance saw traces of magic at his body.

“Do you like it? This is my body armor magic. You cannot hope to simply beat me by charging blindly.”

“Maybe not me, but the two of us can defeat you.”, said Lance.

“You better hurry up. My brother has prepared a surprise against Kuldro castle.”, said Barbarone.

“You fiend.”, said Morgana.

“Morgana! Barone is the real threat. Go after him!” yelled Lance.

“I will, but first…”, said Morgana.

Enraged by her opponent’s actions, Morgana’s fists were filled with flames. She yelled,


Fueled by aanger, she punched Barbarone so hard that it caused him to flinch and leaving an opening for Lance to attack him with his mace.


The force is enough to push Barbarone backwards. Although he is not knocked down, he is now covered in bruises and has visible scratches on his body. With this, Morgana left the fight. She then dashed throughout the battlefield, searching for Barone.


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