Preparing for an attack, Morgana woke up Lance, who in turn woke up Fil’Gharn and Zidros. With their groups ready to attack, they marched outside Kuldro, when.


“Morgana, remember those cabbages that you bought?”, said Lance.

“What about them?”, said Morgana.

“Well, I think you need to eat them before we attack.”, said Lance.

Reaching her shrink pouch, Morgana ate cabbage after cabbage, almost eliminating their remaining cabbage supplies.

She eats a lot, it’s a good thing that I hold our reward money, thought Lance.

After satisfying her hunger, Morgana rejoined the group, now ready to go after Barone. While on the way to the ruins of Toghasto, they were joined by Grizelda and Vul’Kish. Seeing the number of people joining them in their attack against Barone, Lance felt confident about their chances.

Meanwhile, Morgana recounts the last tale of Saya. Unlike the previous entries on her diary, the last part is written by Musa himself…


Musa has come back from his hunting trip. Arriving home, he greeted his wife and kissed her.

“How’s your trip, dear?”, said Saya.

“It was fine. But going after another sorcerer is tough.”, said Musa.

“You’ll be fine.”, said Saya who hugged her husband.

Going to the dining hall, Saya prepared a meal for Musa, celebrating his 100th hunt. Sometime ago, Musa promised Saya that after he manages to hunt 100 outlaws, he would retire from a life of hunting and stay with her.

“So are you finally going to stay here with me, and stop on your hunting trips”, said Saya as she was playing with Musa’s hair.

“Hmmmm. Yeah, I guess I will. After all, I don’t think I can hunt a hundred more outlaws or wanted men.”, replied Musa.

After a meal, Musa carried Saya towards their bed, ready to rest at his home. Looking at Musa, Saya smiled at him, happy that she will finally get to spend more time with her husband.

Meanwhile, away from the castle, a somewhat slim man was camping just outside Kuldro. He was with his companions, all of which are armed with various weapons.

“Boss, I hear there’s a noble woman right near this town.”, said one of them

“Maybe we should just take her riches then.”, said another.

“I hear, there’s a runewielder guarding the noble woman.”, said a third bandit.

Suddenly, their apparent leader raised his finger.


“We can take them down. The goal here is to secure riches for us and then leave this filthy place.”, said the slim man.

“Do you have orders, Master Barone?”, said one bandit.

“Hmmmm. Finnessee, scout the area for us. I don’t want Merlock or his henchmen trailing us.”, said Barone.

“Will do sire, will do.”, said Finnessee.

Finnessee went to Kuldro and scouted the area, there he saw a lot of people and a Wizarding Outpost. By simply observing the area, he noticed that there is a great number of sorcerers in the area.

I must be careful. I don’t want my presence to be alerted by them

Finnessee observed the sorcerers and found out that most of them were either travelling sorcerers or simply new guilds from the academy at Colbarde. Armed with this knowledge, he snuck outside Kuldro and reported his findings to Barone.

“Then we just simply need to go after this noble. Hmmmm.”, said Barone.

“They say that she is a free spirit. We will strike when they least expect it.”, said one of Barone’s companions.

“Hahahahahaha. I like your approach, Barbarone.”, said Barone.

“You raised me well, brother”, said Barbarone.

Barone and his group chuckled and laughed throughout the night.

Meanwhile, Saya, Musa, Moto and Yuulah were outside the castle, taking a walk. Yuulah saw a group of flowers near the cliff and picked it up. Suddenly, the portion she is standing fell off, and she fell to the river below. As Musa prepared to move, he saw his brother fearlessly jump to the river to rescue Yuulah. He grabbed to her tightly and waited for his brother and Saya to rescue them.

After successfully rescuing Yuulah and Moto, Saya scolded them for being too careless.

“Don’t go close to the cliff. It’s a good thing that both of us are with you.”, yelled Saya

“We’re sorry”, said Yuulah and Moto.

Still pouting, Saya simply crossed her hands. Looking at her expression, Musa simply laughed.

“Hahahahahaha. You were as wild as they are, Saya.”, said Musa

“Shut up”, said Saya.

Musa tightly embraced Saya, and told her,

“You’re becoming a mom to Moto and Yuulah. Hahahahahaha.”

“I guess I am.”, said Saya.

“You’re going to be a great mom.”, said Musa.

“And you would be a very responsible dad”, said Saya

Musa chuckled at the statement.

“Why are you laughing? You took care of Moto when he was young, and he turned out well.”, said Saya.

“I just never imagined that my life would be like this. Thank you Saya.”, said Musa as he continues to embrace his wife.

Cherishing this moment, he hopes that this blissful life would last forever.

A home and a family.

Observing Moto and Yuulah talking and bantering with each other, Saya commented,

“Do you think…”

“Probably not right now, Moto still does not have confidence in himself.”, said Musa.

“Let’s just support them, then.”, said Saya.

“Agreed”, said Musa.

After wandering outside the castle throughout the day, Musa and his companions returned home. Before they slept, Musa whispered to Saya,

“I love you”

“I love you too.”

“Before we sleep, I want to give you something”

Saya handed a small bracelet to Musa.

“Keep it with you, as a reminder that I will always be here for you.”, said Saya

“Thank you.”, said Musa.

Waking up on the next day, a knock was heard on the door. When Yuuno opened it, a villager from Kuldro appeared. He told them,

“Bandits, from Barone’s group is raiding the town.”

Hearing this, Musa gathered his gear and went to the town, ready to fight the bandits. Just as he was about to leave, Saya kissed him, and told him,

“Stay safe please”

“I will”, replied Musa.

Musa went to Kuldro and found 5 bandits currently ransacking the town. He drew his runeblade and charged at them. With a swing of his blade, he knocked out 3 of the bandits. One of the two, in a surprise attack, used a knife to stab Musa.

Damn, I didn’t see that

Although wounded, Musa swung his sword and knocked out his attacker. With only one remaining, Musa aimed his sword towards his opponent, ready to attack. The lone bandit then yelled,


The bandit then grew twice his size. Towering over Musa, he raised his fist ready to strike him down. Musa quickly jumped to dodge the attack, when the bandit charged towards him, knocking him a few feet.

Pouring his energy towards his runeblade, Musa decided to attack the large man. With the runes glowing, the sword, turned dark. He shouted,


Using his speed, he managed to slice the bandit down, knocking him to his knees. The bandit then simply laughed.

“You cannot hope to defeat me. I am Barbarone, the brother of Barone.”

Barone, that name sounds familiar. Wait, he’s the bounty that I never caught.

“What are you doing here?”, asked Musa.

“Does it matter?”, said Barbarone.

Once again, Barbarone used his massive frame to attack Musa, who dodged all his attacks. Looking at his surroundings, he saw an old vendor. Aiming his fist at the old man, he directed his fist towards him. Musa sprinted towards the vendor and blocked Barbarone’s fist.

“Do you think your blade is a match against me?”, taunted Barbarone.

Struggling, Musa decided to use a different technique. Once again, placing his energy to his runeblade, he yelled,


The blade glowed and a barrier was formed, blocking Barbarone’s attack. Musa then whispered to the old man,

“Run as fast as you can.”

“Thank you, Mr. Musa.”, said the old man.

“I won’t let you escape!”, yelled Barbarone, lowering his other fist, ready to attack. However, the barrier grew longer to block that attack as well.

With the old man out of the way, Musa hopped a few steps back. He then yelled,


The blade glowed, and with his might, Musa managed sliced his opponent, wounding him.

However, it does not appear to faze Barbarone. In fact, he shrunk down to his regular size. Taunting his opponent, he simply said,

“Hahahahahahaha. I was just a decoy. I wonder how your castle is right now?”,

“What do you mean?”, asked Musa.

“Hahahaha. Come see for yourself”, said Barbarone

Leaving the town, Musa rushed towards the castle. As he was approaching it, he saw a group of bandits razing the castle walls. He saw Yuuno valiantly fighting them, but he is outnumbered by the bandits.

With all his energy, Musa dashed to the castle, slicing through as many bandits as he can. Eventually reaching Yuuno, he asked what happened.

“What happened here, Yuuno?”

“A guy named Barone attacked this castle. He appeared with his men, ready to take Ms. Saya. Currently, I and the rest of the caretakers are defending this castle. But you need to hurry up, this Barone is not just a simple bandit.”

“Alright, I’ll handle him.”, said Musa

Saya I hope you’re safe

Meanwhile inside the castle, Yuulah and Moto were hiding from the bandits. Barone’s forces were of much higher quantity than the last attack by the Alaborn family. Despite their efforts, the door cracked and 2 bandits arrived.

“Come here brats! Show yourselves.”

“We cannot take this lying down. I’ll distract them, and you find Lady Saya.”, said Yuulah.

“But…”, said Moto

“They’re after her.”, said Yuulah

“I’ll go then.”, said Moto

Yuulah emerged from their hiding spot and confronted the bandits. Using one of the swords she picked up, she attacked one of them. With a successful hit, she wounded one of the bandits. However, it was not enough to knock them out, one of them grabbed her hair, and yelled,

“She’ll make a good price. Hahahahahaha.”

Hearing this, Moto went back, and stabbed one of the bandits with another sword. Angry and furious, he swung his sword towards the bandits, knocking one of them out.

“Why you!”

The other bandit was then tackled by Yuulah who hit his head with the bunt of the sword, knocking him out cold.

“Why did you come back?”

“I cannot just leave you behind Yuulah”, said Moto.

Suddenly, footsteps were heard, Moto and Yuulah hid again. When they saw the person, they were relieved since the footsteps were Musa’s.

“We just need to hide, Yuulah. My brother will rescue Lady Saya.”, said Moto.

Going around the castle, Musa eventually found Saya. However, she was gagged and bound. Looking at him with her worried eyes, Musa wondered on what she will say. Removing the handkerchief from her mouth, Saya said,

“It’s a trap Musa!”


A huge orb of earth hit Musa, driving him to the wall. Looking at the caster, he saw the familiar face. The one shown on the wanted posters across the land. He was now face-to-face with Barone.

“What do you want?”, asked Musa.

“The riches of this girl. I want the treasures of this castle”, said Barone.

“I will never allow you to get the items mom and dad worked hard to get”, yelled Saya.

“Stubborn girl”, said Barone.

Musa attempted to charge towards Barone who simply dodged the attacks. He increased the speed and ferocity of his attack, but Barone kept dodging it. Musa yelled,


With force behind it, Musa managed to hit Barone, or so he thought. When he opened his eyes, the Barone that the hit is made of clay, a clone made by Barone during their fight


Now tired and exhausted, Musa shielded Saya. Intending to die if he cannot protect her


With a barrier covering himself and Saya, Musa thought that Barone would exhaust himself trying to break it. With the barrier covering them, Musa untied the ropes holding Saya, and embraced her, promising to keep her safe

“Hahahahahaha.”, yelled Barone.

What is he laughing about?

Looking towards Barone, he saw Yuulah and Moto. With his arms towards them, he chanted,

Fury of Gaia, give me your weapon. Allow me to destroy my enemies with your strength


Both of his arms turned into sharp, jagged-like rocks. With his arms aimed at the necks of Moto and Yuulah, Saya simply grabbed a knife and charged towards Barone, leaving the barrier, with the intention of saving Moto and Yuulah. Redirecting the attack, he slashed Saya with his arms wounding her.

Enraged, Musa removed his barrier and charged towards Barone. With force and speed behind his attack, he managed to hit Barone, wounding him. Screaming in pain, Barone yelled,

“You, piece of shit! Die!”

Exhausted, Musa could only watch, and close his eyes when,

A splash of blood sprayed on his face. Opening his eyes, he saw Saya blocking the attack.

“Why, Saya.”, asked Musa.

Coughing, Saya responded, “I… also… have…. To… save… you…”

Saya then grabbed Barone’s jagged arm tightly. She then told Musa,

“Strike… him… down…”

Struggling to let go of Saya’s grip, Barone tried to escape, but was unable to evade one final attack from Musa.

With all his might, Musa sliced through Barone seemingly defeating him.


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