Morgana, Lance, Yuulah and Moto continued to look for Yuuno in Kuldro. Looking around, they saw that the sorcerers are currently in engagement with the bandits. Morgana couldn’t resist and would sometimes blast the bandits with her Fire Orbs.

“You know, they can take care of themselves.”, said Lance.

“I know. I really just wanna take those bastards down.”, said Morgana

“Just don’t overdo it.”, said Lance.

“I won’t.”, said Morgana as she blasted another bandit with a Fire Orb.

Suddenly, a blast was heard. Looking around, Morgana and company saw someone fall from the sky. Morgana, quickly moved towards the injured man and saw that it was Yuuno.

“Oh, hi there Morgana”, said Yuuno.

Yuuno, although bruised, was chuckling when he saw Morgana with Lance, Moto and Yuulah. Seeing his child, along with her friends, Yuuno did not even pay attention to his opponent.

Insulted, the bandit unleashed a Wind Orb towards Yuuno. But as he was focused on Yuuno, he did not notice a spinning shield aimed towards him.


The Shield knocked out the bandit.

“They are many… Master is currently taking one of their leaders, while the guilds here are going after the others…”, said Yuuno

“We can help you.”, said Morgana.

“You’re still injured. We were informed that you and your group helped in taking down I’shil. For that we are grateful.”, said Yuuno.

Yuuno then instructed Morgana and Lance to sit down in front of him. Raising his hands, he chanted,

Light of the way, give us hope, cure their pains. Ensure their survival. Grant them hope


With their wounds and bruises healed, Morgana and Lance stood up, ready to assist the sorcerers of Kuldro, when Yuuno grabbed their arms.

“You’re still injured and exhausted. I may have healed your wounds and bruises, but that does not mean you have fully recovered from the damages in the battle.”, said Yuuno.

Taking out something from his bag, Yuuno gave them each a piece of bread.


Morgana and Lance quickly consumed their bread, and as they were standing up, Yuuno once again blocked them.

“You need rest!”, yelled Yuuno.

“But we can’t rest. This town is under attack. You and your flocks gave us shelter in our travel. We can’t let the attacks simply stand by while your town is being ravaged by the bandits”, yelled Morgana.

Just as Morgana was yelling, two bandits tried to ambush them when,


It was Vul’Kish with a knife. The bandits attacking earlier were knocked down by the thief.

“You’ve got to be more careful”, said Vul’Kish

“Vul’Kish, you’re still alive?”, said Yuuno.

“Well, I’m a survi…”

Yuuno then punched Vul’Kish right in his chest. He then yelled at him,

“You came back and didn’t even tell your family about it!”, yelled Yuuno

With a melancholic look in his face, Vul’Kish simply said,

“You know, I have some scores to settle. I cannot go back to them until he is taken down.”

“I know how you feel. But at least try to keep in touch with them.”, said Yuuno

“And if my son follows me? Unlike your daughter, he isn’t a trained fighter, Yuuno.”, said Vul’Kish.

Yuuno was unable to reply to Vul’Kish. He knows how much Vul’Kish cares about his family, and how he will do anything for them.

“Just be careful Yuuno. Yuulah needs you.”, whispered Vul’Kish.

And with that, Vul’Kish disappeared into the town.

“Rest for a while. You can guard Moto and Yuulah from any attacks. I will go to Master Moto to aid him”, said Yuuno to Morgana and Lance.

“But” said Morgana

Lance held her shoulder and told her,

“He is right. Charging while we are recovering would only hinder their defense. We need to rest at least for a while.”, said Lance.

Morgana was about to stand up and rush towards the bandits, when she saw Lance shaking, not from fear, but from impatience.

So, you’re also itching to fight those bandits, thought Morgana

When Yuuno went to Musa, he saw that his Master is still engaged in a battle with Deshin. Musa is currently wielding his runeblade whereas his opponent is wielding two sabres, one chipped, and one whole.

There is something unique about those sabres, wondered Yuuno.

Deshin then shouted,


Moving quickly towards Musa, Deshin unleashed a barrage of attacks with his two swords. Relentless and unyielding, Deshin kept on the attack, with every blow having a strong force behind it.

Musa simply bided his time on a defensive stance. Knowing that his opponent is using speed and ferocity in his attack. Musa waited until his opponent wears himself out.

Deshin kept on attacking Musa, putting even more force behind his strikes.

The fool doesn’t even know that I have an endurance rune

As he continues to strike his opponent, Deshin quietly activated his rune, ensuring that he won’t wear himself out in his attacks against Musa. However, his opponent will not leave an opening. It appears that Deshin is facing a wall of defense against a runewielder.

Slowly sweating, Deshin retreated to a safe distance.

“You getting tired?”, taunted Musa.

“No!”, yelled Deshin.

“I know about your rune. Do you think you can fool a runewielder”, said Musa.

“You have a rune of endurance.”, added Musa.

“How did you know?”, asked Deshin.

“You were touching your thigh every after 4 strikes.”, said Musa

How did he manage to know that? I attacked as fast as I can., thought Deshin.

“I’m going to destroy you!”, yelled Deshin.

Now with his opponent knowing the rune item equipped on him, Deshin activated one of its effects. Pouring magical energy to the rune, he yelled,


Dashing towards Musa, Deshin used only one of his blades to attack Musa. Using the chipped blade he went on the offensive, unyielding and ferocious. With each fury, appearing to chip his sword.

Musa wondered why Deshin is using a chipped sword to attack him, and not his other one, when,


The markings on the sword handle glowed, and soon, chunks of earth attached themselves to it, covering it with ground and rocks.

Why use solid earth? wondered Musa.

Suddenly, dirt and mud were scattering on the battlefield, the sounds of which temporarily distracted Musa. Furthermore, dust started to gather near the impact of the swords clashing. With the debris close to his face, Musa decided to close his eyes.

“Got you!”, yelled Deshin.

Using his energy towards the sword handle, Deshin yelled,


A large Saber composed of mud, dirt, and rocks was now wielded by Deshin. And with enough force, he smashed Musa’s chest, causing him to fall backwards.

“How’s your arrogance now, rune wielder?”, taunted Deshin.

Musa then stood up, still with his eyes closed, and dashed towards Deshin.


Suddenly, Deshin’s chipped Saber was broken by Musa’s blade. Turning his head, he saw Deshin’s sword, glowing with Shadow Energy. Making eye contact, he saw that Musa still has his eyes closed.

“Aaaaahhhh.”, yelled Deshin

Unsheathing his other sabre, Deshin went on the attack. Once again, the two swords clashed. This time, the advantage belongs to the shadow blade of Musa, slowly chipping Deshin’s saber.

Opening his eyes, Musa told Deshin,

“Give it up. Your ordinary sword is no match against my enchanted blade.”, said Musa.

Deshin simply got angrier and with a touch to his rune equipment, he yelled,


Deshin then moved in a quicker fashion, his saber, managing to be fast enough to overcome the blocking motions of Musa. Soon enough, his saber managed to pierce the shoulder of Musa, wounding him.

Musa tried to retreat, but was blocked off by a charging Deshin, who once again, continued with his ferocious and speedy attacks towards him. Outpacing his defenses, Deshin’s saber slashed Musa’s waist and his left leg, giving him more wounds.

Panting and exhausted from trying to block all the attacks of Deshin, Musa poured his energy into his runeblade, he shouted,


Slashing the area in front of him, a shadow emerged from his blade, cutting everything in front of him. Deshin barely dodged the attack, when,


With a diagonal cut, Musa managed to hit Deshin, knocking him a few paces backwards.

Deshin, still enchanted with rune magic, stood up and charged towards Musa. With fury of swipes, Deshin slashes were as ferocious as ever. With a flurry of moves, Deshin gave three more swipes at Musa, slashing his other shoulder, his knee and part of his upper chest. Now heavily wounded, Musa started to bleed.

“How’s your arrogance now, rune wielder.”, taunted Deshin

“10 more seconds…”, said Musa

Angered, Deshin continued the attacks, with Musa only barely evading his strikes. Spinning around Musa, Deshin was now behind Musa, ready to stab him, when.

Deshin suddenly collapsed. Musa looked at him solemnly and said,

“Using a Final Burst in a battle is very risky, unless you actually defeat your opponent, the move is pointless. It saps your energy and only gives you enough burst speed to be faster than your opponent.”, said Musa.

Musa then approached Deshin and raised his sword, wanting to end this battle. Looking towards Musa, Deshin pleaded with Musa and begged him to spare his life.

“Don’t kill me. I’ll tell you who our leader is!”, said Deshin.

Intrigued, Musa lowered his sword when,


A masked man wearing a very thick coat appeared, carrying with him a large broadsword. The broadsword was coated with fresh blood. Looking below, Musa saw that Deshin was sliced to death by the man.


Looking at the man, Musa recognized his mask. Shocked at the person, Musa shouted,

“You! Finnessee. What are you doing here?”

“Fulfilling my master’s wish.”, said Finnessee

“I’m going to break your mask and destroy you!”, yelled Musa.

“With your current condition? You’re bloodied and weakened. Let’s meet sometime later”, said Finnessee

“If you’re here. It only means one thing.”, said Musa.

“You guessed it. He is here”, said Finnessee.

“Barone”, said Musa.

“Hahahahahaha. Do you think you can destroy the Master. Your last fight with him ended in a very regrettable instance, for you, didn’t it?”, said Finnessee.

Angry but unable to do anything, Musa simply closed his fists tightly.

“Don’t worry, the Master isn’t going to invade just yet.”, said Finnessee

“Then why are you here.”, said Musa

“To get rid of the dead weight. My partner has already killed the fool I’shil.”, said Finnessee.

Smiling towards Musa, Finnessee said,

“Maybe, I can destroy you too.”

Raising his blade at Musa, Finnessee prepared to attack when,


Looking at his surroundings, Finnessee saw Morgana, with her staff aimed at him. Looking at her eyes, Finnessee saw a glow, indicating that she is a sorcerer.

“Hahahahahaha. Consider yourself saved.”, said Finnessee, who threw a smoke bomb on the ground, escaping the scene.

Approaching Musa, Morgana asked him,

“Are you alright?”

“I can handle myself. But thanks for the assist.”, said Musa.

Yuuno seeing that the battle is over, approached his master, healing his wounds.

“Thanks, Yuuno.”, said Musa

“Not a problem, Master.”, said Yuuno

“Barone is here. We need to take him down once and for all.”, said Musa.

“Master, if I may interrupt, we are not yet healthy enough to engage someone of Barone’s caliber. We need to be in the right shape. Otherwise, this will be all for naught.”, said Yuuno.

“He needs to die!”, yelled Musa.

“I know how you feel. But charging blindly is not going to help anyone”, said Yuuno.

Looking at Yuuno, Musa saw his stern look and calmed down from his rage. Realizing that Barone is a threat, he decided to wait and recover.

“Pardon me, but how will we know where Barone is?”, asked Lance.

Suddenly, Vul’Kish arrived with a bandit gagged and bound.

“He can help you. This is the leader of the YagaNon group, Kilbrenn.”, said Vul’Kish

Aiming his knife at the bandit’s neck, Vul’Kish asked him,

“Do you know the hideout of your Master?”, asked Vul’Kish

“I won’t tell you, I would die before you tell me!”, said Kilbrenn

Piercing his neck, Vul’Kish opened a wound on Kilbrenn

“Are you sure. People like you fear death.”, said Vul’Kish

Trembling, Kilbrenn would not yield, forcing Vul’Kish to sink his knife deeper into Kilbrenn’s neck. Now very nervous, Kilbrenn said,

“The Master is currently hiding in the ruins of Toghasto.”

Now lifting the knife away from Kilbrenn, Vul’Kish knocked him out.

“A heavily fortified place.”, said Yuuno.

“We need to prepare for an attack.”, said Vul’Kish.

“Agreed”, said Yuuno.


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