Fil’Gharn prepared himself against Hegen. Looking at his bow, Fil’Gharn noticed that Hegen only has 10 arrows.

Ten more attacks

Hegen jumped towards Fil’Gharn, and kicked his face, pushing him back a few meters. Fil’Gharn touched his cheek, still reeling from the attack.

Ouch, that really hurts

“You thought that I would only use my arrow to attack you, didn’t you?”

“Tsk”, muttered Fil’Gharn

Once again, a leg was in the sights of Fil’Gharn. Anticipating this, he dodged the incoming kick. Sensing that the immediate threat is over, Fil’Gharn took a deep breath, when…


Fil’Gharn was met with a punch to the face. The force behind the punch brought him down. It was a strong and a painful punch. Despite the pain that he felt, Fil’Gharn slowly stood up. In a defiant manner, he taunted Hegen.

“Is that all you can do?”

“You insignificant fool”, said Hegen.

Hegen once again went on the offensive. He dashed towards Fil’Gharn, ready to strike him down. This time, Fil’Gharn was prepared for an onslaught of attacks from Hegen.

Punch after punch, kick after kick, Fil’Gharn managed to evade all of them.

“You cannot run forever, sorcerer.”, taunted Hegen.

Exhausted, Fil’Gharn knows that he cannot continue evading the attacks of Hegen. Meanwhile, Hegen feels as fresh as ever, his attacks not even providing a dent on his stamina.

How come he isn’t tired? Those attacks have strong force behind them.

“You still are nothing but a sapling kid.”

Realizing that all he kept doing is learning how to use fire orbs, Fil’Gharn came to a realization.

Simply having a strong attack is not enough.

Fil’Gharn channeled his mana into his body. Remembering everything he has learned so far, Fil’Gharn channeled fire magic within himself, and soon, his body was covered in magical flames.

This one is weaker without using any incantations, but this will do


When Hegen kicked Fil’Gharn, fire was caught in his foot. Despite the magical nature of the flame, Hegen’s foot still felt a burning sensation, causing him great pain. Wanting to see if it was simply an illusion, Hegen decided to punch Fil’Gharn. The punch connected with the armor of fire, which caused a burning pain.

“Even if those are magical fires, those are fires nonetheless. Very Painful. I need to be careful around this man.”

Deciding not to attack him in a hand to hand combat, Hegen prepared his bow and aimed it towards Fil’Gharn. Breathing deeply, and with a careful aim, Hegen fired his arrow. Sensing this, Fil’Gharn jumped to evade the arrow. When Fil’Gharn was on the air, Hegen dashed towards him, and kicked his chest hard.

Once again, Hegen’s kick made Fil’Gharn flinch. Unlike the previous attacks, Fil’Gharn simply took the attack and never let it knock him down.

I can take this

Anticipating the next attack, Fil’Gharn decided to block it. But before he could do so, Hegen, in close range, fired his bow at Fil’Gharn, intent on destroying him. With him being so close against Fil’Gharn, Hegen’s shot will certainly hit Fil’Gharn. In a split second, an arrow managed to hit Fil’Gharn’s leg despite his attempts to evade.

“Hahahahahaha. This is our difference, you one trick pony!”, taunted Hegen.

He is right though, I am a one trick pony, thought Fil’Gharn

Hegen leapt backwards and aimed another arrow at Fil’Gharn. Unlike before, Fil’Gharn did not make any attempt to dodge it. Instead, the arrow managed to hit one of his shoulders.

“You were so arrogant before, why didn’t you try to evade this one. Hahahahaha.”, said Hegen.

Fil’Gharn was simply tired and beaten. He began having thoughts on why he decided to become a sorcerer. Why was he so hell-bent on becoming stronger? What is his reason for fighting? As he continues to ponder, Hegen aimed another arrow at Fil’Gharn, this time, intent on finishing him off.


Hegen looked at the source of the orb. After observing the area, he found out that the caster is one of the sorcerer’s companions. All of them have their staffs aimed at Hegen. Upon seeing this, Fil’Gharn remembered everything he went through, what he and his friends grew with and his desire to become the protector of Kuldro.

What happened to me? When did I become such an asshole?

“Thank you, my friends. We will defeat Hegen.”, said Fil’Gharn to his companions.

Now, full of determination, Fil’Gharn’s eyes glowed, ready to attack Hegen.

Flames of hope, ignite my hands and burst forth, fists of fire


Fil’Gharn decided to attack Hegen head on. Dashing towards him, Fil’Gharn aimed his fists at Hegen, but suddenly pulled back his punch. Instead, he opened his fist, and the flames in his fire gathered into an orb.


Fil’Gharn’s attack hit Hegen. The contact made an explosion which pushed Hegen backwards, causing him to fall in a sitting position.

“You’ve done it! From this point on, my arrows will have magic!”, said an angry Hegen.


Aiming his arrow at Fil’Gharn, Hegen fired a magic-infused arrow to Fil’Gharn. Fil’Gharn sensed that the arrow is magical, dodged the arrow, but then was hit on his back with a stick. Turning backwards, Fil’Gharn realized that the arrow had a rope of fire connecting it with Hegen.

He simply pulled the rope after I dodged the attack. I need to be more careful about this

“Look out, another arrow!”, shouted one of Fil’Gharn’s companions.


The arrow was fast approaching Fil’Gharn, when…



One of his companions fired a fire orb against the arrow which exploded upon contact.

“We’re here to support you.”

“Thank you, guys.”, said Fil’Gharn.

“You rely on other people now! Hahahahahaha. You weakling!”, shouted Hegen.

“I rely on them, because they were always there for me.”, said Fil’Gharn

“I’ll finish you!”

In his next attack, Hegen prepared to fire two arrows, both aimed at Fil’Gharn.


The tips of Hegen’s arrows are filled with fire. After Hegen shot the arrows, Fil’Gharn attempted to dodge the attacks. But before he could do so, the arrows changed directions in the air, all of them pointed at him.

“I can direct my flame arrows to my target. Hahahahaha”, said Hegen while he motioned his hands towards Fil’Gharn’s direction. Knowing that there will be no escape even if he ran as quickly as can, Fil’Gharn decided to gamble. Suddenly, he just stood still, waiting for the arrows to hit him. And when the arrows collided with him, an explosion was heard.

When the debris cleared, there was Fil’Gharn standing with his arms stretched, bruised but otherwise unharmed by the attacks.

“What did you do?”

“I used my fire orb attacks to intercept your arrows”

“All three of them?”


Angered, Hegen fired his two remaining arrows at Fil’Gharn, but the sorcerer, using all his strength, dashed towards Hegen. Both of his palms opened, he gathered magical energy in his hand and shouted to his opponent.


The orb had hit Hegen, causing an explosion. The impact of the orb attacks pushed him off his feet. Looking at his opponent, Fil’Gharn breathe a sigh of relief and collapsed due to exhaustion. His companions rushed to help him.


While Fil’Gharn was battling Hegen, Lance was fighting against Golborn. His shield clashed with the Golborn’s water mist. The thickness of the fog is clouding his vision, making him unable to predict his opponent’s moves.



Lance was hit by a water sword in his back. Unable to retaliate, he simply stood ground, continuing his defensive stance. When he was about to be attacked again, Lance instinctively moved his shield to the left, which managed to block the water sword.

Alright, my instincts are correct on that one

With another attack, Golborn silently stood behind Lance but was again blocked by the latter’s shield. Lifting his mace, he struck Golborn. The impact of the attack managed to push Golborn away for few meters.

Despite the damage, the thick mist remained. Lance took a deep breath, and channeled his energy into his shield and armor

Spirit of thee. Provide me with protection, grant me thy armor


With his armor glowing, Lance prepared for another attack. A water sword then hit Lance’s armor. In a show of power, the armor broke the water sword, turning it into multitude of puddles in the ground.

With a thick mist surrounding him, Lance decided to spin around. The spinning Lance managed to get rid of the mist surrounding him. Now at least, within his vicinity, Lance can see the attacks that will come to him.

Poseidon, make your waves as strong as the earth, give me your wrath. Grant forth, blades of the water


Appearing in front of him, Golborn moved to attack Lance. The attack was more ferocious, with every succeeding attack having more force behind it. Even if the water sword would break from time to time, the mist surrounding them manages to recharge the sword, keeping it whole.

With the thick mist dissipating, Lance can now see the field. But the continuous attacks by Golborn had managed to weaken Lance’s armor despite it glowing with magic.

This guy is relentless

Golborn kept up with the attack, and little by little, the glow surrounding the armor started to wane. Much like Hegen, Golborn seemingly had endless stamina. Although his attacks are relentless, there was no exhaustion on the part of Golborn. Unlike Fil’Gharn, Lance was able to keep up with Golborn’s attack, but his defensive stance barely gives him an opportunity to counter the assault of Golborn.

Once the glow in Lance’s armor had waned completely, Golborn proceeded with a stronger attack. The fury with his strikes intensified with each attack. Lance could only lift his shield to defend himself from the attack.

Seeing a slim opening, Golborn had managed to stab Lance. Just as Lance lifted his shield to block an attack, Golborn quickly produced a second water sword and struck Lance’s knee. The pain of the strike gave Lance pause which left him open for a second attack.

Got you

Lance lifted his mace to strike Golborn. Pouring his energy into his mace, he chanted,

Light of fury, give me strength. Provide me your glory and destroy my enemies


With Golborn unable to stop his attack, Lance hit him with one big strike. Despite his position, Golborn had manage to evade the main brunt of Lance’s attack. He simply received a small portion of the attack, which was enough to launch him a few meters away from his opponent.

Meanwhile, Lance finally saw an opening from his attack. Although he missed, he managed to knock his opponent a few spaces back. Furthermore, due to his use of the mist in his previous attacks, Lance can prepare against his opponent. In a quick motion, he placed his shield in front of him, and dashed towards his opponent.

Light, bestow upon me this golden armor, heed me, and strengthen my shield


Unable to respond quickly, Golborn met the full brunt of Lance’s attack. The impact of the move caused him to flinch and fall on his knees. Looking up, he saw Lance with his mace raised, ready to attack. In his desperation, Golborn gathered his remaining energy and created a large sword of water, ready to strike. As Lance prepared to attack Golborn, the latter struck and sliced his opponent with his water sword, piercing Lance’s armor.

However, Lance barely flinched from the attack, and struck Golborn with his mace. The might of the attack caused Golborn to clutch his chest, in obvious pain.

Light of fury, give me strength. Provide me your glory and destroy my enemies


The mace of Lance glowed, ready to destroy his opponent. With one final swing, the attack of Lance knocked out Golborn, finishing him off.


I wonder how Morgana is doing with her fight


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